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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №8, 2015 г.

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Saidusaynov M.S.
The Kolmogorov’s type of inequality for analytic functions in a disk in the weighted Bergman space
An exact inequality of Kolmogorov’s type in the weighted Bergman space B with weight g := g (| z |) > 0 for analytic function in a unit disk is obtained. Here are given some application of it in extremal problems of theory of approximation in the complex plane.

Key words: неравенство типа Колмогорова; пространство Бергмана; весовая функция; наилучшее приближение; the best linear method; n-widths; modulus of continuity; weight function.

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Tabarov A.Kh., Davlatbekov A.A., Komilov O.O.
To the theory of endomorphisms of semilinear quasigroups
In the article it is investigated the left (right) linear quasigroup and is found the general view of an endotopy (endomorphism) on the left (on the right) of quasigroup of special form and are given the necessary and sufficient conditions of homomorphism of two arbitrary semi-linear of quasigroups.

Key words: линейная слева (справа) квазигруппа; эндотопия; эндоморфизм; гомоморфизм квазигрупп; left (right) linear quasigroup; endotopy; endomorphism; quasigroup homomorphism.

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Karimov O.Kh.
On separability of the second order nonlinear differential operators with matrix coefficients in weighted spaces
In the paper the separability for a class of the second order nonlinear differential operators with matrix coefficients in weighted spaces which are not weak perturbation of a linear operator and given in a hole n -dimensional Euclidian space is proved.

Key words: весовое пространство; нелинейный дифференциальный оператор; разделимость; коэрцитивное неравенство; матричный коэффициент; weighted space; nonlinear differential operator; separability; coercive inequality; matrix coefficient.

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Rahimov A.O.
Estimate of short Weyl sums of fourth order on minor arcs
A non-trivial estimate for the short Weyl sums of fourth order on minor arcs is obtained.

Key words: короткая сумма Г.Вейля; нетривиальная оценка; функция делителей; диофантово уравнение; short Weyl exponential sum; nontrivial estimations; divisor function; diophantine equation.

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Usmanov Z.D., Kosimov A.A.
About a correlation of word form and word usage in "Shahnameh" of A.Firdousi
Two formulas for describing statistical regularities between numbers of word forms and word usages are proposed.

Key words: Фирдоуси; Шахнаме; словоупотребление; словоформа; зависимость; Firdousi; Shahnameh; word usage; word form; dependence.

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Rahimi Farhod, Abdulloev H.O., Maqsudov A.T., Qurbonien Mehrdod Subhoni
Quadrupole and octupole dynamics of magneticswith spin =3/2 in magnetic space
This work is devoted the most common problems in the study of ferromagnets with spin S = 3/2. In semiclassical approach to the system the obtained results give a complete description of magnetic materials and contribute to the study of the dynamic, kinetic and thermodynamic properties of magnetic systems and allow obtaining their nonlinear localized solutions.

Key words: квант; ферромагнетики; когерентные состояния; quantum; ferromagnets; coherent states.

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Odinaev S., Akdodov D.M.
Calculation of the frequency dispersion of the acoustic parameters of aqueous solutions of electrolytes
The dispersion of the velocity and coefficient absorption sound in aqueous electrolyte solutionof NaCl is investigated, taking into account the contribution of structural relaxation. General expressions for the velocity and sound absorption coefficient over a wide frequency range are received. The obtained results a numerical calculation of the expressions are compared with the relaxation theory and experimental data.

Key words: скорость звука; коэффициент поглощения звука; структурная релаксация; потенциальная энергия межчастичного взаимодействия; радиальная функция распределения; speed of sound; the sound absorption coefficient; structural relaxation; the potential energy of interaction; the radial distribution function.

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Muminov Kh.Kh., Mirkamali A.S.
Modeling of the efficiency of multijunction tandem solar cells on the basis of cadmium telluride
On the basis of numerical simulation of single-junction solar cells with use of AMPS-1D program the optimal structure of tandem multijunction CdS/CdTe solar cell has been elaborated. It has been shown that its highest efficiency in 31.8% could be reached at 50 nm of the thickness of CdS p-layer and 200 nm of CdS n-layer keeping fixed thicknesses of CdTe n-layer equal 3000 nm and CdTe p-layer equal 1000 nm.

Key words: фотовольтаика; эффективность; тандемный солнечный элемент; сульфид кадмия; теллурид кадмиия; photovoltaic; efficiency; tandem solar cells; cadmium sulfur; cadmium telluride.

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Vakhobova R.U., Zaripova A.M., Khamzaeva G.Ch., Bobiev G.M., Pachadjanov D.N.
The study of silver by a method inversion voltammetry on a graphite electrode
Possibility of application classical inversion voltammetry with use of a graphite electrode for definition of the maintenance of silver in water solutions of its salts and coordination compounds with Isoleucine is shown.

Key words: инверсионная вольтамперометрия; серебро; изолейцин; координационные соединения; анодное растворение; потенциал пика; inversion voltammetry; silver; isoleucine; coordination compounds; anode dissolution; peak potential.

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Degtev M.I., Aminjanov A.A., Alikina E.N.
Aminomethylidene derivatives of alizarin in the extraction of macroand micro-amounts of scandium and yttrium
The extraction of macro- and micro-amounts of scandium (III) and yttrium (III) solutions aminomethylidene derivatives of alizarin in butanol or mixtures thereof with chloroform are investigated . Set the composition of the complexes, extraction mechanism, the proposed scheme of separation of elements.

