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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №11, 2013 г.

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Rakhmonov Z.Kh., Rakhmonov F.Z.
Sum of short double exponential sums
Nontrivial estimate was obtained for short exponential sums of the form

Key words: короткая двойная тригонометрическая сумма; распределение дробных частей; нетривиальная оценка; Short double exponential sum; distribution of the fractional parts; trivial estimate.

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Tukhliev K.
The Jackson - Stechkin type inequalities for generalized modulus of continuity and its applications
In the Hilbert space with the Chebyshev weight the inequalities of Jackson - Stechkin was obtained where the linking value is the best approximation of the function by algebraic polynomials of degree at most with the average positive weight generalized modulus of continuity th order where is some second order differential operator. For classes functions defined by the specified module and continuity given by majorant satisfying certain constraints, calculate the values of different -widths in the space

Key words: наилучшие приближения; полиномы Чебышёва; обобщенный модуль непрерывности m-го порядка; коэффициенты Фурье-Чебышёва; n-поперечники; best approximation; Chebyshev polynomials; generalized modulus of continuity of mth order; Chebyshev-Fourier coefficients; n-widths.

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Yusupov G.A., Mirkalonova M.M.
On the widths of some classes analytical in unit disk functions
In Hardy space for defined classes functions given by modules of continuity and the modules of smoothness of boundary value of th derivative and the exact value of Bernstein and Kolmogorov -widths are calculated.

Key words: наилучшие линейные методы приближения; граничные значения; пространства Харди; мажоранта; n-поперечники; the line method of best approximation; modulus of continuity; boundary value; Hardy’s space; majorant; n-widths.

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Mirsaidov U.M., Mamatov E.D., Homidi Abdul Quddus, Pulatov M.S.
Decomposition of aluminium containing ores of Tajikistan with industrial wastes
Study results of argillites acid decomposition and siallites chlorination are presented. Optimal conditions of interaction of aluminium containing ores with sulfuric acid and chlorine are found. The process flow diagrams of processing abovementioned ores are defined.

Key words: кислотное выщелачивание; хлорирование; порода аргиллита; сиаллит; серная кислота; acid leaching; chlorination; argillite; siallite; sulfuric acid.

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Khalikov D.Kh., Valiev M.V., Gorshkova R.M., Muhidinov Z.K., Khalikova S.
Degradation of the protopectin from digfferent sourcses under high temperature and pressures
The kinetics of catalytic decomposition the protopectin (PP) from apple, peach, pumpkin pomace, tangerine peel, rhubarb, sunflower heard (SH) and beet pulp in a solution of HCl at pH = 2.0 and T = 120°C under different pressure of in range of 1.5-3.0 are studied. PP decomposition products are divided in three fractions: microgel (MG), pectin (MF) and oligosaccharides (OS). Experimental data are processed by theoretical prediction of the PP degradation based into three fractions through parallel and serial irreversible chemical reaction of the first order rate constants. The conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of high-temperature reaction process are given through activation volumes.

Key words: протопектин; пектиновые вещества; высокая температура и давление; объём активации; константа скорости реакции; protopectin; pectin substances; high temperature and pressure; activation volume; reaction rate constant.

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Mamatov E.D., Khudoyorov D.N., Kurbonov A.S., Pulatov M.S., Mirsaidov U.M.
Kinetics of alkali treatment of calcined danburite concentrate
In this work the investigation of results of leaching of initial and calcined danburite concentrate with caustic soda are presented. The kinetics of process as well as is studied .

Key words: порода данбурита; разложение; степень извлечения; щелочная обработка; danburite rock; decomposition; extraction rate; alkali treatment.

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Rakhimov Kh.A., Abulkhaev V.D., Ganiev I.N., Ubaydov S.O., Nazarov Kh.Kh.
State diagram and some physical properties of solid solution the Gd Bi - Er Bi system
The article comprises the results of investigation of state diagram Gd Bi - Er Bi system. Constated that concentration dependence resistivity and thermoelecric power measurements of solid solutions are consistent with state diagram Gd Bi - Er Bi datas. Crystallochemical investigations have shown, that solid solutions Gd Er Bi (х= 0.5-4.5) of the Gd Bi - Er Bi system crystallizes in rhombic Y Bi structural type.

Key words: диаграмма состояния; синтез; сплавы; твёрдые растворы; удельное электросопротивление; термо-э.д.с; state diagram; synthes; alloys; solid solutions; resistivity; thermoelectric power-microhardnes.

