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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №1, 2013 г.

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Sadikov H.H.
Archovniks as one of dominants wood vegetation of the cover of river basin Iskander
In article the general characteristic archovniks pool of the river of Iskander located in the centre of Kuhistansky district of Mountain Central Asia between Zeravshansky and Gissarsky ridges is given.

Ключевые слова: бассейн реки Искандер; фитоценотипы; ассоциации; арчовники; охрана; river basin Iskander; fitocenotips; associations; archovniks; protection.

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Pokivaylov A.A., Nazarova Sh.D., Khayrov K.S.
Eсological features of biodiversity orthopterous insects (Orthoptera) Southwest of Tajikistan
Distribution and diversity of Orthoptera insects in southwestern Tajikistan in the plains than in the mountains above. Center of diversity is located in the south Vahsh Kafirnigan valleys and associated with flat belt and is limited to elevations ranging from 300 to 600 m above sea level.

Ключевые слова: прямокрылые; Юго-Западный Таджикистан; биоразнообразие; экологические особенности; Orthoptera; of Southwest Tajikistan; ecological characteristics; biodiversity.

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Alibaeva M.M.
Degree of use of the pabular base of fishes of the Kajrakkum reservoir
In article for the first time in the conditions of the Kajrakkum reservoir growth rate of fishes, caloric content of food components of fishes, average weight of fish and degree use of a forage reserve of fishes – food spectra of a food of fishes is resulted specific.

Ключевые слова: Кайраккумское водохранилище; средний вес рыб; спектр питания; удельная скорость роста; калорийность пищи; Rayrakkum reservoir; average weight of fishes; a food spectrum of a food; specific growth rate; caloricity of food.

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Habirov Z., Kadamov D., Amirkulov Kh., Mirzoev N., Iskandarov F.
In the article is brought information about the results of conducted laboratory and field tests on application of some species of larvivorous and bio-larvicidal fish AQUABAC 200G against mosquitoes. It was determined that in Tajikistan, in rice fields, including Gambusia fish some of marketable fish like Crucian Carp and Carp can be used against mosquitoes larvae. Also was determined that effectiveness of bio-larvicidal granules AQUABAC 200G against to mosquito larvae is really high and its duration activity is 2-7 days.

Ключевые слова: кровососущие комары; биологические методы борьбы; рыбы-ларвифаги; гамбузия; карп; карась; быстрянка; mosquitoes; biological methods; larvivorous fish; Gambusia; Cyprinus carpio carpio.

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Kobilov Y., Ergashev A., Abdullaev A., Rustamov A.
Water exchange of the durum wheat leaves in condition of the soil drought
The article deals with the influence of soil drought (45-50%) and optimal water supply (75-80%) on the parameter of water exchange of the leaves of the two kinds of durum wheat like Sham and President. It was proved that soil drought as an extremal climate factor exerted substantial influence on process of water exchange of wheat’s kind leaves. The analyses of received dates proved that the kind of Sham is characterized more stable water cycle then the President kind.

Ключевые слова: пшеница; почвенная засуха; транспирация; водоудерживающая способность; водный дефицит; wheat; soil drought; transpiration; water keeping ability; water deficit.

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Kiyomova Z.S., Davlyatnazarova Z.B., Shukurova M.Kh., Ashurov S.Ch., Aliev K.A.
Activity superoxiddismutase at differently-tolerant plants-regenerantion of the potato in the conditions of salt stress
Studied influence of salinity stress on accumulation of active form of oxygen and activity of superoxiddismuatase on potatoes of different genotype tolerance. Shown, that in the chloroplasts of salt-tolerant genotypes have sufficient amount of NADP for neutralization of photosystem’s I electrones (PS I), but in the chloroplasts and mitochondrias of salt-sensitive genotype observed deficiency of NADP, causing accumulation of big amounts of active forms of oxygen (AFO) under stress conditions. Revealed that stability mechanism of potato plant-regenerant to salt stress first of all is related to accumulation in cells of definite pool of SOD, located in different compartments of cell (chloroplasts, mitochondria, cytoplasm), providing “slaking” of active oxygen forms.

