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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №11, 2015 г.

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Mikhailov L.G., Jangibekov G., Koziev G.
Of some singular integral operator with even characteristic
Ome classes of two dimensional singular integral operators and on a limited area are explored. Effective necessary and sufficient conditions for Noetherian in the space of lebeg and the formula for the rate of index are found.

Key words: нётеровость оператора; индекс оператора; двумерный сингулярный интегральный оператор; оператор Бергмана; noetherian operators; the index of operator; two dimensional integral operators; Bergman operator.

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Azizov M., Fayzullobeckova V.F.
Application of approximative method for approximate solution of Cauchy problem
In this paper a question about possibility of reduction the Cauchy problem for linear differential equations with smooth coefficients is considered for the correspond problem to the linear differential equations with polynomials coefficients.

Key words: аппроксимационный метод; многочлены Эрмита; задача Коши; интегральное уравнение; approximate method; Hermite polynomials; Cauchy problem; integral equation.

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Farozova A.D.
Square approximation of the class of functions given in terms of their modulus of smoothness
This article proves the exact inequalities between the best approximation of periodic differentiable functions by trigonometric polynomials with integrals of the modulus of continuity of the arbitrary derivatives in metric space L . The obtained results allows searching for the exact values of n -width of the class of functions given by the averaged modulus of continuity and the given majorized.

Key words: пространство L; наилучшее полиномиальное приближение; экстремальная характеристика; модуль непрерывности; n-поперечники; L-space; best polynomial approximation; extremal characteristics; modulus of continuity; n-widths.

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Ibadinov Kh.I., Safarov A.G.
Ejection velocities of meteoroids particles from the nuclei of comets
Time and speed of ejection of meteoroids particles are determined by supervision of abnormal tail from a comet nucleus. The possible mechanism of formation of abnormal tail of comet is offered.

Key words: комета; аномальный хвост; выброс метеороидных частиц; столкновение; метеороид; comet; abnormal tail; ejection of meteoroid particles; collision; meteoroid.

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Shokirov F.Sh.
Formation and evolution of the breathers of (2+1)-dimensional О(3) nonlinear σ-model
Formation and evolution of the breather stationary solutions of (2+1)-dimensional O(3) nonlinear σ-model is studied asymptotically and numerically. Expressions for the phase parameters of the class of periodic functions are obtained. Numerical study of the properties of the found solutions is conducted.

Key words: О(3) нелинейная σ-модель; уравнение sin-Гордона; двумерный бризер; численное моделирование; О(3) nonlinear σ-model; sine-Gordon equation; two-dimensional breather; numerical simulation.

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Khusenov M.A., Kholmurodov Kh.T.
Molecular-dynamics simulation of a nucleotide chain with gold nanoparticles on a carbon nanotube matrix
Using molecular dynamics (MD) method a series of molecular models was built and peculiarities of the nucleotide chain (NC) and gold nanoparticles (NPs) bonding were studied within a carbon nanotube (CNT) matrix. The MD calculations were performed with the use of program package DL_POLY_2.20, thereby configuration snapshots of the NC-NP-CNT system illustrating the peculiarities of NC-NP binding, as well as total potential energy along with the angular and torcional (dihedral) intermolecular bonds of the NC were constructed.

Key words: нуклеотидная цепочка; наночастицы золота; углеродная нанотрубка; Ван-дер-Ваальсовое взаимодействие; молекулярная динамика; nucleotide chain; gold nanoparticles; carbon nanotube; Van-der-Waals interactions; molecular dynamics.

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Abdullaev S.F., Maslov V.A., Makhmudov A.N., Abdurasulova N.A., Nazarov B.I.
Monitoring of atmospheric radiation in dushanbe by ground-based measuring complex
The results of the study of variation of global and diffuse radiation and surface albedo obtained in Dushanbe from ground measurement system for monitoring atmospheric radiation are presented. The system will design for long-term continuous monitoring of the radiative properties of the atmosphere and create a database of solar radiation measurements in a wide spectral range.

Key words: глобальная радиация; диффузная радиация; альбедо поверхности; оптическая толщина аэрозоля; global radiation; diffuse radiation; albedo; aerosol optical depth.

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Nizomov J.N., Kalandarbekov I., Khodjiboev A.A.
Spectral analysis of seismic vibrations
Algorithms and programs of the numerical solution of the spectral analysis of seismic effects in the form of records accelerograms are developed. Numerical simulation of the spectra of the reactions and floor spectra, as well as a comparative analysis are obtained. The developed algorithm is implemented on concrete examples and the results are compared with known solutions.

