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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №5, 2015 г.

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Rakhmonov Z.Kh., Mirzorakhimov SH.Kh.
About distribution of values of Dirichlet character sums by cubefree modulo in the sequence of shifted primes
The new estimate for the sum of the values of a primitive Dirichlet character modulo on cubefree integer has been obtained over the sequence of shifted primes , , which is nontrivial for .

Key words: характер Дирихле; сдвинутые простые числа; число свободное от кубов; тригонометрические суммы с простыми числами; Dirichlet character; shifted primes; the cubfree numbers; exponential sums over primes.

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Langarshoev M.R.
On the diameters of classes of analytical in unit disc functions in the weighted Bergman’s space
In the weighted Bergman’s space where - is weighted function, the exact value of Bernshtein and Kolmogorov’s -widths of some classes of analytical in unit disc functions are calculated. The results were summarized in a common space .

Key words: наилучшее приближение; модуль гладкости; весовая функция; полином; мажоранта; n-поперечники; best approximation; module of smoothness; weighted function; polynomial; majorant; n-widths.

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Shukurov H.R.
Representation of solutions and problems such as the Cauchy Dirichlet and Goursat problems for one a nonlinear system with singular coefficients
The article deals with one nonlinear system of equations of the first order and investigation of it problems such as the of Cauchy Dirichlet and Goursat problem.

Key words: общее решение; сингулярные коэффициенты; регулярное решение; задача Коши-Дирихле; задача Гурса; general solution; the singular coefficients; regular solution; Cauchy Dirichlet problem; problem of Goursat.

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Safarov D.Kh., Fayziev M.G.
On systems of partial differential equations of the first order
In this paper is established a connection between the system of equations potential vector fields and a class of non-classical systems of equations of the first order and a method for solving initial and mixed problems for non-classical systems in domains of space .

Key words: эллиптическая система уравнений; неклассическая система уравнений; система уравнений составного типа; гиперболическое уравнение; гармоническая функция; характеристический определитель; уравнение Лапласа; начально-краевые задачи; elliptic systems; non-classical systems; systems of the composite type; hyperbolic systems; harmonic functions; initial and mixed problems.

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Buriev A.M., Abdulloev S. H., Khamroev U.H., Ibrohimov A. A., Ayubov D.K., Asoev H.G.
Results of observanions of the long-period comet of C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS)
Observations of comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) were carried out at the Gissar Astronomical Observatory Astronomical Observatory and the International astronomical observatory Sanglokh of the Institute of Astrophysics of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan in May-June 2013. As a result of astrometric and photometric reduction of the digital images the ephemerides (positions), orbit and brightness of the comet were determined. It is shown that the comet was not undergoing of any external influences as collisions that could lead to a sudden flare of its brightness.

Key words: комета; координаты; орбита; блеск; звёздная величина; comet; coordinates; orbit; brightness; magnitude.

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Salikhov T.Kh., Davlatjonova Sh.Kh.
Excitation of optooacoustic waves of the first and second sound in superfluid solution He- He by the Gaussian laser pulse and the thermal mechanism
The features of the generation of the acoustic waves of the first and second sound in superfluid He- He solution by Gaussian laser pulse through a thermal mechanism a theoretically has been investigated. Has been showed that in this case the spectrum of cylindrical waves is generated in the system . It was found that these waves are made up of fast and slow components, the phases of which do not depend from - width of the laser beam, but the dependence of the amplitudes are describing by the factor .

Key words: оптоакустика; сверхтекучий раствор; тепловой механизм; optoacoustic; superfluid solution; thermal mechanism.

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Dzhabarov A.G.
Time and field dependences of the current in poly(ethylene terephthalate) at constant temperature
Time and field dependences of a current in poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PETF) are considered at constant temperature. It is shown that features of time and field dependences correlate with the processes of formation of the deep localized states of the injected charge in nearby surface areas of the sample.

Key words: электрет; термоэлектронная эмиссия; инжектированный заряд; молекулярная подвижность; структурная ловушка; electret; thermionic emission; the injected charge; molecular mobility; a structural trap.

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Boboev T.B., Gafurov S.J., Istamov F.H., Dadamatov H.D.
Molecule breakup estimation and quantum output рнotodestrucтiоn polietilen tereftalatе
Under influence of spraining of the mechanical load at different temperature estimations number breakup of the molecules and quantum output рнotodestrucтiоn PET depending on actions UV-light of different wavelengths was conducted.

Key words: фотодеструкция; фотоокисление; фотомеханическая деструкция; температура; квантовый выход; the number of breakup molecules; рнotodestructiоn; the quantum output; UV light; polietilen tereftalatе.

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Azizqulova O.A., Davlatova Kh.S., Jurabekov U.M.
Cоordination compounds of copper (II) with N-acetylthiourea
In ethanol medium to synthesize new coordination compounds of copper (II) with N-acetylthiourea at a molar ratio of Cu:L from 1:1 to 1:4, where L-N-acetylthiourea. Composition and physico-chemical synthesized coordination compounds established by chemical and X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, potentiometry and conductivity meter. It is shown that N-acetylthiourea coordinated to copper (II) as a monodentate and bidentate ligands.

