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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №2, 2013 г.

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Shabozov M.Sh.
About the optimal quadrature formulas for calculation of curvilinear integrals
Consider the problem of optimization of quadrature formula for approximate computation curvilinear integral of the first kind on classes functions and curved given by the modulus of continuity. The exact solution of this problem on wide classes functions m -variable defined along curve integration is given.

Key words: криволинейные интегралы первого рода; кубатурная формула; вектор коэффициентов и узлов; модуль непрерывности; оптимальная квадратурная формула; погрешность; the curvilinear integral of the first kind; cubature formula; the vector of coefficient and vector nodes; modulus of continuity; the optimal quadrature formula; error.

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Langarshoev M.R.
The best approximation of some classes of periodic functions in
In the article for classes of differentiable -periodic functions in space satisfying the constraint were – generalized modulus of continuity of -th order, – is arbitrary increasing function, for which the exact value of different -widths are calculated.

Key words: пространство L ; наилучшее полиномиальное приближение; экстремальная характеристика; обобщённый модуль непрерывности m-го порядка; n-поперечники; L space; the best polynomial approximation; the extremal characteristic; the generalized modulus of continuity of m-th order; n-widths.

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Aliev B., Dzhuraeva G.Kh.
The difference analogy of transfer method for singular indignant ordinary differential equation of fourth order
For the finding approximate solution of limiting problem for singular indignant ordinary differential equations of fourth order five point difference schemes is constricted. Using the analogy of transfer method for such schemes it is shown that under striving of parameter to zero converge to solution of difference sheme which come of when the parameter is equal to zero.

Key words: разностная схема; метод прогонки; предельная задача; сингулярное возмущение; малый параметр; difference sheme; method of transfer; limiting problem; singular indignant; smole parameter.

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Abdulov Kh.Sh., Shukurov T.
Calculation of the ir spectrum of absorption of menthol
The frequencies of the normal vibrations and intensities of the infra-red absorption bands of menthol are calculated and its IR spectrum are building. The calculated frequencies of the normal vibrations and the building IR spectrum satisfactorly described experimental frequencies and IR spectrum.

Key words: интенсивность полосы поглощения; ментол; расчёт ИК-спектра; частота нормального колебания; calculation of IR spectrum; intensity of the absorptoin band; frequency of the normal vibration; menthol.

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Soliev L., Jumaev M.T., Nuri V., Avloev SH.H.
Phasebalances of Na,Ca//SO ,HCO -H O sistem in 0°C
Translation method exploredphase balance of system Na,Ca//SO ,HCO -H Oat 0°С. It is established that for it presence 2 invariant points, 5monovariant curves and 4divariant fields is characteristic. On the basis of the received data the closed schematic phase diagramme of the investigated system is constructed.

Key words: метод трансляции; нонвариантные точки; моновариантные кривые; дивариантные поля; диаграмма; натрий; кальций; сульфат; гидрокарбонат; фазовые равновесия; method translations; lintes; monovariant curves; points; diagram; sodium; calcium; sulphate; hydrocarbonate; phase balances.

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Tuichiev Sh., Sharifov D.M., Rashidov D., Tabarov S., Aknazarova Sh., Tuichiev L., Shermatov D.
About relaxation properties of fullerenecontaining polymers
The effect of C on thermal and relaxation properties of amorphous and crystalline polymers is studied. It is shown that increasing the filler content in the polymers is accompanied by a significant change in thermal properties. The observed changes are explained with changing the state of the amorphous regions by introducing filler and the formation of chemical bonds between the molecules of the matrix and filler.

Key words: полимер; наполнитель; свойство; релаксация; polymer; filler; property; relaxation.

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Abdusalyamova M.N., Kabgov Kh.B., Makhmudov F.A., Shaimardanov E.N.
Receipt and properties of monostructured dysprosium oxide
Nanostructure samples of dysprosium oxide (Dy2O3) were obtained by decomposition of chloride (Method 1) and oleate dysprosium (method 2). Comparative study of the samples was tested by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, IR and Raman spectroscopy. Results showed that the samples of the first type are characterized by larger size (90-110 nm) and high water content, whereas smaller particle samples of the second type (49 nm) adsorb more molecules of CO2.

Key words: наноструктуры; оксид диспрозия; спектроскопия; ИК; КР; рентгенофазовый анализ; nanostructure; dysprosium oxide; spectroscopy; IR; RS; XRD.

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Aminov J.B., Akramov M.B., Aminov B., Madzhidov H.
Research of composite materials on the basis of aluminium the method of powder metallurgy
In article the basic technique of composite materials on the basis of aluminium, and also research of a microstructure and a chemical compound, powder samples is.

