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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 61, №4, 2018 г.

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Saidusaynov M.S.
Meansquared approximation of functions in the weighted bergman space and the values of -widths for functional classes
In the paper the values of n -widths for the classes of functions, where the derivatives of m th order of analytic functions in a disk belong to the weighted Bergman space and whose norm are less than one were calculated.

Key words: пространство Бергмана; весовая функция; наилучшее приближения; n-поперечник; Bergman space; weighted function; the best approximation; n-width.

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Ismati M., Ismatov T.N.
Solvability of mixed problems for the equation of sound propagation in viscous gas
In this paper, solvability of the classical solution of first and second mixed problems for the equation of sound propagation in viscous gas is proven and behavior of classical solution for large time intervals is found.

Key words: уравнение распространения звука в вязком газе; разрешимость смешанных задач; equation of sound propagation in viscous gas; first and second mixed problems; solvability.

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Rajabova L.N., Khushvakhtov M.B.
The theory of two-dimensional integral equations of Volterra type with weakly singular and a singular line on the strip
The two-dimensional Volterra-type integral equation with a special and weakly-special line on the strip is investigated. In the case where the parameters of the equation are not connected, the solution of the integral equation is sought in the form of a power series. Depending on the sign of the equation parameters, the solution of the integral equation may contain an arbitrary constant or be unique .

Key words: интегральное уравнение; особая линия; слабо-особая линия; обобщенный степенной ряд; integral equation; special line; strong-special line; generalized power series.

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Kokhirova G.I., Babadzhanov P.B., Khamroev U.Kh., Faizov Sh.B., Latipov M.N.
Dynamical properties of presumed meteorite-dropping meteoroids by observations of the Tajikistan fireball network
The results of studying the observational data of 25 fireballs photographed by the Tajikistan fireball network in 2006-2011 and classified as potentially meteorite-producing are presented. These fireballs, supposedly, could be terminated by the dropping of meteorites with masses from 1 to 100 g. The data on fireballs trajectories, velocities, orbits, brightness and preatmospheric masses of meteoroids are given and strong correlation between them is found. It is shown that the main influx of meteorite-dropping meteoroids into the Earth’s atmosphere is providing by the bodies of asteroidal origin. However, possibly, some meteorites may originate from bodies having comet-like orbits, and, very likely, of a cometary nature.

Key words: болид; метеоритообразующий метеороид; метеорит; абсолютный блеск; внеатмосферная масса; атмосферная траектория; высота; внеатмосферная скорость; радиант; орбита; fireball; meteorite producing meteoroid; meteorite; absolute magnitude; preatmospheric mass; atmospheric trajectory; height; preatmospheric velocity; radiant; orbit.

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Sharofova M.U., Sagdieva Sh.S., Abdulloev S.F., Maslov V.A., Rahimi F., Mirshahi M.
To the question of the content of transition elements in plant srtuctures
This work demonstrates the presence of the first series of transition elements with atomic numbers from 22 to 29 found in plants of Tajikistan. Plants collected from different regions of the Republic of Tajikistan can adsorb transition elements from the surface of the earth, regardless of area of their growth. Appropriate plants can be used for bioremediation of the soil and air.

Key words: переходные элементы; растения; биоремедиация; transition elements; plants; bioremediation.

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Gafurov S.J., Istamov F.Kh., Boboev T.B.
The influence of the length of wave of UV light on kinetics photodestruction of the polystyrene
The effect of preliminary UV irradiation with light with wavelengths λ=254 nm and λ=365 nm on the tensile strength, molecular weight, the number of bond discontinuities and the kinetics of accumulation of oxygen-containing terminal groups of polystyrene was studied. It is shown that for a single absorbed dose of radiation, the quantum yield of photodestruction of polystyrene under the action of light with a wavelength λ=254 nm is twice as high as that of light with λ=365 nm.

Key words: полистирол; фотодестукция; УФ-свет; молекулярная масса; квантовый выход; polystyrene; photodestructiоn; UV light; the molecular weight; quantum yield.

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Akhmedov Kh.M., Saliev M.A., Juraev E.
Calculation of parameters of autonomous solar electric station for country house
The results of the calculation of the parameters of an autonomous solar power station (ASPS) based on a two-stage daily load chart of the station are given, taking into account the nominal power and operating time of typical household appliances installed in a country house with a daily energy consumption of 4.8 kWh.

Key words: солнечная электрическая станция; фотоэлектрический модуль; инвертор; аккумуляторная батарея; мощность; выработка энергии; solar power station; photoelectric module; inventor; controller; accumulating battery; power; energy.

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Kobuliev Z.V., Demchuk I.M., Azizov F.R., Stolyarenko G.S.
Development of alternative technology of the processes of wastewater treatment of production of mineral fertilizers
A method has been developed for the utilization of ammonia and carbamide from nitrogen containing effluents, produces chemical fertilizers, which allows to reduce cost of production and water resources.

