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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 57, №7, 2014 г.

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Nazrubloev N.N.
Mean value of the short Weyl fifth degree exponential sums
An estimate for the integral of the thirty second power of absolute value of short Weyl fifth degree exponential sum has been obtained. This estimate is of correct order and generalizes Hua Loo-Keng’s theorem for short Weyl fifth degree exponential sums.

Key words: короткая сумма Г.Вейля; интеграл от тригонометрической суммы; функция делителей; диофантово уравнение; Short Weyl exponential sum; Integral of exponential sums; Divisor function; Diophantine equation.

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Jurakhonov O.A., Mirkalonova M.M.
-Widths of some classes of analytical functions in Hardy space
In this work the exact value of -widths of some classes analytical functions in unit disk in space of Hardy was found.

Key words: наилучшие приближения; модуль непрерывности; пространства Харди; мажоранта; n-поперечники; the best polynomial approximation; modulus of continuity; analytical functions; space Hardy; n-width.

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Rahmonov B.A.
Mixed boundary value problems for the non-classical system of equations of second order with veriables coefficients
In this article for the non-classical system of the Partial Differential Equations consider’s the statement of the well-posed problem in a half-space and in a cylindrical domain.

Key words: неклассическая система уравнений; система уравнений составного типа; характеристический определитель; начально-краевые задачи; вырождающиеся гиперболические системы; интегральный оператор; non-classical systems of equations; systems of equations of composite type; characteristic form; mixed value problems; degenerate hyperbolic systems; integral operator.

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Iskhokov S.A., Nematulloev O.A.
On eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of a class of higher order degenerate elliptic operators
The paper is devoted to Fredholm property of the variational Dirichlet problem for a class of higher order degenerate elliptic operators with miserable coefficients. A formula is proved to precise an asymptote of eigenvalues of the operators on the infinity.

Key words: задача Дирихле; эллиптический оператор; степенное вырождение; асимптотика собственных значений; Dirichlet problem; elliptic operator; power degeneracy; asymptotes of eigenvalues.

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Jangibekov G., Valiev N.G.
On the one class of two-dimensional singular integral operators with characteristic depending of pole
In this note we establish effective necessary and sufficient conditions for the Noether property for one class of two-dimensional singular integral operators with characteristic depending of pole in the Lebesgue space with a weight, and we obtain formulas for computing their indices.

Key words: нётеровость оператора; индекс оператора; операторная матрица; двумерные сингулярные интегральные операторы; Noetherian; the index of operator; operator matrix; two-dimensional singular integral operators.

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Ibrohimov A.A., Shoyoqubov Sh.Sh., Abdulloev S., Buriev A.M., Asoev H.
Determining the radial velocity of the solar wind based on the observations of the plasma tail of comet C / 2012 S1 (ISON)
Based on the of CCD observations of comet equatorial coordinates of the comet C / 2012 S1 and the solar wind velocity were determined at the time of observation.

Key words: комета; солнечный ветер; радиальная скорость; экваториальные координаты; comet; solar wind; radial velocity; equatorial coordinates.

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Karimov Kh.S., Akhmedov Kh.M., Nisar Ahmed, Amjad Farooq, Rizvi Z.Y.
Photoelectric cell on the base of bulk heterojunction of organic semiconductors copper phthalocyanine and metal free phthalocyanine
In the article the properties of the photoelectric cell based on balk heterojunction of copper phthalocyanine and metal free phthalocyanine organic semiconductors were investigated. By vacuum sublimation the thin films of thickness of (200-300) nm of the copper phthalocyanine and metal free phthalocyanine blend were deposited on conductive glass (ITO) substrates. It was investigated I-V characteristics , dependences of current on intensity of light and absorption spectrum of the photoelectric cell in the range of wavelength 200-850 nm.

Key words: фотоэлектрический элемент; органический полупроводник; объёмная гетероструктура; фталоцианин меди; фталоцианин без металла; photoelectric cell; organic semiconductor; balk heterojunction; phthalocyanine copper; metal free phthalocyanin.

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Hojiboev A.A., Nizomov J.N., Hojiboev O.A.
Numerical solution of three-dimensional outer problem of elasticity theory by boundary equation method
In this article the algorithm of numerical solution of three-dimensional problem of theory of elasticity by boundary equation method is developed. The algorithm is used on example of cube cavity under the even tension of infinite space.

Key words: численное решение; пространственная задача; внешняя задача; метод граничных уравнений; граничные элементы; трёхмерная область; граничные интегральные уравнения; начальное напряжённое состояние; дополнительное состояние; numerical solution; three-dimensional problem; outer problem; method of boundary equation; boundary elements; three-dimensional space; direction cosines; boundary integral equation; stress vector; initial stress state; additional condition; Gauss formula; weighting coefficient.

