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Reports of the National Academy of Sciences
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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 60, №1-2, 2017 г.

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Khokiev D.J.
Estimation of the sum of Dirichlet character values on composite module in the sequence of shifted numbers
Nontrivial estimate was obtained for sums of values of non-principal character c modulo D , generated by the primitive character of c , in the sequence of n - l , x - y < n ≤ x , ( n,q )=1 for and ( l,D )=1.

Key words: нетривиальная оценка; характер Дирихле; сдвинутые числа; короткая сумма характеров; Nontrivial estimation; Dirichlet character; shifted number; short characters sum.

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Jurakhonov O.A.
About the best mean squared approximations entire functions
Exact inequalities type of Jackson-Stechkin between the best mean squared approximations entire functions and the values of modulus of continuity m-th order averaged with weight are received in paper.

Key words: наилучшие приближения; модуль непрерывности; целая функция экспоненциального типа; пространства измеримых функций; неравенства; best approximation; modulus of continuity; space of measurable function; entire functions of exponential type; inequalities.

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Murodov K.N.
About approaching of functions the sums of Fourier-Bessel and value of widths of functional classes
We find the top of the best approximations of certain classes of functions by Fourier sums-Bessel and calculate the exact values of n -widths of these classes of functions.

Key words: функция Бесселя; наилучшие приближения; обобщенный модуль непрерывности; ряд Фурье-Бесселя; Bessel function; the best approximation; generalized modulus of continuity; ranks of Fourier-Bessel.

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Pasenchuk E.A., Sergeeva V.V.
About some spesial class of the two dimensional Toeplitz operators in the Wiener functions
The Wiener space is considered Toeplitz operator on the torus. For one character class to set the properties of non-standard part multiplicative, leading to the construction of regularizes equivalent.

Key words: оператор Теплица; нестандартная мультипликативность; регуляризация; operator Toeplitz ; custom; multiplicative; regularization.

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Usmanov Z.D., Dovudov G.M.
The frequency method to disambiguation of tajik word forms
On the basis of a statistical processing of the text collection , we determine the ambiguity types of Tajik word forms, describe their morphological multiformity, formulate the disambiguation rule, confirm the effectiveness of the frequency method.

Key words: таджикский язык; омонимия; частотный метод; Tajik language; ambiguity; frequency method.

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Bakhtigaraev N.S., Kokhirova G.I., Khamroev U.Kh., Mullo-Abdolov A.S.H., Chazov V.V.
Observations of high earth orbit space objects at the international astronomical observatory Sanglokh
Astrometric and photometric observations of the selected objects of the geostationary region by the telescope Zeiss-1000 of the International Astronomical Observatory Sanglokh (IAOS) of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan were carried out. Their coordinates, brightness and orbital parameters were determined.

Key words: спутник; космический мусор; позиционные наблюдения; фотометрия; блеск; satellite; space debris; coordinates; positional measurements; photometry; brightness.

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Rahimi F., Abdulloev H.O., Maqsudov A.T., Qurbonien M.S.
Solution of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation taking into account self-consistent potentials
In this paper we used algebraic-geometric method for constructing solutions of the vector nonlinear Schrodinger equation with self-consistent potentials given in the form of regular one-soliton solutions.

Key words: фотон; магнон; магнитные кристаллы; photon; magnon; magnetic crystals.

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Sattarov D.A., Muminov Kh.Kh.
Energy states of the single-molecule magnet accounting quadrupole moment at the SU(3) coherent states approach
In this paper energy states of the single-molecule magnet are calculated under the consideration of a quadrupole magnetic moment using SU(3) coherent states approach, the relief of the energy surface depending on values of parameters of single-ion anisotropy, i. e. spin and quadruple exchange, and also the parameters of quadruple dynamics is studied.

Key words: SU(3)-спиновые когерентные состояния; наномагнетики; одномолекулярные магнетики; одноионная анизотропия; квадрупольные взаимодействия; SU(3) spin coherent states; nanomagnets; single-molecule magnets; single-ion anisotropy; quadrupole interactions.

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Khodjakhon M.I., Nazarov B.I., Abdullaev S.F., Karieva R.A.
Minerological compounds of the composition of the dust aerosol on period of dust storms
The composition of the dust aerosol selected as a result of dust storms in the territory of the weather station Ayvadj in 2007-2015 was analyzed. Set high value compounds quartz SiO (44.3%), calcite CaСO (17%), potassium mica KAl([AlSiO](OH,F) (12.8%). The statistical characteristics of detention compounds and calculated correlation coefficients between certain compounds. A significant correlation observed between quartz with albit (r=0.65), clinokhlor with dolomit-2 (r =0.43), quartz with dolomit (r=0.40).

Key words: дифрактометр D2 PHASER; пылевой аэрозоль; пылевая буря; пылевая мгла; difractometer D2 PHASER; dust aerosol; dust storm; dust haze.

