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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 61, №6, 2018 г.

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Exact constants in direct and inverse theorems in the Bergman space
In this paper the exact constants in the direct and inverse theorems of the analytic approximation theory on a unit circle of functions of a complex algebraic polynomials in Bergman space were found.

Key words: exact constants in forward and inverse theorems; best approximation; complex algebraic polynomials; Bergman space.

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Safarov D.S., Odinabekov Kh.V.
On the solution of the mixed problem for one class of generalized quasilinear metaparabolic systems of Burgers type equations
In this paper, for a generalized quasilinear metaparabolic system, an equation of the form is found for a regular solution of the mixed problem in the class of functions bounded in and doubly periodic with periods with respect to the variable z.

Key words: doubly periodic solution; metaparabolic systems of equations; regular solution.

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Jangibekov G., Arabzoda K.
The obvious decision of two dimensional integral equations
In this paper the obvious decision of two dimensional integral equations in the spaces with a weight and the integral is understood in the sens of the Cauchy principial value and special sens are presents.

Key words: singular integral operators; noetherian operators; Fourier series; Fourier coefficients.

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Usmanov Z.D.
On the problem of automatic understanding of sense to the consonantal writing
Within the boundaries of applying the N-gram mathematical model, we offer an approach to the study of predisposition" or "unsuitability" of natural language with consonant vocal alphabet to using the consonant form of writing.

Key words: consonant writing; meaning; mathematical model.

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Kokhirova G.I., Babadzhanov P.B., Khamroev U.H., Faizov Sh.B., Latipov M.N.
Physical properties of presumed meteorite-dropping meteoroids by observations of the Tajikistan fireball network
A study of the observational data of 25 fireballs photographed by the Tajikistan fireball network in 2006-2011 and classified as potentially meteorite-producing is continued. The data on meteoroids physical properties: light curves and features of luminosity, photometric masses and densities of meteoroids are given. Initial masses range from 120 g to 13 kg, terminal photometric masses lie in the interval from 1 to 100 g and these fireballs, supposedly, could be terminated by the dropping of meteorites with this mass range. Correlations between some dynamical and physical properties are shown. According to the empirical criterion of end heights all fireballs belong to I and II fireballs groups and, consequently, were produced by the meteoroids consisting of chondrites which relate to the asteroidal material. High density of five meteoroids with comet-like orbits belonging to the known meteor showers is not typical for cometary bodies. It is concluded that the main influx of meteorite-dropping meteoroids into the Earths atmosphere is providing by the bodies of asteroidal origin, however, possibly, some meteorites may originate from bodies having comet-like orbits, and, very likely, of a cometary nature.

Key words: fireball; meteorite producing meteoroid; meteorite; absolute magnitude; preatmospheric mass; height; density.

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Rahimi F., Abdulloev H.O., Qurboniyon М.
Solving nonlinear equations taking into account various interaction forces
We study the solution of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation together with the system of hydrodynamic equations. The combined solution of the hydrodynamic equations leads to a specific case of a different mode, forces due to a pressure gradient, and soliton solutions are obtained for different modes.

Key words: soliton; nonlinearity; dispersion; dynamic solitons; topological solitons; localization; gradient.

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Tsoy V.E., Shermatov D., Abdullaev Kh.M., Shugorev V.N., Kadyrov R.T., Shaimov E.J.
Application bundle technologies in lengthy twisted products
Possibility of manufacturing of the lengthy twisted product characterised by raised breaking strength (in comparison with known similar products from traditional materials), with use of bundle technology and the physical modification of structure of a material is shown.

Key words: twisted products; lengthy elements; multielement structures; physical modification; breaking strength; durability.

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Marupov R.M., Abdullaev S.F., Khaidarov K.Kh., Bobizoda G.M., Shukurov T., Jalilov J.N.
The content of heavy metals for eight medicinal plants most widely common in the territory of Tajikistan is studied. In the samples of medicinal plants, vanadium is not detected. Very high concentrations of zinc in the samples of medicinal plants were found. Perhaps this is due to the properties of the soil or the ability of medicinal plants to absorb zinc from the soil and atmosphere. High values of the total biogenic index were found for titanium, copper and cobalt but for strontium, nickel, iron, manganese and chromium this index is below 1.