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Amindjanov A.A., Bahodurov Y.F., Rahmatulloev B.Q., Beknazarova N.S.
Complexation with iron(III) 1-phenyl-2, 3-dimetilpirazolin-5-tionnom in the 6mol/l HCI at 298 K
The process of complexes generation iron(III) with 1-phenyl-2,3-dimetilpirazolin-5-tionom in the 6 mol/l HCI at 298 К. The Fе(III), the ligand forms a four integrated form. Defined constant values of entities of all four integrated forms of generation in the studied system. Shows that the iron of complexes sustainability surpasses the rhenium complex.

Key words: железо(III); комплексообразование; 1-фенил-2,3-диметилпиразолин-5-тион; константа устойчивости; iron(III); complexation; 1-phenyl-2,3-dimethyltilpirazolin -5-tion; stability constant.

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Ganiev I.N., Aliev J.N., Ibrohimov N.F., Alihanova S.J., Odinaeva N.B.
Temperature dependence thermodynamic functions alloys Zn5Al and Zn55Al
Experimentally investigated the temperature dependence of the heat transfer coefficient, heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of alloys and Zn5Al Zn55Al.

Key words: сплав Zn5Аl и Zn55Al; коэффициент теплоотдачи; теплопроводность; энтальпия; энтропия; энергия Гиббса; температурная зависимость; alloy Zn5Al and Zn55Al; heat transfer coefficient; thermal conductivity; enthalpy; entropy; Gibbs energy; temperature dependence.

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Djamolzoda B.S., Murodiyon A., Safarov A.G., Safiyev H.S.
X-ray and thermografic investigation of the antracite of Nazaraylok deposite before and after thermal processing
By X-Ray and thermografic methods the changes of inter-surfaces distance before and after thermal processing of Nazaraylok field are investigated and the interval of temperature of evaporation of water and others organic components are defined. It is shown that during the heat treatment in the temperature range of anthracite 900-1000ºC occur reduction of the interplanar spacing (d002), and maximum rate of gas, indicating a deep restructuring of high material.

Key words: антрацит; рентгенографический и термографический методы; межплоскостное расстояние; термообработка; anthracite; X-Ray and thermografic methods; inter-surfaces distance; thermal processing.

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Mamadvafoev M.M., Bakhtdavlatov R.D.
Quantitative Analysis of Ore Content and Regularity of Presense of Postmagmatic Metallizing Process in the Area between the Rivers of Sarbo and Sardai-Miyona (Gissar Ridge)
The data on postmagmatic and ore occurrence of the area between Sarbo and Sardai-Miyona rivers is generalized and systematized, their association with different-age paleozoic sedimentary, volcanogenic, intrusive rocks, postmagmatic metasomatites and ore-controlling factors is qualitatively evaluated; the sings of exploration forecasting of deep-lying ore formation defined.

Key words: геохимические аномалии; рудные точки; рудопроявления; поисковые критерии и признаки; прогноз глубокозалегающего оруденения; geochemical anomalies; ore points; ore occurrences; search criteria and signs; forecasting of deep-lying ore formation.

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Dodkhoeva M.F., Rafiev M.K., Kayumova D.A., Saburova H.Sh.
Some aspects of Tajikistan’s population health in the regards of global warming
On the basis of conducted research revealed that increasing of temperature affects not only the levels of parasitic infections, cardiovascular and other diseases, but also affect for the features of pregnancy, delivery and perinatal outcomes. Consequently, it is recommended to improve the existing programs for advancing the reproductive health by taking in the consideration of climate changes.

Key words: климатические изменения; заболеваемость; малярия; репродуктивное здоровье; climate changes; morbidity; malaria; reproductive health.

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Gulmurodov T.G., Hamidov J.B., Abdurahimov Z.Z., Toshpulotov U.T., Burchonov Sh.Sh., Murodov A.M.
The state of haemostasis and oxidative status in patient with congenital heart disease in the postoperative period
In 144 patient with congenital heart disease operated on under extracorporeal circulation steadied the dynamics of the hemostasis and oxidative status. After surgical correction under extracorporeal circulation have been changes hemostasis characteristic to subacute phase of disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome and a higher level indicators of oxidative stress.

Key words: врожденные пороки сердца; исскуственное кровообращение; нарушение гемостаза оксидантный статус; congenital heart defects; extracorporeal circulation; changes hemostasis; oxidative status.