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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №1, 2013 г.

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Rakhmonov Z.Kh.
Distribution of values of Dirichlet characters in the sequence of shifted primes
We obtain a new bound for sums of a primitive character Dirichlet modulo an integer at shifted primes , a over primes . Our bound is nontrivial starting with . This extends the range of the bound of J.B.Friedlander, K.Gong, I.E.Shparlinskii that is nontrivial for .

Key words: характер Дирихле; сдвинутые простые числа; короткая сумма характеров; метод оценок тригонометрических сумм с простыми числами И.М.Виноградова; Dirichlet character; shifted primes; of short character sums; Vinogradov’s method for estimating trigonometric sums with prime numbers.

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Jangibekov G., Valiev N.G.
On the one class of two-dimensional singular integral operators with characteristic depending of pole
In this note we establish effective necessary and sufficient conditions for the Noether property for one class of two-dimensional singular integral operators with characteristic depending of pole in the Lebesgue space with a weight, and we obtain formulas for computing their indices.

Key words: нётеровость оператора; индекс оператора; операторная матрица; двумерные сингулярные интегральные операторы; Noetherian; the index of operator; operator matrix; two-dimensional singular integral operators.

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Aydarmamadov A.G.
The value of widths of some classes of analytical functions in the weight Bergman’s space
In the weight Bergman’s space for classes of analytic functions whose defined by modulus of continuity of higher order and satisfy the conditions where and – any increasing function that is the exact value of different n-widths are calculated.

Key words: аналитическая функция; модуль непрерывности; наилучшее приближение; весовое пространство Бергмана; комплексный алгебраический полином; n-поперечники; analytical function; modulus of continuity; best approximation; weight Bergman’s space; analytical algebraic polynomial; n-widths.

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Akbarov R., Karimova N.
Construeting of the solutions of the inhomogeneous linear differential eguations of the first order with the loaded free members and with additional conditions
Solutions of homogeneouslinear differential equations of the first-order with loadedfree members with additional conditions are relieved in the paper.

Key words: неоднородное линейное дифференциальное уравнение; нагрузка; дополнительные условия; inhomogeneous lineardifferential equation of the equation; load; additional conditions.

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Mirzorahimov M.H.
Findings the sequence of own and attached functions of one not local problem for the wave equation
In this paper we consider the application of the Fourier method in the solution of a nonlocal problem for a homogeneous equation of oscillations of the membrane. Evidence that the system of its own and allied functions in form a basis Riss.

Key words: нелокальная задача; волновое уравнение; findings not local; wave equation.

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Kabilov M.M., Gulboev B.J.
The filtration combustion gasesinthe symmetry profiles of the temperature of porous medium and the concentration of components of the gases mixture
The mathematical model of filtration combustion of gases in inert porous medium that allows to find the conditions of symmetric profiles of concentrations of components of the gas mixture and the temperature of the porous medium. In particular, calculations of characteristics of the combustion wave, depending on the number of Lewis and other parameters. Analyze graphs of these dependencies.

Key words: волна горения; коэффициенты диффузии; скорость волны; профили концентраций; симметричность профилей; число Льюиса; равновесная температура; burning wave; diffusion coefficients; wave velocity; concentration profiles; symmetric profiles; Lewis number; equilibrium temperature.

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Rajabov Sh.Kh., Ruziev J.R., Boboev Kh.E., Azizov B.S., Safiev H.
Kinetics of the process of sulfuric acid decomposition of solid fluorine-containing aluminum production waste
The paper presents the results of studies of the kinetics of the process of sulfuric acid decomposition of small fraction of fluorine-containing solid waste SUE "TALCO". Determined the apparent activation energy, rate constant and preexponential factor of the Arrhenius equation, which indicates the occurrence of the process in a mixed (mainly diffusion) region.

Key words: производство алюминия; фторсодержащие отходы; кислотное разложение; плавиковая кислота; кинетика процесса; энергия активации; aluminum production; fluorine-containing waste; acid decomposition; hydrofluoric acid; kinetics of the process; activation energy.

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Vizvoy A., Khalikov D.Kh.
The plasticizer actions on physicomechanical characteristics of mixes suspension and emulsion polyvinyl chloride
The aim of the study is to examine the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the original PVC, obtained by suspension (PVCS) and emulsion (PVCE) ways, and their mixtures of 75:25 wt%, plasticized by dioctilphtalat (DOP) for its content in the composite from 30 to 90 % wt. Shows that all the plasticized material change in the content of DOP from 30 to 90 wt% had improvement ductility compared to PVCS.

