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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 58, №12, 2015 г.

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Khokiev D.J.
Estimation of short character sums of special sequence of natural numbers
The estimation of the form was obtained in the paper, where - primitive character generated by character modulo , - is the product of primes dividing , but not dividing , , , , . Obtained estimation is the generalization of the well-known estimation of Vinogradov-Poya for of shifted numbers with above properties.

Key words: характеры Дирихле; квадратичные вычеты; двойные суммы; Dirichlet characters; quadratic residues; double the amount.

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Oliftaev N.F.
The best approximation and an exact values of widths for some classes periodic functions in space
In this paper an extremal problem of calculation the values of n -widths for different classes functions from defined by modulus smoothness of m -th order and r -th derivative is considered.

Key words: наилучшее приближение; модуль непрерывности; ряд Фурье; n-поперечник; τ-модуль непрерывности; the best approximation; modulus of continuity; Fourier series; n-widths; τ-modulus of continuity.

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Saidov B.B., Usmanov N.
Singular conjugation boundary value problem of harmonic functions
The paper is devoted to a question on dependence of a number of linear independent solutions and a number of solvability conditions on presence of conjugate - analytic poles of problem coefficients.

Key words: аналитическая функция; гармоническая функции; полюс; сопряженно-аналитическая функция; analytic function; harmonic function; pole; interpolation polynomial.

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Kokhirova G.I., Kholshevnikov K.V., Babadzhanov P.B., Khamroev U.Kh.
On measuring of orbital similarity of space objects of common origin
The existing and newly introduced metrics allowing to measure distances between orbits of celestial bodies have been considered. The orbits of related objects from two known asteroid-meteoroid complexes were compared using these metrics. The results show satisfactory agreement between each other.

Key words: метрика; астероид; комета; орбита; эволюция; metric; asteroid; comet; orbit; evolution.

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Muminov Kh.Kh., Muhamedova Sh.F.
Disipative solitons of Swift-Hohenberg equation
Numerical simulation of the behavior of nonlinear localized soliton-like objects of complex Swift-Hohenberg equation under the presence of dissipation and external pumping has been conducted. Formation of pulsing soliton with one pulsation has been established.

Key words: диссипативные солитоны; пульсирующие солитоны; диссипация; подкачка; dissipative solitons; pulsing solitons; dissipation; pumping.

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Kuchakshoev D., Dzhabarov A.G.
The differential thermal analysis binary system BiO + NaBO
Differential Thermal Analysis (DТА) of binary system BiO + NaBOwith the various content of sodium tetraborate in intermixtures was done. It is shown that there is a formation, at least, of two new crystalline phases (presumably solid solutions) during the preparation and heating of samples of an intermixture of a binary composition. The occurrence of endothermic peaks of DТА after cooling of the melt and reheating say much for stability of formed phases. Melt cooling is accompanied by occurrence of the exothermic peak lower 500ºC.

Key words: дифференциально-термический анализ; твёрдофазный синтез; твёрдый раствор; the differential thermal analysis; solid-phase synthesis; a solid solution.

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Khusenov M.A., Kholmurodov Kh.T.
Molecular-dynamics simulation of Van-der-Waals system of a nucleotide chain with gold nanoparticles carbon nanotube with periodic boundarie
It is shown that the expansion of the model to the case of periodic carbon nanotube (CNT) allows one to explore the effects of the interaction of the nucleotide chain (NC) with gold nanoparticles (NPs) in a more adequate and realistic approach. A series of molecular dynamics (MD) calculations with different NC-NP-CNT models were studied and the feature of molecular interaction processes between the NC-NP caused by a CNT periodic boundaries was explored. The total potential energy, angular and torsion (dihedral) intramolecular NC bond energies at different temperatures were built and compared. The structural and energy characteristics of the NC-NP-CNT system were analyzed on atomistic/molecular detail.

Key words: нуклеотидная цепочка; наночастицы золота; углеродная нанотрубка; периодические границы; Ван-дер-Ваальсовое взаимодействие; молекулярная динамика; nucleotide chain; gold nanoparticles; carbon nanotube; periodic boundaries; Van-der-Waals interactions; molecular dynamics.

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Abdulov Kh.Sh., Shukurov T., Davlatmamadova S.Sh.
Calculation of vibrational spectrum of inuline
The frequencies of the normal vibrations and of inuline are calculated. The calculated frequencies of the normal vibrations satisfactorily described experimental frequencies. Identification of vibrational frequencies on the base of calculation is made.

Key words: инулин; отнесение нормальных колебаний; расчёт колебательного спектра; частота нормального колебания; calculation of vibrational spectrum; identification of vibrational frequencies; inuline-frequency of the normal vibration.

