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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №10, 2013 г.

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Mirkalonova M.M., Kholmamadova Sh.A.
On the inequalities for derivatives of polynoms in the Hardy space
In this paper the exact inequalities for algebraic complex polynoms of order given by averaged values of modulus of continuity and smoothness of the polynoms itself were founded. The similar inequalities with the derivatives of order and modulus of continuity in norm were proved.

Key words: экстремальные задачи; полином; модуль непрерывности; модуль гладкости; аналитические функции; пространство Харди; -норма; extremal problems; polynom; modulus of continuity; modulus of smoothness; analytic functions; Hardy space; -norm.

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Akbarov R., Karimova N.
The solutions of the inhomogeneous linear differential equations of the -order with the loaded free members and with additional conditions
On the Solutions of the homogeneous linear differential equations of the n -order with loaded, in free members and with additional conditions are studied relieved in the paper.

Key words: неоднородное линейное дифференциальное уравнение; нагрузка; дополнительные условия; inhomogeneous linear differential equation; load; additional conditions.

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Safarov D.S., Saidnazarov R.S.
Generalized double periodical solutions for one class elliptic systems of second order
In the paper a method of finding the double periodical solutions for one class elliptic systems of second.

Key words: двоякопериодическое решение; эллиптическая система; уравнения; doubleperiodical solutions; elliptic systems; equation.

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Rahimov Kh.A., Abulkhaev V.D., Ganiev I.N., Ubaydov S.O.
State diagram and magnetic properties of alloys in the Gd Bi Ho Bi system
The abstract comprises the results of investigation of state diagram and magnetic properties of solid solutions which have been formed in the Gd Bi - Ho Bi system. Crystallochemical investigations have shown, that solid solutions Gd Ho Bi (х= 0.5-4.5) of the Gd Bi - Ho Bi system crystallizes in rombic Y Bi structural type.Values of Curie temperatures and magnetic moment of Gd , Ho ions was defined.

Key words: сплавы; диаграмма состояния; твёрдые растворы; температура Кюри; магнитная восприимчивость; alloys; state diagram; solid solutions; Curie temperatures; magnetic susceptibility.

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Tashbaev G.A., Turdialiev M.Z., Abdullaev T.Rh., Amonova A.V.
Oksimetilationof the benzo-1,4-dioxanes
The results of investigation of the reaction oxymetylation benzo-1,4-dioxane with aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes is described in this work.Have been synthesized number of derivatives of carbinols containing moiety in its structure 1,4-dioxane.

Key words: оксиметилировние; бензо-1,4-диоксан; 6-оксиметилбензо-1,4-диоксан; альдегиды; oxymetyles; benzo-14-dioxan; 6-oxymetyles of benzo-14-dioxan; aldehydes.

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Zinchenko Z.A., Tyumin I.A.
Researches of gold extraction from flotation tailings of Djijicrut deposit narrow level by thiourea
The results of researches of gold leaching from mineral processing tailings of gold containing antimony-mercury ore by thiourea are presented. It was shown that after pretreatment of tailings gold is leaching by thiourea satisfactory from them.

Key words: хвосты; сурьмяно-ртутная руда; золото; выщелачивание; тиомочевина; tailings; mercury; antimony ore; gold; leaching; thiourea.

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Tuichiev Sh., Rashidov D., Tabarov S., Tuichiev L., Sodikov F.
Crystallosolvates in ternary systems of polymer - fullerene - solvent
X-ray studies of films cast from a number of ternary systems of the fullerene - polymer - solvent in order to establish the influence of the type of solvent, the crystalline lattices of polymer and its structure on the formation of crystallsol-vates were conducted.

Key words: полимер; структура; свойство; кристаллосольваты; polymer; structure; property; crystallosolvates.

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Osimi Okil, Ganiev I.N., Nazarov H.M., Berdiev A.E.
Effect of antimony on the oxidation kinetics alloy AK12 in hard state
Thermogravimetric method studied the interaction of AK12 alloy containing antimony with oxygen in the range of 723-823 K in the solid state. The kinetic parameters of the oxidation process. It is shown that the addition of antimony reduce the rate of oxidation of the initial alloy , which is accompanied by an increase in value of the apparent activation energy of oxidation of 139.8 to 186.6 kJ/mol.

