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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №1, 2015 г.

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Rahimov S., Rahmonov H.
Ontogeny monocarpic escape M. Pimen
Studied ontogeny monocarpic escape ferule Tajiks. It was established that monocarpic escape is generally polycyclic polurozetic. Tajik’s ferule develop two types of annual shoot - vegetative rosette in pregenerative period and generative polurozetic in a flowering year.

Ключевые слова: Ferula tadshikorum; онтогенез; побегообразование; типы побегов; ontogeny; monocarpic; types of escapes.

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Dustov N.Sh., Aknazarov O.
Area of growing of Mill. in Western Pamir conditions
The area of growth of P. vulgaris in the Western Pamirs сonditions. The map-scheme of the place of growth of a peach in various high areas of the Western Pamirs are presented in this article. Form diversity of this culture is established.The conclusion is that of the 48 forms of 14 forms with valuable economic-useful signs should be implemented in practice gardening.

Ключевые слова: персик; ареал; формовое разнообразие; перспективные формы; Западный Памир; a peach; area of growing; the form diversity; perspective forms; of the Western Pamir.

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Iskandarov F.M., Habirov Z.
Geographic spreading and landscape distribution of bloodsucking midges in Tajikistan
The paper presents the results of long-term research on the fauna and spreading of bloodsucking midges of Tajikistan (48 species), marked faunal complexes indicating the species composition of each district.

Ключевые слова: кровососущие мокрецы; фауна пустынь Северного, Южного Таджикистана; Гиссаро-Дарваз; Западный Памир; bloodsucking midges; fauna of the deserts of Northern and Southern Tajikistan; Hissar Darwaz; Western Pamir.

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Manilova E.A., Razikov Sh.Sh., Kamolov N.S.
Distribution of ticks in Tajikistan
Data on distribution of ticks Argas persicus in various regions of Tajikistan are presented. Degrees invasion they of hens and poultry-farming premises, result the morphological description of ticks.

Ключевые слова: аргасовые клещи; персидский клещ; куры; распространение; Argas ticks; the Persian ticks; hens; distribution.

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Khayrov K.S.
The ecological features some species of locusts (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in biocenosis of the South-West of Tajikistan end Gissar valley
This article describes the features of ecology economically important species locusts Locusta migratoria L., Dosiostaurus maroccanus Thnb., Calliptamus italicus L., presents data on their numbers and distribution in South-Western of Tajikistan and Gissar valley.

Ключевые слова: Таджикистан; саранчовые; перелётная саранча; мароккская саранча; итальянский прус; экологические условия; численность; стация; биотоп; Tajikistan; locusts; migratory locust; moroccan locust; italian locust; ecological conditions; number; station being; biotope.

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Nabiev L.S., Saidov A.S., Saidov K.Kh.
The daily activity of porcupine ( Kerr, 1792) in Tajikistan
In the article are represented data about daily activity of porcupine ( Hystrix indica Kerr, 1792) in south-western part of the Darvaz range.

Ключевые слова: дикобраз; суточная активность; экология; фотоловушка; porcupine; daily activity; ecology; camera trapping.

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Davlaytova D.M., Niayzmyhamedova M.B., Berdiev D., Rahimov M.M.
Photosynthetic pigments in halophytes plants in the reserve “Tigrovaya balka”
In this article the results of analysis of the content of photosynthetic pigments in the various organs of halophytes in the growing season are presents. It is shown that, since April, when vegetation is well developed the content of photosynthetic pigments remained at a relatively high level until the middle of summer, and in the midst of a drought the contents of pigments decreases, then the end of August due to the reduction in air temperature, again there is some rise in chlorophyll content а and b.

Ключевые слова: растения; галофиты; содержание пигментов; заповедник «Тигровая балка»; plants; halophytes; pigment content; reserve "Tigrovaya balka".

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Ganizoda V.A., Khamrabaeva Z.M., Eshonova Z.Sh., Yakubova M.M.
Morpho-physiological features of different genotypes of cotton
The given article presents the results of conducted research on growth and development characteristics, content and ratio of pigments in the leaves at the promising cotton varieties in ontogeny. In the learned forms of cotton varieties in ontogeny found differences in the rate of growth and development, precocity, productivity, as well as on the content of green and yellow pigments that indicates their genotypic features. These indicators can be served as tests to identify the promising cotton varieties.

Ключевые слова: хлопчатник; фотосинтез; рост; развитие; пигменты; онтогенез; генотип; cotton; photosynthesis; growth; development; pigments; ontogeny; genotype.

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Yakubova M.M., Usmanova O.V., Saidmuradov Sh.D., Solehzod B.A.
Mutual influence of ecology, genotype and coenosis on competitiveness of in model populations
The article presents the results of researches on the mutual influence of environmental conditions, genotype and cenosis - the factors that determining the competitiveness of the Arabidopsis plants ( Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh.), on the growth of the five mutant lines and two initial races in artificial plant communities. It is shown that the variation of quantitative traits in the studied lines and competitiveness expressed seed production between natural races and their mutants, among themselves in the model plant communities depends on the genotype, environment, and these changes are caused by thecenoticinteraction.