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Nazarov B.I., Saliev M.A., Makhmudov A.N., Abdullaev S.F.
Calculation of the total radiation flux on the inclined plane of the solar receiver on condition of aerosol pollution of the atmosphere
Using the experimental data of radiation characteristics of the atmosphere, obtained an automated measuring complex total solar radiation on an inclined surface collectors and panels were calculated.

Key words: солнечная радиация; солнечные коллекторы; солнечные панели; радиационные характеристики атмосферы; solar radiation; solar panels; solar receivers; the radiation characteristics of the atmosphere.

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Mirsaidov I.U., Rakhmatov N.N., Nazarov Kh.M., Salomov F.J., Mirsaidov U.M.
Natural sorbents for purification of uranic waters
Sorption properties of natural sorbents (shell of nuts, apricots, cone of archa and pine) in dynamic regime are studied. Biomass vegetable effectiveness as sorbent for purification of uranic waters against uranium is shown.

Key words: урансодержащие воды; уран; сорбция; сорбент; биомасса; сорбционная ёмкость; uranic waters; uranium; sorption; biomass; sorption capacity.

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Mirzoev D.Kh., Kayumov A.M., Gaforzoda S.M., Misratov J.A., Mirsaidov U.M.
Effects of temperature on the extraction grade of alumina from the aluminosilicate ores of Tajikistan
In the article the results of the study of the temperature regime effect to the decomposition of aluminosilicate ores by mineral acids are presented. The optimal temperature regimes for aluminosilicate ores processing are defined. It is shown that the highest extraction grade of AlO during the decomposition of ores by mineral acids observed when used nitric acid at a temperature of 95-100°C.

Key words: глинозём; алюмосиликатная руда; температура; степень извлечения; alumina; aluminosilicate ore; temperature; extraction grade.

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Usmanov R., Usmanov U.R., Aminov M.A., Ganiev I.N.
The influence of salt oil sulfuraromatic sulfonic acids in the process of demulsification of petroleum emulsions
The article provides data on the influence of sodium, diproxamin and amino- diproxamin salts of oil sulfur-aromatic sulfonic acids (SASA) on the process of oil treatment. It was found that in the preparation of emulsions of oil among the salt itself is effective amino - diproxamin salts SASA, which, depending on the concentration of its water content is reduced in the range 0-0.5%. Protective effect against internal corrosion diproxamin salt SASA at a concentration of 150 mg/l is 91%. Deproxamin protects the metal from corrosion by 18% and S SASA - 74%. The protective effect of amino- diproxamin salts is in the limit of 94%. The results obtained indicate that the new reagent, unlike deproxamin and sodium salt SASA, is both a corrosion inhibitor and demulsifier.

Key words: соли нефтяных сероароматических сульфокислот; дипроксамин; деэмульгатор; подготовка нефти; коррозия; salt oil sulfur-aromatic sulfonic acids; diproxamin; demulsifier; preparation of oil; corrosion; protective effect.

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Azizov B.S., Murodiyon A., Mirpochaev Kh.A., Kabirov Sh.O., Safiev H.
The effect of current density and temperature of the electrolyte to the anodic gas composition and the specific carbon consumption in aluminum production
On the basis of the created equations compositions of the anodic gas and the specific carbon consumption at various values of anodic current density and electrolyte temperature are calculated. These patterns change on the anodic gas composition explains by the proposed mechanism of formation CO and CO in the carbon anode.

Key words: производство алюминия; состав анодного газа; удельный расход углерода; влияние анодной плотности тока и температуры; уравнения расчёта; механизм образования СО и СО; aluminum production; the composition of the anodic gas; the specific carbon consumption; the effect of the anodic current density and temperature; the equations of calculation; the mechanism of formation CO and CO.

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Rasulova G.T., Nurkhanova G.B., Saidova M.I., Morskova M.R., Nuralieva Sh.A.
The influence of changes apoptosis markers on pregnancy course and in woman with risk premature labor
In this article the levels of marker of apoptosis FAS in woman with high risk premature delivers was presented. Low levels FAS in woman with high risk premature delivers in compare with this dates in healthy pregnant women and connection with lower height-weight dates newborns of woman with low levels of FAS was obtained. These dates shows that the decrease of FAS levels can be diagnostic criteria of fetus hypotrophya.

Key words: недонашивание беременности; маркёр апоптоза; прогестерон; эстрадиол; хорионический гонадотропин; premature delivers; marker of apoptosis; progesterone; estradiol; chorion gonadotrop(h)ic hormone.