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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 60, №3-4, 2017 г.

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Kurbonov I., Saidaliev Kh.P.
About of smoothness of the decisions of the marginal problems (tasks) electromagnet about of bounce forof lumpy ambiences environments
Smoothness of the decision of the equation электромагнитоупругости are Studied (Probed; Learned) in the field of QUOTE . The Proved theorem of existence and единственности specified problemstasks, into space with weight . At proof of the theorem of existence are used characteristic bound by flap and inequality Gronuolla-Bellmana.

Key words: магнитоупругость; пространство с весом ; априорные оценки; неравенство Гронуолла-Беллмана; свойства связанных полей; magnet about of bounce; a space with weight ; an a priori estimations; an inequality Gronuolla-Bellmana; a characteristic bound by flap.

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Shabozova A.A.
Application of curve-fitting to the approximate calculation of curvilinear integrals of the first kind
In this paper are used the results of approximation of curves by broken line for some classes of functions and classes of spatial curves, the estimation of the error of the analogue of the classical quadrature formula of rectangular for the approximate calculation of the curvilinear integrals are calculated.

Key words: кривая; оценка погрешности; квадратурная формула прямоугольника; криволинейный интеграл; curve; error estimate; quadrature formula of rectangular; curvilinear integral.

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Zaripov S.K., Rajabov N.
Solution of one class of first order model partial integro-differential equation with singularity in the kernel
In this work for one class first order model partial integro-differential equation with singularity in the kernel, obtained integral representation manifold solution by arbitrary functions. It was defined the cases when given equation has unique solution. The Property of the received integral representations is investigated. For definition of arbitrary functions it was solved some boundary value problems of type Cauchy.

Key words: модельное интегро-дифференциальное уравнение в частных производных; граничные сингулярные точки; интегральные представления; интегро-дифференциальные операторы; граничные задачи; системы интегро-дифференциальных уравнений; integro-differential equation; boundary singular points; manifold solution; boundary problems; system of integro-differential equation; integro-differential operator.

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Rajabova L.N., Shukurova G.N.
On the theory of symmetric integral equations of Volterra type with singularity and logarithmic singularity in the kernel
In the paper investigated some cases of symmetric integral equations of Volterra type with a singularity and a logarithmic singularity in the kernel. For data of integral equations obtained explicit solutions,containing arbitrary constants. To determine the arbitrary constants are set and solved the Cauchy-type problem.

Key words: интегральные уравнения типа Вольтерра; логарифмическая особенность; произвольные постоянные; задача типа Коши; integral equation of Volterra type; logarithmic singularity; arbitrary constant; Cauchy problem type.

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Kosimov A.A.
Evaluation of unigramm use efficiency for a text identification
Efficiency of N.V.Smirnov's uniformity criterion and his modifier for identification of the author of a text by means of letter unigram frequencies are investigated.

Key words: таджикский язык; униграмма; частотность; статистика; эффективность; Tajik language; unigram; frequency; statistics; efficiency.

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Rahimi F., Abdulloev H.O., Maqsudov A.T., Qurbonien M.S.
One and two-soliton solution of the scalar nonlinear Schrodinger equation with self-consistent potentials
Using algebraic-geometric method for integrating of nonlinear differential equations one and two-soliton solutions SNSE with self-consistent potentials Yajima-Oikawa are obtained and studied. These solitons similarly to the SG breathers have a binding energy. Binding energies are calculated for specific values of the spectral data. Studies have shown that for a given SNSE self-consistent potentials both one-soliton and two-soliton regular solutions exist.

Key words: магнон; магнетик; нелинейные дифференциальные уравнения; magnon; magnetic; nonlinear differential equations.

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Karimov K.S., Akhmedov Kh.M., Ahmed N., Qasuria T.A., Saeed A., Bajwa W.A.
Development and testing of the termoelectric solar hybrid installation
The paper describes a demonstration hybrid thermoelectric solar plant with parabolic concentrator, which consists of forty low-power thermoelectric generators of industrial production (TES1-12710) and built-in water collector. This plant can be used for demonstration and training purposes, as well as a prototype for the research & development and manufacturing of sufficiently powerful installations which could be used in a domestic environment.

Key words: термоэлектрический генератор; коллектор; модуль; напряжение; ток; фил-фактор; солнечная радиация; добротность; эффективность; thermoelectric generator; collector; module; voltage; current; fill-factor; solar irradiance; quality; efficiency.

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Nizomov J.N., Kalandarbekov I., Kalandarbekov I.I.
Spectra seismik vibrations on impact in the form of a given accelerograms
Algorithms and software for numerical solution of problems of the spectrum of reactions to the effects in the form of records accelerograms. Numerical simulation of the spectra of the reactions multibody systems. The spectrum of the reaction is determined by the effect-given accelerograms corresponding to the 9-point earthquake. As a result, the spectra of displacement, velocity and acceleration, as well as internal forces in the sealing of a dynamic model of the console.

Key words: сейсмическая опасность; спектральный метод; спектральный анализ; динамическая модель здания; поэтажный спектр; амплитудный спектр; расчетный спектр; синтезированная акселерограмма; seismic hazard; spectral method; spectral analysis; dynamic model of the building; a floor range; amplitude spectrum; design spectrum; synthesized accelerogram.