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Pulatov M.S., Akramov M.Yu., Nasrullaeva D.Kh., Khakimova N.U., Nazarov K.M., Mirsaidov U.M.
Technological aspects of the synthesis of rare-earth metal borohydrides
In this article the technological aspects of the synthesis of borohydrides of rare earth metals on the basis of the model synthesis through the sodium borohydride and chlorides of rare earth metals are presents.

Key words: хлориды; борогидрид натрия; модельный синтез; редкоземельные металлы; chloride; sodium borohydride; synthesis model; the rare earth metals.

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Azizkulova O.A., Hamidova F.R.
Synthesis and physicochemical study of coordination compounds of molybdenum (V) with 1,2,4-triazoltiolom-5
In a mixture of hydrochloric acid and the synthesized focal identifying molybdenum compound (V) with 1,2,4-triazoltiolom-5, the composition and properties by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy and conductometric are established. It is shown that the ratio of Mo: L 1: 1 and 1: 2 are formed mononuclear coordination compounds containing in their composition different acidoligands. Conductometric studies on the basis of the data found that all the resulting complexes are non-electrolytes. Also it found that 1,2,4-5-triazoltiol ion to molybdenum (V) is coordinated monodentate through the sulfur atom of the thiol group.

Key words: биоактивный элемент; синтез; координационные соединения; 1; 2; 4- триазолтиол-5; молибден (V); монодентатный лиганд; bioactive element; synthesis; coordination compounds; 1; 2; 4-triazoltiol-5; molybdenum (V); monodentate ligand.

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Khalikov D.Kh., Bobodjonova G.N., Gorshkova R.M., Mirzoeva R.S.
About swelling of hydrogels on base of pectin polysuccharides of sunflower baskets in water
There is summarized the result of study about the kinetic of swelling of hydrogels on base of pectin polysaccharide of sunflower baskets (SB) on wide area of changing pH the water solution. в широкой области изменение рН водного раствора. There are presented, also,the results of dividing the hydrogels into soluble and insoluble fractions for each rates of pH and duration of swelling. There is illustrated that in generally, process of swelling the hydrogels is going on neutral areas of pH, on acidic area the parallel reaction of swelling and extrations of Calcium ions from hydrogels matrix’s, and on alkaline areas-swelling and de-etherification. There is calculated rates of constant the swelling depending from pH and made a conclusion about nature of junctions the three-dimensional grid, formation of Calcium ions, hydrogen bonds of hydrophobic the interaction of chains copolymer the galacturonic acid.

Key words: протопектин; пектиновые вещества; корзинка подсолнечника; гидрогель; набухание; кинетика набухания; protopectin; pectin compounds; sunflower baske; hydrogel; swelling; kinetic of swellings.

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Safarova F.R., Obidov Z.R., Bobojonov D.B., Abulhaev V.J., Ganiev I.N.
Anode behaviour of Zn5Al alloy, doped with indium, in the medium of NaCl electrolyte
In this paper the results of potentiodynamical researches of anode behavior of Zn5Al alloy doped with indium, in NaCl electrolyte of various concentration are presented. The showed that alloyed zinc-aluminium alloy indium reduces of corrosion rate of initial Zn5Al alloy in 2-5 times.

Key words: сплав Zn5Al; индий; потенциостатический метод; электролит NaCl; потенциал коррозии; скорость коррозии; анодное поведение; alloy Zn5Al; indium; potentiostatically method; NaCl electrolyte; corrosion potential; corrosion rate; anode behavior.

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Fayziev A.R., Pautov L.A., Safaraliev N.S., Safarov L.J., Mirakov M.A.
Allofan from the scarn-magnetite field Average Kharangon (Central Tajikistan)
In the hypergenic formations of the skarn-magnetite deposit of Middle Kharangon, a mineral of alumina and silica-allophane is found and described.

Key words: аллофан; Средний Харангон; сферолит; минерал; магнетит; allophone; Middle Kharangon; spherulite; mineral; magnetite.

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Bohirova M.K., Niyazmukhamedova M.B., Khakimova R.Sh., Abdullaev Kh.A.
Diurnaland seasonal changes of starch contents in cotton leaves and pedicle of leaves
In this paper the results of analysis of starch contents in the leaves and its pedicle of longstable cotton are present. Is established that the starch contents in cotton leaves and cridle of leaves is regularly changed on the time of day and in the developmental phases of plants. The high starch contents is observed in the morning and in the noon the concentrations of this carbohydrate sharply is decrese. In the second half time of day the starch content repeatedly increase, but it concentration is low than in the morning. In the developmental phases the high concentration of starch observed in the period of plant squaring-flowering.

Key words: тонковолокнистый хлопчатник Gossypium barbadense L; содержание крахмала; лист; черешок лист; longstable cotton Gossypium barbadense L; starch contents; leaves; pedicle of leaves.