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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №6, 2013 г.

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Jurakhonov O.A.
In this work was founded the new exact unequalities between the best analytical functions with algebraical complex polynomials in the unit disk and the average values of modulus continuity, derivatives of boundary values in space of Hardy .

Key words: пространство Харди; наилучшие приближения; аналитические в единичном круге функции; положительная последовательность; модуль непрерывности; the best polynomial approximation; modulus of continuity; analytical functions; space Hardy; positive sequence.

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Grishanina G.E., Muhamadiev E.M.
About stability in the whole quasi-linear systems
The paper presents the criteria of stability and asymptotic stability of the stationary solution of an autonomous system of differential equations in terms of the behavior of solutions to the negative real axis, as well as alternative conditions for the existence of a bounded nonstationary solution or asymptotically stable stationary solutions in the whole quasi-linear system.

Key words: дифференциальные уравнения; стационарное решение; устойчивость; асимптотическая устойчивость; устойчивость в целом; differential equation; the stationary solution; stability; asymptotic stability; stability in whole.

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Kurbonov I., Saidaliev H.P.
About smoothness decision initial-marginal problem elektromagnito-bounce, for lumpy ambiences
Smoothness of the decision of the equation elektromagnito-bounce are Studied in the field of. The Proved theorem about smoothness of the decision of the specified problems in space with weight. At proof of the theorem about smoothness of the decision are used characteristic bound by flap and generalizations inequality Gronuolla-Bellmana.

Key words: электромагнитоупругость; пространства с весом ; априорные оценки; обобщения неравенства Гронуолла-Беллмана; свойства связанных полей; elektromagnito-bounce; a space with weight; an a priori estimations; a generalizations inequality Gronuoll-Bellman; a characteristic bound by flap.

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Safarov D.Kh., Mirzoev S.S.
The Dirichlet’s problem for nonclassical system of equations second order
In this article for the nonclassical system of equations of second order consider boundary value problem such as Dirichlet problem in half-space. It’s proved that the Dirichlet problem has the only solution and admits elliptic regularization.

Key words: однозначная разрешимость; задача Дирихле; формула общего представления решения; эллиптическая регуляризация; формула Пуассона; uniquely solved; Dirichlet problem; formulas of representation for general solution; elliptic regularization; Puasson formula.

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Kabilov M.M., Halimov I.H.
The initiation temperature chemical reaction in the wave filtration combustion gases in the presence of heat sink
We consider a single-temperature model of filtration combustion of gases in an inert porous medium in a non-adiabatic formulation. The condition of the initiation of the chemical reaction is obtained by solving the problem of incomplete expending of insufficient component of the gas mixture at zero temperature gradient.

Key words: температура; инициирование; теплоотдача; зона подогрева; горение; смесь газов; temperature; initiation; heat; heating zone; burning; a mixture of gas.

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Buriev N.T., Buriev N.N., Davlatshoev T.
Detection of beta-active radionuclides migrating from the solid radioactive waste storage into plants and their identification
The results of investigation of beta-activity of radionuclides found in the acacia leaf tests taken near the storage of solid radioactive waste and way their migration to the plant. Conducted identification showed that the detected radionuclide is strontium-90.

Key words: твёрдые радиоактивные отходы; хранилище твёрдых радиоактивных отходов; радиоактивность; радионуклиды; бета-частицы; solid radioactive waste; storage of the radioactive waste; radioactivity; radionuclides; beta-particles.

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Abdullaev S.F., Maslov V.A., Nazarov B.I., Madvaliev U.
Variations of ground-level ozone in different region of Tajikistan
The change in the surface concentration of ozone in the desert Ayvadj in Dushanbe and in the village Ziddi was studied. It was found that for the same background ozone concentration of about 100 mg/m in Ayvadj observed emissions to 400 mg/m , and in the village Ziddi - dips to near zero. The diurnal variation of ozone in Dushanbe has a lower level, with a maximum in the middle of the day.

Key words: концентрация; озон; парниковые газы; суточный ход; concentration; carbon dioxide; greenhouse gases; diurnal variation.

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Ruzmatova G.K., Sharipov D.Sh., Nasriddinov S.K., Badalov A.
Reception, termal decompositionand thermodynamic feature gidroftoridov potassium
Gidroftoridy potassium КН F (n=1,2 and 4) are received interaction of the carbonate potassium with solution of the hydrofluoric acid to concentration miscellaneous. The Termal decomposition hydrophone is studied by method tensor with membrane zero-manometer.Two independent methods – membrane and calorimeter are received interconsistency thermodynamic features hydrophone potassium.

Key words: гидрофториды калия; анализ; термическое разложение; тензиметрия; калориметрия; термодинамические характеристики; hydrophone potassium; termal decomposition; tensor; calorimeter; thermodynamic features.