Key words: medicinal plants; heavy metals; biogenic; biological absorption; X-ray fluorescent method.

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Homidov I., Valiev J., Karimov Kh.S., Akhmedov Kh.M.
Volatile memory element on the base of gallium arsenic and carbon nanotubes composite
Volatile memory element on the base of gallium arsenic and carbon nanotubes was studied. As electrodes Cu films were used. In the I-V characteristics the memory effect was observed. In the result the device switches from a high- to a low-conductivity states. This element can be used in electronics and in formation systems.

Key words: volatile compolent; element of memory; composite; gallium arsenide; carbon nanotubes; semiconductor.

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Samikhov Sh.R., Mahmudov H.A.
The results of researches on the thiourea leaching of gold and silver from the cakes of autoclave oxidization of concentrates of ore of deposit of Ikkigelon are presented. It is shown that to the thiourea leaching from all foods of autoclave oxidization the degree of extraction of gold is arrived at to 90,5%.

Key words: autoclave processes are leaching; leaching; deposit; auriferous concentrate; durations of leaching; degree of extraction.

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Odinaeva N.B., Ganiev I.N., Obidov Z.R., Safarova F.R., Maqsudov M.
In this paper the results of research kinetic the high-temperature oxidation of Zn+0.5% Al alloy, doped with gallium, in a firm condition are presents. It is shown that additives of gallium within 0.01-0.05 wt.% slightly increase oxidability of an initial alloy, and products of oxidation of alloys are oxides ZnO, AlO and GaO.

Key words: Zn+0.5% Al alloy; doped; gallium; thermo gravimetrical method; high-temperature oxidation; speed of oxidation; energy of activation.

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Saidov А.S., Baklushinskaya I.Yu., Matveevskiy S.N., Saidov К.Kh., Nabiev L.S., Murodov S.Т., Lyapunova Е.А., Bogdanov А.S.
Diagnosis, distribution and molecular genetic variability of the alay mole-vole Ellobius alaicus - a new species of fauna of the Republic of Tajikistan
For the first time the presence of the species of Alay mole vole Ellobius alaicus (Rodentia, Cricetidae) in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan was revealed. Analysis of the variability of nucleotide sequences of the fragment of mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b gene of three species of the genus Ellobius mole voles has allowed to affiliate mole voles, which inhabit valleys of the Kyzyl-Su and Muksu rivers (Pamir-Alay), as the Alay mole vole.

Key words: fauna; mole voles; cytochrome b gene.

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Odilbekov K., Sultonnazarov A., Navruzbekov M.O., Aknazarov O.A.
Daily and season dynamics of transpiration intensity of Salvia officinalis L. and leaves in West Pamir conditions
In this article the ration of investigations in transpiration intensity of leaves of local and introductory kinds of medicine plants were grown in the conditions of Pamir Botanical Garden is shown. It was investigated daily and season dynamics of water evaporation of leaves on different phases of vegetation.

Key words: intensity of transpiration; phenological observations; the evaporation of water.

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Usmanova О.V., Usmanov Т.P.
Phenological analysis and phenogenesis of recombinations from crossing of morphological mutant cla with chlorophyll mutant flavi of a.thaliana
In this article the results of genetic analysis of the phenotypes within the hybrid progeny in the Fgeneration, based on a combination of variability after crossing mutants cla with flavi are presents. It is shown that when combining the morphological mutant cla with flavi mutants, which determine chlorophyll insufficiency and developmental depression, new plants appear with a mutation (fas gene) in the form of stems and fruits fasciations, that exceed the wild type Col and mutant flavi by all quantitative characters and fecundity.

Key words: arabidopsis; mutants; crossing; combinative variability; recombination; fasciation; fecundity.