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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №1, 2015 г.

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Rajabov N., Zaripov S.B.
To theory one class of simmetrical two dimensional volterra type integral equation with one boundary and one interior supersingular lines
In this work, one new class of the two dimensional symmetric Volterra type integral equations with one boundary and one interior super singular lines are investigated.

Key words: двумерное интегральное уравнение; сверхсингулярная линия; симметричное уравнение; two dimensional integral equation; supersingular lines; symmetrical equation.

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Safarov D.Kh.
On a class of elliptic systems of first order equations in the complex plane
We consider the Dirichlet problem for the first order elliptic systems in bounded domains in the complex plane and it is receive condition of the necessary and sufficient for solvability.

Key words: необходимые и достаточные условия; разрешимость задачи Дирихле; сопряжённая система; эллиптическая система; сильно эллиптическая cистема; Generally Elliptic system; strongly elliptic system; Dirichlet Problem; solvability; necessary and sufficient.

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Usmanov Z.D.
About a rotation of the mass point under affecting newtonian force of attraction
In the planar case the translational and rotational motion of the rigid body in the gravitational field is modeled. The simulation is based on interpretation of the body as a point of a variable mass and on the description of dynamics of the point through the Lagrange variational problem of conditional extremum. When the mass of the point remains to be invariable and is exposed only to action of the gravity, the mathematical model is divided into two systems of equations. One of them is Newtonian system of equations, describing the body translational movement. Therefore, it contains all the results with respect to that type of the motion. The other one connects Lagrange undetermined multipliers with an angular variable characterizing a rotation of the body around an axis perpendicular to the orbital plane. The integration of the second system of equations by integrals describing the translational motion of the body in case of the elliptical orbit allows to get an explicit expression of the angular variable through the true anomaly and four arbitrary constants of integration. For certain values of the constants some of simplest types of rotational movements are established, particularly those in which the period of rotation of the body around the center of gravity is exactly equal to the period of rotation of the body around its own axis.

Key words: материальная точка; гравитация; математическая модель; поступательное движение; вращение; mass point; gravity; mathematical model; translational motion; rotation.

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Babadzhanov P.B., Kokhirova G.I., Obrubov Yu.V.
On association of the asteroid 2003EH1 and comet 96P/Machholz 1
The differential orbital evolution of comet 96P/Machholz 1 and the near-Earth asteroid (NEA) 2003EH1 under the perturbing action of major planets for the time interval of 28 thousand years was investigated. The values of Southworth and Hawkins D criterion of orbital similarity and its variation over this period were calculated. It was shown that comet and asteroid can be fragments of the same larger comet-progenitor of the Quadrantid complex. A break-up of the parent comet occurred possibly near 9500 years ago. The near-Earth object 2003EH1 is really the dormant fragment of the parent comet’s nucleus. A conclusion was made that comet Machholz, Apollo group near-Earth asteroid 186256 (2003EH1) and Quadrantids meteoroid stream form the complex of related objects.

Key words: астероид; комета; орбита; эволюция; метеороидный рой; метеорный поток; asteroid; comet; orbit; evolution; meteoroid stream; meteor shower.

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Rahimi F., Abdulloev Kh.O., Sharipov Kh.R.
Equations of the movement of easily plane model and condition of quasiclassicality
Physical properties of one-dimensional magnetic solitons, necessary for predicting of their contribution to values of experimentally observed sizes are studied. It is shown that the method of spin coherent states leads to the equation of the movement which possesses steady stationary decisions and spin as a result of nonlinear self-compression of a package doesn't allow to turn. The exact option of a condition of quasiclassicality of application of the equations of movements is offered.

Key words: магнетик; спин; намагниченность; анизотропные магнетики; модель Гейзенберга; magnetic; spin; magnetization; anisotropic magnetics; Heisenberg's model.

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Solihov D.K.
About angular dependence of intensity of absent-minded radiation in approach of the strong dissipation of colliding ionic-sound waves
In the given operation angular dependence of dimensionless of intensity of absent-minded radiation in two-dimensional field of localisation of a wave of a rating in approach of the strong dissipation of passers is ionic-sound waves is viewed .

Key words: интенсивность рассеянного излучения; коэффициент усиления; приближение сильной диссипации; intensity of absent-minded radiation; an amplification constant; approach of the strong dissipation.

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Abdullaev S.F., Makhmudov A.N., Maslov V.A., Nazarov B.I., Khodzhakhon M.I.
Seasonal changes of moisture content and angstrom parameter in dushanbe according the aeronet data
In the article the results of measurements which carried out systematically from 2010 to 2013 on the AERONET station in Dushanbe described. The data on the changes of moisture content and Angstrom parameter described. The seasonal and annual variations of these quantities being analyzed.