Key words: сплав АК12; сурьма; термогравиметрический метод; кинетика окисления; истинная скорость окисления; энергия активации; alloy AK12; antimony; thermogravimetric method; oxidation kinetics; the true rate of oxidation; the activation energy.

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Juraev T.J., Gazizova E.R., Toshev M.T.
To a problem of a micronon-uniform condition of a liquid alloy
On the basis of the crystal chemical theory of a heredity in an inorganic nature the new model of a micronon-uniform condition of a liquid alloy is offered.

Key words: микронеоднородность в расплаве; элементы структуры расплава; современные модели строения расплава; кристаллохимическая модель; физическая наследственность; microheterogeneity in a liquid alloy; elements of structure of a liquid alloy; modern models of a structure of a liquid alloy; crystal chemical model; physical heredity.

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Fayziev A.R., Nabiev N.F.
Sulfur salts in gold bearing deposit Pakrut (Central Tajikistan)
In this article descriptions of boulangerite, burnonite and silver sulfursalts, which have not been determined precisely, are submitted. The information was absent for Pakrut deposit at former time.

Key words: буланжерит; бурнонит; сульфосоль серебра; минерал; boulangerite; burnonite; silver sulfosalts; mineral.

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Boboev M.T.
Algoflora rivers of the South Tajikistan Depression
Presented results of research of specific structure of an algoflor of the rivers of the Southern Tajik depression are given. Total found 661 species of algae classified in; 9 divisions, 15 classis, 44 orders, 91 families and 209 genus. On a specific variety prevail Bacillariophyta and Chlorophyta.

Key words: альгофлора; систематическая структура; реки Южно-Таджикской депрессии; algоflora; systematic structure; rivers South Tajikistan Depression.

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Odilbekov K., Aknazarov O.A.
Influence of preseeding processing of seeds UV-light of different length of waves on activity of phytohormones in leaves of horse beans
The information about preceding processing’s of seeds by UV - radiation of different length of waves (254 nanometers and 313 nanometers) on activity of complex endogenous growth regulators (indole acetic acid, abscise acid and cytokenin) in leaves of plants. The result showed that high level frequency of UV-irradiation in highlands can decrease the indole asetic activity of this plants which can affect on the growth of plants

Key words: УФ-радиация; рост; абсцизовая кислота; индолилуксусная кислота; цитокинины; светофильтры; UV-radiation; growth suppressing; abscise acid; indole acetic acid; kinetin; light filters.

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Mamadysufova M.G., Saboiev I.A., Rahimov M.M., Nasirova F.Yu., Aliev K.A.
The content of starch and protein of wheat and its wild relatives, growing in different ecological conditions of Tajikistan
This article discusses the results of the work on the effects of stress factors (drought and salinity) on the content of starch, protein and their ratio landrace varieties of wheat and species Aegilops L . growing in Tajikistan. The results showed that some varieties of wheat and some specimens of species Aegilops L . on protein content in grain vary widely and can be used in the selection process as valuable donors indicator of high protein content in grain.

Key words: пшеница; эгилопс; стресс; засуха; крахмал; белок; wheat; Aegilops L; stress; drought; starch protein.

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Zikiryakhodzaev D.Z., Orifov B.M., Yuldoshev R.Z., Barotov Z.Z.
Skin cancer a rising from scars after sandal burns
The results of examination and treatment of the skin cancer arising from scars after sandal burnsin 31 patients are presented in the article. It’s proved that the tumors have more aggressive current and frequent relapsing in comparison with the cancer which has developed inunchanged skin, or because of other reasons.

Key words: рак кожи; рубцы; сандаловый ожог; лечение; skin cancer; scars; sandal burn; treatment.

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Rahmonov Sh.D., Daminova N.M., Mahmadov F.I., Kurbonov K.M.
Diagnosis and treatment intraperitoneal bleeding liver injury
This article substantiates the benefit of using videolaparoscopy and reinfusion of blood in the treatment of patients with intra-abdominal bleeding.

Key words: травма печени; внутрибрюшное кровотечение; видеолапароскопия; реинфузия крови; liver injury; intra-abdominal bleeding; videolaparoscopy; reinfusion of blood.