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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №6, 2015 г.

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Rajabov N., Melikov O.I.
First order linear model ordinary system differential equation with one left boundary singular point
In this work fist order linear system ordinary differential equation with left singular point is investigated. In this case, when right parts system represented in generalized power series, solution system found in generalized power series.

Key words: линейные системы; сингулярная точка; радиус сходимости; сингулярная система; first order system; singular coefficients; solution in the series form; convergent.

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Kurbonov I.
Nonlinear regional problems of electrodynamics in homogeneous environments with memory
The article deals with consideration of distribution of electromagnetic waves in a half-space y > 0, fading on coordinaty, periodic on time t and on one spatial coordinate x set on a surface of a magnetic field H ( x, 0 ,t ) .

Key words: однородные и неоднородные среды; ферромагнитные среды; линеаризация; homogeneous and inhomogeneous medium; ferromagnetic environments; linearization.

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Shamsudinov F.M.
Regarding the investigation for one over determined systemof second order differential equatoins with supersingul coefficients
In this paper, for an over determined system of second order equations with a super singularity point, found representation of the variety solution and study the properties of the solutions, as well as consider the problem of B , B and B .

Key words: многообразия решений; переопределённая система; прямоугольник; свойства решений; manifold solution; over determined system; rectangle; properties solution.

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Faraydunov O.Q.
About the best quadrature formula for Adamar’s singular integral
A matter of construction of the best quadrature formula for some classes function is considered for singular integral in this work.

Key words: экстремальная задача; наилучшая квадратурная формула; сингулярний интеграл; extreme problem; the best quadrature formula; singular integral.

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Zamonov B.M.
Estimates of short cubic double exponential sums over minor arcs
This paper is devoted to the estimation of short cubic double exponential sums of the form over minor arcs.

Key words: короткая двойная тригонометрическая сумма; метод оценок тригонометрических сумм с простыми числами; нетривиальная оценка; short double exponential sums; nontrivial estimate; estimation method for short exponential sums over primes.

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Rahimi Farhod, Subhoni Qurbonien Mehrdod
Solitons in the one-dimensional anisotropic heisenberg ferromagnetics and investigation dynamics properties
The aim of this paper is to investigate theoretical aspects and factors of dynamic properties of one-dimensional anisotropic Heisenberg ferromagnetic by means of inelastic scattering of thermal neutrons. Obtained results determines the general behavior of nonlinear excitations in the quasi-one-dimensional systems.

Key words: солитон; одномерные анизотропные ферромагнетики; спин; магнон; soliton; one-dimensional anisotropic ferromagnetics; spin; magnon.

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Nizomov Z., Saidov R.H., Sharipov J.G.
The mechanism of the anomalous cooling of the zinc-aluminum alloys, alloyed rare earth metals
The cooling process of the alloy Zn5Al, Zn55Al doped with various concentrations of rare earth metals is studied. It is shown that the observed anomalous cooling associated with phase transition.

Key words: охлаждение; фазовый переход; сплавы; cooling; phase change; alloys.

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Karimov Kh.S., Rehman M.M., Akhmedov Kh.M., Abbas S.Z., Fatima N., Rahmatova Z.M.
Nonvolatile electric memory surface-type elements baseD on organic-on-organic CuPc-HPc heterojunction
Nonvolatile electric memory surface-type elements based on organic semiconductors CuPc and HPc were fabricated by vacuum deposition of the CuPc and HPc films on preliminary deposited metallic Ag and Cu films on glass substrate. In the I-V characteristics the memory effect was observed. The switching mechanism is attributed to electric-field-induced charge transfer from an organic electron donor to an acceptor . In the result the device switches from a low- to a high-conductivity state and back to low conductivity state if opposite polarity voltage was applied. This element con be used in electronics and in formation systenis.

Key words: энергонезависимый элемент; память; гетероструктура; фталоцианин меди; фталоцианин без металла; volatile element; memory; heterojunction; copper phthalocyanine; metal free phthalocyanine.

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Olimov R.A., Kimsanov A.B., Obidov J.M., Savriev O., Khaydarov K.H., Karimov M.B.
Synthesis and the pharmacological properties of derivatives of glycerin from the remains of acetic acid
In this article pharmacological activity 3-alkoksipropil-1,2-diacetate are shown also it is possible to judge that the investigated connections aren't toxic.

