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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №10, 2015 г.

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Mehmonzoda S.N.
On approximation of functions of two variables by polyhedral functions
In this paper for the some functional classes, the exact estimate error approximation of the functions of two variables by polyhedral functions was found.

Key words: многогранная функция; модуль непрерывности; выпуклая функция; решетка узлов; polyhedral functions; module of continuity; convex function; lattice of nodes.

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Pulatov M.P.
On the reconstruction of the solution of some boundary value problems spline functions of the first order
The paper deals with methods of restoration solutions of some boundary value problems of mathematical physics spline-functions of order 1 and defect interpolation linear splines. The results obtained on the class Lipschits order 1 cannot be improved more than that.

Key words: краевые задачи; задача Дирихле; задача Неймана; гармонические функции; бигармонические функции; сплайны; boundary value problems; Dirichlet; Neumann problem; harmonic functions; biharmonic functions; splines.

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Odinaev R.N.
Necessary and sufficient condition of subsistence of discussed problem on protection of the plant
In this paper the nonlinear problem of plant protection taking into account the age structure of three leveled tropical aerogenous that are; plant, insect pests, and beneficial insects is investigated. The basic and sufficient conditions were set up for module aerogenous to provide solutions for plant protection.

Key words: модель; вредные и полезные насекомые; агроценоз; задача защиты; численность насекомых; трофическая функция; module; harmful and useful insect; aerogenous; protection problem; number of population; trophic functions.

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Jangibekov G., Koziev G.
Of some singular integral operator with even characteristic
In explores some classes of systems of two dimensional singular integral operators and on a limited area. Found effective necessary and sufficient conditions for Noetherian in the space of Lebeg and the formula for the rate us index.

Key words: сингулярные интегральные операторы; нётеровость оператора; индекс оператора; символ оператора; singular integral operators; noetherian operators; the index of operator; operator.

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Abdukarimov M.F.
On the boundary control by an elastic force at one endpoint when the second one is fixed for the process of forced string’s oscillations
In the article is shown that in the case of T =2 l where l is the length of string, so that we have a unique boundary control u (0 ,t ) =m ( t ) , 0 ≤ t ≤ T , which this control provides the string’s forced oscillation systems from an arbitrary initial state to final state. For calculation of the following boundary control, an explicit analytical formula is obtained.

Key words: граничное управление; неоднородное волновое уравнение; boundary control; non-homogeneous wave equation.

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Farhod Rahimi, Qurbonien Mehrdod Subhoni
Dynamic structure factors of one-dimensional ferromagnetics
In the analysis of neutron scattering we have discovered that it should be used at low temperatures E>>Q. At higher energies, the observations of individual solitons are difficult. At low energies, the scattering of neutrons lead to the appearance of the central peak of dynamic structure factor and integrated intensity.

Key words: нейтрон; магнитный момент; ферромагнетики; магнон; neutron; magnetic moment; ferromagnetics; magnon.

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Odinaev S., Akdodov D.M.
Calculation of the shear viscosity and shear elastic modulus electrolyte solutions in view of generalized potential of interaction
Investigation the shear viscosity η ( ω ) and shear elastic modulus μ ( ω ) on the basis of generalized energy of interaction between the structural units of the solution, which consists of the sum of ion-ion, ion-molecular and intermolecular interaction potentials. The analytical expressions for η ( ω ) and μ ( ω ) have been carried a numerical calculation of the η ( ω ), μ ( ω ) for NaCl aqueous electrolyte solution. For the η ( ω ) results compared with experimental data.

Key words: сдвиговая вязкость; сдвиговой модуль упругости; потенциал межмолекулярного взаимодействия; радиальная функция распределения; shear viscosity; shear modulus of elasticity; the potential of intermolecular interaction; the radial distribution function.

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Nizomov Z., Saidov R.H., Sharipov J.G., Gulov B.N.
Thermal properties of Zn5Al, Zn55Al alloys, alloyed rare earth metals
The temperature dependence of the specific heat and alloys Zn5Al, Zn55Al, doped with scandium, yttrium, praseodymium, cerium, neodymium and europium. The temperature dependence of enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs energy are investigated.

