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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 61, №1, 2018 г.

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Rakhmonov Z.Kh., Khokiev D.J.
On the estimation of the sum of characters with prime numbers
The non-trivial estimate of the form has been obtained for the sum of the values of non-principal character modulo over the sequence of shifted primes, when if .

Key words: характер Дирихле; сдвинутые простые числа; короткая сумма характеров; тригонометрические суммы с простыми числами; Dirichlet character; shifted primes; short sums of characters; exponential sums over primes.

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Shabozov M.Sh., Yusupov G.A., Palavonov K.K.
Mean-square approximation of periodic functions and values of widths of classes functions in
For differentiable functions belonging to the class received the exact constants in Jackson’s inequalities type containing the averaged values moduli of continuity of the th order Also, for classes of functions defined by the indicated characteristics of smoothness and majorants satisfying some restrictions, exact values of the series of -widths are found.

Key words: неравенства Джексона; усреднённые модули непрерывности; мажоранта; наилучшее приближение; -поперечники; Jackson inequality; averaged moduli of continuity; majorant; best approximation; n-widths.

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Jangibekov G., Eshonqulov A.
Of some class twq-dimtnsional singular integral operators with shift
In the paper some classes of systems of two dimensional singular integral operators with conformal Carleman shift are explored. Necessary and sufficient conditions for Noetherian are found and it is proved that operator has trivial index.

Key words: сингулярные интегральные операторы; символ оператора; нетёровость оператора; индекс оператора; singular integral operators; noetherian operators; the index of operator; operator.

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Busarev V.V., Scherbina M.P., Kokhirova G.I., Khamroev U.Kh., Mullo-Abdolov A.Sh., Barabanov S.I., Irsmambetova T.R., Pavlyuk N.N.
Confirmations of (704) Interamnia’s sublimation activity
Spectrophotometric and photometric (UBVRI) observations of primitive main belt asteroid (704) Interamnia near its perihelion were carried out in three observatories during 2017. The obtained data confirm the systematic sublimation activity of Interamnia near the perihelion which was firstly detected in 2012 [1]. The most likely reasons of this phenomenon can be a significant content of water ice in the asteroid substance and a constant process that maintains a sufficiently high concentration of ice inclusions near its surface, presumably as a result of continuous micrometeorite's processing of the regolith. Sublimation activity of Interamnia and, possibly, majority of primitive main belt asteroids near the perihelion, points to a formation of such bodies close to the boundary of condensation of water ice and/or outside it.

Key words: спектрофотометрия; UBVRI-фотометрия; астероид; спектр отражения; минералогия; ледяные включения; реголит; сублимация; водяной лёд; spectrophotometry; UBVRI-photometry; asteroid; reflectance spectra; mineralogy; ice inclusions; regolith; sublimation; water ice.

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Abdulov Kh.Sh., Tuichiev L., Tuichiev Sh.
To a conclusion of the equations of Shimanouchi and Mizushima
Using invariancy of distance between atoms in a helical chain of polymer, the conclusion of the equations of Shimanouchi and Mizusihma is given.

Key words: естественные координаты; параметры спиральной цепи; период идентичности; спиральная цепь; уравнения Симаноути и Мидзусимы; internal coordinates; parametres of a helical chain; the identity period; a helical chain; the equations of Shimanouchi and Mizusihma.

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Nizomov J.N., Kalandarbekov I.K., Kalandarbekov I.I.
Numerical simulation of seismic-isolated buildings with dry friction
Algorithms and programs for the numerical solution of dynamic problems with dry friction have been developed using the example of a system with one degree of freedom under various external influences. The mathematical model is implemented on test examples; the obtained results are compared with analytical solutions.

Key words: сила кулонов трения; мертвая зона; динамический коэффициент; приближенное решение; численное решение; тестовая задача; friction force of coulombs; dead zone; dynamic coefficient; approximate solution; numerical solution; test problem.

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Sherova Z.U., Ishmatov A.B., Dzhonmurodov A.S., Usmanova S.R., Muhidinov Z.K.
Comparative analysis of sericin extacted by water and salt solutions
The results of the sericin extraction using water and salt solutions from the not recycled silk waste of the cocoon reeling factories of the Republic of Tajikistan with purpose to obtain a sericin powder preserving its initial properties for future use as an effective adhesive when sizing yarns are given.

Key words: серицин; кокон; экстракция; конформация; ИК-Фурье спектры; sericin; cocoon; extraction; conformation; FT-IR spectra.

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Qurbonova H.R., Safiev A.H., Rafiev R.S., Ruziev J.R., Safiev H.
Physicо-chemical and tecnological basics of processing coal ash waste aluminum from Tajikistan
In this paper the results of a study in co-processing of coal ash Tajikistan with the components of the waste slurry field of alumina production specialnim way are presents. Sintering blend mode is set to receive cryolite alumina concentrate and alumina which can be used as a secondary raw material in the production of aluminum also the technological processes is an environmental and economic walsoorden.

