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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 57, №2, 2014 г.

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Rakhmonov Z.Kh.
Additive problems with almost equal summands
We study the behavior of short Weyl’s exponential sums of the form and their applications for deriving an asymptotic formula in additive problems with almost equal summands.

Key words: короткая тригонометрическая сумма Г.Вейля; аддитивные задачи; почти равные слагаемые; асимптотическая формула; Short Weyl’s exponential sums; additive problem; almost equal summands; Asymptotic formula.

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Shabozov M.Sh., Yusupov G.A.
Best linear approximation methods and the widths of certain classes of functions in the Hardy space
Construct best linear approximation methods classes of analytic functions in the unit circle, the average values of the moduli of continuity of th derivatives which are dominated by a given function. The results obtained make it possible to calculate the exact values of different -widths for these classes of functions.

Key words: наилучшие линейные методы приближения; модуль гладкости; пространства Харди; мажоранта; поперечники; best linear approximation methods; modulus of smoothness; Hardy space; majorant; widths.

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Temurbekova S.D.
Upper bounds of the best approximation of certain classes of periodic differentiable Weyl functions in
The problem of finding the exact constants in the inequalities of Jackson-Stechkin type classes of periodic differentiable Weyl functions in the space . The upper bounds best approximations by trigonometric polynomials on some classes of differentiable Weyl functions were found.

Key words: неравенство типа Джексона-Стечкина; наилучшее приближение; модуль непрерывности; дробные производные; производные в смысле Вейля; the inequality of Jackson-Stechkin type; the best approximation; the modulus of continuity; fractional derivatives; derivatives in the sense of Weyl.

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Kabilov M.M.
Structure of stationary waves filtration combustion of gases in an inert porous medium
We consider the structure of stationary waves of filtration combustion of gases in an inert porous medium. Temperature profiles of the porous medium, the concentration of gas and missing component is approximated by exponential and polynomial functions in the areas of heating, combustion and internal relaxation. The formulas for the maximum gas temperature, the ignition temperature and their origin, as well as the coordinates of the maximum reaction rate, and the inflection point in the temperature profile of the porous medium. To determine the velocity of the wave received ratio parameters.

Key words: смесь; газ; температура; концентрация; волна; структура; скорость; зона подогрева; зона горения; релаксация; mixture; gas; temperature; concentration; a wave; structure; speed; zone; heat; burning; relaxation.

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Boboev T.B., Istamov F.H., Gafurov S.J., Johnov E.
Photodestruction of the mechanical stressing polyethylene terephthalate
By viscometers and spectroscopic methods has been study the effect of the tensile load on the development photoprocesses, which occurring in polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Has been discovery no one type (accelerating, braking or lack of action) of the effect of stress state on the development fotodestruction processes in PET. It is shown that such a difference of the effect of a tensile load is connected with the specific feature of photochemical reactions in PET, depending on temperature and wavelength UV light.

Key words: вискозиметрический метод; фотодеструкция полиэтилентерефталата; число разрыва связей; растягивающая нагрузка; молекулярная масса; viscometric method; photodestruction; polyethylene terephthalate; the number of bond rupture; tensile load; the molecular weight.

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Azizqulova O.A., Davlatova Kh.S., Jurabekov U.M.
Complexation of copper (II) with N-acetylthiourea with 3 mol/l НСl
Using the potentiometric method the complexation process of copper (II) with N-acetylthiourea with 3 mol/l НСl solution in the temperature range 273-338 K was studied. The thermodynamic functions values of the complexation process of the CuCl - N-acetylthiourea - 3 mol/l НСl system was established.

Key words: комплексообразование; потенциометрический метод; окислительно-восстановительный электрод; N-ацетилтиомочевина; константа образования; complexation; potentiometric method; reducing electrode; N-acetylthiourea; production constant.

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Usmanov U.R., Usmanov R., Aminov M.A., Kukaniev M.A.
Product of the interaction of the sulfuric acid with sulfur compounds of broad fraction of high-sulphur oil and thEir structure
In this article the results of a study by obtaining sulfide complexes from deresined wider sour crude oil fractions of Kichi-Bel - Ak-Bash-Adyr and Jarkurgan with 86% sulfuric acid are described. Taking in the consideration the structural and group composition of petroleum sulphides fractions showed that the concentrates I and II from fractions of Jarkurgan sulphide contents are almost the same about 86.3%, but the III fraction, reduced (82.7%). Increasing the reflux temperature leads to an increase in the content of thiobynaphtenes, thiothreenaphtenes, thiophene - 2,3-dihydrobenzo[b]thiophenes compounds and dialkyl reduction , alkilmononaphtenes sulphides.

