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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №1, 2014 г.

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Manilova E.A., Shakhmatov G.N., Saidov A.S.
Academician Evgeny Nikanorovich Pavlovsky is founder of parasitology in Tajikistan
In the article the creative way of academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR, honorary academician of the Academy of Scienses of Tajikistan E.N.Pavlovsky is described. The basic developed scientific directions of parasitology by E.N.Pavlovsky are expounded. The role E.N.Pavlovsky as the founder of Parasitology in Tajikistan and the current status of parasitological researches on the main directions of parasitology based on the studies of E.N.Pavlovsky is described.

Ключевые слова: Е.Н.Павловский; научная деятельность; паразитоценозы; природная очаговость болезней; кровососущие членистоногие; простейшие; гельминты; E.N.Pavlovsky; scientific effort; naturalnidality; blood arthropods; protozoa; helmint.

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Astashenkov A.Yu., Boboev I.A.
Characteristics of shot formation Benth. ( ) in the Pamirs
The article covers results of research on characteristics of shoot formation Nepeta longibracteata of conditions in the Western Pamirs. It was determined that ontomorphogenesis of Nepeta longibracteata individuals can follow some paths of development: primary shoot → primary bush; primary shoot →sympodial axis→primary bush. Traumatic particulation leads to the formation particul. Described structural and morphological structure of individual shoots.

Ключевые слова: морфогенез; побегообразование; Памир; Nepeta longibracteata; morphogenesis; shoot formation; Pamirs.

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Sharifov F.O., Boboev M.T.
Introduction of some species of Tratt. in Kulob Botanic Garden
The characteristics and phenology of introduction of five species of the genus Juno Tratt. in the Kulob Botanic Garden, of which two species are listed as rare and endangered in the Red Data Book of Tajikistan

Ключевые слова: род Juno Tratt; интродукция; фенология; Кулябский ботанический сад; genus Juno Tratt; introduction; phenology; Kulob Botanic Garden.

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Razikov Sh.Sh., Manilova E.A., Khudoydodov B.I.
Strongylyatosis sheep and goats in the foothill zone of Tajikistan
Strongylyatosis sheep and goats are common in all natural zones especially in the foothill zone and expressed epizootic danger. In this case sheep and goats can be infected all year being on pastures .

Ключевые слова: овцы; козы; тронгиляты; фауна; распространение; Республика Таджикистан; sheep; goats; strongylata; fauna; spread; Republic of Tajikistan.

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Rasulov A.Kh., Karimov G.N.
The marketable fishes of Kairakkum lake and sustainable of use their resources
On the basis of the long-term received results the condition estimated state of ichthyofauna and dynamics of number of populations of marketable fishes of the Kairakkum lake and also are discussed the reasons of dishoarding and a way of reproduction of population of valuable species of fishes.

Ключевые слова: ихтиофауна; возраст рыб; линейно-весовой рост; нерестовый период; сеголетки; браконьерство; отшнурованные озёра; створ; насосные станции; ichthyofauna; age of fishes; linear and weighting of growth; spawning season; young of the current year; poaching; isolated lakes; target; рumping stations.

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Shohzoda Abdulkuddus, Sattorov T.
Materials for the ecology and distribution of turkestan clawed gecko ( Strauch, 1887) in the Hissar valley of Tajikistan
The paper held information on the description, biology, ecology, distribution and conservation of turkestan clawed gecko Cyrtopоdion fedtschenkoi in Hissar valley and its adjacent areas.

Ключевые слова: туркестанский тонкопалый геккон; Cyrtopоdion fedtschenkoi; распространение; экология; активность; размножение; Гиссарская долина; turkestan clawed gecko; Cyrtopоdion fedtschenkoi; distribution; ecology; activity; reproduction; Hissar valley.

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Saidov K.Kh.
Plants components in the feed of caucasian rock agama ( Eichwald, 1831) in the Dashtijum reserve
In article are represente data about 9 species feeding plants Caucasian Rock Agama in Dashtijum reserve and its neighboring area.

Ключевые слова: кавказская агама; питание; растительные компоненты; экскременты; Даштиджумский заповедник; Caucasian Rock Agama; feeding; plant components; excrements; Dashtijum reserve.

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Abdulnazarov A.G., Kvartalnov P.V.
Brahmini starlings (Sturnus pagodarum Gmelin, 1789) new species of fauna Tajikistan
In the following article information about the Brahminy Starlings which found in Vakhon valley of south-east of Tajikistan. The last year’s researches and observations show that this bird is very rare in Vakhon Valley of Tajikistan and it sometimes put nest and calve.

Ключевые слова: браминский скворец; Ваханская долина; тополинная роща; Зумудг; Намадгут; обыкновенный скворец; Vakhon; Brahminy Starlings; Zmudg; Namdgut; Sumdjin; Rin; Sturnus vulgaris; poplar grove.