Key words: металлоферменты; переходные металлы; синтез; координационные соединения; N-ацетилтиомочевина; бидентатный лиганд; synthesis; metalloenzyme; transitional metals; coordinating compounds; N-acetylthiourea; bident legend.

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Abdusalyamova M.N., Kabgov KH., Makhmudov F., Eshov B.B.
Especially of oxidation of solid solutions Yb Pr MnSb
In the article data on the kinetics of oxidation of Yb Pr MnSb . Pr doped Yb MnSb are presents. Showed that praseodymium reduces oxidation of the compound Yb MnSb .

Key words: кинетика окисления; термогравиметрия; скорость окисления; твёрдый раствор; температура окисления; oxidation kinetics; thermogravimetry; oxidation rate; solid solution; temperature oxidation.

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Fayziev A.R., Fayziev F.A.
Silver-antimony formation type ore mineralization in Tajikistan
In the article a description of the silver-antimony ore-formation types of mineralization in Tajikistan are given. It was found that for deposits of silver-antimony ore formation is characterized by low-temperature conditions of formation of mineralization, predominantly siderite composition of the ore bodies, the predominance of the mineral composition of highly-antimony sulfosalts, as well as spatial and temporal connection with the ranges of alkaline basaltic magmatism.

Key words: серебро-сурьмяный тип оруденения; разрывные нарушения; рудное поле; рудные минералы; нерудные минералы; сульфидно-сульфосольная минерализация; silver; antimony mineralization type; faults; ore field; ore minerals; non-metallic mineral; sulfide-sulphosalt mineralization.

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Vazirov K.V., Malakhov F.A.
The role of metasomatic processes on localization of lowand medium temperature hydrothermal deposits of the Central Tajikistan
In this paper the features of manifestation of metasomatic processes on antimony-mercury, gold-sulphidic and antimony containing tin deposits of the Central Tajikistan are considered. The revealed features can serve as reliable criteria of search and forecasting low - and medium temperature hydrothermal deposits of the region.

Key words: Центральный Таджикистан; метасоматические процессы; сурьмяно-ртутные, золотосульфидные и сурьмусодержащие оловянные месторождения; прогнозные критерии; Central Tajikistan; metasomatic processes; antimony-mercury, gold - sulphidic and antimony containing tin deposits; forecasting criteria.

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Mamadvafoev M.M., Bakhtdavlatov R.D., Volkova N.I.
Skarns of interfluve area of Sarbo and Sardai-Miyona rivers (Hissar ridge)
The article contains the more complete petrografo-mineralogical and chemical data on skarns in the midstream of Sarbo - Sardai-Miyona interfluves, in position of endo- and exocontacts of intrusion emissions in Obi-Garm - Ramit plutonium.

Key words: скарны; минеральные типы скарнов; рудная минерализация скарнов; skarns; mineral types of skarns; ore mineralization of skarns.

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Saksanova N.A., Yunusova Sh.Sh., Maniyazova N.A., Abdullaev Kh.A.
Growth of stem and leaves area indices in common wheat cultivars, growing in the climatic condition of the Northern Tajikistan
In this paper the results of investigations of steam growth and leaves area indices of four common wheat T.aestivum L. cultivars Zafar, Alex, Jager and Navruz in the condition of continental climate of the Northern Tajikistan (Kanibadam, Sogd region) are present. It’s shown that Zafar variety in all growth period has a better indices of steam’s growth and leaves area in comparison with other varieties.

Key words: пшеница T.aestivum L; сорта; рост; стебель; площадь листьев; резко континентальный климат; wheat T.aestivum L; cultivars; growth; steam; leaves area; continental climate.

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Davlatova D.M., Niazmuhamedova M.B., Berdiev D., Rahimov M.M.
The content of soluble carbohydrates in plants reserve "Tigrovaya balka"
The results of the study of content of soluble carbohydrates during the growing season and the seasonal dynamics of plant halophytes are presents. It is shown that the leaves and stems have a high content of soluble carbohydrates from early spring - the beginning of the growing season and until the middle of summer. From end of June to August, there was a slight decrease in soluble carbohydrates, and then the autumn there is a slight hanging of their contents in these organs, due to changes in the ecological and climatic factors, namely, at the expense of lowering the temperature of the air and soil.

Key words: галофиты - ксеромезофиты - растворимые углеводы - заповедник «Тигровая балка»; halophytes; xeromesophytes; soluble carbohydrates; reserve "Tigrovaya balka".

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Ismoilov M.M., Khojamuradov G.M., Saidov M.S., Shaymonov A.H.
The use of proprietary groin flap with simple surface defects upper limb
In the article фвthe results of the application of non-free groin flap in patients with simple surface defects of the upper extremity of different etiology are presents. Evaluated aesthetic and functional effects. The study was conducted results of the use of non-free groin flap of 51 patients with simple post-burn cover tissue defects of the upper limb.

Key words: паховый лоскут; дефекты верхней конечности; простые поверхностные дефекты покровных тканей; groin flap; defects of the upper extremity; simple surface defects covering tissues.