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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 57, №9-10, 2014 г.

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Dadojonova M.Ya., Olimov A.G., Rajabov N.R.
Integral representation of solutions and Coshy-Ryke problems for one equation received by iterating an ordinary differential first-order operator with a super-singular point
This article touches upon a differencial equation the left side of which consists of iterations of an ordinary differencial first - order operator with a super-singular point. In cases when the super-singular point consides with the left or right border point of the interval, there are received integral representations of the general solutions of the equation. The formulars received by this way are used for clarifying the characteristics of the solution in the border super-singular point and to solve by Coshy-Ryke problems.

Key words: уравнение, полученное итерированием; обыкновенный дифференциальный оператор первого порядка; граничная сверхсингулярная точка; задача Коши-Рикье; equation obtained by iterating; ordinary differencial first-order operator; border super-singular point; Coshy-Ryke problem.

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Nazrubloev N.N.
Estimate of short Weyl sums of fifth degree on minor arcs
A non-trivial estimate for the short Weyl sums of fifth degree on minor arcs is obtained.

Key words: короткая сумма Г.Вейля; интеграл от тригонометрической суммы; функция делителей; диофантово уравнение; short Weyl exponential sum; integral of exponential sums; divisor function; diophantine equation.

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Mustafokulov R., Soliev S.K.
About one multipoint boundary-value problem
In this paper the multipoint boundary-value problem for the 4 order differential eqnation is considered. Conditions decidability of the problem are reduced, explicit form of the Green’s function is constructed and principals properties of this function are defined.

Key words: многоточечная краевая задача; знакосогласованность коэффициентов; невырожденность; фундаментальное решение; функция Грина; предельная срезка; multipoint boundary; value problem; concordance of sign; nondegeneraty; fundamental solution; Green’s function; limit cnt off.

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Shamsudinov F.M.
On one over determined system of second order differential equationth with weak features
In this work we consider system one hyperbolic equation second order and two equations first order with two independent variables are related by virtue of the unknown function. For the system are obtained representing the manifold solution through one arbitrary constant and study the properties of the obtained solutions .

Key words: переопределённая система; многообразия решений; прямоугольник; свойства решений; over determined system; manifold solution; rеctangle; properties solutions.

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Arabov M.K., Gulov A.M., Nurov I.J.
The computer portrait of the problem of the study of non-smooth dynamical systems
It is researched existing of stationary solution of non-smooth dynamical system. The phase plane is divided into sectors. Also has received a new phase portraits. Depending on selection of arguments is determined whole stability of the solution in the non-smooth system.

Key words: негладкие динамические системы; численное исследование; фазовые портреты; устойчивость; нелинейные дифференциальные уравнения; сектора; особая точка; a non-smooth dynamic systems; numerical study; phase portraits; stability; the nonlinear differential equations; sectors; special point.

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Odinaev S., Mahmadbegov R.S.
The dielectric properties of aqueous solutions of lithium chloride depending on the parameters condition
The frequency spectra of the coefficients of dielectric permeability and dielectric loss LiCl aqueous solution, depending on the density, concentration and temperature are studied. With a certain choice of the potential energy of interaction between the structural units of the solution and the radial distribution function , the numerical calculations of the coefficients of friction, as well as the relaxation times in the momentum , and configuration space , , . In view of these data obtained by numerical parameters for numerical calculations and made aqueous solution of lithium chloride for four concentrations of the temperature interval from 283 K to 353 K and a frequency range of 3 GHz to 7.4·10 GHz. The numerical results obtained are given in three tables and a figure.

Key words: коэффициент трения; времена релаксации; потенциальная энергия межионного взаимодействия; радиальная функция распределения; коэффициент диэлектрической проницаемости; коэффициент диэлектрических потерь; friction coefficient; relaxation time; potential energy of the ion-ion interaction; radial distribution function; dielectric permeability; coefficient dielectric loss.

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Muminov Kh.Kh., Yousefi Y.Y.
Generalized coherent states of SU(5) group in real parameterization and hexidecimalpole excitations
Generalized coherent states on the group SU(5) is calculated in transparent form. It has been shown, that reduction of the classical spin length in the S=2 spin systems could happen also due to the hexidecimalpole excitations. By Feynman path integral approach the Lagrangian and classical equations of motion are obtained.

