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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №9, 2013 г.

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Rajabov N., Hassan Dunya Abdulhameed
Coushy type boundary value problems with higher derivative for hyperbolic Euler-Puasson-Darboux equation with one singular lines
In this work for the hyperbolic equation Euler-Poisson -Darboux with one singular lines in depend from parameters, standing and investigation Coushy boundary value problems with higher derivative, using integral representation for the Euler-Poisson -Darboux solution ,we were found solution for this problem in explicit form.

Key words: уравнение с одной сингулярной линией; уравнение Эйлера-Пуассона-Дарбу; гиперболическое уравнение; новые граничные задачи; equation with one singular line; equation Euler-Poisson-Darboux; hyperbolic equation; new boundary problems.

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Safarov D.S., Misokov G.M.
Singly-periodic solutions of the generalized analytic functions with deviating arguments
In the paper a method of finding the one-periodical generalized analytic functions with deviating arguments is proposed.

Key words: периодическая функция; аналитическая функция; решение; уравнение; periodical; analytic; solution; equation.

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Mirzorahimov M.H.
Findings the sequence of own and attached functions of one not local problem for the wave equation
In this paper we consider the application of the Fourier method in the solution of a nonlocal problem for the wave equation. Evidence that the system of its own and allied functions in form a basis Riss.

Key words: нелокальная задача; волновое уравнение; findings not local; wave equation.

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Srumova F.V.
About asymptotic form of energy emited by almost periodic source of electromagnetic oscillation placed into waveguide
A cylinder being considered absolutely stretching z-direction with a section, having an infinitely smooth boundary.

Key words: асимптотика энергии; волновод; asymptotic of energy; waveguide.

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Ismailov I.
Photoluminecsense radiation source on the base semiconductor InP As by exitement radiation of laser diode
Photoluminescence radiation source on the base semiconductor solidity solution InP As (x≈0.24) by excitement radiation of laser diode was created. Length of wave on the maximum of stripe equal=2.04 mkm at 300 K. Width of stripe spontaneous radiation on the half height equal 1570 Å. Radiation source action how continuous regime, both impuls regime.

Key words: излучатель; лазерный диод; полупроводник; radiation source; laser diode; semiconductor.

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Nasriddinov S.K., Sharipov D.Sh., Zoirov H.A., Badalov A.B.
Preparation, dehydration and thermodynamic characteristics of Tetrahydratefluoride and gidroksokarbonat nickel (II)
Tetrahydratefluoride nickel (II) obtained by reacting nickel gidroksokarbonat (II) c mass.rastvorom 35% hydrofluoric acid. With termohimicheskogotsiklaand secondary processe sare defined, and the enthalpy of formation Tetrahydratefluoride nickel (II). Dehydration Tetrahydratefluoride nickel (II) studied bystrain-gaugewith diaphragmzerogauge. Definedscheme andthermodynamic characteristics of theprocess and theindividual compounds.

Key words: тетрагидратофторид никеля (II); гидроксокарбонат никеля (II); термохимический цикл; энтальпии образования; дегидратация; термодинамические характеристики; Tetrahydratefluoride nickel (II); hydroxy nickel carbonate (II); thermochemical cycle; enthalpy of formation; dehydration; thermodynamic characteristics.

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Samadova G.M., Usmanov U.R., Usmanov R., Nazarov H.M., Ganiev I.N.
Research opportunities termoperlit thermal insulation product based on obsidian-perilit rocks
The article presents the results of research opportunities termoperlit based on sand-obsidian rocks perilit Tashkesken field using as a binder combined ligament (lime and caustic soda), sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate. Found that termoperlit on a combined bond does not meet the requirements of GOST. Termoperlit using sodium hydroxide as the binder fulfills the requirements of GOST thermal conductivity and volumetric weight, but not tested for durability. Termoperlit based on liquid glass meets the requirements of GOST in all respects.

Key words: обсидиано-перлитовые породы; вспученный перлит; термоперлит; едкий натр; жидкое стекло; теплоизоляционный материал; obsidian-perilits breeds; expanded perlite; termoperlit; caustic soda; water glass; heat-insulating material.

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Solozhenkin P.M.
Clusters the minerals of elements of platinum group containing As, Sb, Bi, Pb, Sn and their interaction with the collector of flotation according to molecular modelling
For the first time reaction of connection is found out at linkage сульфгидрильных collectors with atoms of metal clusters about change of a degree of oxidation, and on atoms Sb, Bi, As, Pb, Sn in clusters the proton for indemnification of a charge of connection appears and joins.

Key words: минералы элементов платиновой группы; кластеры; заряды; молекулярное моделирование; minerals of elements of platinum group; clusters; charges; molecular modelling.