Key words: поливинилхлорид; композиционные материалы; пластификация полимеров; твёрдость ПВХ; относительное удлинение; предел текучести; сопротивление трения; PVC; composite materials; plastic coating; hard PVC; elongation; yield stress; the frictional resistance.

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Kholnazarov B.M., Nabotov M.S., Shakhmatov A.N., Bobiev G.V.
The validation of the spectrophotometric method of determination of quantitative content of thymofer
The results of validation of procedure of determination of quantitative content of thymofer by spectrophotometric method are given. It is shown that the procedure is suitable for determination of quantitative content of thymofer by parameters: linearity, repeatability and accuracy.

Key words: тимофер; спектрофотометрический метод; количественное определение; валидация; thymopher; spectrophotometric method; quantitative determination; validation.

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Babadzhanova M.A., Esanalieva Sh.A., Narziloev M.S.
Ontogenetic dependence the activating effect of kinetin activity of fosforibulokinase calvin cycle multienzyme complexes in extracts from leaves of cotton
The results of long-term experimental studies on the various phases of plant growth effects of different concentrations of kinetin in the reaction medium to fosforibulokinase active multienzyme complex. Established developmental dependence activating effect in vitro on the activity concentration of kinetin fosforibulokinase enzyme complex RFI-PRK.

Key words: Gossypium hirsutum; фосфорибулокиназная активность; мультиферментный комплекс; цикл Кальвина; кинетин; fosforibulokinase activity; multienzyme complex; Calvin cycle; kinetin.

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Dustov N.Sh., Aknazarov O.A.
Diurnal and seasonal channel of transpiration intensity of Mill. in conditions of Western part of Pamir
Results of diurnal and seasonal channel of transpirations intensity and some pattern of stomatal apparatus of peach foliages in highlands of Western part of Pamir are bringing in this article. Its determined that for Persica vulgaris is typical high transpiration intensity that connected with well co-ordinated work of stomatal apparatus of Persica vulgaris foliages in depends of diversity of forms and natural and climatic conditions of the region.

Key words: интенсивность транспирации; устьичный аппарат; температура и влажность воздуха; формы персика; Transpiration intensity; stomatal apparatus; air humidity; forms of Persica vulgaris.

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Dodkhoeva M.F., Melnikova V.U.
Medico-social aspects of congenital development defect
The results of researches show that the patients having newborns with congenital development defects were young. Every 5-th of them has related marriage. Most of them were housewives without higher education, they did not visit the Center of reproductive health. Also they did not have screening for diagnostics congenital defects, they had 2 or more extragenital diseases, including infection diseases. Pregravid preparation of patients, treatment, and diagnostics of congenital development defects after screening in the early weeks of pregnancy will help to decrees the frequencies of birth with newborns with congenital development defects in most cases.

Key words: врождённые пороки развития; беременность; антенатальное наблюдение; скрининг; congenital development defect; pregnancy; antenatal medical supervision; screening.

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Nazarov F.N., Bokiev F.B., Edalieva H.B., Saburova A.M., Gulmuradov T.G.
The condition of oxidental status and peroxidational oxidation of lipids during sharp calculous cholecystitis
The aim of this study was the rationale and application of antioxidant therapy laparoskopy technology in acute calculous cholecystitis. For this purpose there was researched the state of lipid peroxidation and oxidative status in patients with acute calculous cholecystitis and conducted study of 30 patients with acute calculouscholecystitis in age from 42 to 72 years and came to conclusion that the monitoring of markers of oxidative stress in all phases of treatment of acute calculouscholecystitis not only improve the results of surgical treatment, but also to prevent the damaging action of lipid peroxidation level of biological membranes of cells.

Key words: острый калькулёзный холецистит; эндотоксемия; перекисное окисление липидов; оксидантный статус; лапароскопическая холецистэктомия; Sharp calculous cholecystitis; endotoxemia; peroxideational oxidation of lipids; oxidant status; laparoscopical cholecystectomy.

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Mirakov R.S., Mirakov Kh.M., Muhamedova S.G.
Peculiarity of changess in the electrolyte balance in dogs with the sole resected kidney during readaptation to the highland
Exposure to extreme complex factors of highlands resection third remaining after nephrectomy of kidney, significantly disturb homeostasis and, in particular, the electrolyte balance. Impairment of water-salt metabolism in the period of readaptation to the highlands was more expressed than in the valleys and less - in the period of adaptation to highlands. Recovery of indicators of electrolyte balance during rehabilitation noted earlier (10-20 days) than in the valleys and in the adaptation to high altitude.

Key words: почка; резекция единственной почки; электролитный баланс; адаптация и реадаптация к высокогорью; kidney; resection of a sole kidney; electrolyte balance; adaptation and readaptation to the highlands.