Ключевые слова: арабидопсис; мутанты; модельный фитоценоз; конкурентоспособность; продуктивность; Arabidopsis; mutants; a model phytocoenosis; competitiveness; productivity.

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Faizulloeva M.M., Khafizov A., Bobiev G.M.
Results of application of thymofer at treatment of anemias at children
There are resulted results of application of thymofer at treatment anemia at children. It is shown that application of thymofer promoted maintenance increase of content eritrocytes and haemoglobin at treatment of an anaemia at children, and the greatest positive influence of thymofer has rendered at heavy and extremely-heavy degree of an anaemia.

Ключевые слова: анемия; иммуномодулирующий препарат; тимофер; an anaemia; immunomodulating preparation; thymofer.

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Buzrukova N.D., Saidmuradova R.H., Mahkamov K.K., Olimova F.K.
Some aspects of aganesia developments defect of newborn
The article presents of the conducted research testify that such teratogenic factors like diffuse goiter of a pregnant woman, virus infections at the earlier terms of pregnancy and family marriage of women affect the formation of the congenital development defect. Frequently met anomalies like congenital malformation of the heart, chromosomal aberration (Down's disease) and complex multiple anomalies of development. Conducted researches proved that the basic prophylactic events on decreasing of child birth with development defects and improvement of pregnant women's health should be directed on advancement of diagnostic technologies and consideration of medical-social problems of pregnant women. Upon delivery of newborn with development defects it is necessary to optimize the ways of providing assistance and further rehabilitation of a child to reduce the mortality rate, morbidity and further disability.

Ключевые слова: плод; новорожденный; врожденные пороки развития; факторы риска; антенатальная профилактика; fetus; newborn; defect evolution; risks factor; prophylactic.

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Ishankulova D.M., Mirodzhov G.K.
Refractory forms of gastroesophageal reflux disease: modern features of overcoming resistance
Analysis of the current state of the problem of refractory form of gastroesophageal reflux disease (RFGERD) will highlight the main aspects of this problem. The reasons of the lack of clinical effect in the treatment of patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) associated with the patient, and causes associated with therapy. Refractory forms of GERD characterized by a significant reduction in the quality of life of the patient, the high incidence of Barrett's esophagus, which serves background for the formation of esophageal cancer.

Ключевые слова: рефрактерная гастроэзофагиальная рефлюксная болезнь; ингибиторы протонной помпы; рефлюктат; грыжа пищеводного отверстия диафрагмы; refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease; proton pump inhibitors; reflyuktata; hiatal hernia.

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Mirodjov G.K., Avezov S.A., Azimova S.M., Mirzoev J.M.
Prospects of antiviral treatment of chronic hepatitis C
Until 2011 therapy of HCV was based on the use of drugs interferon in combination with ribavirin, which do not always have a high efficiency, especially in the first genotype of the virus. Opening all stages of the life cycle of HCV enabled the development of new direct-acting antiviral agents: NS5B nucleotide (nucleoside) polymerase inhibitors, NS5B non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors, NS5A replication complex inhibitors, NS3/4A protease inhibitors. The first protease inhibitors - telaprevir and boceprevir recently given way to pan-genotypic nucleotide polymerase inhibitor - sofosbuvir, that in combination with interferon and ribavirin, significantly reduced the duration of therapy and increased the sustained virologic response. In the future treatment of patients with HCV will have an individual character and the presence of favorable factors duration of treatment will be 4 weeks. The next generation of drugs will have a direct effect pangenotipicheskoe direction that facilitate their destination in all patients, as well as a special group of patients.

Ключевые слова: HCV; противовирусные препараты прямого действия; нуклеозидные (нуклеотидные) ингибиторы NS5B; ненуклеозидные ингибиторы NS5B; ингибиторы комплекса репликации NS5A; ингибиторы протеазы NS3/4A; HCV; direct-acting antiviral agents; NS5B nucleotide (nucleoside) polymerase inhibitors; NS5B non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors; NS5A replication complex inhibitors; NS3/4A protease inhibitors.

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Jonibekova R.N.
Studying contact a small unit of a gases nikelid of titans with a living sells by the
The study the range of contaction’s a units small disporation’s of gases nikled of titan’s with a living sell’s living by the vitro used.To present immunofenotip’s of the new boining sells by the using plus stroma markers SD 73, 44, 90,109 and gem poetic markers minis SD 14, 34, 45 .HLA-DR 106 to determined.The range of control by the microscopes to showed, from the first day bigining wear the composted materials sells new boining to looking them to join and first from the ranging organismed moreng. After the mineralization this slowly-slowly they organized to new bones.During the new researching a small unit gases in nikled of titans with a new borning have been the sitotoksics to there developing did not showed.

Ключевые слова: мелкодисперсный; пористо-проницаемый никелид титана; клеточные структуры; тканевая инженерия; small units disperse; small units disperse gases nikelid titans; form of sells with a specialize of landing.

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