Key words: сплавы; теплоёмкость; редкоземельные металлы; alloys; specific heat; rare earth metals.

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Tuichiev Sh., Ginzburg B.M., Tabarov S.Kh., Sodikov F.
About two-stage concentration dependence of the physical properties of fullerene-condensed systems
An analysis of the concentration dependence of changes in the structure, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties of condensed matter (fullerene solutions and solid polymer systems) shows that these changes are of a two-stage character: the first stage of abrupt change (increase or decrease) the parameters of condensed systems, and in the second stage there are small changes or their permanence. These changes are associated with the appearance of symmetry of molecules and their associations.

Key words: фуллерены; ароматические растворители; растворы; кипение; плавление; структура; fullerenes; aromatic solvents; solutions; boiling; point; structure.

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Jamolzoda B.S., Murodiyon A., Kabutov K., Azizov B.S., Safarov A.G., Mirpochoev H.A., Safiyev H.S.
Study of anthracite from Nazarailok field as raw materials for manufacturing of electrode thermoantyracite
Developed some requirements for anthracite from Nazarailok field as a raw material for the production of cathode blocks used in the lining of aluminum electrolytic. The change in the interplanar distance, texture and anisotropy of the reflectance of anthracite coal at high temperature treatment (up to 1700ºС) are defined. The direct link between the increases of reflectivity of the texture is shown. The resistivity of anthracite at 1700ºС is defined. The comparison of the received data with data of anthracite of areas of Russian Donbas, Donetsk and Vietnam (Ha-Tu) is lead. The experimental data and a summary of the results indicate the suitability of anthracite from Nazarailok field for production of cathode blocks for aluminum electrolysis

Key words: антрацит; термоантрацит; электрод; анизотропия; текстура; отражательная способность; удельное электросопротивление; морфология; anthracite; thermoantyracite; electrode; anisotropy; texture; reflectivity is; resistivity; morphology.

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Abdusalyamova M.N., Badalova M.A., Kabgov H.B., Makhmudov F.A.
Synthesis and investigations of properties of compounds YbMnSb
In article the data on the synthesis, physical and chemical properties of a new inorganic compound YbMnSb are presents. The crystal structure, lattice parameters is determined. The thermal and thermodynamic properties investigated.

Key words: редкоземельные элементы; сурьма; марганец; структура; термоэлектрические материалы; rare earth elements; antimony; maganese; structure; thermoelectric materials.

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Salikhov F.S.
Volcanism influence on accumulation of redcoloured cooper-bearing deposits of Southwest Darwaz
In article communication of a volcanism and ore formation in the redcoloured cooper-bearing deposits of an Permian yollikhar complex is considered.

Key words: вулканизм; меденакопление; иоллихарская серия; красноцветная меденосная формация; Юго-Западный Дарваз; volcanism; cooper accumulation; yollikhar complex; redcoloured cooper-bearing deposits; Southwest Darvaz.

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Sarabekov N.Sh.
Engineering geological zoning of the southern slope of Gissar range
The observable area is located within the Southern Tien Shan Engineering - geological region of the first order. This paper is conducting the general typological engineering-geological zoning of its central and southern parts of the Hissar-Alai and the South Tajik regions of the second order.

Key words: тектоника; оползень; наводнение; сель; размыв; структура; обрушение; область; регион; tecktonik; landslide; flood; mudflow; erosion; structure; collapse; area; region.

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Zikiryahodzhaev D.Z., Rasulov S.R., Umarova S.G.
Some aspects of palliative care for children in oncological practice in the Repuclic of Tajikistan
The article describes the rationale for the provision of palliative care for children in the oncology practice based on the analysis of malignant tumors and the most common clinical entities.

Key words: паллиативная помощь детям; злокачественные новообразования; качество жизни; palliative care for children; malignant neoplasms; quality of life.