Ключевые слова: картофель; растения–регенеранты; никотин-амидаденин-динуклеотидфосфат (НАДФ); активные формы кислорода (АФК); супероксиддисмутаза (СОД); солевой стресс; хлоропласты; митохондрии; potato; plant-regenerant; nicotine-amidadenin-dinukleotidfosfat (NADP); active form of oxygen (AFO); superoxiddismutase (SOD); salt stress; chloroplasts; mitochondria.

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Partoev K., Naimov A., Melikov K., Aliev K.
In the conditions of a mountain zone of Tajikistan as a result of the spent intraspecific hybridization are received of potato ( Solanum tuberosum L.) new hybrids (F ). Display of same characters of some useful signs of hybrids as weight of one tuber, quantity of tubers on a plant and efficiency at hybrids in the first and the second tubers generations (F C ) is established. The received hybrids of potato represent the big interest for the further studying and selection of valuable genotypes in selection process.

Ключевые слова: картофель; селекция; гибриды; продуктивность; Таджикистан; potato; breeding; hybrids; productivity; Tajikistan.

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Olimov N.Kh., Jumaeva M.J., Mavlonov B. N., Vohidov Kh.R., Juraev SH.M., Zainyddinov O.A., Mukhiddinov Kh.Kh.
Сhance of making prognosis of life threated arrythmias and risks of MI among the patients with postinfaction cardiosclerosis and silent form of IHD
The authors have been shown a new technique of definition of fractal organization of system relation extra cardiac regulation and forecasting of sudden death and acute myocardial infarction among the patients with postIM and silent IHD. This method gives chance to analyses sympathic and parasympathic regulation of cardiac rhythm and the central level of extracardiac regulation. Based to this method it is possible to identify patients who is more affected by arrhythmias and acute MI.

Ключевые слова: постинфарктный кардиосклероз; безболевая ишемия миокарда; экстракардиальная регуляция; аритмия; инфаркт миокарда; postinfarction cardio sclerosis and silent IHD; extra cardiac regulation; arrhythmias and acute MI.

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Sultanov Dj.D., Avgonov U.M., Abduzhabbarov A.A., Azizov A.A., Saidov M.S.
The combined operations at the venous trophic ulcer
In article results of inspection and treatment 71 patients with chronic venous insufficiency (HVN) the bottom extremities, become complicated trophic ulcers are analysed. Etiologichesky factors of a trophic ulcer at 39 patients was varikoznaja illness, and at 32 - posttromboticheskaja illness of the bottom extremities. 57 patients had open ulcers (С a class), and at 17 - the begun to live ulcers (С a class). Ultrasonic methods of diagnostics study(investigate) venous haemodynamics and the factors supporting(maintaining) regionarnuju a venous hypertensia are revealed. The way of operation directed on isolation of an ulcer from pritekajushchih of veins under an ulcer and decrease regionarnoj to a venous hypertensia is developed. By the patient have been executed various korrigirujushchie venous haemodynamics of operation in a combination with issecheniem pritekajushchih veins under an ulcer. After operation all ulcers have begun to live. The remote results have shown high efficiency of the developed way of operation on issecheniju pritekajushchih veins under an ulcer.

Ключевые слова: хроническая венозная недостаточность; трофическая язва; хирургическое лечение; chronic venous insufficiency; a trophic ulcer; surgical treatment.

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Donaeva Z.O.
Small pelvic varicose veins: etiopathogenesis, clinic, diagnostic, treatment
The paper describes the state-of-the-art of small pelvic varicose veins (SPVV) in women. Describes the basic of moments the etiology, pathogenesis and modern classification of SPVV. All currently available diagnostic methods and treatments are presented.

Ключевые слова: синдром венозного полнокровия малого таза; варикоз яичниковых вен; трансвагинальное дуплексное сканирование; pelvic congestion syndrome; ovarian varices; transvaginal duplex scanning.

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Nazarov F.N., Ahmedov A.A., Gulmuradov T.G.
History and problems endovideosurgery in Tajikistan (review)
In the literature review describes the history and problems of endovideosurgery in Tajikistan. The advantages, disadvantages, and organizational problems Assisted Surgery Technology in abdominal surgery.

Ключевые слова: эндовидеохирургия; история науки; организация; проблемы; endovideosurgery; history; organization; problem.