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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №3, 2013 г.

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Shabozov M.Sh.
About the one optimal cubature formula for classes functions given by modulus of continuity
The problem of minimization of error of cubature formulas for classes of functions defined by the modules of continuity are considered. For cubature formulas with a fixed nodes on the border of a rectangular area is given by the exact solution problems for certain classes of functions of two variables.

Key words: оптимальные формулы; модуль непрерывности; узлы и коэффициенты; оценка остатка; the best formula; modules of continuity; nodes and coefficients; estimate remainder.

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Rakhmonov F.Z.
An asymptotic formula for the Waring-Goldbach problem with shifted primes
An asymptotic formula is obtained for the number of representations of sufficiently large natural number by a sum of five squares shifted primes , .

Key words: тригонометрическая сумма с простыми числами; асимптотическая формула; арифметическое условие; нули L-рядов Дирихле; Exponential sum over primes; asymptotic formula; the arithmetic condition; the zeros of L-Dirichlet series.

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Yusupov G.A.
The best approximation of entire functions of exponential type in all real axis
This paper considers the extremal problem of the best mean-square approximation function which are integrable quadratically on the whole axis by entire functions of exponential type. The number of extremal problems are solved for entire functions of this type.

Key words: наилучшее приближение; целая функция экспоненциального типа; экстремальная характеристика; best approximation; entire function of exponential type; extremal characteristic.

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Usmanov Z.D., Dovudov G.M.
On a set of wordform anagrams
Thanks to special coding of wordforms, the sets of anagrams to English and Russian corpora are exhaustively described. Statistical data on the number of different anagrams with a specified number of items are received. Some anagrams with the highest number of wordforms are presented for discussion.

Key words: английский язык; русский язык; словоформа; кодирование; анаграмма; статистика; English; Russian; wordform; coding; anagram; recognition; statistics.

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Salikhov T.Kh., Leila Behruz S.K., Odilov O.Sh.
Generation of optoacoustic pulse of the first and second sounds in superfluid Не -Не by continuous and rectangular laser pulse through electrostriction mechanism
Features pulsing of the first and second sound by the continuous and rectangular form of laser radiation through electrostriction mechanisms in the superfluid He -He a theoretically has been investigated. It has been found that due to mode coupling in all cases generated by the first and second pulses sounds consist of two parts: normal pulses and "slow" first sound propagating with speeds of the first and second sounds respectively; normal pulses and "fast" second sound propagating speeds of the first and second sounds respectively.

Key words: оптоакустика; сверхтекучий раствор; стрикционный механизм; optoacoustic; superfluid solution; electrostriction mechanism.

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Abdullaev Kh.M., Shaimov E.D., Tabarov F.S.
IR-spectroscopic research of absorption spectrums initial and сontaining fullerene the films of poly (methyl methacrylate) received from solutions in toluene, brombenzene and the ortho-xylene
Infrared absorption spectrums of initial and containing fullerene the films of poly (methyl methacrylate) received from solutions in toluene, brombenzene and an ortho-xylene are studied. In the films received in first two solvents of molecula С are in the free form. Presence of molecules fullerene in an unbonded kind in template PMMА at small concentration С (£3%) leads to inhibition of rotation of a O-СН bond around of a C bond inside ethereous group CОOCH while incorporation of moleculas С in composition of the polymeric chains (a film received in an ortho-xylene) leads to magnification of intensity of conformational transitions.

Key words: полиметилметакрилат; фуллерен С ; кластер; структура; спектр поглощения; растворитель; poly(methyl methacrylate); fullerene C ; сluster; structure; absorption spectrum; solvent.

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Gharehbash Naser, Khalikov D.Kh.
A study of physical and mechanical properties of polypropilene nano composites/modified nanoclay
In this study: physical and mechanical properties of polypropylene Nano composites have been examined using modified Nano clay fillers (Cloisite15A brand) and a ompratiblizer called Maleic Anhydride (MA). In order to 3 levels of %1; %3; and %5 and using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM); it was examined. Results of XRD showed that the structure of Nano composites results from an intercalation structure. SEM images showed that added PP-g-ma improves the diffusion capability of modified clay in polypropylene matrix and creates a homogenous structure. Testing the mechanical properties showed that tensile and bending strength increased from 1 to 3 percent modified Nano clay by weight; and with an increase in modified Nano clay; the properties decrease. In these nano composites; the resistance to shock decreases as the amount of modified Nano clay increases.

