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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 57, №11-12, 2014 г.

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Akobirshoev M.O.
The value of quasiwidths of the some class of periodical functions with two variables in
In the Hilbert space of square-integrable periodic in each variable functions found accurate estimates quasiwidths of certain classes of differentiable functions whose averaged moduli of continuity of higher-order partial derivatives are majorized by given functions.

Key words: наилучшие приближения; модуль непрерывности; периодическая функция; нормированные пространства; линейные и колмогоровские квазипоперечники; the best approximation; modulus of continuity; periodical function; normalized space; liner and Kolmogorovs quasiwidths.

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Kurbanshoev S.Z., Nusayriev M.A.
The construction of optimal integral manifold for the nonlinear differential equations
In work integral manifold of decisions of system of the nonlinear differential equations with an analytical right part of the adjoining to the zero decision at t®±¥ are constructed.

Key words: интегральные многообразия; оптимальные интегральные многообразия; the integral manifold; optimal integral manifold.

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Pulatov M.P.
On the reconstruction of the solution of some boundary value problems spline functions of the first order
The paper deals with methods of restoration solutions of some boundary value problems of mathematical physics spline-functions of order 1 and defect interpolation linear splines. The results obtained on the class Lipschits order 1 cannot be improved more than that.

Key words: краевые задачи; задача Дирихле; задача Неймана; гармонические функции; бигармонические функции; сплайны; boundary value problems; Dirichlet problem; Neumann problem; harmonic functions; biharmonic functions; splines.

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Qamaradinova Z.N.
Generating function for the number of solutions of ternary cubic form representations as a sum of two squares
For the number of representations of solutions ternary cubic form as a sum of two squares, that is, for the arithmetic function where is the number of solutions of the Diophantine equation the explicit generating series was found.

Key words: производящая функция; тернарная кубическая форма; сумма квадрато; generating function; ternary cubic formula; the sum of squares.

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Kiselev N.N., Rahmatullaeva F.D., Antonyuk A.K., Pit N.
Relative photometry of Sheila asteroid
In this paper the results of photometric observations of Sheila 596 asteroid made by 1.25 m telescope AZT-11 of the Crimean astrophysical Observatory in the period of May 30 - June 4, 2011 are present. As a result, some 438 images of BVRI standard filters are made using a CCD camera FLI 1024. The asteroid belongs to a class of recently discovered objects, which unexpectedly showed cometary activity. Analysis of the obtained data showed that the asteroid has retained visual magnitude, despite its collision with a small body in December 2010 that led to outburst of brightness and emergence of comet activity of the asteroid. This paper concludes that collision of Sheila asteroid was not catastrophic, i.e., did not lead to its complete disintegration.

Key words: фотометрия астероида; комета; photometry of asteroid; comet.

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Solihov D.K.
About angular dependence to the threshold intensity of absent-minded radiation for passing ionic-sound waves
In the article the operation angular dependence of intensity of absent-minded radiation in two-dimensional field of localization of a wave of a rating of passing ionic-sound waves at any scattering angles are given.

Key words: интенсивность рассеянного излучения; область локализации волны накачки; intensity of absent-minded radiation; field of localization of a wave of a rating.

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Karimov F.H.
Theory of stripe magnetic anomalies
An alternative theory of stripe magnetic anomalies’ rise in oceanic middle ridge zones, based not on the inversion of the Earth magnetic field, but on the effect of magnetic self-reversal of rock massifs, is under the consideration. It has been shown that for the stripe magnetic anomalies’ rise the action of inversions isn’t compulsory and the reduction of Earth magnetic field down up to the values of local magnetic field of magnetized layers’ dissipation in the vicinity of rift zones is enough. The results of the calculations presented bring grounds for the corrections in geodynamical models of the Earth magnetic field’s generation.

Key words: магнитное поле Земли; инверсии магнитного поля; самообращение намагниченности; полосовидные магнитные аномалии; Earth magnetic field; inversion of magnetic field; self-reversal of magnetic field; stripe magnetic anomalies.

