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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 59, №5-6, 2016 г.

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Khayrulloev Sh.A.
The distance between consecutive zeros of the derivative of -th order function Hardy
We obtain a new estimation of the critical line length period, which contains a zero of odd order derivatives of functions of finite order Hardy; this result improves the well-known estimation of A.A.Karatsuba.

Key words: функция Харди; экспоненциальная пара; дзета-функция Римана; критическая прямая; Hardy function; exponential pair; the Riemann zeta function; critical line.

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Shabozov M.Sh., Davlatbekov F.D.
About the best linear approximation methods and the exact values of some classes analytical in the unit dick functions
In Hardy's space H , q ³1 for classes of analytical functions the best linear methods of approximation studied by N.Ainulloev and the exact values of linear's and the helfand's widths are found.

Key words: наилучшие приближения; линейные методы; модуль гладкости; граничные значения; пространство Харди; best approximation; linear methods; the modulus of continuity; limit values; Hardy space.

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Safarov D.Rh., Mirzoev S.S.
Boundary value problems for multidimensional nonclassical systems of partial differential equations of arbitrary order
In this paper, we consider problems such as the Dirichlet and Cauchy-type problem in a halfspace for multidimensional nonclassical systems of partial differential equations of arbitrary (higher) order and prove their unique solvability.

Key words: задача Дирихле; задача Коши; однозначная разрешимость; многомерные неклассические системы; полигармонические уравнения; the Dirichlet problem; Cauchy problem; unique solvability; multidimensional nonclassical systems; polyharmonic equation.

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Sattorov A.H.
On representation of bounded solutions of a class of hyperbolic equations in the plane
In this article we prove representation bounded on the whole plane of solutions of a class of partial differential equations of second order hyperbolic type with constant coefficients.

Key words: ограниченное решение; представление ограниченного решения; bounded solution; representation of bounded solution.

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Nazarov B.I., Saliev M.A., Makhmudov A.N., Abdullaev S.F.
Calculation of the total radiation flux on the inclined plane of the solar receiver on condition of aerosol pollution of the atmosphere
The effect of dust haze on the intensity of solar radiation in the plane of solar receivers has being investigated. It is shown that on days with dust haze the accumulation of the sum heat in the vacuum collector reduce by 2-4 times.

Key words: солнечная радиация; солнечные коллекторы; солнечные панели; радиационные характеристики атмосферы; solar radiation; solar panels; solar receivers; the radiation characteristics of the atmosphere.

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Boboev T.B., Gafurov S.J., Istamov F.H., Istamov N.S.
Communication and numbers tensile strength of the gap polystyrene macromolecules
It is shown that irrespective of the action of mechanical tension, temperature and wavelength of the UV light by photochemical processes strength between the polystyrene and the number of chemical bond exists a linear dependence.

Key words: фотодеструкция; механическое напряжение; УФ-свет; температура; число разрыва связей; photodestrucтiоn; mechanical tension; UV light; the temperature; the number of bond rupture.

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Sodikov F., Tabarov S.Kh., Tuichiev Sh., Aknazarova Sh., Tuichiev L.
The study influence of C on the thermophysical properties of ortho-xylene and chlorobenzene
In this article we study the effect of C on the thermal properties of ortho-xylene and chlorobenzene. On the basis of studies the parameters of cooperative interaction of fullerene molecules from solvent molecules were determined.

Key words: фуллерен; раствор; растворитель; теплофизические свойства; fullerene; solution; solven; thermophysical properties.

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Abdullaev Kh.M., Shaimov E.D., Kadyrov R.T.
Influence of fullerene C on electric conductivity the films of poly(methyl methacrylate) formed from the general solutions in aromatic solvents
Electrical conductivity initial and containing fullerene С poly(methyl methacrylate) films (PММА), formed of the general solutions in toluene, brombenzene and an ortho-ksilole is studied. It is shown that irrespective of composition of a composite of molecula С do not participate in electrical conductivity process, their influence on electrical conductivity is defined through influence on struсture PММА, meaning intensifying of a physical net of intermoleсular contacts, reduction of a free length of charge carriers as a result of growth of number of centres of dispersion, change of heterogeneity of a composite and, probably, character of supermolecular formations. Distinction in values of quantities of an electrical conductivity of the samples received in different solvents, speaks influence of the nature of solvent on structure of films.

Key words: полиметилметакрилат; фуллерен С; электропроводность; растворитель; структура; poly (methyl methacrylate); fullerene С; electrical conductivity; solvent; structure.

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Nizomov J.N., Hojiboev O.A., Hojiboev A.A.
Boundary equations structure interaction with the elastic half-space
The article deals with mathematical modeling of problems of interaction structures with elastic half-space based on the method of boundary integral equations. As a result of approximation of the boundary parameters obtained by the system of governing equations corresponding to different tasks in the "construction-basis". From the solution of these systems of equations defined stress-strain state of the system under different treatments.