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Khalikov D.Kh., Bobodjonova G.N., Gorshkova R.M., Makhkamov H.K.
An influence of reaction rate for hydrolysis-extraction of sunflower baskets at the dynamic mode
There was studied interconnection of dividing the yields and monosaccharide composition the protopectin (PP) of sunflower basket (SB)- microgel (MG) pectin compounds (PC) and oligosaccharides(OS) regarding speed of stream the hydrolyzing solution from 3 to 6 mL/min in direct-flow extraction column at the condition of dynamic mode (DM). There is illustrated that by increasing of speed of stream occurs well-proportionated growth the contents of all components the reaction of decomposition reaction PP-MG, SB and OS. The contents of main components MG and PC are very close inter se, but total content these products depending on flow rate runs up to 20-30 per cents, which it is considerably more than that yields of pectin polysaccharides obtaining by the other conditions of reaction, by statistic conditions(SC). The management of flow rate promotes direct decomposition reaction of PP to predominantly direction of obtaining the MG or PC with high containing remainders the galacturonic acid.

Key words: протопектин; микрогель; пектиновые вещества; корзинка подсолнечника; скорость потока; динамический режим; галактуроновая кислота; protopectin; microgel; pectin compounds; sunflower baskets; flow rate-dynamic mode; galacturonic acid.

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Mirzoev D.Kh., Otaev Sh.D., Khudojkulov M.M., Gaforzoda S.M., Mirsaidov U.M.
Kinetics of chloride acid decomposition of kaolinic clays of Chashma-Sang deposit of Republic of Tajikistan
The kinetics of the hydrochloric acid decomposition of kaolin clay of Chashma-Sang deposit of the Republic of Tajikistan was studied. The numerical value of the activation energy is identified, which was 33.56 kJ/mole for FeO at temperatures from 20 to 40°C, and 17.14 kJ/mole at temperatures from 60 to 98°C and these values indicate that from 20 to 40°С in the mixed area, and depending on 60 to 98°С process proceeding at diffusion area. The apparent activation energy of the process of decomposition of kaolin clay with hydrochloric acid was calculated by the Arrhenius equation, which was 33.84 kJ /mole for AlOat temperatures from 20 to 60°C, and at the temperature range of 80 to 98°C was 30.36 kJ/mole. The numerical value of the activation energy indicates the proceeding of the process in the mixed, close to the diffusion area.

Key words: каолиновая глина; месторождение Чашма-Санг; соляная кислота; кинетика; диффузионная область; смешанная область; kaolin clay of Chashma-Sang; hydrochloric acid; kinetics; diffusion area; mixed area.

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Khojiev S.K., Nazarov Kh.M., Hojiyon M.M., Akhmedov M.Z., Barotov B.B., Pulatov M.S., Mirsaidov I.U.
Processing possibilities of uranium-containing ores of «Central Tajikistan» deposit
The paper presents the results of chemical and mineralogical composition analysis of uranium ores from the “Central Tajikistan”deposit. Analysis of the results showed that the ore is uranium-silicate containing SiO more than 30per cent. Therefore, acidic methods of ore decomposition are recommended.

Key words: переработка; химический анализ; минералогический анализ; урансодержащая руда; processing; chemical analysis; mineralogical analysis; uranium-bearing ore.

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Safarov A.G., Ganiev I.N., Kabutov Q.K., Odinaev F.R., Nurov N., Junaydov B.
Anodic behavior of the Al-Si 8 silumin modified by antimony in nacl electrolyte media
The Anodic behavior of AК-8 alloys of the antimony in NaCl solution media with concentrations of 0.03; 0.3; 3.0% (by weight) is investigated by potentiostatical method. The corrosion-electrochemical characteristics of alloys containing antimony with concentrations of 0.01; 0.05; 0.1; 0.5% (by mass) have been determined. It is shown that the lowest rate of corrosion has Al-Si 8 alloy with antimony content of 0.01-0.3% (by mass) in NaCl media with concentration of 0.03% (by weight).

Key words: силумин АК8; сурьма; потенциостатический метод; коррозия; электрохимические характеристики; анодное поведение; silumin AК-8; antimony; potentio-statical method; corrosion; electrochemical characteristics; anodium behaviour.

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Kholov Sh.E., Unusov N.I., Unusov N.I., Jonmurodov A.S., Nasriddinov A.S.
Modelling of the technological process of pectin from apple pomace
The work deals with the construction of mathematical models of the technological process of pectin in the class model of autoregression of integrated moving average (ARIMA), based on field data. A schematic diagram of the control process of pectin production based on neuro-fuzzy logic algorithms.

Key words: математическая модель; алгоритм; идентификация; пектин; гидролиз-экстракция; объект; звено; система управления; поток масс сырья; mathematical model; algorithm; identification; pectin; hydrolysis-extraction; object; the control system; the flow of feedstock mass.

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Bohirova M.K., Giyasidinov B.B., Khakimova R.Sh., Solieva B.A., Abdullaev Kh.A.
Specific leaf weight of cotton after defoliation
In this paper the results an analysis of specific leaf weight (SLW) of long stable cotton with limit types of stem branching after defoliation are given. Is shown that the man made of defoliation in the squaring phase reduced of SLW in retain upper and lower storey of leaves. In the flowering phase the defoliation cause the increase of SLW upper of leaves SLW, but in the lower of leaves SLW is decrease.

Key words: тонковолокнистый хлопчатник; лист; удельная поверхностная плотность; long stable cotton; leaf; defoliation; specific leaf weight.

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Kobilov Y., Ergashev A., Abdullaev A.
Indices of photosynthetic productivity of wheat plants under soil drought
The effect of long-term soil drought on the dynamics formation of leaf area, dry biomass, SLW (specific leaf weight), LAI (leaf area index) and NAR (net assimilation rate) sorts and varieties of durum wheat was study. The received data shown that long-term soil drought leads to noticeable change.

Key words: пшеница; почвенная засуха; площадь листьев; УПП листа; ИЛП; чистая продуктивность фотосинтеза; wheat; soil drought; leaf area; SSDL; ILS; clear photosynthetic productivity.