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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №4, 2013 г.

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Rakhmonov Z.Kh., Ozodbekova N.B., Shokamolova J.A.
On the uniform distribution modulo 1 of the values of quadratic polynomial whose argument takes its values from the short interval
It has been proved that the sequence , as , is uniformly distributed modulo 1 provided that is irrational number.

Key words: короткая тригонометрическая сумма Г.Вейля; равномерное распределение по модулю единица; иррациональное число; дробная часть; Short Weyl's exponential sums; uniform distribution modulo 1; irrational number; fractional part.

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Fayzmamadova L.G.
On optimal quadrature formulas for approximation integration of curvilinear integrals of first kind for some classes of function and curves
In this paper is considered a problem of finding the best quadrature formula for approximate calculation of curvilinear integrals of first kind for some classes of functions and curves.

Key words: определённый интеграл; погрешность; верхняя грань погрешности; формула трапеций; definite integral; error; upper bound error; the trapezium formula.

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Temurbekova S.D.
Inequality of Jackson-Stechkin type for generalized modulus continuity and the widths of some functional classes functions in
In this paper the Jackson-Stechkin type of inequality for special modules of k -order, where instead the difference of order k is used k -fold iteration of Steklov operator of given function are obtained. For the classes of functions defined by given modulus continuity the exact values are calculated.

Key words: неравенство Джексона-Стечкина; наилучшее приближение; функция Стеклова; обобщëнный модуль непрерывности; n-поперечники; Jackson-Stechkin inequality; the best of approximation; Steklov’s function; generalized modulus continuity; n-widths.

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Shakarbekov K.S.
To construct the integral manifold for the system of differential equations that has a small parameter
The article considered some analytical character of projects linear that depends on small parameter . The condition of such short projector has been done and their analytical branches is founded.

Key words: интегральные многообразия; нелинейные проекторы; малый параметр; матрица Грина; integral manifolds; nonlinearprojects; small parameter; matrix Green.

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Zatirostami A., Muminov Kh.Kh., Kholov A.
Synthesis of silicon carbide nanopowder by sol-gel and its structural analysis
The results of XRD research of silicon carbide nanopowder structuring during its synthesis by sol-gel method are presented. The efficient regime of annealing for its transition from an amorphous phase to the crystalline one depending on annealing temperature and carbon concentration is determined.

Key words: синтез; нанопорошок; карбид кремния; золь-гель; магнитная мешалка; рентгенодифракционный анализ; synthesis; nanopowder; silicon carbide; sol-gel; magnetic stirrer; X-ray diffraction analysis.

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Mulloev N.U., Lavrik N.L., Narziev B.N.
Spectral features of efficiency of suppression of fluorescence of macromolecules humic acids cadmium and copper ions
Spectral dependences of efficiency of quenching of fluorescence (α ) the sample humic acids (IHSS) by ions Cd and Cu in the conditions of monochromatic excitation ( = 337.1 nanometers) are studied. Distinction of dependences α for these ions is established. In a spectral range 400…600 nanometers of change of size α for ion Cd considerably differ from size changes α which take place for ion Cu . An explanation of discrepancy of the received dependences α for ions Cd and Cu is spent within the limits of representations about various availability of the sites containing fluorophores because of distinction of radiuses of ions (1.08 Ǻ and 0.8 Ǻ for Cd and Cu accordingly).

Key words: тушение флуоресценции; константа Штерна-Фольмера; ионы Cu ; ионы Cd ; гуминовые кислоты; fluorescence quenching; Stern-Volmer constant; ions Cu ; ions Cd ; humic acid.

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Kabilov M.M., Halimov I.H.
Numerical investigation of a stationary wave structure of filtration combustion of gases in the case of heat loss
The numerical calculation of the stationary wave structure of filtration combustion of gases in an inert porous medium heat loss performed. Analyzes the impact of the coefficient of heat transfer at the speed of the wave, the maximum temperature of the gas and the porous medium, thick zones of heating, burning, internal relaxation and cooling. In some embodiments, calculating a maximum temperature detected underestimation porous medium in a combustion wave of the theoretical values informed.