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Rustamov A., Ergashev A., Abdullaev A.
Water exchange of soft wheat in a prolonged soil drought
It is shown that the total water content in the leaves of wheat varieties examined under soil drought as compared to the embodiment of "watering" is reduced by 5-10%. On the background of water-holding capacity of soil drought leaves studied cultivars in the tillering phase is markedly increased, and vice versa booting phase decreases. The transpiration of leaves in varieties Golokoloska in conditions of drought decreased almost twice, and the cultivar Galgalos about three times. In the phase of booting cultivar Golokoloska real water deficit in the embodiment of "drought" has reached 17.5%, against 12.4% for irrigation, cultivar Galgalos it was 18.5 and 12%, and 21.7 and 12.6%, respectively.

Ключевые слова: пшеница; засуха; водообмен; содержание воды; водоудерживающая способность; транспирация; водный дефицит; wheat; drought; water exchange; water content; water retention; transpiration; water deficit.

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Yakubova M.M., Yuldoshev H.Y., Khamidov K.H.
The effect ion of acceptors centre’s to the indicators of assimilation of photosintes CO in the types of the lines of cotton
In the article, showed the process of the apparatus of photosinthesis for not enoughing photoaissimilatyes during cutting acceptors centre’s and protect. The result of analyzing define, the motion of assimilates from leaf and reaction connected to the changes of the process of producting of karbogidrate and different types of not being in one from.

Ключевые слова: фотосинтез; транспорт ассимилятов; защитный механизм; сахароза; крахмал; photosintes; transport; protecting mechanism; sucrose; chrakhmal.

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Khodzimatov M., Navruzshoeva G.Kh.
Value cow parsnip Bunge in the economy
Cow parsnip wild plants used in various industries (traditional medicine, animal husbandry, perfumes, chemicals and others).

Ключевые слова: борщевик Лемана; медицина; Heracleum lehmannianum; medicine.

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Yakubova M.M., Usmanova O.V., Saidmuradov Sh.D.
The mutual influence of mutant genes on productivity of grown in model phytocenoses in the high mountains
The article presents scientific results on influence of genotype and environmental conditions on productivity of A.thaliana , grown in model phytocenoses at high altitudes. Differences in the rate of reaction of original and mutant forms on environmental factors that determine seed productivity of plants was detected. The results showed that the competitiveness of mutant plants A.thaliana in model phytocenoses genotype and ecological conditions of cultivation have significant impact.

Ключевые слова: арабидопсис; мутанты; генотип; модельный фитоценоз; конкурентоспособность; продуктивность; Arabidopsis mutant; genotype; model phytocoenoses; competitiveness; productivity.

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Artikova T.K., Ismailov K.I.
Assessment of physical serviceability and reaction of cardiac and vascular system at children with vegeto-vascular dystonia by carrying out the PWC170 test
The technique of carrying out a loading test of PWC 170 is presented in article at children with vegetative dystonia. It is noted that at children of this group different types of reaction of cardiovascular system depending on type of vegeto-vascular dystonia are observed. Also at studied patients low values of the carried-out test are revealed. Carrying out the PWC test to 170 children with vegetative frustration allows to give an assessment to adaptation and adaptive mechanisms of an organism against this pathology.

Ключевые слова: вегето-сосудистая дистония; тест PWC170; кардио-респираторная система; vegeto-vascular dystonia; PWC170 test; cardio-respiratory system.

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Mirojov G.K., Dustov A., Kurbanov B.A., Rajabova N.I.
Current features latent viral infection “B” (review of the state of virus)
The problem of latent viral infection in a clinical importance, since the pathogenic mechanisms, diagnostic methods are possible, its prevalence has not been clarified. There is still no clear guidance on criteria for antiviral therapy of latent viral infection of B.

Ключевые слова: скрытая инфекция; вирус В; JgM-анти HBcAg; hepatitis B virus; latent infection in the risk factors; IgM anti-HBc-PCR.

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Linnik S.A., Nazarov H.N., Romashov P.P., Kharutin A.S., Khromov A.A., Kalimulina A.F., Musoev D.S.
Traumatic and postoperative osteomyelitis with combined and multiple injuries of the lower extremities
Due to a large number of septic complications during surgery on the musculoskeletal system, we decided to study the causes leading to the development of chronic osteomyelitis and to develop measures to prevent them, as well as a comprehensive treatment of chronic traumatic and postoperative osteomyelitis with the basic principles. Delayed and immediate results of treatment were studied in 850 patients. Positive results were obtained 89.7%. Good outcomes were achieved in 65%, 24.7% satisfactory. In 10.3% of patients resistant recovery despite treatment not come.

Ключевые слова: травматическая болезнь; сочетанная травма; травматический остеомиелит; послеоперационный остеомиелит; traumatic disease; concomitant injury; traumatic osteomyelitis; postoperative osteomyelitis.

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Mirzoev S.Z., Zubaydov R.N., Saidov Yo.U., Makhmudov Kh.R., Khalilova D.A.
Complex clinic and laboratory evaluation of effectiveness of methotrexate use and intensive care course in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Results of learning the use effectiveness of peroral and parenteral methotrexate and intensive care course in rheumatoid arthritis patients have been analyzed and evaluated in the article. It is stated that combined use of parenteral methotrexate and intensive care course («pulse - care») in most patients control the clinical course and induce clinical remission condition.

Ключевые слова: ревматоидный артрит; метотрексат; интенсивная терапи; rheumatoid arthritis; methotrexate; intensive care.

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