Key words: высокосернистая нефть; серная кислота; сульфониевые комплексы; сульфиды; алкилтиацикланы; high-sulfur oil; sulfuric acid; sulfonium complexes; sulfides; alkilthionaphtenes.

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Bobonazarov M., Rakhimova M.M., Mirzoev B.
Separation and discharge phosphorite suspension faction during the mixing process
In this paper, using the equations of hydrodynamics and filtration produced modeling and experimentally verified the unloading process phosphate precipitate suspension during continuous mixing in a vertical reactor. Kinetics of sludge discharge through the reactor bottom for connecting pipe investigated in two ways. As the sample used ground phosphorite deposits Karatag the Republic of Tajikistan with the particles of sizes up to 250 microns.

Key words: фосфоритная мука; фильтрование суспензий; уравнение Бернулли; выгрузка жидких продуктов; phosphate rock; modeling of mixing of liquid products; filtration of suspensions; Bernoulli's equation; unloading of liquid products.

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Nizomov Z., Mirzoev F.M., Akramov M.B., Saidov R.H.
The warm-up dependency thermophysical characteristics aluminum marks A5
In this article results of the study to warm-up dependency thermal capacity and thermodynamic function aluminum A5 are presented.

Key words: алюминий А5; удельная теплоёмкость; коэффициент теплоотдачи; aluminum А5; thermal capacity; factor heat of feedback.

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Samikhov S.H.R., Zinchenko Z.A.
Investigation process of thiosulphate leaching of chore deposit gold arseniсcontaining ore
The results of the gold arseniccontaining ore thiosulphate leaching process study are presented and optimum conditions of its are determined. It is shown that the most high velocities of the gold and silver dissolution were reached at temperature 70-80ºС.

Key words: тиосульфатное выщелачивание; месторождение; извлечение золота; температура процесса; расход реагентов; обожжённая руда; thiosulphate leaching; deposit; recovery of gold; the process temperature; reagent consumption; roasting ore.

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Ishan-Khodjaeva F.R., Kamilova M.I.
Importans of complex examinations in women with infertility and endometriosis
It was determined that the women with endometriosis have different immediatecauses of infertility and frequency of psycho-emotional disorders is high. The results confirm that for successful treatment of infertility in current cohort of the patients there is required complex examinations, including identification of the causes of infertility and evaluation of psycho-emotional status.

Key words: эндометриоз; причины бесплодия; комплексная диагностика; психо-эмоциональный статус; endometriosis; causes of infertility; complex examination; psycho-emotional status.

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Dodkhoeva M.F., Kolobov A.V., Karev V.E., Yatimova M.A.
Mechanisms of placental insufficiency of pregnant women with endemic crow
Using pathological and immunohystochemical analysis are studied mechanisms of placental insufficiency in pregnant women with endemic crow, peculiarities revealed changes in the placenta depending on the severity of concomitant pathological process are detected.

Key words: плацента; плацентарная недостаточность; беременность; инволютивно-дистрофические процессы; эндемический зоб; placenta; placental insufficiency; pregnancy; involutive-degenerative processes; endemic crow.

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Artykov K.P., Saidov M.S., Mukhamadieva K.M.
Influence of immunomodulating therapy on results of surgical correction of keloid scars of skin
For the purpose of improvement of results of surgical correction of kelloid scars research of the immune status at 37 patients with kelloid cicatrixes is conducted. It is proved that the surgical intervention leads to even more expressed changes of the immune answer that probably is one of the reasons of recurrence of kelloid scars. Application of immunomodulating therapy at a stage of preoperative preparation allowed receiving excellent result in 12 months at 14 (70%) patients. Carrying out immunomodulating therapy before carrying out surgical correction of kelloid scars, allows to reach excellent results in 3 times more often than without its application (70% of cases in a basic group against 23% in control).

Key words: келлоидные рубцы; иммунные нарушения; хирургическая коррекция; иммуннокоррегирующая терапия; kelloid scars; immune violations; surgical correction; immune correcting therapy.

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