Key words: 3-алкоксипропил-1,2-диацетат; фенобарбитал; катализатор; твин-80; растворители; 3-alkoksipropil-1,2-diacetate; the catalyst; phenobarbital; twin-80; solvents.

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Solozhenkin P.M.
Selection of the flotation reagents in order to improve metals recovery from the ores via by computer-aided approaches
Prognostic collectors activities for the antimonite with the different sulfhydric collectors were evaluated. The following flotation reagents are set in increasing collectors activity order: diethylaminoxantogenic acid (AminoKxH), dibutylaminofosphine acid, mixture of the KxН+DTCН, pypyridine dithiocarbamic acid (DTCH Pyperidin), dimethyldithiocarbamic acid, quinoline-thiol and buthyl xantogenic acid (KxH). It is shown that dialkyl diamino sulphydric collectors are promising reagents for flotation of sulphide ores.

Key words: минерал; кластер; заряд; mineral; klaster; charge.

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Dadamatov Kh.D., Bobev T.B., Berdiev A.E., Ganiev I.N.
Light stabilization polycaproamide fibers by monochromatic ultraviolet radiation
By determining the degree of radiation damage polikaproa-Midna fibers otsenёn the effectiveness of a number of light stabilizers such as "Benzona-OM", "Stabilina-10", "Tinuvinа-327." The efficiency of light stabilizers depends on the photon energy UV rays: the higher photon energy, the less efficient light stabilizers. Stabilizing efficiency pronounced under the simultaneous action of high temperature (> 300 K) and long-wavelength ultraviolet light. It has been established that the tested stabilizers function as antioxidants, interrupting oxidative chain process.

Key words: поликапроамид; фотодеструкция; фотостарение; фотоокисление; степень радиационного повреждения; светостабилизатор; ультрафиолетовый свет; монохроматический свет; перекисный радикал; polycaproamide; photodestruction; photoaging; photo-oxidation; the degree of radiation damage; light stabilizers-ultraviolet light; monochromatic light; physical and mechanical properties; superoxide radical.

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Usmanov R., Karimov E.H., Ganiev U.N.
Study of the kinetics of the extraction process water soluble substances to develop technology their waste-derived tobacco production
In this article the influence ratio of raw water, its exposure time and temperature on the extraction of water soluble substances from scrap tobacco production are given. On the basis of the results were calculated kinetic parameters of the extraction processes and developed technological scheme of the aqueous extract of tobacco production waste.

Key words: водный экстракт отходов табачного производства; дисперсная система; экстракция; скорость экстракции; константы скорости экстракции; aqueous extract of tobacco production waste; disperse system; extraction; extraction rate; the rate constant extraction.

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Sabirov A.A.
The taxonomy and phylogenesis of the genus Sabirov, 1986 (foraminifera)
In the article on the basis of analisis of the word literature and author’s research the taxonomy of the genus Paralagena has been worked out and its phylogenetic diagram constructed.

Key words: фораминиферы; паратурамминиды; систематика; филогения; палеозой; foraminifera; parathuramminides; taxonomy; phylogenesis; Paleozoic.

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Boboev M.T.
New dates about streptophytes algae (Streptophyta) of the South Tajikistan Depression basins
In different basins, lakes and streams of the South Tajikistan Depression 111 species and 133 sub-species of algae streptophytes with intraspecific taxa have been recorded. Out of them, for the first time 29 species appeared new to the flora of Tajikistan. The predominance of members of the family Desmidiaceae (71.42%) and the genus Cosmarium (44.36%) have been stated.

Key words: стрептофитовые водоросли; систематика; разнотипные водоёмы; Южно-Таджикская депрессия; streptophytes algae; systematic; diverse basins; South Tajikistan Depression.

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Mirodzhov G.K., Ishankulova D.M., Sharipov V.Sh., Avezov S.A.
Gastroesophageal reflux disease in entities elderly
The authors studied the clinical and endoscopic features of the flow of n-stroezofagialnoy reflux disease (GERD) in elderly patients. GERD in elderly patients compared to younger individuals occurs without severe heartburn, but the prevalence of regurgitation and vnepischevodnymi manifestations. Studied risk factors for erosive esophagitis in elderly patients.

Key words: гастроэзофагиальная рефлюксная болезнь; грыжа пищеводного отверстия диафрагмы; лица пожилого возраста; ожирение; gastroesophageal reflux disease; hiatal hernia; the elderly; obese.