Key words: нанокомпозит; полипропилен; Cloisite 15A; малеиновый ангидрид; Nano composite; polypropylene; maleic anhydride; modified Nano clay; bending and tensile strength.

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Mirsaidov I.U., Nazarov Kh., Khakimov N., Barotov B.B., Mirsaidov U.
Perspectives for uranium-bearing waste reprocessing from former mining and milling activity in Tajikistan
The possibility for uranium-bearing waste reprocessing from uranium tailings Map 1-9, Chkalovsk city is investigated. Optimal process (temperature, pH medium, time) technological parameters are determined, allowing producing yellow cake (U O ) from waste with low uranium content. Basic process flow diagram for uranium industry waste reprocessing is proposed.

Key words: уран; хвостохранилище; отходы; переработка; технологическая схема; uranium; tailings; waste; reprocessing; process flow diagram.

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Umarov M.A., Ganiev I.N., Mahmadulloev H.A., Norova M.T.
Potentiodynamic study of lead alloys and beryllium in the environment of the electrolyte 3%-ing NaCl
The results of the study of anodic behavior of lead alloy doped with beryllium from 0.005 to 0.5 wt.% beryllium in the environment of 3% NaCl

Key words: свинец; бериллий; потенциодинамический метод; электрохимическое поведение; коррозионная стойкость; электролит NaCl; питинг; lead; beryllium; potentiodynamic method; electrochemical behavior; corrosion resistance; electrolyte NaCl; piting.

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Salimova P.T., Ruziev J.R., Boboev Kh.E., Azizov B.S., Safiev H.
The kinetics of the caking muscovite ore of the deposit "Kurgovad" with the waste sludge field of the SUE "TALCO"
The paper presents the results of investigations of the kinetics of the caking muscovite ore of the deposit "Kurgovad" with the waste sludge fields of the SUE "TALCO". The found value of the apparent activation energy (47.25 kJ/mol) shows that the process flow in the kinetic region.

Key words: глинозёмсодержащее сырьё; мусковитовые руды; отходы производства алюминия; производство глинозёма; спекательный способ; кинетика процесса; энергия активации; кинетическая область; alumina-containing raw materials; muscovite ore; waste of aluminum production; the production of alumina; caking way; kinetics of process; activation energy; the kinetic region.

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Karimov F.H.
Phase shifts of the local geomagnetic field variations
The phase shifts between the temporal courses of the groundwater level and the local geomagnetic field variations have been represented on the base of analytical modeling of the groundwater’s dynamics in the vicinities of water reservoirs. Estimates given for the flow velocities of groundwaters and filtration coefficients for the area near by the Nurek reservoir in Tajikistan are in agreement with the results of the precision profile geomagnetic field observations.

Key words: вариации локального геомагнитного поля; фильтрация подземных вод; variations of the local geomagnetic field; the filtration of groundwater.

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Olonova M.V., Hisoriev H.H.
Taxonomic structure of L. Ovcz. complex in Hissar-Darvaz floristic region of Tajikistan
This study is an attempt to identify the taxonomic structure of the complex Poa nemoralis L. P. relaxa Ovcz., based on the sampling from Hissar-Darvaz floristic region of Tajikistan operated by multivariate methods of statistical analysis (method of principal components and discriminant analysis). The research of the key discriminators variability allowed to assume, that the investigated complex is a single population, consisting of several closely related coenopopulations. The most of samples from the humid part of transect (at the bottom of gorge), which are morphologically appropriate to P. nemoralis , can be attributed to this species. The xeromorphic individuals from dry slope may be treated as P. relaxa , and a large part of individuals in the transitional zone between the dry and wet slope of the valley can be idendefined as P. nemoralis x relaxa . Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that the whole population is of hybrid nature.

Key words: популяции; Роа; изменчивость; Таджикистан; populations; Poa L; variability; Tajikistan.

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Mirakilov Kh.M., Giyasidinov B.B., Abdullaev Kh.A., Karimov Kh.H., Solieva B.A., Ergasheva E.A., Kasparova I.S.
Specific leaf weght of obsolete and modern longstaple cotton cultivars
In this paper the results an analysis of specific leaf weight (SLW), obsolete and modern of long staple cotton Gossypium barbadense L. cultivars, are given. Is established that the specific leaf weight of obsolete and modern longstable cotton cultivars statistically no differences.

Key words: тонковолокнистый хлопчатник Gossypium barbadense L; стародавние и современные сорта; удельная поверхностная плотность листа; longstable cotton Gossypium barbadense L; obsolete and modern cultivars; specific leaf weight.