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Доклады Академии наук Республики Таджикистан, том 62, №05-06, 2019 г.

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Mirzorahimov Sh.Kh., Негматова Г.Д., Karimov R.A.
The distribution of Jacobi symbol values in a sequence of shifted primes
The law of distribution of the Jacobi symbol value in short sequences of shifted prime numbers is obtained in the paper.

Key words: shifted primes; Jacobi symbol; short sums of characters.

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Azamov A.Z., Nazrubloev N.N.
The new estimation of the short exponential Weyl's sum in minor arcs
In minor arcs we obtained the estimation of the short exponential Weyl's sum of the following form which will be non-trivial for , where - is some absolute positive constant.

Key words: short weyl exponential sum; minor arcs; divisor function; diophantine equation.

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Shabozov M.Sh., Murodov K.N.
On exact inequalities at the approximation of double sums Fourier-Bessel
The article deals with the problem of approximating the differentiable functions of two variables by «circular» amounts Fourier-Bessel in a Hilbert space with weight . Row of exact inequalities are obtained for the differentiable functions between the best approximations of successive derivatives and the best approximations of the highest derivative, as well as between and the generalized modulus of -th order, where is the differential operator of second order Bessel.

Key words: Bessel function; the best approximation; generalized shift operator; double Fourier-Bessel series; generalized modulus of continuity k-th order.

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Azizov M., Mukhlis A.
Restoration of solution the Neyman's edge task of information about boundary function
In this paper the Neyman's edge task of given information about boundary function was solved.

Key words: reconstruction; coding; Neyman's edge task; boundary function; optimal approximation.

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Nurubloev M.
On a multidimensional non-strongly elliptic system of higher-order differentional equations
A higher-order elliptic system in the four-dimensional space is considered in the paper and it is shown that the Dirichlet problem for the system has infinitely many solutions. A correct problem for the system in a half-space is posed and it is investigated.

Key words: boundary value problem; iteration; polyharmonicity; non-strongly elliptic system.

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Kokhirova G.I., Ivanova О.V., Rakhmatullaeva F.Dzh
Outburst activity of asteroid Don Quixote by observations in the Sanglokh observatory
The results of the multi-color optical observations of asteroid (3552) Don Quixote, performed at the Sanglokh observatory in July 2018 are presented. The apparent and absolute brightness of the asteroid in the VRI filters was determined. Analysis of the asteroid light curves showed a significant change in brightness - from 11.5 to 13.1 absolute magnitudes during the observation period. Such a significant change in brightness indicates an asteroid outburst; therefore, we have registered its activity, confirming the comet origin of the object. The color indices according to our observations correspond to the values for the nuclei of extinct comets and D-type asteroids. Estimates of the effective diameter of the asteroid from observations 10 days after the outburst are in good agreement with the available data. It was shown that object very likely is an extinct cometary nucleus.

Key words: asteroid; observations; photometry; light curve; outburst; activity; diameter.

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Rahimi F., Abdulloev Kh.O., Devonakulov Sh.A., Rahmonov S.S.
Soliton solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau equation with cubic nonlinearity
The presented work explores the complex equation of Ginsburg-Landau, which plays a very important role in science, manifesting in many sections of physics. Within the Ginsburg-Landau equation, the behavior of dissipative solitons, which are possible as a result of interaction between linear and non-linear amplification, i.e. pulse-like solitons, has been studied. On the other side of the Ginsburg-Landau equation is an important model for describing processes in optically transmitting systems with filtration.

Key words: optical properties; nonlinearity; dispersion; beams; intensity; stationary regime; dissipative solitons; linearity; superconductivity.

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Salikhov T.Kh., Davlatjonova Sh.K., Rakhmonov R.K.
The temporal behavior of the transfer functions of the first and second sounds in the superfluid solution Не-Не with free boundary
A numerical calculation of the temporal profile of the transfer functionsof the first and second sounds in a superfluid solution of - which excited by a laser beam and thermal mechanism has been done. It is established that for short pulses of a beam, the temporal distribution of OA pulses consists of two exponential curves with a transition region of width - the pulse duration of the incident beam; for long pulses of the incident beam, the distribution form is a curve with a smoothlyminimum and maximum.

Key words: optoacoustic; superfluid solution; thermal mechanism; second sound; transfer functions.

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Azamov Sh.O., Mirzoev D.Kh., Mirsaidov U.M.
Water-sulfuric acid decomposition of Ziddi argillites with preliminary sintering with sodium hydroxide
In this paper the two-stage aqueous-sulfuric acid decomposition of argillites of the Ziddi deposit with preliminary sintering with sodium hydroxide was studied.The mechanism of the decomposition of sinter with sulfuric acid was revealed, and optimal conditions of the process were established.

Key words: argillites; water-sulfuric acid decomposition; sintering; sodium hydroxide.

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Shuhratzoda M., Rajabov U.R., Yusupov I.KH., Kozikhonov A.U.
Synthesis of coordination connection of silver (I) with metronidazol and its research by the method of spin labels
Coordination compounds of silver (I) with metronidazole were synthesized. The physicochemical properties of the synthesized coordination compounds were studied. The spin dependence of these complexes was studied using the spin label method. It has been established that the change in the parameters of the EPR spectra and the rotational mobility of the spin labels at room temperature depends on the concentration of the samples under study, that is, as the concentration decreases, the signal begins to fade.

Key words: coordination compounds; silver (I); metronidazole; nitroxyl radical; EPR spectra.

