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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 59, №9-10, 2016 г.

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Faraydunov O.Q.
About the error of the best gravimetric quadrature formulas for some classes of functions
The exact error estimates of weight quadrature formula in some classes functions of lower smoothness were found in this work.

Key words: квадратурная формула; модуль непрерывности; погрешность; вектор узлов; вектор коэффициентов; quadrature formula; module continuity; error; vector nodes; the vector of coefficients.

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Davlatbekov F.D.
About the best linear approximation methods of some classes analytical functions
In Hardy space H, 1 ≤ q ≤ ∞, 0 < ρ ≤ 1, H≡ H for classes WH (Ф) analytical in the unit disc functions, built the best linear methods by polynomials approximation and also find exact values of different n -widths.

Key words: наилучшие линейные методы приближения; модуль непрерывности; пространство Харди; мажоранта; n-поперечники; best linear approximation methods; the modulus of continuity; Hardy space; majorant; n-widths.

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Usmanov N., Shavkatzoda Sayhuna
Rieman boundary value problem for systems of elliptic type equations in the singular case
In the paper Rieman boundary value problem for systems of elliptic type equations in singular case are investigated. It is established that the number of solutions for the problem in the class of unbounded on the contour functions does not change on presence of conjugate analytic character poles of coefficients of the problem and it is decreased with the sum of powers of all zeros of conjugate analytic character.

Key words: аналитическая функция; эллиптическая система; голоморфная функция; кусочно-голоморфная функция; analytic function; elliptic system; holomorphic function; sectionally holomorphic function.

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Safarov D.S.
On the investigation of a second order elliptic sustem with constant coefficients and deviation of the argument
A class of second order elliptic systems with the deviation of argument is investigated in the paper by the method of the theory of the Weierstrass elliptic functions and by the theory of the Vekua generalized analytic functions.

Key words: двоякопериодические решения; эллиптические функции; периодическая функция; мероморфная функция; doubly periodic solution; elliptic functions; periodic function -meromorphic function.

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Muminov Kh.Kh., Sattarov D.A., Ysefi Yu.
Generalized Berry’s phase for 1 spin system
In this paper consecutive generalization of Berry’s phase for S =1 spin system in SU(3) coherent states using differential forms have been done. It is shown that generalized Berry’s phase appears in the presence of single-ion anisotropy.

Key words: фаза Берри; геометрическая фаза; SU(3)-спиновые когерентные состояния; дифференциальная форма; внешнее умножение; внешняя производная; Berry’s phase; geometrical phase; SU(3) spin coherent states; differential forms; wedge product; exterior derivative.

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Yusupov I.Kh., Umarov N.N., Marupov R.
Study of the conformational mobility within the structure of the medicinal plants thistles ( Mill.) by spin labels method
The molecular dynamics of leaves of the wild medical plants thistles macromolecules have been studied be spin label method. It is shown that the parameters of the rotational diffusion of nitroxyl radical attached to the thistles structure depends on radioactivity level of the ground where it is growing. It was found that by increasing of the dose of grounds radioactivity the level of rotational diffusion of radicals decreases and the fast rotational component belonging to the ultra-thin structure (STS) disapears.

Key words: спиновая метка; молекулярная динамика; спектры ЭПР; репейник; вращательная диффузия; spin label; molecular dynamics; ESR spectra; arctium tomentosum Мill; rotational diffusion.

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Akramov M.U., Gatina R.F., Pulatov M.S., Badalov A., Mirsaidov U.M.
Kinetics of the decay process of aluminum hydride
In the paper the results of decay samples of aluminum hydride, obtained through a one-step process LiH and AlCl are presents. It showed the character of decay specimens through 130°C. Curves AlH decay are quasi-linear and sigmoidal character.

Key words: гидрид алюминия; кинетика; распад; квазилинейный; сигмоидальный; aluminum hydride; kinetics; decay; quasi-linear; sigmoidal.

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Rajabov U.R., Ermamadova S.G., Akhmedov X.J., Saidova N.R., Kozikhonov A.U.
Formation of coordination compounds of Zn(Hg)-Zn(II)-HDb-etanol-HO
The method of oxidative capacity and oxidative function were calculated stability constants and thermodynamic functions of reactions identified the formation of complex compounds of Zn with Dibazole: [ZnHL(HO)]. [Zn(HL)(HO)]. [Fe(HL)OH]ва [ZnHL(OH)HO].

Key words: цинк (II); окислительный потенциал; окислительная функция; cinkium; dibazole; oxidative potential and oxidative function.