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Fedko I.V.
On the use of white birch in complex pulmonary tuberculosis therapy
By neutron activation analysis was found to contain 15 elements in birch (Betula pendula Roth.), as well as by spectrophotometric analysis to determine the content of silicon. Found that the leaves of birch ( Betula pendula Roth.) contain important nutrients necessary for the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis of the lungs.

Key words: берёза бородавчатая; туберкулёз лёгких; кремний; white birch; tuberculosis; silicon.

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Mirsaidov I.U., Nazarov Kh.M., Rahmatov N.N., Salomov F.J., Nazarov Sh.B.
Physico-chemical condition of uranium in mine waters bearing uranium and in sandy-loam grounds
Uranium state investigation results in sandy-loam grounds are provided in this work. In accordance with collected data, ion-exchange, complex-formation, hydrolysis, and oxidation-reduction processes are critical for uranium immobilization in sandy-loam grounds. Elements’ initial chemical form and micro-components presence impact on sorption behavior of uranium from technical sources.

Key words: уран; супесь; сорбция; раствор; uranium; sandy loam; sorption; solution.

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Salikhov F.S.
Relating to the formational implement of triassic deposits of Northern Pamir
In the article described lithological and petrochemical features of middle and upper Triassic deposits of Northern Pamir, their spread, depth, compound, boundaries, petrofond and classification.

Key words: триасовые отложения; Дарваз-Заалайская зона; вулканогенно-осадочные отложения; петрофонд; петрохимические показатели и классификация; Triassic sediments; Darvaz Zaalay zone; volcanic-sedimentary deposits; petrofond; classification and petrochemical parameters.

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Boboev M.T.
Ecological and geographical analysis of the diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of South Tajikistan depression
In this article the ecological and geographical analysis of algae diatoms of South Tajikistan Depression are given. The analysis show that the flora of Bacillariophyta in the South Tajikistan Depression benthics, oligogalobs, alkaliphilics and indifferents to pH environment prevalence.

Key words: диатомовые водоросли; экология; географическая характеристика; Южно-Таджикская депрессия; Algae diatoms; Ecology-Geographical Analysis; South Tajikistan Depression.

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Saksanova N.A., Abdullaev Kh.A., Karimov Kh.H.
Leaves efficiency in grain formation at some winter wheat cultivars
In condition of Sogd region of Tajikistan (Kanibadam) the leaves area efficiency in grain production of four winter wheat’s cultivars Zafar, Alex, Jager and Navruz were studies. Is established that in the Navruz cultivars of small leaves area works with high efficiency.

Key words: пшеница; сорта; площадь листьев; зерновая нагрузка листьев; продуктивность работы листьев; зерновая продуктивность; wheat; cultivars; leaves area; leaves efficiency; grain productivity.

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Davlyatnazarova Z.B., Kiemova Z.S., Norkulov N.Kh., Ashurov S.Kh., Aliev K.A.
Influence of drought and salinity on the antioxidant system of chloroplast of potato regenerants
This article shows that stress factors (salinity, drought) in varying degrees are depending from plant’s genotypes. The stress factors disturb the equilibrium of lipid peroxidation (POL) and the activity of the enzyme Superoxidedismutase in the potato’s chloroplasts. Also was shown, that prooxidants-antioxidants balance in the salt-tolerant genotype shifts to antioxidants, but in the sensitive genotype toward to prooxidants.

Key words: засоление; засуха; прооксиданты; антиоксиданты; АФК; СОД; ПОЛ; генотипы картофеля; drought; salinity; prooxidants; antioxidants; SOD; POL; potatoes regenerants.

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Gulmuradov T.G., Nazarov F.N., Hamidov D.B., Urazov I.Kh.
Changes of central hemodynamics during laparoscopic cholecystectomy in patients with cholelithiasis
In this paper analyzes of the results of studies in 78 patients with cholelithiasis operated laparoscopically methods are given. The effect on central hemodynamics karboksiperitoneuma at various stages of the operation and defines the types of circulation ( normo- , hypo- and hyperdynamic). Were studied considered in selecting preoperative preparation, karboksiperitoneuma level , the method of anesthesia and surgical tactics.

Key words: жёлчнокаменная болезнь; лапароскопическая холецистэктомия; центральная гемодинамика; cholelithiasis; laparoscopic cholecystectomy; central hemodynamics.

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Zikiryakhodzaev D.Z., Orifov B.M., Huseinov Z.H.
Peculiarities of skin cancer a rising from scars
Follow-up and treatment results of 57 patients with skin cancer arising from scars are presented in the work. We show the peculiarities of treatment and morphological structure of the skin cancer arising from scars,its more aggressive character in comparison with the cancer which has developed in unchanged skin or owing to other reasons is established. Surgical and, combined treatment results of skin cancer arising from scars are discussed.

Key words: рак кожи; рубцы; лечение; прогноз; skin cancer; scars; treatment; prognosis.