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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 56, №12, 2013 г.

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Rakhmonov Z.Kh., Rakhmonov F.Z., Ismatov S.N.
Estimate of sums of short exponential sums over prime numbers
Nontrivial estimate of the form has been obtained for the sums of short exponential sums over prime numbers when and where , , is absolute constant. This result is a generalization of the corresponding Vinogradov estimate for short exponential sums over prime numbers.

Key words: короткая тригонометрическая сумма; простые числа; короткая двойная тригонометрическая сумма; Short exponential sums; Short double exponential sum.

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Yusupov G.A.
About the best line methods of approximations functions in hardy spaces , 0< <1
In the work for classes analytical in the unit disc function related to the Hardy spaces , average modulus of continuity of th derivative which are majorized by the given function and the best linear method approximation are shown. The exact value od linear and some other -widths are calculated.

Key words: наилучшие линейные методы приближения; модуль непрерывности; пространства Харди; мажоранта; n-поперечники; the line method of best approximation; modulus of continuity; boundary value; majorant; n-widths.

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Safarov D.S., Gaurov A.T.
Double periodical solutions of one elliptic systems of first order tipe Riccati
In the paper given of method find periodical solutions for one of elliptic systems of first order tipe Riccati with the help of elliptic functions of Weierstrass.

Key words: двоякопериодическая функция; эллиптическая система; решение; doubleperiodic functions; elliptic system; solutions.

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Rajabov N., Zaripov S.
To theory one class of simmetrical two dimensional Volterra type integral equation with one boundary and one interior singular lines
In this work, we investigation one new class of the two dimensional symmetric Volterra type integral equations with one boundary and one interior singular lines.

Key words: двумерное интегральное уравнение; сингулярная линия; симметричное уравнени; two dimensional integral equation; singular lines; symmetrical equation.

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Soliev L.
Phase balance of system Na,K,Mg,Ca//SO ,Cl-H O at 50ºС in area crystallization of kainit (KCl∙MgSO ∙3H O)
By method of compilation are investigated of phase balance of system Na, K, Mg, Ca // SO , Cl-H O at 50ºС in area crystallization of kainit (KCl∙ MgSO ∙ 3H O). Is established, that as the equilibrium phase of the investigated system at 50ºС participates in formation 19 invariant of points, 38 monoalternative curves and 22 divariant of fields. On the basis of the received data a fragment of the diagram phase equilibrium investigated of system Na, K, Mg,Ca//SO ,Cl-H O for the first time is constructed at 50ºС in area crystallization of kainit.

Key words: равновесие; система; каинит; фаза; нонвариантные точки; моновариантные кривые; дивариантные поля; диаграмма; компонент; balance; system; kainit; phase; invariant point; monoalternative curve; divariant of a field; diagram; component.

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Bobonazarov M., Rakhimova M.M., Mirzoev B.
Modeling mixing and separation of phosphorite suspension faction
In this paper, using the semi-empirical criteria equations using similarity theory, the method of dimensional analysis, a simulation of the process of mixing and separation of the suspension of granular raw phosphorite deposits of Karatag of Republic of Tajikistan, consisting of solid particles size up to 250 microns in a vertical reactor with a stirrer. Calculated optimum geometric and hydrodynamic parameters of the reactor for the mixing process and separation of a fraction of phosphate slurry particle sizes less than 180 microns. As a result, flushing and preparation of phosphate - enriched flour suitable for use as fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers synthesis.

Key words: фосфоритная мука; полидисперсные системы; моделирование перемешивания суспензий; обогащение минералов; phosphate rock; polydisperse fluidization system; modeling; mixing suspensions; enrichment of minerals.

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Aliev J.N., Ganieva N.I., Ganiev I.N.
Corrosion by oxygen of the Zn55Al alloy gas phase, doped by barium
Analysis of the kinetics of oxidation of doped barium alloy Zn55Al in the gas phase showed an intense increase in the rate of oxidation over time in the initial stages. Formed oxide film of Al2O3 and ZnO have reduced protective properties in the early stages, and with the growth of the thickness of the oxide film oxidation process proceeds until the complete oxidation of the sample.

Key words: цинк-алюминиевый сплав; барий; истинная скорость окисления; сплав Zn55Al; кажущаяся энергия активации; кинетические параметры сплава Zn55Al; zinc-aluminium alloy; barium; actual speed of oxidation; alloy Zn55Al; energy of activation.

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Valiev Yu.Ya., Boboev H.E., Safiev A.H., Ruziev J.R., Mirpochaev Kh.A., Isroilov M.A., Mukhamediev N.P., Safiev H.
Wastewater and cathode board unit electrolyze acid method
In this article the results of studies on the establishment of optimal parameters extraction of impurity components remaining after waste water treatment and the side of the cathode blocks electrolytic aluminum production are given. Studies have shown that using a 10% solution of hydrochloric acid from spent cathode and airborne units can be cleaned of the carbon material.

Key words: отработанные катодные и бортовые блоки; утилизация углеграфитовых отходов; раствор соляной кислоты; waste cathode and side blocks; recycle carbon and graphite waste; hydrochloric acid solution.

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Elnazarov S.A., Fayziev A.R.
Gemological properties of noble spinel, clinohumite and jewelry forsterite from the Kuhilal deposits (South-West Pamir)
In this article the main features of gemological noble spinel, noble clinohumite and jewelry forsterite from the deposit Kuhilal are presents.

Key words: шпинель; клиногумит; форстерит; кристалл; карат; цвет; Spinel; clinohumite; forsterite; crystal; carat; color.

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Dodkhoeva M.F., Abdusamatova Z.M., Olimova L.I., Saburova H.Sh.
Management measures for pregnant women with diseases of biliary system
A set of measures for the management of pregnant women with diseases of biliary system have been developed by authors, testing and implementation in practice has shown that the effectiveness of these measures, which contributed to a significant reduction in complications of pregnancy and childbirth and more favorable perinatal outcomes.

Key words: хронический холецистит; дискинезия; беременность; перинатальные исходы; chronic cholecystitis; discinesy; pregnancy; perinatal outcomes.

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Donaeva Z.O.
The surgical treatment of small pelvic varicose veins
The paper held contemporary approach of diagnostic and surgical treatment of small pelvic varicose veins (SPVV). There are also presented comparative analysis of methods and had defined indication of one or another approach of surgical treatment.

Key words: варикоз вен малого таза; трансвагинальное дуплексное сканирование; резекция гонадных вен; small pelvic varicose veins; transvaginal duplex scanning; resection of ovarian veins.