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Gaibullaeva Z.H., Nasimov G.T.
Full-factorial planning of the process of hydrometallurgical extraction of lead from the galenite-containing concentrates from koni mansur (Tajikistan) deposit
In this article the process of hydrometallurgical extraction of lead from galena-containing concentrates from the Koni Mansur deposit (Tajikistan) in a solution of nitric acid is examined. The obtained experimental data were analyzed using the full-factorial experimental method of calculation and using the statistical software Minitab 15.0.

Key words: lead; concentrate; hydrometallurgical method; leaching; ecology.

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Ahmadshoev I.Sh., Moukhamediev N.P., Safiev A.H., Rafiev R.S., Ruziev J.R., Safiev H.
Physical and chemical aspects of technology production casting flux
In this work the results of studies on the development of technology for the production of flux based on industrial waste are present. The optimal composition of the charge was established, including: waste - 80%, fluorite concentrate - 10% and aluminum fluoride - 10% temperature, the melting of which amounted to 710°С, and also has a coating-refining property with respect to primary aluminum. The results of the pilot industrial

Key words: flux; industrial waste; slag; fluorite concentrate; aluminum fluoride; environmental indicators.

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Mirakov M.A., Pautov L.A., Shodibekov M.A., Fayziev A.R.
Herzenbergit SnS from miarolic granite pegmatite road, Cukurt, Eastern Pamir
For the first time in the Eastern Pamirs, herzenbergite was found in the granitic pegmatites of Kukurta. It deserves special attention, since the findings of the mineral in granite pegmatites in the world are rare.

Key words: herzenbergite; mineral; Kukurt; granite pegmatite; fluorapatite; fluorite; polycraz (Y); manganocolumbite; pyrochlore; cassiterite.

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Kurbonov Sh.A., Samikhov Sh.R., Toshov F.M., Solieva B.A., Abdullaev Kh.A.
Action of superphosphate, produced from phosphorites of the Rivat deposit on morphophysiological parametrs and technological quality fiber in cotton
In the study found that by adding superphosphate to the soil with a PO content of 13-18% obtained from Rivat deposits, it positively affects on morphophysiological and photosynthetic parameters and technological qualities of cotton fiber. It was found that as a result of the application of phosphate fertilizers obtained from Rivat deposits, increases the main stem (1.5 times), the total leaf surface (1.78-1.85 times), the number of formed fruit organs (1.95-2.28 times), and the number of buds, flowers and ripened bolls with comparison to control plants of cotton.

Key words: cotton; phosphate rock raw materials; superphosphate; morpophysioloqical patterns; distribution of assimilates; biological and economic harvest; technological properties of fiber.

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Boymurodov J.S., Abdullaev S.F.
Phytochemical peculiarities of the species of elecampane (Inula macrophylla, Inula rhizocephala) growing in the conditions of the Southern slope of the Hissar range
Тhe content of heavy metals for two species of elecampane: Incas macrophylla (IM) and Inula rhizocephala (IR) growing in the Southern part of Hissar ridge is studied. Analyses of the content of heavy metals in the composition of various organs of both species revealed that in IR leaves, the Ni content was 3.3 times, Co - 1.97 and Zn - 1.13 times more than in IM, in the flowers IR As - 8.2 times, Ni - 1.53 and FeO- 1.2 times more than in IM and in the roots of IR Co-1.6 times more than in IM. Estimates show that IM has more lead in leaves - 1.4 times, cobalt in flowers - 1.7 times and nickel roots 3.25 times, zinc - 1.5 and iron - 1.3 times more than in IR. The vegetative organs of the two studied species of elecampane contain the same amount of TiO(0.33%). The remaining heavy metals are contained in both types of elecampane at almost the same level. Cobalt in the soil of these zones is not detected.

Key words: elecampane; heavy metals; biogenicity; biological absorption; X-ray fluorescence method.

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Kurbonov K.M., Nazirboev K.R., Daminova N.M.
Surgical treatment of tumors left half of the colon, complicated by intestinal obstruction
The analysis of the results of complex diagnostics and surgical treatment of 84 patients with cancer of the left half of the colon, complicated by obstruction, is given. To select the most pathogenetic-based treatment method, patients were divided into 2 groups. In the first (control) group, 39 (46.4%) patients were included, whose treatment followed general surgical tactics. In the second (main) group, 45 (53.6%) patients were included, for the treatment of which they were used in the first stage of minimally invasive decompressive interventions and followed by radical surgery. Postoperative complications in patients of the main group were observed in 8 cases with 3 fatal outcomes, while in patients of the control group, postoperative complications were noted in 17 (20.2%) patients with 8 deaths

Key words: colon cancer; left half; obstruction; radical intervention.

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Gulmurodov T.G., Odil S., Yuldoshev H., Burhonov Sh.Sh.
Direct revascularization of the myocardium at the working heart in patients with ischemic heart disease
In this article the results of coronary bypass surgery of 208 patients with coronary heart disease is analyzed. A comparative assessment found that coronary artery bypass surgery on a working heart compared with operations on-pump is accompanied by less frequent of mortality and serious complications due to the elimination of the negative effects of on-pump and decreasing injury of operation. The safety and efficiency of direct myocardial revascularization on a working heart in patients with coronary artery disease, with high operational risk is confirmed.

Key words: coronary heart disease; coronary artery bypass surgery; on-pump; postoperative Injuries.