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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 61, №11-12, 2018 г.

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Khasanov Yu.Kh., Talbakov F.M.
About absolute convergence of Fourier series of almost periodic functions of Besicovitch
In this paper the question of absolute convergence of Fourier series of almost-periodic functions in the sense of Bezikovich in the case when Fourier indices have a single limit point in infinity are investigated. The continuity module is used as a structural characteristic of the considered function.

Key words: almost periodic functions of Besicovitch; Fourier series; spectrum functions; Fourier coefficients; Fourier exponents; modulus of continuity.

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Muhamadiev E.M., Sharifzoda Z.I., Nurov I.J.
Periodic solutions of nonelinear differential equation depending on parameter
In this article the existence of periodic solutions of nonlinear system equations with a small parameter is considered. The conditions for the existence of periodic solutions are found, which significantly expand the range of applicability of the small parameter for L.S. Pontryagin method.

Key words: the differential equation; periodical; sign variability; homotopy; the rotation of completely continuous vector field.

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Karimov O.Kh.
On coercive solvability the Schrodinger equation in a Hilbert space
In this paper we obtain conditions for the separation of the Schrodinger equation and establish the corresponding coercivity inequalities in space L(R). On the basis of separability and coercive estimates, the solvability of the Schrodinger equation is studied.

Key words: Schrodinger operator; coercive estimates; separability; Hilbert spaces.

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Abdulvokhidi О.
Double-periodic solutions of one class of second order nonlinear elliptic on the plane
In the paper, for a class of second-order nonlinear elliptic systems on the plane, we find generalized double-periodic solutions with given poles using the Weierstrass elliptic functions.

Key words: double-periodic function; analytic function; elliptic function; generalized double-periodic solution; Weierstrass zeta- function; cyclic constants.

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Rustamov G.Z.
About the hybrid method of automatic representation of the tajik word form in persian graphical letter systems
A program of studies of regularities has been outlined on the basic of the developed conceptual model underlying the correction of grammatical errors, made in the formal conversion of Tajik words form in Persian graphical letter systems from the same word forms specified in Cyrillic.

Key words: language; Tajik; Persian; graphics; conversion.

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Chazov V.V., Kokhirova G.I., Bakhtigaraev N.S., Khamroev U.Kh., Mullo-Abdolov A.Sh.
Investigation of motion and brightness variations of the space debris using observations at the Sanglokh observatory
Investigations of space debris at the International Astronomical Observatory Sanglokh (IAOS) of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan were developed in 2018. Two sets of observations of space debris objects were carried out. The coordinates, brightness, orbital elements and features of rotation were calculated. Estimations of the precision of determination of the position, orbital elements and a prediction of the motion are given.

Key words: space debris; positional observations; photometry; brightness; prediction of motion; features of rotation; area-to-mass ratio.

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Nizomov J.N., Kalandarbekov I.I., Kalandarbekov I.K.
Investigation of dynamic parameters of the building model under harmonic foundation
The paper considers the numerical solution of the dynamic problem "platform-model building." The results of the numerical solution of the test problem are obtained. A computer program was developed and the results of numerical simulation of the "platform-building model" system were obtained. An algorithm for calculating by the eigenfunction expansion method is also given.

Key words: damping matrix; stiffness matrix; acceleration; compliance matrix; vibration load; vibroplatform.

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Soliev L., Jumaev M.T., Varkhaeva A., Muzafarova D.
Solubility in the system Na,Са||SO,НСО-HO at 0°С temperature
In this paper the investigation of solubility at invariant points in the system Na,Са||SO,НСО-HO at 0°С is present. The solubility diagram of the title system is modeled according to the evidences obtained.

Key words: solubility; system; sodium; calcium; sulfate; bicarbonate; diagram.

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Nurov K.B., Juraev T.J., Jalalov Sh.A., Toshev M.T.
Application of the thenory of the regular solutions to determine the thermodynamic properties of alloys of the system Cu-Se
In this paper the thermodynamic properties of the components from the constructed state diagram of the immiscible Cu-Se system are calculated in the approximation of the theory of regular solutions are calculated.

Key words: copper; selenium; state diagram; thermodynamic properties; delamination; activity and Gibbs free energy.