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Kholnazarov B.M., Bobiev G.M.
The new technological scheme of production of thymofer
There was developed the new technological scheme of production of thymofer based be application of developing substance of thymofer.

Key words: тимофер; производство; технологическая схема; thymofer; technological scheme; substance of thymofer.

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Tuichiev Sh., Rashidov D., Tabarov S., Tuichiev L., Sodikov F.
Investigation of effect of C on the structure, mechanical and thermal properties of polymers
The effect of C on the structure, mechanical and thermal properties of the polymer composites were studied. It is shown that depending on dispersing the filler to the molecular level and their uniform distribution in the composite, as well as its aggregation are observed extreme change of mechanical and thermal properties of the matrix, which presumably explains the processes are over structural and inter structural plasticizing.

Key words: фуллерен; структура; механика; теплофизика; полимер; fullerene; structure; mechanics; thermalphysics; polymer.

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Juraev T.J., Rahimov F.Q., Ismoilow I.R., Gazizova E.R., Odinaev H.O.
Assessment of the degree of certainty of double phase diagrams of systems magnesium with elements of the periodic table
The analysis of literature data on the double phase diagrams of magnesium with elements of the periodic table (FRI). It is found that from 91 systems Mg-e (element) was studied and constructed diagrams for 57 systems. In most cases, charting the state are determined using cleaner source materials and modern methods of physical-chemical analysis and thermodynamic calculations on a computer.

Key words: диаграммы состояния; магний; периодическая таблица элементов; механическая смесь; химическое соединение; твёрдый раствор; монотектический тип взаимодействия; magnesium; elements of periodic system; firm solution; mechanical mix; chemical connection.

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Akramov A.A., Sharifov A., Nazirov Y.G., Muminov A.K.
Dextrin - addition to the mixtures with cementitious plasticizing effect
The paper summarizes the results of the action of chemical additives on the properties of dextrin cementitious mixtures, and characterized mechanisms of their influence on the ductility cementitious mixtures accelerate the hydration process, the formation of a dense structure and improve strength tsementnog stone.

Key words: декстрин; подвижность; пластичность; гидратация; цемент; бетон; прочность; структура цементного камня; dextrin; mobility; plasticity; cement; concrete; strength; the structure of cement stone.

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Karimov F.H.
Relaxation time forthe viscous plastic grounds
Based on analytical modeling of the dynamics of viscous plastic grounds’ creep the relaxation time parameter has been found relatively to permanent dynamical impact. In dependence on the relationship between the relaxation time and periods of external vibrations or seismic waves the grounds’ performance is turning up either like solid body, or viscous plastic one. The estimations have been made render the basics for more detailed classification of grounds relatively to the dynamical impacts.

Key words: реология; вязкопластические грунты; время релаксации; rheology; viscous plastic grounds; relaxation time.

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Usmanova O.V., Veselovski V.A., Veselova T.V., Usmanov T.P.
Influence of genomic mutations on mesostructure and functional activity of arabidopsis Photosynthetic apparatus
In this article the results of studies of the influence of genomic mutation's on the mesostructure and functional activity of the photosynthetic apparatus by using experimental model plants-genomic (polyploid) mutants of Arabidopsis was shown .

Key words: арабидопсис; геномные мутации; хлоропласты; фотосинтетический аппарат; аrabidopsis; genomic mutation’s; chloroplast’s; photosynthetic apparatus.

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Rustamova M.S., Pulatova A.P., Kurbanova M.Kh.
Features of gestational process in women at alimentary deficiency of calcium and magnesium
The data on the influence of alimentary deficiency of calcium and magnesium during gestational process are presents. Found that when micronutrient deficiencies and of alimentary intake of calcium and magnesium significantly increased frequency and severity of complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the perinatal period, as threatening a miscarriage, premature birth, preeclampsia, eclampsia, fetal growth retardation syndrome, congenital malformations and perinatal mortality. The results indicate pregravidal, gestational and lactation ingestion of micronutrients in combination with a rational and balanced nutrition.

Key words: дефицит микронутриентов; алиментарное потребление кальция; алиментарное потребление магния; гестационный период; преэклампсия; эклампсия; micronutrient deficiency; nutritional intake of calcium; magnesium nutritional intake; gestation period; preeclampsia; eclampsia.