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Kucharov M.S., Usmanov U.R., Usmanov R., Ganiev I.N.
The effect of paraffin gathering inhibitors on rheology properties of oil fields of Tajikistan
The paper presents the results of study of the effect of complex compositions based on amine salts of tar oils on paraffin gathering from oil and rheology properties of oil fields in Tajikistan. It is found that the entry of paraffin gathering inhibitors to an oil system can reduce the flow resistance, it facilitates and improves transportable properties of oil.

Key words: ингибиторы парафиноотложений; отложения парафина; реологические параметры нефти; предельное динамическое напряжение сдвига; вязкость; paraffin gathering inhibitors; paraffin gathering; rheology properties of oil; limiting dynamic stress of shear; viscosity.

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Ibrohimov S.G., Ganiev I.N., Eshov B.B.
The oxidation of solid Al-Mg alloy(АМг4) containing scandium
By thermogravimetrical method of the explored oxidation of aluminum-magnesium alloy АМг4 containing scandium. Installed regularity of the change to velocities of the oxidation from temperature and composition.

Key words: кинетика окисления; сплав АМг4; термогравиметрия; продукты окисления; kinetics of oxidation; alloy АМг4; thermogravimetrical; oxidation products.

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Kholnazarov B.M., Buniatian N.D., Shakhmatov A.N., Bobiev G.M.
The synthesis of the potential immunoactive lysine-containing peptides
The synthesis of lysine-containing tetrapeptides Н-Pro-Lys-Lys-Gly-OН и Н-Pro-Ala-Lys-Val-OН by the method of activated (pentachlorophenyl) esters by stepwise increase of peptide chain from C-end are describe The study of activity of synthesised peptides in vivo on intension of formation of aniybodies at cooperative use with antitheileriosis vaccine in comparison with thymogar showed that peptides has not immynostimulating activity.

Key words: синтез; лизинсодержащие пептиды; активированные эфиры; иммуностимулирующая активность; synthesis; lysine-containing peptides; activated esters; immynostimulating activity.

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Negmatov M.N., Rijov S.V., Abdullaev Kh.A.
Cytoembryological analysis of the pollen tube growth in pistil tissues of flower of cotton genotypes, distinguish by morfostructure of flowers
In this paper the results of analysis of the pollen tube growth in pistil tissues of gomostyle and longostyle types of flowers of upland cotton are given.

Key words: средневолокнистый хлопчатник Gossypium hirsutum L; цветки гомостильные и лонгостильные; рост пыльцевых трубок; upland cotton Gossypium hirsutum L; gomostyle and longostyle types of flowers; growth of the pollen tube.

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Abdulamonov K., Bakhronov A., Kurbonmamadova M., Abdulov I.A.
The test of variety wheat samples of foreign selection in Mountain Badakhshan
There are the results of the test of variety wheat samples of foreign selection in the conditions of Mountain Badakhshan in article, the samples of wheat of foreign selection, that have same important thrifty signs is necessary to include in the selection work with the local variety.

Key words: Горный Бадахшан; пшеница; сорт; образец; урожайность; Mountain Badakhshan; wheat; sort; sample; productivity.

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Olimov N.Kh., Zainiddinov O.A., Jumaeva M.J., Vohidov Kh.R., Sobitov Sh.
Myocardial cytoprotective therapy for acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock
The article presents data on efficacious use of the cytoprotectant Mexicor in the complex treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock. It is proved that the use of Mexicor leads to accelerated recovery of the left ventricular contractile and systolic and diastolic function, thereby reducing an ischaemic zone, the duration of ST-segment displacement periods and so minimizing the process of mortality risk of these patients.

Key words: острый инфаркт миокарда; кардиогенный шок; Мексикор; acute myocardial infarction; cardiogenic shock; Mexicor.

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Temurov Z.A., Mahmadov F.I., Sulaymonov M.S., Nazarov Z.S., Kurbonov K.M.
Improved health outcomes calculous cholecystitis is combined with urolithiasis
The experience of treatment of calculous cholecystitis (СC) are combined with urinestone disease (USD) in patients is analyzed. Patients with CC combined with USD were divided into a control group (34), in which traditional methods of the treatment was used, and basic group (40) in the diagnosis and treatment of which have been used modern technology. In treatment of CC, combined with the USD, were used a laparoscope, remote lithotripter and contact lithotripter. This article proves advantage of their using in the treatment of patients with CC combined with USD, in comparison to traditional methods.

Key words: калькулёзный холецистит, сочетающийся с мочекаменной болезнью; лапароскопическая холецистэктомия; дистанционная литотрипсия; контактная уретеролитотрипсия; эндоскопическая папиллосфинктеротомия; calculous cholecystitis combined with stone disease; laparoscopic cholecystectomy; extracorporeal lithotripsy; contact ureterolithotripsy; papilosfinkterotomiya endoscopy.