Key words: экстракция; скандий; иттрий; комплексы; бутанол; производные ализарина; extraction; scandium; yttrium complexes; butanol derivatives of alizarin.

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Aslzoda E.M., Azizov R.O.
Cement sheets and their value when driving salt-bearing deposits
One of the most important tasks of oil and gas complex of Southwest Tajikistan is to improve the quality of the construction of oil and gas wells. Geological conditions, lithological features sections of wells within the oil and gas fields Afghan-Tajik basin notes the existence of absorbent layers with abnormally high and low reservoir pressure/ In general, the complex of works on the construction and maintenance of wells? A substantial amount of the processes take zonal isolation. I n this regard, one of the ways to solve this problem, is to provide an insulating complex, including the cement sheath, ensures a long uninterrupted operation of wells.

Key words: Афгано-Таджикская впадина; скважина; соленосные отложения; цементное кольцо; обсадная колонна; тампонажный раствор; Afghan Tajik depression; cement; salt; high temperature and pressure; cement sheath; well.

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Jamolzoda B.S., Murodiyon A., Azizov B.S., Kuchakshoev D.S., Safarov A.G., Safiyev H.S.
Weight loss investigation of anthracite of nazarailok field by thermogrvimetric method
The outlet temperature moisture, organic part from the anthracite of Nazarailok field, as well as the loss of mass at temperature 1000ºC are studied by thermographic and grav methods. Total weight loss was 38.6%. The curve - differential thermal analysis (DTA) revealed a low temperature (110ºC), and one high-endoeffects (620ºC), as well as two exoeffect respective temperatures of 410 and 760ºC. It is shown that thermal decomposition of anthracite starts at 330ºC and at 800-900ºC entering the final stage of destruction of the molecular structure. Investigated anthracite is heat-resistant; thermal stability index (output class +13 mm) is 65-90%. Heat-treated anthracite at 1100-1300ºC has a great resistance to abrasion. Abrasion fraction 5 mm produced by attritor RDS-141 (Switzerland) averaged 3.0%, the electrical resistivity in the range 1200-1300ºC amounted to an average of 950 . It follows that the anthracite of Nazarailok field is suitable for the production of aluminum electrolytic cathode blocks.

Key words: термография; дериватография; антрацит; молекулярная структура; потери массы; энергия активации; thermography; derivatograph; anthracite; molecular structure; mass loss; the energy of activation.

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Boboev M.T., Naumenko Yu.V.
A new floristic records of the algae in streams and reservoirs South Tajikistan Depression
The different streams and reservoirs of the South Tajikistan depression for original and literature data identified 1216 species, varieties and forms of algae from 11 divisions, of which 14 species and 2 varieties are new to flora of Tajikistan.

Key words: водоросли; новые находки; водотоки и водоёмы; Южно-Таджикская депрессия; algae; new records; streams and reservoirs; South Tajikistan depression.

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Yunusova Sh.Sh., Giyosidinov B.B., Kasparova I.S., Khakimova R.Sh., Solieva B.B., Abdullaev Kh.A.
About of the contribution leaves storey of cotton shrub in the formation of crops
In this work the date about of the contribution of leaves storey of cotton shrub in formation of crops are presented. By defoliation methods it shown that the middle storey of leaves of cotton stem is played a dominant role in the photosynthesis and photosynthetic productivity. Remove of this leaves is decreased of the biological and economical of crops.

Key words: тонковолокнистый хлопчатник Gossypium barbadense L; дефолиация; распределение ассимилятов; биологический и хозяйственный урожай; long stable cotton Gossypium barbadense L; defoliation; assimilate distribution; biological and economical crops.

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Kuzibaeva N.K., Tadjibaeva Z.A.
Principles of complex treatment of infants with congenital heart disease on the background of concomitant pathology
The reason for hospitalization of children with congenital heart defects (CHD) clinic in a serious condition was concomitant diseases (pneumonia, enterocolitis) that increased cardiovascular failure and required urgent resuscitation. Complex intensive therapy aimed at correcting metabolic disorders in children of early age with an underlying medical condition produces good results. The severity of CHD depends on comorbidity and affects the outcome of thedisease.

Key words: врождённые пороки сердца у детей; сопутствующая патология; комплексное лечение; congenital heart diseases in children; comorbidity; a comprehensive treatment.

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Melnikova V.U., Dodkhoeva M.F., Kolobov A.V.
Some aspects of congenital malformations of the central nervous system of the fetus
The results of the expression of Nx-2.2 in the chorionic villi of human placenta in normal (control group) and congenital malformations of the central nervous system of the fetus (the main group). It was found that the expression of immunohystochemical study of placentas Nkx-2.2 was observed only in the vascular endothelial placenta chorionic villi of the control group. The relative area of expression Nkx-2.2 was 0.82 ± 0.08%. At the same time, the expression of Nkx-2.2 cells in the chorionic villi of placentas main group absent.

Key words: врождённые пороки развития центральной нервной системы; ворсинчатый хорион плаценты; экспрессия Nkx-2.2; congenital malformations of the central nervous system; the chorionic villi of the placenta; the expression Nkx-2.2.