Key words: металлические порошки; частицы порошка; формование порошков; композиционные материалы; спектральный анализ; спектральная линия; стандартные образцы; абразивные материалы; metal powders; powder particles; formation of powders; composite materials; the spectral analysis; a spectral line; standard samples; abrasive materials.

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Salimova P.T., Azizov B.S., Ruziev D.R., Boboev H.E., Safiev H.
The reserch and creation of technology of the obtaining alumina from muscovites ore of the deposit «Kurgovad»
The paper presents the results of studies on the influence of various factors on the obtaining of alumina from muscovites ore of the deposit «Kurgovad». Were defined optimal parameters of the technological conversion and on their basis the principal technology scheme of the production alumina by the caked method was created.

Key words: производство глинозёма; местное сырьё; высококремнистые глинозёмсодержащие руды; мусковит; спекательный способ; production of alumina; local raw materials; highsilikon alumina containing ore; muscovite; caked way.

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Mavadvafoev M.M., Dovgojiv A.B.
Evaluation of perspectives of gold presence at Pastif area by lithochemical methods (Central Tajikistan)
The article describes results of lithochemical prospecting, which brought to the detection of gold ore zone, as well as assessment of the level of its erosion section, expected resources and recommendation for further studies of its industrial perspectives. It also provides data on geological structure of the field, mineral type of mineralization, conditions of its localization, incidence and form of presence of gold in the ore.

Key words: Центральный Таджикистан; Пастифская площадь; золоторудная зона; литохимические поиски; прогнозные ресурсы золота; Central Tajikistan; Pastif area; gold ore zone; lithochemical prospecting; expected resources of gold.

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Abdullaev Kh.A., Karimov Kh.H., Negmatov M.N., Mansurov A.N., Kasparova I.S.
Photosynthesis of upland cotton genotypes with different leaf shapes
In this paper the results of measuring of apparent photosynthesis intensity of upland cotton genotypes with different leaf shapes are given. Is established that the genotypes with normal (broad) leaf, integri leaf, okra leaf, super okra leaf, three - cleft leaf and three lobated leaf statistically no differences in carbon gas-exgange rates, i.e., the intensity of photosynthesis is not depended from leaf shapes.

Key words: средневолокнистый хлопчатник Gossypium hirsutum L; генотипы; форма листа; фотосинтез; upland cotton Gossypium hirsutum L; genotypes; leaf shapes; photosynthesis.

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Abdullaev A., Kasimova G.F., Saboiev I.A., Maniyazova N.A.
Component composition of store proteins of wheat growing in action of different climatic conditions
In order to identify changes in protein composition of wheat of two perspective varieties of Zafar and Alex, growing in different climatic conditions, it is spent electrophoretic division in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of grain storage proteins gliadin. Established, that the sorts Zafar and Alex have their own specific protein spectra, that can be used for identification and systematization of varieties.

Key words: пшеница; сорт; запасные белки семян; электрофорез; белковые компоненты; полиакриламидный гель; wheat; cultivar; storage proteins; electrophoresis; protein components; polyacrylamide gel.

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Kamilova M.Y.
The using of bone markers for prognosis of efficiency hormonal replacement therapy in perimenopausal age woman with osteopenia
There is provided dates of bone mineral density (BMD) before the beginning and after 18 month of the hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), containing of osteocalcin, Cross-Labs in serum before the beginning and after 6 month of therapy in perimenopausal age woman with osteopenia. The dates bone density measurements shows the increasing of BMD (T-criteria): in lumbar spine (L1-L4) – on 5.3%, proximal femur – 4.0%. It was shown, that HRT can be evaluated after 6 mounth from the begining of therapy on the level of decrease of Cross-Labs on 28.4%.

Key words: остеокальцин; С-терминальный телопептид коллагена I типа; заместительная гормональная терапия; минеральная плотность костной ткани; osteocalcin; Cross-Labs; hormonal replacement therapy; bone mineral density.

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Mirakov R.S., Mirakov Kh.M., Muhamedova S.G.
Function of a sole resected part of kidney in period of readaptation to the highlands
Researched the dynamics of changes in the values of functional activity of the kidney remaining after nephrectomy as well as resection of a sole kidney of experimental dogs after their descent from the mountains into the valley. It is established that in the process of readaptation, as well as the adaptation to extreme factors of highlands develops biphasic stress-reaction, manifested by its characteristic changes in the general condition of the body, hemodynamic instability and partial organ functions, there are only differences in the degree of individual indicators.

Key words: почка; резекция единственной почки; адаптация и реадаптация к высокогорью; kidney; resection of a sole kidney; adaptation and readaptation to the highlands.