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Nizomov Z., Gulov B.N., Saidov R.H.
Thermal capacity of aluminium of the A5N brand, its alloys with silicon, copper and rare - earth metals
The experimental research of specific heat and heat - transfer coefficient of aluminum of the A5N brand, its alloys with silicon, copper and rare-earth metals was conducted. It is revealed that process cooling of aluminum and its alloys has relaxational character.

Key words: алюминий А5N; охлаждение; теплоёмкость; A5N aluminum; cooling; thermal capacity.

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Nizomov J.N., Hojiboev O.A., Hojiboev A.A.
Boundary equations dynamic elasticity problems
On the basis of the numerical conversion obtained boundary integral equations, which are used for a variety of boundary value problems of elasticity theory. Numerical implementation of these equations allows us to investigate the dynamic behavior of systems, both for the exterior problem, and internal.

Key words: уравнение движения; граничное уравнение; преобразование Лапласа; численное преобразование; фундаментальное решение; бесконечная область; equation of motion; boundary equation; Laplace transform; numerical transformation; a fundamental solution; infinite region.

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Kurbonov A.S., Barotov A.M., Yakubov Z.T., Mamatov E.D., Mirsaidov U.M.
Acetic-acid decomposition of burnt danburite concentrate
The results of researches of the decomposition as a preliminary of burnt by acetic acid of danburite concentrate in the Ak-Arkhar mining of Tajikistan are presented. It is found optimal conditions of the danburite concentrate decomposition.

Key words: концентрат данбурита; переработка; уксусная кислота; разложение; извлечение; danburite concentrate; conversion; acetic acid; decomposition; extraction.

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Sharifov A., Akramov A.A., Nazirov Y.G., Muminov A.K.
Alkaline extract of cotton stalks - control of properties plaster
In the paper presents the results of the action of chemical additives from alkaline extract of cotton stalks on properties of plaster and characterize the mechanism of its effect on plasticity, mobility, strength, decrease water gypsum relationships and setting time of gypsum.

Key words: щелочной экстракт стеблей хлопчатника; подвижность; пластичность; прочность; гипсовый камень; alkaline extract of cotton stalks; mobility; flexibility; strength; gypsum rock is.

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Kurbanov K.M., Yakubova S.H., Uzakova U.D., Tsoy V.U.
Diagnostic features of acute appendicitis inpregnant women
In the article a comparative analysis of the Alvorado's scale for the diagnostic of acute appendicitis (OA) during pregnancy are presents. Based on the analysis of clinical symptoms and signs in 53 pregnant the effective inclusion of the thickness and diameter of the appendix as a test for the diagnostic of acute appendicitis was proven.

Key words: острый аппендицит; беременность; шкала Альварадо; ультразвуковое исследование; диаметр и толщина аппендикса; acute appendicitis; pregnancy; the Alvorado's scale; ultrasonography; the thickness and diameter of the appendix.

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Azimova S.M., Odinaev R.I.
Comparative characteristics of clinical HBeAg-positive and HBeAg-negative variant of chronic hepatitis virus "B" in Tajikistan
A comparative clinical and virological patients with chronic hepatitis B HBeAg-positive and HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B virus variants was studied. In Tajikistan found that prevails HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B virus variant and in the course of the activity depends on the level of DNA and viral genotype.

Key words: гепатит HBe-негативный; мутация вируса В; генотип вируса В; Hepatitis HBe-negative; mutation of the virus; genotype B.

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Shomurodova B.S., Tairov U.T.
Applications of plastins “CM-2” and helium-neon laser in the comprehensive treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases
Research of periodontal tissues for 123 patients with the periodontitis of easy and middle degree of weight show good efficiency. Application of the innovative plant-based preparations with using helium-neon laser assisted give more rapid liquidation of signs of inflammation and improvement of index of clinical research. The expressed effect of the combinative use plastins “CM-2” and helium-neon laser allows to recommend inclusion this methodology in the chart of comprehensive treatment of periodontitis of easy and middle degree of weight.

Key words: пародонтит; пластины «ЦМ-2»; гелий-неоновый лазер; periodontitis; plastins “CM-2”; helium-neon laser.