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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 59, №3-4, 2016 г.

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Olimov A.G., Rajabov N.R.
Integral representations and cauchy type problems for one system linear ordinary differential equations of second order with a singular point
In this article the problem of integrating system linear ordinary differential equation of second order with a singular point reduces to decision of the system second type Volterra integral equations with weak singularity. General solution of the given system expressed by means resolvents system integral equations is discussed. Representation of the general solution for clarifying the characteristics of the solution in the singular point and to solve Cauchy type problem are studied.

Key words: система линейных обыкновенных дифференциальных уравнений второго порядка; сингулярная точка; система интегральных уравнений Вольтерра; общее решение; задача типа Коши; system linear ordinary differential equations of second order; singular point; system Volterra integral equations; general solution; Cauchy type problem.

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Faraydunov O.Q.
On the best approximation in the mean by algebraic polynomials with weights or values of the diameters of certain functional classes
In the paper precise inequalities of Jackson-Stechkin on classes of functions where the value of the best polynomial approximations estimated generalized modulus of continuity of th order generated by differential operator of the second order is presents. For some classes of functions the exact values of various -widths were calculated.

Key words: неравенства типа Джексона-Стечкина; наилучшее приближение; обобщённый модуль непрерывности; дифференциальный оператор; n-поперечники; inequalities of Jackson-Stechkin; the best approximation; generalized modulus of continuity; differential operator; n-widths.

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Usmanov Z.D., Kosimov A.A.
On authorship identification of a text written in tajik
We establish that the frequency distribution of letter trigrams is an identifier of authorship for works in Tajik classical and contemporary poetry and prose. We present a rough idea about the frequency distribution of trigrams in the modern Tajik literary language.

Key words: таджикский язык; триграмма; частотность; Tajik language; trigram; frequency.

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Muminov Kh.Kh., Shokirov F.Sh.
Interactions of dynamical and topological solitons in 1D nonlinear sigma-model
By methods of numerical simulation the processes of the interaction of breathers and domain walls (kink/antikink) of the sine-Gordon equation and O(3) nonlinear sigma model in (1+1)-dimensional space-time is investigated. In particular, the models of elastic interaction of solitons, the long-range and the bionic models are obtained.

Key words: О(3) нелинейная сигма-модель; уравнение синус-Гордона; бризер; доменная стенка; топологический солитон; численное моделирование; О(3) nonlinear sigma-model; sine-Gordon equation; breather; domain wall; numerical simulation.

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Mulloev N.U., Fayzieva M., Nurulloev M., Islomov Z.Z., Yusupova J., Hodiev M.
Influence of structural factors on the protonacceptor ability of heterocyclic compounds
Proton-acceptors properties of some heterocyclic compounds pyrrole rows of data in the self-Assembly of molecules are investigated. It is shown that the transition from the pyrrole to other compounds of its range there is a change in the oscillation frequency of the group of N-H of the associated molecules . The observed change in the oscillation frequency of the group of associated molecules is due to inductionism the effect of introduction of structural fragments on the equilibrium electron configuration of the group. On the basis of obtained results it is concluded that the investigated compound are more pronounced acceptor properties and are strong acceptors, especially compounds containing from two to three heteroatom.

Key words: гетероциклические соединения; протоноакцепторная способность; самоассоциация; индукционное влияние; производные пиррола; heterocyclic compound; protonaccepting abilities; self-association; induction effect; derivatives of pyrrole.

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Tsoy V.E., Tsoy B., Shermatov D., Abdullaev Kh.M.
A new generation of bundle insulating materials is developed with extreme strength and ultra-low loss in the normal and microwave conditions.

Key words: пучковые материалы; тонкие плёнки; диэлектрические потери; электрическая прочность; уровни прочности; ёмкость; изолятор; bundle materialss; thin films; dielectric loss; electric strength; level of strength; capacity; insulator.

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Usmonova U.Kh., Mamatov E.D., Yakubov Z.T., Mirsaidov U.M.
Decomposition kinetics of the burnt borosilicate ore by means of hydrochloric and sulfuric acids
In the article the results of decomposition kinetics of burnt borosilicate ore by hydrochloric and sulfuric acids are presented. The activation energies of the mentioned processes are also calculated.

Key words: боросиликатная руда; кинетика; энергия активации; диффузионная область; borosilicate ore; kinetics; energy of activation; diffusion region.