Key words: спектральный анализ; спектральная плотность; амплитудный спектр; расчётный спектр; аналоговая акселерограмма; синтезированная акселерограмма; энергетический спектр; поэтажный спектр; spectral analysis; spectral density; amplitude spectrum; a demand spectrum; analogue accelerogram; synthetic accelerogram; energy spectrum; a floor range.

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Nizomov I., Iqbol G., Soliev L.
Phase balance in the system of Na,Са//CO, HCO ,F-HO in 25ºС temperature
With the help of translation method, the phase balance of Na,Са//CO, HCO ,F-HO system in 25C temperature is learned. It is defined that five the above-mentioned system supporting 25С temperature and five - component level, the existence of 7nonvariant points, 20 monovariant lines and 21 diavariant area are specific. On the basis of the achieved reasoning the blind schematic phase balance system is created.

Key words: система Na; Ca//CO; HCO; F-HO; метод трансляции; фазовые равновесия; компоненты; диаграмма; нонвариантные точки; моновариантные кривые; дивариантные поля; system Na; Са//CO; HCO; F-HO; translation method; phase balances; system; diagram; components; nonvariants points; lines of monovariants; squares of divariants.

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Safiev H., Azizov B.S., Ruziev J.R., Safiev A.H., Qurbonova H.R.
Method of co-processing of kaolinic siallite of deposit Ziddi and waste of sludge fields of SUE “TALCO”
In this article tne method of co-processing of kaolinic siallite of deposit Ziddi and waste of sludge fields of SUE «TALCO» is investigated. The optimum parameters of the process: sintering batch, leaching of the cake, desilication and carbonation aluminum- fluoride solution, baking kriolite- hydrogillete sediment were determinated. The resulting mixture kriolite- alumina can be used as a raw material for aluminum production.

Key words: высококремнистое глинозёмсодержащее сырьё; отходы шламовых полей; спекание шихты; выщелачивание спека; криолит-глинозёмная смесь; alumina highsilicon raw material; waste sludge fields; batch sintering; leaching of the cake; a mixture of kriolite and alumina.

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Ibrahimov S.J., Eshov B.B., Ganiev I.N., Kobuliev Z.V., Ibrahimov N.F.
Thermophysical properties and thermodynamic functions of alloy AMg4-doped lanthanum
The temperature dependence of the heat capacity of the alloy AMg4 with lanthanumin in the mode of "cooling" are studied. The obtained mathematical model describes the dependence of the heat capacity, heat transfer coefficient, thermodynamic functions AMg4 alloy, doped with lanthanum, temperature and composition. It is shown that with increasing content of lanthanum and temperature specific heat capacity, heat transfer coefficient, enthalpy and entropy increase, the Gibbs energy decreases.

Key words: сплав АМг4; теплоёмкость; коэффициент теплоотдачи; энтальпия; энтропия; энергия Гиббса; alloy AMg4; thermal capacity; transfer coefficient; enthalpy; entropy; Gibbs energy.

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Abdusalyamova M.N., Badalova M.A., Kabgov H.B., Makhmudov F.A.
Thermal characteristics of solid solutions of YbPrMnSb
In this paper experimental data of melting point, thermal expansion and temperature Debay of YbPrMnSb have been presented.

Key words: редкоземельные элементы; термическое расширениt; температуры плавления; фазы Цинтля; rare earth elements; thermal expansion; melting point; phase Zintl.

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Salikhov F.S., Kireeva T.A., Bychkov A.Y.
Mineral waters composition of the «Firuza MSU» spring (Northern Pamir)
New data about macro- and microcomponent composition of the «Firuza MSU» spring mineral waters (Northern Pamir) is given.

Key words: минеральные воды; состав; Северный Памир; «Фируза МГУ»; mineral spring; macro- and microcomponent composition; Northern Pamir; «Firuza MSU».

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Sarabekov N.Sh.
Morphometric features and types of south Gissar slopes geological engineering region
The paper summarizes the regularity of demonstration the actual geological processes in different geomorphologic types of territory in southern slope of Gissar range.

Key words: лавина; оползень; наводнение; сель; размыв; суффозия; обрушение; рельеф; avalanche; landslide; flood; sill; erosion; suffusion; caving; relief; threat.

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Amirov Z.G.
The status of gazella ( Güld., 1780) population in Tajikistan
In this article on the basе of the data received in 2007-2014 the population status, sexual and age structure of population ( Gazella subgutturosa Güld., 1780) in Tajikistan are characterized.

Key words: джейран; распространение; численность; половой и возрастной состав; заповедник «Тигровая балка»; пустыни Кашкакум и Карадум; gazelle; population; sexual and age structure; reserve «Tigrovay balka»; desert Kashcacum et Karadum.