of Academy of Sciences
of the Republic of Tajikistan

News of the Academy of Sciences
of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Chief Editor - Prof. Muhiba YAKUBOVA, Doctor of Biology

Deputy Chief Editor - Prof. Abdusator SAIDOV, Doctor of Biology

Mrs. Albina SAPOZHNIKOVA - executive Secretary

Editorial Board:

Prof. Khamidjon ABDULLAEV, Doctor of Biology;

Prof. Oghonazar AKNAZAROV, Doctor of Biology;

Prof. Toshpulod GULMURODOV, Doctor of Medicine;

Prof. Hikmat HISORIEV, Doctor of Biology;

Dovutsho NAVRUZSHOEV, Doctor of Biology;

Prof. Ghiyosiddin MIROJOV, Doctor of Medicine;

Prof. Bobo SANGINOV, Doctor of Agriculture;

Prof. Makhmadi SARDOROV, Doctor of Agriculture.