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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 57, №8, 2014 г.

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Nazrubloev N.N., Rahimov A.O.
Short Weyl exponential sums in the set of the first class
R. Vaughan theorem on the behavior of Weill exponential sums is generalized for short exponential sums of the form

Key words: тригонометрическая сумма Г.Вейля; тригонометрический интеграл; формула суммирования Пуассона; Weyl exponential sums; Exponential integral; Poisson summation formula.

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Langarshoev M.R.
On the best approximation and the value of diameters of some classes functions in the weighted Bergman’s space
In the article for some classes of analytical in disc functions which belong to weighted Bergman’s space where - positive weighted function the exact value of Bernshtein and Kolmogorov’s -widths are calculated.

Key words: наилучшее приближение; модуль непрерывности; весовая функция; полином; мажоранта; n-поперечники; best approximation; module continuity; weighted function; polynomial; majorant; n-widths.

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Tukhliev K.
Upper bounds of best polynomial approximation of certain classes of functions partial Fourier-Chebyshev
In the Hilbert space with the Chebyshev weight the inequalities of Jackson - Stechkin was obtained where the linking value is the best approximation of the function by algebraic polynomials of degree at most with the average positive weight generalized modulus of continuity th order where is some second order differential operator.

Key words: наилучшие приближения; полиномы Чебышёва; обобщённый модуль непрерывности m-го порядка; коэффициенты Фурье-Чебышёва; best approximation; Chebyshev polynomials; generalized modulus of continuity of m order; Chebyshev-Fourier coefficients.

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Fayziev M.G.
About nonclassical systems of the equations with partial derivatives of the first order with variable coefficients
In this article the generalized of the first order nonclassical systems PDE and studied the solvability character of the boundary problems in bounded and unbounded domains of the space we considered.

Key words: неклассическая система уравнений; система уравнений составного типа; гиперболическое уравнение; гармоническая функция; характеристический определитель; уравнение Эйлера-Пуассона-Дарбу (ЭПД); начально-краевые задачи; nonclassical system of equations; a system of equations of composite type; hyperbolic equation; harmonic function; characteristic determinant; equation of Euler-Poisson-Darboux (EPD); initial-boundary value problems.

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Safarov D.S., Misokov G.M.
Periodical solutions the equations of the generalized analytic functions with deviating arguments
In the paper method of finding the periodical solutions of the generalized analytic functions with deviating arguments is proposed .

Key words: уравнение; аналитическая функция; отклоняющийся аргумент; equation; analytic function; deviating arguments.

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Muminov Kh.Kh., Yusefi Yu.
Geometrical phase for the SU(3) coherent state
In the frameworks of SU(3) coherent states approach the geometrical phase for quantum-mechanical S=1 spin systems is calculated, which generalized the concept of Berry phase due to taking into account excitations of quadrupole degrees of freedom of spin dynamics.

Key words: когерентное состояние; фаза Берри; обобщённая геометрическая фаза; coherent state; Berry phase; geometrical phase.

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Makhsudov B.I.
Neutron detector based on InGaAs/AlGaAs-heterolasers
The effect of thermal neutron on the emission characteristics of quantum dimensional InGaAs/AlGaAs-heterolasers emitting in the spectral range of 0.7 microns has been studied. According the eхperimental results of the neutron detector based on InGaAs/AlGaAs-heterolasers for environmental monitoring in the vicinity of radioactive sources are proposed.

Key words: гетеролазер; пороговый ток; тепловые нейтроны; детектор нейтронов; изотоп; ядерная реакция; heterolaser; threshold current; thermal neutrons; neutron detector; isotope; nuclear reaction.

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Soliev L., Jumaev M.T., Avloev SH.H.
Phase balance of CaSO -CaCO -Ca(HCO ) -H O system in 0ºC
Translation method explored phase balance of system CaCO -Ca(HCO ) -H O at 0ºС. It is established that for it presence 1 invariant points, 3 monovariant curves and 3 divariant fields is characteristic. On the basis of the received data the closed schematic phase diagramme of the investigated system is constructed.

Key words: метод трансляции; нонвариантные точки; моновариантные кривые; дивариантные поля; диаграмма; кальций; сульфат; карбонат; гидрокарбонат; фазовые равновесия; Method translations; lintes; monovariant curves; points; diagram; calcium; sulphate; carbonate; hydrocarbonate; Phase balances.