Key words: когерентное состояние; мультипольные возбуждения; гексидецимальпольные возбуждения; фейнмановский интеграл; coherent state; multipole excitations; hexidecimalpole excitations; Feynman integral.

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Tuichiev Sh.T., Ginzburg B.M., Rashidov D.R., Tabarov S.Kh., Tuichiev L.I.
Influence of C and gamma radiation on mechanical properties and radiation resistance of polymethylmethacrylate
A combined effect of additives C and gamma radiation Co on the mechanical properties and radiation resistance atactic PMMA were studied. It has been shown that the introduction of samples C and gamma- irradiation at the final stage result in deterioration of the mechanical properties of the polymer.

Key words: фуллерен; структура; механика; полимер; излучение; fullerene; structure; mechanics; polymer; radiation.

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Nizomov J.N., Hojiboev O.A., Hojiboev A.A.
Numerical decision of mode of deformation of plate by boundary equation method
The algorithm of numerical decision of plane problem of theory of elasticity by boundary element method is developed. The algorithm is implemented in the example of a plate loaded at the edges. It is assumed that within each boundary element values of the unknown displacements and stresses are constant.

Key words: пластина; напряжённо-деформированное состояние; метод граничных уравнений; разбивка на граничные элементы; распределённая нагрузка; внутренняя задача; численное решение; граничные интегральные уравнения; plate; deflected mode; boundary equation method; layout; boundary elements; distributed load; inner problem; numerical decision; boundary integral approach.

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Amindjanov A.A., Bahodurov Y.F., Khasanov F.N., Beknazarova N.S.
Complexation with copper (II) 1-phenyl-2,3-dimetilpirazolin-5-tionnom in the 6 mol/l HCI at 298 К
The process of complexes generation copper (II) winh 1-phenyl-2, 3-dimetilpirazolin-5-tionnom in the 6 mol/l HCI at 298 К. The Cu (II), the ligand forms a four integrated form. Defined constant values of entities of all four integrated forms of genetion in the studied system. Shows that the copper of complexes sustainability surpasses the rhenium complex.

Key words: медь(II); комплексообразование; 1-фенил-2,3-диметилпиразолин; константа устойчивости; copper(II ); complexation; 1-phenyl-2,3-dimethyltilpirazolin; stability; constant.

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Boboev Kh.E., Majidov T.S., Sattarova M.A., Safiev H.
Physico-chemical and technological bases processing of aplite granite
The results of enrichment and using of aplite-granite composed of prominent porcelain mass are present. Under laboratory conditions at a flow rate of 350 g/t oleic acid and 240 g/t pine oil is possible to obtain a concentrate, which content of iron oxide than 0.18%. On laboratory data basis developed flowsheet aplite granites. On Takob fluorspar mill processed 150 tons of ore. The resulting concentrate on the content of iron oxide meets the established standards.

Key words: обогащения; олеиновая кислота; сосновое масло; электромагнитная сепарация; талловое масло; аплитовидный гранит; enrichment; oleic acid; pine oil; electromagnetic separatsiya; tallow; aplite granite.

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Buzrukova N.D., Mahkamov K.K., Saidmuradova R.H.
Сlinical and laboratory characteristics of cytomegalovirus infection in newborn infants
In the article the results of a comprehensive clinical and laboratory examination of mothers and newborns with symptoms of congenial CMV infection or related to the implementation of high - risk of intrauterine infections are presents. It is established that in the newborn clinic cytomegalovirus infection is often characterized by nonspecific and prematurity, CNS, liver, kidneys and lung. Assessment of risk factors for CMV infection is essential for early diagnosis and treatment of this group of children.

Key words: новорождённые; цитомегаловирусная инфекция; факторы риска реализации внутриутробной инфекции; newborn; cytomegalovirus infection; risk factors for intrauterine infection.

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Olimov N.Kh., Juraev Sh.M., Eltanazarov M.D., Sobirova M.M.
Predictors of disturbance of extracardial regulation of cardiac rhythm and development of cardiac sudden death among patiens with im
In this article a new technique forecasting of sudden death at the patients with an acute myocardial infarction using new method- fractial analysis has shown. According to this method it is possible to allocate and predict the patients with the greatest factor for sudden death and take an appropriate measures in time.

Key words: экстракардиальная регуляция; внезапная смерть; постинфарктный кардиосклероз; extra cardiac regulation; sudden death; postinfarction cardiosclerosis.