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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №5, 2013 г.

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Mukhamadiev E.M., Nazimov A.B., Sobirov M.K.
About the regularization by the shift of the solution of periodic boundary-value problem for the sistems of linear differential equation
Before the work is investigated periodic boundary-value problem for the systems of linear differential equations with the aid of the regularization by shift.

Key words: дифференциальные уравнения; периодическая краевая задача; регуляризация сдвигом; спектр оператора; differential equations; periodic boundary-value problem; regularization by shift; spectrum of operator.

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Iskhokov S.A., Nematulloev O.A.
On solvability of the variational Dirichlet problem with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions for degenerate elli ptic operators in a bounded domain
Solvability of the variational Dirichlet problem with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions for a class of the higher order elliptic operators in a bounded domain with power degeneracy on the boundary is investigated in the article. The investigation is based on an analogue of the Garding inequality for the class of operators under consideration. Along with existence of unique solution an associate inequalities for its norm are proved.

Key words: задача Дирихле; эллиптический оператор; неоднородные граничные условия; степенное вырождение; Dirichlet problem; elliptic operator; nonhomogeneous boundary condition; power degeneracy.

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Najmiddinov J.
Approximation of continuous functions with interpolational on the average broken lines
In this paper we consider approximation of one class of functions from set of continuous functions with interpolational on the average broken lines.

Key words: аппроксимация; интерполяционные в среднем ломаные; узел; модуль непрерывности; approximation; with interpolational on the average broken lines; node; continuous module.

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Usmanov Z.D.
Coding of sentences
A special method of alphabetical coding to letter strings is used for arranging sentences in texts and recognizing sentence anagrams.

Key words: естественный язык; цепочка; кодирование; упорядочение; анаграмма; natural language; letter string; coding; arrangement; sentence; anagram.

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Graschenko L.A.
Modeling stop-list for Tajik language
In article on the basis of the frequency, information content and capacity inflection paradigm analysis of the frequency dictionary of Tajik corpus, a possible model for the stopword list for Tajik language are introduced. Volume of vocabulary is 179 words and the total stop frequency of the dictionary elements is approximately 22%.

Key words: модельный стоп-словарь; таджикский язык; парадигма словоизменения; автоматическая обработка текста; modeling stop-word list; Tajik language; inflection paradigm; automatic text processing.

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Kabilov M.M., Halimov I.H.
Thermal initiation of chemical reaction in an inert porous medium
We consider a two-temperature model of filtration combustion of gases in an inert porous medium in an adiabatic formulation. The condition of thermal ignition of the reaction mixture obtained in the form of a similarity criterion.

Key words: температура; воспламенение; теплообмен; время; взрыв; реакционная смесь; temperature; ignition; heat; time; explosion; the reaction mixture.

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Odinaev S., Mahmadbegov R.S.
To statistical theories of the dielectric properties of solutions of electrolytes

Key words: коэффициент удельной электропроводности; коэффициент диэлектрической проницаемости; диэлектрические потери; потенциал межмолекулярного взаимодействия; радиальная функция распределения; direct-current conductivity coefficient; the dielectric of permeability coefficient; the dielectric of losses; intermolecular interaction potential; an allocation radial distribution function.

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Makhsudov B.I.
Influence of the irregularity of heterointerface a temperature dependence of the threshold current and differential efficiency of heterolasers
The quantitative analysis of the influence of the irregularity of heterointerface on the threshold current and differential efficiency of heterolaser of InGaAsP has been done. Have been shows that by taking account the irregularities of heterointerfaces a temperature drop of the differential efficiency of lasers can be explain without involvement of any microscopic mechanisms.

Key words: гетероструктура; гетерограница; пороговый ток; дифференциальная эффективность; квантоворазмерный гетеролазер; heterostructure; heterointerfase; threshold current; differential efficiency; quantum dimension heterolaser.

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Mirsaidov U.M., KHudoyorov D.N., Mamatov E.D.
Decomposition danburite concentrate with sodium hydroxide
The process of leaching danburite concentrate with sodium hydroxide a studied. The optimal conditions for the leaching process concentrates danburite ores Ak-Arhar interaction with the NaOH.

Key words: щелочная обработка; концентрат данбурита; извлечение; caustic treatment; concentrate danburite; extraction.

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Kasimova G.F., Muhidinov Z.K., Khalikova S., Jonmurodov A.S., Liu LS.
Comparative study of the hydrogel microsphers formation from different pectin and zein with model drug
The results of microsphere formation from different HM- and LM-pectins and corn zein in presence model drug are presented. It’s show that the drug loading capacity differ among pectins used and depend on the structure and complex formation properties whether by crosslinking with bivalent metal ions or with hydrophobic zein protein. As a result a number of microspheres have been prepared from biodegradable and biocompatible naturally occurred materials for controlled drug delivery system.

Key words: пектин; зеин; микросферы; носители лекарственных препаратов; pectin; zein; microsphers; drug delivery system.

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Mamadvafoev M.M., Briginskiy A.A.
Geology and perspectives of gold mineralisation of Tabaspin deposit (Central Tajikistan)
The article provides data on geological structure of the deposit, parameters of ore bodies, substantial contents of ores, form of gold presence, geochemical zoning of aureoles and mineralization, assessment of expected resources of gold.

Key words: месторождение Табаспин; березитизация; окварцевание; рудная зона; малосульфидное золото-кварцевое оруденение; запасы и прогнозные ресурсы золота; Tabaspin deposit; beresitization; silicification; ore zone; low sulfide gold-quartz mineralization; expected resources of gold.

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Ahmedova Z.B.
Results of Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment in the women in the Republic of Tajikistan
The article illustrates immediate efficiency of various schemes of chemotherapy in the patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Such complications as a medicinal intoxication, oppression of bone marrow sprouts, infringement of ovario-menstruation cycle, took place in the patients of active reproductive age with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In connection with high frequency of infringement of the treatment rhythm, the unsatisfactory remote results of chemotherapy were marked.

Key words: лимфома Ходжкина; репродуктивный возраст; химиотерапия; выживаемость; Hodgkin’s lymphoma; reproductive age; chemotherapy; survival rate.

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Amonov Sh.Sh., Prudkov M.I., Orlov O.G., Gulmuradov T.G., Amonov Sh.N., Saidov M.S.
Тhe experience of using wound coating "Tachocomb" for liver echinococcosis
During the 2010 to 2012 the 13 patients with liver echinococcosis were examined. The age of patients ranged from 22-76 years. In 9 (69%) patients echinococcal cysts were located in the right lobe of the liver, the left lobe – 4 (30.7%). Depending on the size and volume of the cyst distinguished medium to 10 cm – at 7, up to 20 cm long – at 5, and a giant – over 20 cm in diameter – in 1 patient. Solitary liver cysts presented in 11 (84.6%), multiple in 2 (15.4%) patients. The diagnosis of liver echinococcosis is set on the basis of clinical, laboratory, ultrasound, x-ray, computed tomography, and laparoscopy. All 13 patients were used plate "Tachocomb": with the aim of additional hemostasys after a typical resection of the liver – in 4 cases, seam sealing biliary fistula – 9 patients.

Key words: эхинококкоз печени; жёлчные свищи; Тахокомб; минимально инвазивная эхинококкэктомия; miniassistant; echinococcosis liver; biliary fistula; Tachocomb; mini invasion surger.