Key words: очистка воды; минеральные удобрения; гидразин; азотсодержащие стоки; температура синтеза; утилизация; water purification; chemical fertilizers; hydrazine; nitrogen containing effluents; temperature of synthesis; utilization.

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Mabatkadamzoda K.S., Kudratulloev E.K., Sodatdinova A.S.
Complex formation of silver (I) with thyopirin at temperatures 278-318 K
The process of complex formation of silver (I) with thiopyrine at temperatures of 278-318 K by a potentiometric method was studied. It is established that silver connects three molecules of thiopyrin. The thermodynamic functions of the formation of the silver complex with thiopyrine are calculated and their effects on the depth of the complexation reaction are shown.

Key words: серебро (I); тиопирин; комплексообразование; термодинамическая функция; константа устойчивости; silver (I); thiopyrine; complexation; thermodynamic function; stability constant.

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Hojiev S.K., Nazarov Kh.M., Bakhronov S.M., Mirsaidov U.
Kinetics of leaching of uranium ores of the «Central Tajikistan» deposit
The kinetics of decomposition of uranium-bearing ores of the Central Tajikistan deposit has been studied. The numerical value of the activation energy, which was 2,5 kJ/ mol,is determined and indicates the course of the process in the diffusion region.

Key words: кинетика; выщелачивание; урановая руда; серная кислота; энергия активации; kinetics; leaching; uranium ore; sulfuric acid; activation energy.

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Pulotov P.R., Norova M.T., Eshov B.B., Ganiev I.N.
Research effect of scandium and lanthanum on electrochemical corrosion of AMg3 alloy
The results of a potentiostatic study of the AMg3 alloy doped with scandium and lanthanum in an NaCl electrolyte of various concentrations are presented. It is shown that doping of the AMg3 alloy of the REM reduces the corrosion rate of the initial alloy by a factor of 1.4.

Key words: сплав AМг3; скандий; лантан; потенциостатический метод; электролит NaCl; потенциал свободной коррозии; скорость коррозии; AMg3; alloy-scandium; lanthanum; potentiostatic method; electrolyte NaCl; potential of free corrosion; corrosion rate.

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Fayziev A.R., Pautov L.A., Safaraliev N.S., Yatimov U.A., Khodjimatov N.X.
Gibbsite of the gold deposits of the Burgundians (Northern Tajikistan)
Gibbsite gold deposits of the Burgundians formed from low-temperature hydrothermal fluids with characteristic elements impurities Cu, S, Si and F.

Key words: гиббсит; Бургунда; минерал; известняк; доломит; фтор; gibbsite; Burgunda; mineral; limestone; dolomite; fluorine.

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Fozilov Dj.N., Alidodov B.A.
Quality and technical characteristics of certain coal deposits Darvoz coal district
Fossil Darvoz corners of the region in terms of quality and the physical and technical properties can be used as an energy household fuel, and taking into account the chemical composition of the research results, technological parameters, to extract rare metals, synthesis gas, coke and others.

Key words: влага; влажность; химический состав; метаморфизированность; вулканогенный выход; летучие вещества углей; humidity; analytical quality; metamorphised; volcanic; out; flying; vesche fossil fuels.

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Dadoboyeva M.B., Khakimova R.Sh., Sattorov B.N., Bohirova M.K., Gulov S.M., Abdullaev Kh.A.
The content of photosynthetic pigments in citrus plants, growing in overland limon house conditions in Norht Tajikistan
In this paper the results of quantitative analysis of leaf pigment system components in citrus plants, growing under overland limonhouse conditions are presents.The tendency increase of chlorophyll contents from top leaves to lower leaves is revealed. It is astablished that under the small lighting conditions of owerland limonhouse the lower leaves of citrus plants have a higher contents of photosynthetic pigments than upper and middle leaves. The maximum of chlorophyll contents to give for him a possilility vorked in lower intensity of light.

Key words: цитрусовые; лимон; апельсин; мандарин; содержание хлорофилла; наземные лимонарии; citrus plants; limon; orange; mandarine; chlorophyll contents; overland limonhouse.

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Kobilov Y., Ergashev A., Abdullaev A., Jumaev B.
Influence of soil drought on the incorporation of C in photosynthesis products of the polyploidy form durum wheats
The effect of soil drought (45-50%) and optimal water supply (75-80%) on the incorporation of C in photosynthesis products of the polyploidy form durum wheat are studied. It is shown that soil drought has a significant effect on the metabolism of C in photosynthesis and, depending from polyploidy, some distinctive features are observed.

Key words: почвенная засуха; пшеница; плоидность; включение C; продукты фотосинтеза; soil drought; wheat; polyploidy; incorporation of C; photosynthesis products.