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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №7, 2015 г.

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Rajabov N.
To theory one class of first kind Volterra type integral equation with boundary and interior fixed singular point
In this work, we investigated one new class of the first kind Volterra type integral equation with boundary and interior singular points.

Key words: интегральные уравнения первого рода; граничная сингулярная точка; внутренняя сингулярная точка; first kind integral equation; boundary singular point; interior singular point.

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Gadoev M.G., Iskhokov F.S.
About ivertibility of a class of differential operators in lebesque space
A right-hand regularizing operator is constructed for a class of partial differential operators in non-divergent form in arbitrary (bounded or unbounded) domain Ω in n -dimensional Euclidian space with non-power degeneracy on the boundary and on its base an existence of inverse operator in space L (Ω) is proved.

Key words: дифференциальный оператор с частными производными; нестепенное вырождение; правый регуляризатор; обратный оператор; разбиение единицы; partial differential operator; right-hand regularizing operator; inverse operator; partition of the unit.

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Parvonaeva Z.A., Aligavarov S.A.
About the best quadrature formulas with weights for some classes functions
In this article the problem of finding the best quadrature formulas with weight for a Lipchitz class is consider.

Key words: весовая квадратурная формула; погрешность; оптимальные узлы; оптимальные коэффициенты; quadrature formula with weights; error; optimal nodes; optimal coefficient.

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Kerimbekov A., Seidakmat kizi E.
Derivation of equations of vector of the optimal-control in the problem of nonlinear optimization of thermal processes
In the paper, we investigated the questions of unique solvability of the boundary value problem of the thermal processes described by Volterra integro-differential equations when the control parameters are nonlinearly included into the equation as well as into the boundary condition. It is established that vector optimal control is defined as the solution of the system of nonlinear integral equations and satisfy the additional condition in the form of the system of inequalities.

Key words: краевая задача; слабо обобщённое решение; функционал; принцип максимума; boundary problem; weak generalize solution; functional; the maximum principle.

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Konovalova N.A.
Annual activity of the meteorite-dropping bolides and their sources
The analysis of an annual activity of the meteorite-dropping fireballs and the groups of meteoroids which supposedly can contain the meteorite-dropping fireballs has been carried out. Among near Earth's objects (NEOs) the searching for parent bodies, which on the base of the similarity of the orbits can be the sources of meteorite-dropping fireballs was made. The physical properties of meteorite-dropping meteoroids which were observed in Tajikistan are present.

Key words: болид; метеороид; метеорит; родительское тело; fireball; meteoroid; meteorite; parent body.

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Muminov Kh.Kh., Mirkamali A.S.
Modeling of the efficiency of tandem solar cells on the basis of diselenide of copper-indium-gallium
By numerical simulation with use of AMPS-1D program single-junction CdS/CIGS solar cells have been investigated. It has been shown that the highest efficiency in 17.3% could be reached at 200 nm of the CIGS p-layer thickness. New structure of CdS/CIGS tandem multilayer solar cell has been suggested and optimized. It has been shown by numerical simulation that the highest efficiency in 48.3% in that case could be reached at p-layer thickness of CIGS equal to 600 nm.

Key words: фотовольтаика; эффективность; тандемный солнечный элемент; сульфид кадмия; диселенид меди-индия-галлия; photovoltaic; efficiency; tandem solar cells; cadmium sulfur; diselenide of copper-indium-gallium.

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Dzhabarov A.G.
Time and field dependences of the current in poly(vinyliden fluoride) at constant temperature
Time and field dependences of a current in Poly(Vinyliden Fluoride) (PVDF) are considered at constant temperature. It is shown that features of time and field dependences correlate with the processes of formation of the deep localized states of the injected charge in nearby surface areas of the sample and formation of the dipole polarization caused by transition PVDF from not polar crystal α-forms in polar α- and/or β-form, stimulated by high tension electric field and temperature.

Key words: электрет; термоэлектронная эмиссия; инжектированный заряд; молекулярная подвижность; структурная ловушка; electret; thermionic emission; the injected charge; molecular mobility; a structural trap.

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Saliev M.A., Akhmedov Kh.M., Nazarov R.R.
Investigation of passive heat and radiation flows by monitoring of air temperature inside and outside «Sunny house» model
In this paper by monitoring of air temperature inside and outside of the «Sunny house» model the summary energy of passive heatand radiation flows coming to the model were determined. The heat losses and optimal capacity of heating system of the «Sunny house» model and of the original house, by taking into account the passive heat flows and solar radiation were calculated.

Key words: модель солнечного дома; солнечное излучение; температура; теплопотери; среднесуточная температура; приток тепловой энергии; отток тепловой энергии; model; sunny house; solar radiation; temperature; heat loss; average daily temperature; thermal energy inflow; outflow of heat.

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Aminjanov A.A., Shoalifov J.O., Beknazarova N.S.
Complex of mercury (II) with thiopyrine in the environment 0.1 mol / l HNO at 273 K
With the use of a reversible redox system RSSR/RS, where RS- thiopyrine the process of chelation of mercury (II) with thiopyrine among 0.1 mol /l HNO at 273 K is studied. It was established that in the Hg (NO) - thiopyrine - 0.1 mol /l HNO at 273 K are formed four complex forms, each of which constants education.