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Khamidov F.A., Mirsaidov I.U., Badalov A., Mirsaidov U.M.
Comparative analysis of lanthanide and actinide oxides enthalpy formation
Comparative analysis results of lanthanide and actinide oxides enthalpy formation at different oxidation stages are carried out in the present article. Identical character of changes in degrees is revealed for lanthanides and actinides oxides enthalpy formation depending on metal serial number with “tetrad-effect” appearance.

Key words: лантаноиды; актиноиды; энтальпия образования оксидов; полуэмпирический метод; «тетрад-эффект»; корреляционное уравнение; lanthanide; actinide; oxides enthalpy formation; semi-empirical method; «tetrad-effect»; correlation equation.

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Valiev Yu.Ya., Boboev H.E., Safiev A.H., Suleymanov A.A., Mirpochaev Kh.A., Isroilov M.A., Mukhamediev N.P., Safiev H.
Wastewater and cathode board unit electrolyze acid method
In the article the results of studies on the establishment of optimal parameters extraction of impurity components remaining after waste water treatment and the side of the cathode blocks electrolytic aluminum production are present. Studies have shown that using a 10% solution of hydrochloric acid from spent cathode and airborne units can be cleaned of the carbon material.

Key words: отработанные катодные и бортовые блоки; утилизация углеграфитовых отходов; раствор соляной кислоты; waste cathode and side blocks; recycle carbon and graphite waste; hydrochloric acid solution.

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Odinaeva N.B., Ganiev I.N., Obidov Z.R., Amini R.N.
Potencidynamical study of the alloy Zn+0.5% Al, alloyed thallium
Potencystatical method in potent dynamic mode is showed that additives thallium within 0.005-0.1mas.% reduces the velocity to corrosions of the Zn+0.5% Al alloy. The studies was conducted in ambience of the electrolyte NaCl at the speed of unrolling the potential 2мВ/sec.

Key words: сплав Zn+0.5% Al; таллий; потенциостатический метод; скорость коррозии; потенциал свободной коррозии; потенциал питтингообразования; Zn+0.5% Al alloy; thallium; potencystatical method; velocity corrosion; potential free corrosion; potential pitting formation.

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Niyatbekov T.P.
The Bulunkul’s lake algae (East Pamir)
Was researched the specific composition of algae in Bulunrul’s lake and was revealed 253 species including: blue green (Cyanophyta) - 69 species (76 species, variety and forms), diatoms (Bacillariоphyta) - 124 (162), green algae (Chlorophyta) - 55 (59) and evglenics (Euglenophytа) - 5 species.

Key words: альгофлора; систематика; вид; разновидность; форма; оз. Булункуль; algae; systematics; species; variety; form; lake Bulunrul.

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Jumaev B.B., Mirzoev B., Nigmonov M., Safarov E.H., Abdullaev A., Karimov Kh.H.
Physiological and biochemical characteristics leaf different layers of vegetative and generative shoots prangos pabularia ( Lindl.)
It is shown that the physiological and biochemical parameters leaves of vegetative and generative shoots of the same plants differ greatly from each other. The content of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll ratio a/b, the amount of chlorophyll (a+b) in the stem leaves of the plant with the generative shoots prevail over vegetative leaves plants without generative and with generative shoots was established. The average value of the potential photosynthesis intensivity in the stem leaves plants with generative shoots superior vegetative leaves on plants with or without generative shoot are established. The highest content of total nitrogen and crude protein in the stem leaves second tier generative shoot and leaves of plants Prangos pabularia without generative shoot was found.

Key words: юган; фотосинтез; хлорофилл; каротиноиды; общий азот; сырой протеин; прикорневые (вегетативные) и стеблевые (генеративные) листья; prangos; photosynthesis; chlorophyll; carotenoids; total nitrogen; crude protein; radical (vegetative) and stem (generative) leaves.

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Juraev Sh.M., Eltanazarov M.D., Olimov N.Kh.
Effectiveness coronary stenting in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis with a painless form of myocardial ischemia
The article shows analysis of modern achievements of coronary stenting in patients with cardiovascular disease.The authors presented their own data analysis of instrumental study of patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis with silent myocardial ischemia in long-term period after coronary stenting. Conducted the analysis of heart rate variability before and after coronary stenting. Found reduction the incidence of painless myocardial ischemia in the background, which decreased life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias. In general determined that coronary stenting prolongs and improves quality of life in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis with painless form of myocardial ischemia.

Key words: коронарное стентирование; постинфарктный кардиосклероз; безболевая ишемия миокарда; coronary artery stenting; postinfarction cardiosclerosis; painless myocardial ischemia.