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Gulov S.S., Ganiev I.N., Safarov M.M., Ganieva N.I.
Effect of germany and tin alloy AK7M2 on the thermal conductivity depending on temperature
To measure the thermal conductivity of the alloy AK7M2 modified germanium and tin, used monotonic heating method proposed E.S.Platunovym. Doping of germanium and tin alloy AK7M2 decreases its thermal conductivity.

Key words: сплав АК7М2; германий; стронций; теплопроводность сплава АК7М2; метод монотонного разогрева; alloy AK7M2; germany; strontium; AK7M2 thermal conductivity alloy; method monotonic warming.

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Mirzoev D.Kh., Kayumov A.M., Gaforzoda S.M., Azamov Sh.O.
Process duration and concentration of mineral acids effect to the extraction grade of alumina from the aluminosilicate ore
In this article the results of the study of the process duration and concentration of mineral acids effect to the recovery grade of AlO from the aluminosilicate ores of Tajikistan are presented. The optimal conditions for the process of decomposition with mineral acids are established.

Key words: продолжительность процесса; концентрация; переработка; минеральные кислоты; алюмосиликатная руда; process duration; concentration; processing; mineral acids; aluminosilicate ore.

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Azizov R.O., Saidov M.Kh.
Influence of mechanical surface treatment the adhesive strength of the composite coating
The article indicates the advantage of using a mechanical surface treatment before applying a polymer composite coating by thermal spraying.

Key words: покрытие; адгезия покрытий; полиэтилентерефталат; полиамид; floor; adhesion coatings; polyethylene terephthalate; polyamide.

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Rahimov I.F., Gorshkova R.M., Muhidinov Z.K., Bobojonova G.N., Khalikova M.D., Sultanov A.U., Razikova G.V., Khalikov D.Kh.
Sorption activity of sunflower pectin polysaccharides in relation bilirubin ()
The results of the effect of the sunflowers pectin polysaccharides in laboratory animals with experimental induced liver injury by carbon tetrachloride are demonstrated. By the blood samples analysis of alanine aminotransferase and aspartataminotrasferase activity, a level of total and indirect bilirubin, revealed a dose-dependent therapeutic effect of the studied soluble and insoluble pectin.

Key words: сорбенты; пектиновые полисахариды; корзинки подсолнечника; sorbent; pectin polysaccharides; sunflower head residue.

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Fayziev A.R., Pautov L.A., Sharipov B.N.
On the finding of ferruginous dolomite carbonatite alkaline massifs Darai-Piez (Central Tajikistan)
In alkaline massif Darai-Piez in late carbonatites found ferruginous dolomite, which is the first finding of this mineral in the array.

Key words: щелочной массив Дараи-Пиёз; карбонатит; минерал; железистый доломит; alkaline massif Darai-Piez; carbonatite; mineral; ferruginous dolomite.

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Karimov K.U., Saidov A.S., Amirov Z.G., Saidov K.H.
New snow leopard ( Shreber, 1775) data in the Hissar mountain range
The article presents new camera traps data on the distribution of Snow leopard ( Panthera uncia ) population in the Hissar mountain range, described threats, and evaluated the potential of Snow leopard conservation.

Key words: снежный барс; фотоловушки; оценка численности; факторы воздействия; Гиссарский хребет; snow leopard; camera traps; status assessment; limiting factors; Hissar mountain range.

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Usmanova O.V., Yakubova M.M., Solihzod B.A.
Mutational variability of the main parameters of photosynthetic apparatus mesostructure of mutant forms
In this article the results of study of mutational variability of some A.thaliana parameters. It was shown that mutations can lead increasing and reducing of number of chloroplasts in the cell, and affect on the content of chlorophyll are presents. Activity of photosystems as a result of mutations may either increase or decrease, but the range of variation (except mutant tr1) does not go beyond ecological races.

Key words: арабидопсис; мутация; мезоструктура; хлоропласты; активность фотосистем; Arabidopsis; mutations; mesostructure; chloroplasts; the activity of photosystems.

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Mirzoeva D.S.
Malignancy degree of the tumor as prognostic factor in breast cancer dissemination
On the clinical data of 314 patients with disseminated breast cancer the author has revealed that the tumor progression from low to high degree of malignancy, and the proportion of tumors of high degree of malignancy increases accordingly with the increase of tumor size, she also have asserted the fact that the low differentiation of tumor cages, that is high degree of malignancy (G3), unlike the moderate and low degrees of malignancy (G1 and G2), promotes a fast progression in generalization of tumor process and, thereby, to occurrence of the remote metastasizes.

Key words: диссеминированный рак молочной железы; хирургическое лечение; метастазы; химиотерапия; disseminated breast cancer; degree of malignancy; metastasizes; tumor progression.