Key words: производство алюминия; глинозём; зола углей; золошлак; криолит-глинозёмный концентрат; the production of aluminum; glinazym; ash coals; bottom ash waste; cryolite-glinazym concentrate.

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Majidi M.
To the researches of physical-chemical properties of lead castings, obtained at the impact of microseisms
The results of researches of some physical-chemical properties of the lead castings, obtained at the microseisms’ impact environments and separation from ones, is brought out. It’s found out that microhardness and strength to moderate stretch of the castings, obtained at the elevated level of microseisms vibrations, are about 15% at an average lower. The specific electric resistivity of the castings oxide layers, obtained at the isolation from microseisms, turned up 2 times higher, than ones without isolation.

Key words: вибрация; микросейсм; отливки свинца; микротвёрдость; прочность на растяжение; vibration; microseism; lead castings; microhardness; strength limit.

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Najibullohi R., Rakhmonov A.D.
Experimental investigation of concrete constructions armored of non-metallic composite armature
The article presents the results of analysis of investigations of road plate’s prototypes. A relationship between the magnitudes of the moment-deflection in experimental plates with different types of reinforcement has been established.

Key words: базальтопластиковые стержни; тяжелый бетон; водонепроницаемость; морозостойкость; basalt-plastic rods; heavy concrete; water resistance and frost resistance.

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Khakimov F.R.
Environmental features lady bird () in conditions of the Southwest Tajikistan
The data about environmental features lady bird Adonia variegate in conditions of the South-West Tajikistan is provides. Set what this form in conditions this region in flow guide develops in three generation.

Key words: кокцинеллиды; божьи коровки; поколения; Юго-Западный Таджикистан; изменчивая коровка; beetles ladybugs; coccinellids; generation; South-West of Tajikistan; Adonia variegata.

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Saidaminov H.H., Abdullaev A., Maniyazova N.A., Safarov Y.S., Atoev M.H.
Yield and quality of grain of various kinds of beans in conditions of soil drought
In this article the experimental data about effect of soil drought on crop structure and on the biochemical composition of seeds are present. It is established that drought affected on crop structure, significant differences in the following features: length and mass of the pod, the number of seeds in the pod, the weight of seeds from one pod and the absolute mass 1000 pcs seeds. In optimal regime of soil moisture and under conditions of drought, the Phaseolus vulgaris L. had noticeable advantage in comparison with the Phaseolus coccineus L. It is shown that drought reduces the protein content and increases the oil content of seeds.

Key words: почвенная засуха; фасоль; семена; протеин и масличность; soil drought; beans; seeds; protein and oil content.

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Imomzoda A.Z., Narziloev M.S.
Determination of antimicrobial activity of extracts from leaves and other outer bodies of plants usma
The influence of juice and glucoside solutions of the indicator and alkaloids of the quinolysidin group isolated from freshly picked leaves, the infusion of usma ( Isatis tinctoria L.) prepared from dried leaves and other aerial plant organs on the antimicrobial activity of test strains of test cultures was prepared. The results of the study of the effect of juice and solutions of the glucoside indicator and alkaloids of the quinolizidine group (in terms of tryptanitrin), as well as infusions obtained from leaves and other aerial organs of plants, on the test strains used, confirm the pronounced antimicrobial and fungistatic activity, which can be explained by the presence In their composition a whole complex of active antifungal and antimicrobial (phenolic compounds and glycosides).

Key words: растение усьма; глюкозид индикан; алкалоиды; штаммы; тест-культуры; антимикробная активность; антифунгальная активность; plant usma; glucoside indikan; alkaloids; strains; test cultures; antimicrobial activity; antifungal activity.

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Sharofova M.U., Numonov S.R., Shabanov P.D., Nuraliev Y.N.
Study of the antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of the roots of steph. Growing in Tajikistan
In this study, the total content of polyphenols and flavonoids in various extracts of (aqueous, hydroalcoholic) root parts of Geranium collinum Steph., grown in Tajikistan is determined. The high antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of the studied plant was proved.

Key words: герань холмовая (Geranium collinum Steph.); РТР-1В; альфа-глюкозидаза; полифенолы; флавоноиды; Geranium collinum Steph; RTR-1B; alpha-glucosidase; polyphenols; flavonoids.

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Olimova F.Z., Dodkhoeva M.F.
Severe preeclampsiа: pregnancy, childbirth and perinatal outcomes
The results of а study have shown that the majority of patients with severe preeclampsia were at a young and active reproductive age, nulliparous, most patients were diagnosed with two or more foci of chronic infections on the background of anemia, kidney disease, thyroid gland. Induction of labor to prevent the transition of severe preeclampsia to more severe forms of hypertensive disorders and the birth of premature infants contributed to a high incidence of perinatal pathology. These factors indicate the necessity of conducting pregravid preparation and an active and high-quality observation in early pregnancy in the target groups for the prevention of hypertensive complications.

Key words: преэклампсия; беременность; перинатальные исходы; preeclampsia; pregnancy; perinatal outcomes.