Key words: ртуть (II); тиопирин; комплексообразование; константа устойчивости; mercury (II); tiopirin; complexation; stability constant.

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Kozichonov A.U., Dzhulaev U.N., Rajabov U.R., Mizhgon Shuhratzoda, Bobiev G.M.
The study of the formation coordination compounds of zinc (II) with aminoacid
Synthesized the coordinating compounds of zinc (II) with glycine and glutaminicum acid. It has determined by toxicity of the explored compounds

Key words: координационные соединения; цинк; аминокислоты; глицин; глутаминовая кислота; coordination compounds; zinc; amino acid; glycine; glutaminicum ac.

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Abdusalyamova M.N., Makhmudov F.A.
Physico-chemical properties of YbMnSb and their solid solutions type of YbSmMnSb.
The results of the study of solid solutions that relate to Zintl phases (Zintl) are presented. The densities, melting points and thermal expansion of the have been investigated. The lattice parameters and the Debye temperature were calculated. It has been shown thft solid solutions crystallize in the tetragonal structure of this type as CaMnSbAll studied properties suggest that samarium replaces ytterbium in the crystal lattice of x≈0.5

Key words: фазы Цинтля; твёрдые растворы; термоэлектрические материалы; самарий; иттербий; Zintl phases; solid solutions; thermoelectric materials; samarium; ytterbium.

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Juraev T.D., Ismoilov I.R., Gazizova E.R., Muslimov I.Sh.
Forecast state diagram of magnesium with transition metals (TM)
In this paper through statistical and thermodynamic criteria and band theory solutions promoted forecast and calculation of the structure diagrams of the systems Mg-TM.

Key words: магний; статистический прогноз; переходные металлы; диаграммы состояния; монотектика; эвтектика и перитектика; magnesium; statistical forecast; transition metals; state diagrams; monotectic; eutectic and peritectic.

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Usmanov R., Usmanov U.R., Hojiboev U.H., Ganiev I.N.
Some aspects of the practical application of the sulfuric acid solution sulfonium complexes in oil production processes
Established that the dual injection of sulfuric acid and broad fraction of sour crude oil bitumen plants in wells formation and phase separation of the sulfuric acid extract and sugar is the same as in reactors allocation organo-sulfur compounds from a wide fraction by extraction with sulfuric acid. When this acid extract containing server options sulfonic acids and suffocate complexes saturated sulfides, under the action of gravitational forces, stratified on the bottom, and the carbohydrates (sugar) - the upper part of the bottom of the wells. The data obtained in field conditions to confirm that the specified properties of the reaction mixture HSO and DSFN can be used for simultaneous exposure to water-saturated and saturated part of the reservoir.

Key words: добитумная широкая фракция высокосернистой нефти; отработанная серная кислота; сернокислотный экстракт; сульфониевые комплексы; рафинад; изоляция водонасыщенной части пласта; wide fraction high-sulfur oil; spent sulphuric acid; sulfuric acid extract; sulfonamide complexes sugar; insulation water-saturated part of the reservoir.

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Babaeva L.A., Gafurjanova Kh.A.
Modern principles of introduction of the additional feeding to children of the first year of life
Conducted research allowed estimating practice of feeding of children of the first year of life depending on a feeding kind in Dushanbe. Conducted purposeful retrospective inquiry of mothers of children living in Dushanbe who started for the first time introduced additional feeding to a baby on specially questionnaire made by us. One hundred and seven children of the first year of life were included in research. Revealed infringements of sequence, terms and principles of introduction of additional feeding at children on the first year of life that, in turn, negatively influenced the subsequent growth and development of children. On the basis of the conducted research was recommended terms and order of introduction of additional feeding at children of the first year of life.

Key words: вскармливание детей 1-го года жизни; сроки и последовательность введения прикормов; child’s feeding on the first year; terms and sequence of introduction of additional feeding.

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Olimov N.Kh., Eltanazarov M.D., Sobitov Sh.
Place of metabolic therapy in contempt of the extracardiac adjyussting of cardiac rhythm for patients with acute heart infarction with circulatory failure
In the article the efficiency of metabolic therapy with Levacornitin and Mildronat for the extracardiac adjusting of cardiac rhythm for patients with acute heart infarction with circulatory failure is given. According to results application of metabolic preparations not only detains the process of deepening of ischemia, accelerates turn of cages, promotes the variableness of cardiac rhythm and contractility of the left ventricle, prevents the development of arrhythmia, but also improves violation of intercommunication between the central adjusting of cardiac rhythm, intracadiac cardioreception and reduces lethality from the acute heart attack.

Key words: острый инфаркт миокарда; недостаточность кровообращения; экстракардиальная регуляция; левокарнитин; милдронат; acute heart infarction; circulatory failure; extracardial regulation; levocarnitin; mildronat.