Key words: граничные уравнения; полупространство; сооружение; основание; фундаментальное решение; контактная поверхность; boundary equations; half space; construction; foundation; fundamental solution; the contact surface.

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Soliev L., Khudoyorbekova Z.P., Nizomov I.M.
Phasebalances of KSO-KCO-KHCO-HO sistem in 25ºC
By translation method phase balance of system KSO-KCO-KHCO-HO at 25ºС explored. It is established that for it presence 2 invariant points, 5 monovariant curves and 4 divariant fields is characteristic. On the basis of the received data the closed schematic phase diagramme of the investigated system is constructed.

Key words: метод трансляции; нонвариантные точки; моновариантные кривые; дивариантные поля; диаграмма; калий; сульфат; карбонат; гидрокарбонат; фазовые равновесия; method of broadcast; nonvariantnye; monovariantnye; divariantnye curves fields; chart; potassium; sulfate; carbonate; carbonate; phase equilibrium.

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Aminov J.B., Aminov B.
Potentiometric study of composite materials based on aluminum in the environment of electrolyte NaCl
The results of potentiometric studies metalcomposite materials based on aluminium in the environment of the electrolyte NaCl is discusses. Detailed information about the impact of the percentage of components on the corrosion resistance of the investigated materials is provided. The data on the influence of the fillers on the corrosion rate of the substrate is presents.

Key words: композиционные материалы; порошковая металлургия; агрессивная среда; коррозионная стойкость; скорость коррозии; composite materials; powder metallurgy; aggressive environments; corrosion resistance; the corrosion rat.

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Sharifov A., Akramov A.A., Nazirov Y.G., Muminov A.K.
High strength and corrosion-resistant cementitious composition with extractables composition cotton stalks
In the paper the results of the action of chemical additives from extractives of cotton stems on the properties of cementitious mixtures is summarized and the mechanism of its effect on the acceleration of hydration, the formation of a dense structure, increase strength and corrosion resistance of cement stone is characterized.

Key words: экстрагируемых веществ из стеблей хлопчатника; гидратация; цемент; бетон; прочность; коррозионностойкость; структура цементного камня; extractables cotton stalks; hydration; cement; concrete; strength; corrosion resistance; structure of cement stone.

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Mamadvafoev M.M.
On the geochemistry of magmatic formftions of some ore fields in Central Tajikistan
The article contains information on abundance of Au, Sn, B, W, Li, Rb, Cs and a number of other elements in inversive (С) granitoids of Peti, Maikhura, Pindar and Tagobikul intrusions, as well as post-inversion-orogenic (Р) dikes of grandiorite-porphyrite, with which mineralization of skarn-tin and tin-tungsten, greisen-tin, beresite-gold-sulphide and gold-antimony ore formations are territorially associated.

Key words: интрузии; дайки; гранитоиды; гранодиорит-порфиры; золото; олово; бор; литий; рубидий; цезий; Зеравшано-Гиссарский рудный пояс; Южный Тянь-Шань; intrusions; dikes; granitoids; granodiorite-porphyris; gold; tin; borium; lithium; rubidium; cesium; Zeravshan-Gissar; South Tian-Shan.

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Bohirova M.K., Giyasidinov B.B., Ergashev A., Niyazmukhamedova M.B., Khakimova R.Sh., Solieva B.A., Abdullaev Kh.A.
Transpiration of cotton leaf after defoliation
By methods of leaves defoliation of cotton plants it shown that defoliation same of leaves and decrease of same leaves surface is lowering the intensity of leaves transpiration in boll set and boll maturation phases. In this case, of water content in leaves in day dynamics and developmental phases a little changed.

Key words: тонковолокнистый хлопчатник (Gossypium barbadense L.); дефолиация; транспирация; long stable cotton Gossypium barbadense L; defoliation; transpiration.

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Saidaminov H.H., Maniyazova N.A., Atoev M.H., Abdullaev A.
Biological productivity of certain legumes under soil drought
The effect of soil drought on growth and biological productivity of some legumes were study. It is shown that from the phase of stem formation to full ripeness in the experimental variants of both kinds significant changes in plant height were observed only in plants phaseolus sorts "Black Eyes" and “Coccineus”. In terms of soil moisture deficit at the bean wet biomass "Black Eyes" was almost two times less than in control plants, and the plants Phaseolus aureus and “Coccineus” motley 22 to 20% lower, respectively. Dry biomass plants in these conditions in the studied legumes were also similar as that of raw biomass.

Key words: фасоль; почвенная засуха; рост; развитие; биомасса; leguminous; drought of soil; growth; development; biomass.