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Ikrami M.B., Turaeva G.N., Mirzorahimov K.K.
Some kinetic parameters for the inhibitory activities of natural phenolic compounds
In this article the results of a study of inhibiting action of phenolic compounds isolated from purple Basil leaves by extraction with water are presents. The procedure of the model reaction, the calculated reaction rate and the reaction rate constant without the addition of extract in the presence of an extract containing phenolic compounds.

Key words: phenolic compounds; antioxidant activity; reaction order; reaction rate; constant reaction rate.

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Naimov N.A., Suyarov Q.J., Aminjoni G., Boboev H.E., Salimova P.T., Safiev H.
Thermodynamics of process of processing kaolin clays of Tajikistan by sulfatization method
In this article the results of the thermodynamic parameters of the process of processing of kaolin clays by sulfatization are presents. To determine the possibility of chemical reactions during the interaction of minerals of the kaolin clay with sulfuric acid in the temperature range 323-573, it was carried out a thermodynamic calculation of the change of Gibbs free energy and the calculation of the constants of the equilibrium reactions. Also, for the reactions occurring during the processing of kaolin clays with sulfuric acid, the enthalpy values according to the Kirchhoff equation were calculated. Comparison of dependences of change of heat capacity and enthalpy of reaction on temperature, testifies to similarity of value of two compared thermodynamic sizes. As a result of the calculations of the thermodynamic values of the reactions under study at different temperatures, it was found that in the process of sulfatization of the Gibbs energy value is negative.

Key words: kaolin clays; alumina; sulfatization; aluminum sulfate; aluminum hydroxide; Gibbs energy; enthalpy; heat capacity.

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Muhabatov K.M., Safaraliev N.S., Fayziev A.R.
On the chemical composition of some self-colored minerals of Pamir
In this article, according to the electron probe method of analysis, the chemical composition of tourmaline, ruby, spinel, clinohumite, cordierite and scapolite is given.

Key words: self-color minerals; ruby; spinel; clinohumite; cordierite; scapolite; chemical composition.

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Fayziev F.A.
Structural and geological types of endogenous silver and silver-containing deposits of Tajikistan
In this article the features of the placement of silver objects in Tajikistan are discussed. Among these deposits, five formations are distinguished: carbonate, carbonate-terrigenous, intrusive, effusive, and contact-metasomatic. It is noted that of the 114 deposits and occurrences, the most favorable conditions for the localization of mineralization are carbonate-terrigenous (33) and effusive (29) formations. Intrusive (26), carbonate (18) and contact-metasomatic (8) formations are less favorable for mineralization.

Key words: structure; ore field; deposits; silver; formation; rock; faults; folded faults.

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Rahimov M.M., Niyazmukhamedova M.B.
Photosynthesis and the content of plastid pigments of the flag leaf of wheat grown in the conditions of bogara
In this article the results of works on intensity of apparent photosynthesis (IF) and the contents of pigments (a chlorophyll, carotenoids) in a flag leaf of the local and introduced sorts of wheat is grown in bogara conditions are discussed. It is shown that the contents of pigments in local variety Zafar and Huroson increased on early phases of plants development, and in the introduced sorts Kupava the contents of pigments increased in a phase of dairy ripeness. It is established that on the IF maximum values and on a daily average indicator of IF in a blossoming phase, wheat grades used in experiences, reliable do not differ from each other.

Key words: wheat; flag leaf; intensity of photosynthesis; plastid pigments; process of vegetation; bogara.

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Olimova F.Z., Tsoy V.Y., Dodkhoeva M.F., Uzakova U.D., Abdullaeva R.A.
Outcomes of pregnancy and childbirth with moderate and severe preeclampsia in different regions of Tajikistan
The analysis shows that in different regions of Tajikistan the determining risk factors for moderate and severe preeclampsia are the same. The meanings are early and late reproductive age, high body mass index, kidney disease. The adverse perinatal outcome for preeclampsia is determined by the duration of high blood pressure, the level of proteinuria. Equally important is the quality of the services provided and the degree of qualification of medical workers.

Key words: pregnancy; childbirth; severe preeclampsia; proteinuria; perinatal outcomes.