Key words: фильтрационное горение; пористая среда; скорость волны; скорость вдува; коэффициент теплоотвода; коэффициент теплопроводности; диаметр частиц; смеси газов; filtration combustion; porous medium; wave velocity; the speed of injection; the coefficient of heat; thermal conductivity; the diameter of the particles; the gas mixture.

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Usmonova U.Kh., Mamatov E.D., Kurbonbekov A., Mirsaidov U.M.
Decomposition of the danburite ore and the burnt danburite with sulfuric acid
In this article, present investigation results and comparative assessment of the danburite ore and the preliminary burnt danburite decompositions by sulfuric acid.

Key words: порода данбурита; разложение; степень извлечения; серная кислота; danburite ore; decomposition; degree of the extraction; sulfuric acid.

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Tuichiev Sh., Mohamed A., Aknazarova Sh., Tuichiev L., Tabarov S.
On the structure of C and C fullerites
The effect of gamma-irradiation and heat on the structure of C and C were studied. It was found that all the observed sharp reflexes fullerites are compound. On irradiation and high temperature exposedare observedplace the emergence and transformation of the structures that correspond to the different structural modifications fullerites. The minimalsize of structural elements of crystallites and their thermal properties are evaluated.

Key words: фуллерен; фуллерит; структурный полиморфизм; облучение; тепло; fullerene; fullerite; structural; polymorphism; radiation; heat.

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Gharehbash N., Khalikov D.Kh.
Hydrofobization of the surfaces of montmorillonita by the octadecylammoniumbromide
The results of nanopowder montmorillonit (MML) surface modificationof by the octadecylammoniumbromide and the data related to the structure of the received material (fashions-MML) methods X-ray diffraction (XRD), differential thermal analyses and IR-spectroscopy, and also a method of electronic microscopy. Compatibility of polypropylene with ММL and fashions-MML are discussed.

Key words: модификация монтмориллонита; октадециламинобромид; полипропилен; нанокомпозиция; Modified montmorillonite (nanoclay); octadecylammoniumbromide; polypropylene; nanocomposite.

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Samikhov Sh.R., Zinchenko Z.A., Bobomurodoв O.M.
Study of the leaching technology conditions gold and silver by thiourea from оres of Chore deposit
The results of the leaching technology conditions study of gold and silver from оres of Chore deposit are presented. It is shown that thiourea extracts the metals from preparatory roasting ore effectively.

Key words: технология; тиомочевина; выщелачивание; золото; серебро; мышьяк; руда; извлечение; месторождение; technology; thiourea; leaching; gold; silver; arsenic; ores; extraction; dissolution.

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Ahmedov Kh.M., Karimov Kh.S., Kabutov K., Akobirov A.A., Homidov I., Rahmatova Z., Akhmedov F.
Photoelectric properties of n-InP based on electrochemical cell
Photo-electric properties of electrochemical were investigated (n-InP/OD/ITO) cell. It was found that open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current and output power increased with increase of light intensity.

Key words: мощность; напряжение; ток; фотоэлектрические свойства; элемент; power; voltage; current; photo-electric properties; cell.

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Safarov A.G., Ganiev I.N., Yakinov K.G.
Effect of antimony to corrosion potential of silumin AK-8 in the medium of NaCl with different concentrations
With the help of potentiostatic method, it was studied changes the potential corrosion of the alloy AK-8, alloyed (doped) antimony in the medium of NaCl with different concentrations. It is shown that the addition of small amounts of antimony contributes to the rapid establishment of the free corrosion potential silumin and makes the sample surfaces in a passive state.

Key words: силумин АК8; сурьма; коррозия; электролит NaCl; потенциал коррозии; silumin AK-8; antimony; corrosion; the electrolyte NaCl; corrosion potential.

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Boboev B.D., Khakimov N., Nazarov Kh., Rahmatov N.
The level of air contamination by radon in Istiklol city of the Republic of Tajikistan
The study results of atmosphere contamination levels by radon on uranium tailings territory in Istiklol city are provided in the article. Provided data are necessary for remediation activities and monitoring of former uranium sites and tailings’ impact on environment.

Key words: радон; объёмная активность; мощность экспозиционной дозы; торон; эквивалентная равновесная объёмная активность; плотность потока радона; radon; volume activity; dose rate; thoron; equivalent balanced volume activity; radon flow density.