Key words: АЭРОНЕТ; влагосодержание; параметр Ангстрема; пылевой аэрозоль; пылевая мгла; AERONET; moisture; Angstrom parameter; dust aerosol; dust haze.

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Soliev L.
Phase balance of system Na,K,Mg,Ca//SO ,Cl-H O AT 50ºС in area crystallization of singenit (K SO ∙MgSO ∙H O)
By method of compilation of phase balance of system Na,K,Mg,Ca//SO ,Cl-H O at 50ºС in area crystallization of singenit (K SO ∙СаSO ∙H O) are investigated. Is established, that as the equilibrium phase of the investigated system at 50ºС participates in formation 3 invariant of points, 10 monoalternative curves and 12 divariant of fields. On the basis of the received data a fragment of the diagram phase equilibrium investigated of system Na,K,Mg,Ca//SO ,Cl-H O for the first time is constructed at 50ºС in area crystallization of singenit.

Key words: равновесие; система; сингенит; фаза; нонвариантные точки; моновариантные кривые; дивариантные поля; диаграмма; компонент; balance; system; singenit; phase; invariant point; monoalternative curve; divariant of a field; diagram; component.

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Tuichiev Sh.T., Ginzburg B.M., Rashidov D.R., Tabarov S.Kh., Istamov F.Kh.
Influence of c on the photostability of low density polyethylene and atactic polymethylmethacrylate
A comparative study of the effect of UV radiation on the structure, mechanical properties and light fastness of two polymeric materials containing of additive C based of low density polyethylene and atactic polymethylmethacrylate. It shown that the introduction of additives into polymers fullerene and irradiation are accompanied by changes in their mechanical properties and light fastness.

Key words: фуллерен; структура; механика; теплофизика; полимер; fullerene; structure; mechanics; thermal physics; polymer.

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Azimov Kh.Kh., Amonov I.T., Berdiev A.E., Ganiev I.N.
Kinetics of oxidation of the alloy Al + 2.18% Fe, lithium-doped in the solid state
Thermogravimetric method investigated the interaction of the alloy Al + 2.18% Fe, containing lithium with oxygen in the range 673-873K, calculated apparent activation energy of the oxidation process. Additives lithium to 0.1 wt.%, Increase the rate of oxidation, which is accompanied by a decrease in the apparent activation energy for the oxidation of 98.9 to 148.0 kJ / mol.

Key words: сплав Аl+2.18%Fe; литий; термогравиметрический метод; кинетика окисления; механизм окисления; истинная скорость окисления; энергия активации; alloy Al + 2.18% Fe; Li; thermogravimetric method; oxidation kinetics; oxidation mechanism; the true rate of oxidation; the activation energy.

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Nabiev N.F., Fayziev A.R.
Carbonates Pakrud deposit (Central Tajikistan)
In the Pakrud deposit from carbonates found siderite, ankerite, ferruginous dolomite and calcite. Of these typomorphic important mineral is dolomite indicating the presence of a mineral associations with them gold mineralization.

Key words: месторождение Пакруд; карбонаты; минерал; метасоматит; доломит; Pakrud deposit; carbonates; mineral; metasomatic; dolomite.

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Eshonova Z.Sh., Usufy M.Sh., Saidmuradov Sh.D., Usupov V.D.
Productivity and sustanability of varieties lines and grades triticum aestivum yellow rust and lodging
In this article the results of a study on the comparative assessment of growth and development, productivity, disease resistance (yellow rust) and lodging varieties and lines of wheat are present. It was found that for breeding as a parent form, may be use early maturing line ANC-17V and high-yield - grade Ormon IE and line ANC-15.

Key words: сорт; изогенные линии; устойчивость к полеганию и болезням; продуктивность; grade; isogenic lines; lodging resistance and disease; productivity.

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Amonov Sh.Sh., Prudkov M.I., Mukhamedova Z.Sh., Gulmuradov T.G.
The role of perhydrol in the elimination of residual cavities in the liver echinococcosis
The results of surgical treatment of 99 patients with echinococcosis of the liver are given. All 99 patients for treatment of residual cavity if Echinococcus cyst was used 33% solution of hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol) adsorbed on gauze wipes. Developed methodology echinococcectomy the use of adsorbed perhydrol antiparasitic purpose, for the destruction of the fibrous capsule, removing stiffness and increase flexibility of the walls of fibrous capsules, and also as a way of improving intraoperative diagnosis of internal biliary fistula, affordable and easy to use, does not require expensive consumables.

Key words: эхинококкоз печени; деструкция фиброзной капсулы; пергидроль; минимально инвазивная эхинококкэктомия; остаточная полость; hydatid cyst of the liver; the destruction of the fibrous capsule perhydrol; minimally invasive echinococcectomy residual cavity.