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Gazizova E.R., Juraev T.J., Toshev M.T., Khodzhiev G.K.
On analogues existence of a genetic code of inorganic and organic nature
This report provides examples of inorganic and organic nature, having the same tetrahedral and octahedral chemical-structured units of heredity (ChSUH). These examples and their analyzes indicate that there is a unified system of education ChSUH in the structure of the crystal at the atomic level, where there is a similar form of transmission of hereditary characteristics.

Key words: генетический код; химико-структурированная единица наследственности; тетраэдрическая и октаэдрическая конфигурации; вещества неорганической и органической природы; the genetic code; chemical-structured unit of heredity; tetrahedral and octahedral configuration; Inorganic and organic nature.

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Sharifov A., Subhonov D.K., Shodiev G.G., Boboev T.S.
Using coal ash of Fon-Yaghnob deposit ascomposition of filler material from gypsum cementing
In this article the results of study of composition property gypsum with filler material from coal ash of Fon-Yaghnob deposit are presents. The content of ash in gypsum up to 20 % reduces the normal consistency of the test in keeping time of setting, thereby increases the strength and water resistance of gypsum composition.

Key words: строительный гипс; наполнитель; зола; нормальная густота; схватывание; прочность; водопоглощение; gypsum plaster; filler material; ash; normal consistency; setting; strength; water absorption.

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Safiev H., Kabirov Sh.O., Azizov B.S., Ruziev J.R., Safiev A.H., Shukurova Z.T.
Formulation and production technology coating-refining flux aluminum casting
The results of research on the development of the formulation and production technology coating-refining flux for transporting molten aluminum and aluminum castings with industrial waste containing sodium and calcium chlorides, which comes in the form of variable composition of precipitation in the natural evaporation of the solution sludge fields in summer are presents.

Key words: рафинирование; литьё алюминия; рецептура флюса; производство флюса; покровно-рафинирующий флюс; хлориды натрия и кальция; отходы шламовых полей; refining; cast aluminum; recipe flux; flux production; coating-refining flux; sodium chloride and calcium; waste sludge fields.

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Latifov U.H.
Tectonic structure of the Afhan-Tajik depression
In this article the idea of the tectonic structure of the Afghan-Tajik depression all her features and lithologic-stratigraphic correlation of these tectonic features is describes.

Key words: депрессия; долина; структура; элемент; depression; valley; structure; element.

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Saydaminov H.H., Maniyazova N.A., Atoev M.H., Abdullaev A.
Content of green pigments on legumes in condition soil drought
In this article the experimental data about the effect of soil drought on the content of the green pigments in leaves of different types of legumes are present. It is shown that the content of chlorophyll a and b in all studied plants, from the phase of stem formation increases, but in the phase of fruiting, the pigment content is sharply reduced. In drought condition content of green pigments is markedly reduced. This is both due to chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b . These changes were more noticeable in mung bean plants.

Key words: изменение климата; стресс; почвенная засуха; зелёные пигменты; фазы развития; фасоль; climate change; stress; soil drought; green pigments; development phase; phaseolus.

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Partoev K., Davlyatnazarova Z.B., Aliev K.
Combination of the traditional breeding methods of the potato with modern biotechnology
In the conditions of mountain zone of Tajikistan within 2005-2015 were study potato hybrids and crossings of different varieties. The received hybrids were studied in the net house and in open ground at height 2700 m above sea level. Among hybrids selected valuable genotypes which have interest for selection - genetic works in the future. On the basis of these researches on combination of methods of traditional breeding and biotechnology received new varieties of potato: "Dusti","Fajzabad","Rasht","Tajikistan" and «Academies of Sciences-1» («АN-1»), which on productivity exceed a standard variety "Cardinal" in 20-40%. The new variety of potato "Tajikistan", which planting in different areas of the Republic on the area more than 1500 hectares is especially high-yielding. Features of this new variety unlike other varieties of a potato is tubers containing of 3-5мг / % the three valency iron, that is necessary element for human body.

Key words: картофель; селекция; биотехнология; сорт; семеноводство; Таджикистан; potato; breeding; biothecnology; seed growing; variety; Tajikistan.

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Dodkhoeva M.F., Saburova H.Sh., Olimova L.I.
Factors contributing to the frequency of abdominal pregnancy in the rural area
Authors inform about the results of the research that point to a frequency of abdominal pregnancy and the factors which might cause the development of abdominal pregnancy among investigated patients in the rural area. Following risk factors were indicated: late and pathological menstrual function among adolescent girls, a high frequency of extragenital and genital diseases, prevalence of sexually transmittea infections, using of intrauterine contraception, a high incidence of induced and spontaneous abortion. The authors assume that these factors might have caused the frequency of abdominal pregnancy to increase in the region where this pathology had been observed in isolated cases at the end of last century.

Key words: беременность; внематочная беременность; факторы риска; pregnancy; abdominal pregnancy; risk factors.