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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №3, 2015 г.

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Boboev M.T.
Cyanoprokaryota of the South Tajikistan Depression basins
In watercourses and basins of the South Tajikistan Depression have been recorded 212 species and sub-species of algae Cyanoprokaryota with intraspecific taxa. The predominance of members of the family Oscillatoriaceae (26.41%) and the genus Phormidium (16.51%) have been stated.

Ключевые слова: цианопрокариоты; систематика; экология; водотоки и водоёмы; Южно-Таджикская депрессия; Cyanoprokaryotes algae; systematic; ecology; watercourses and basins; South Tajikistan Depression.

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Niyatbekov T.P.
New combinations in the oder of Araphales (Вacillariophyta) of Pamir’s waterbodies
In the Pamir’s waterbodies according to the original and literary dates and also taking in to consideration the last taxonomical revision Bacillariophyta were educed 425 species, varieties and form diatoms. They are belong 2 classes, 5 orders, 18 families and 80 genies.

Ключевые слова: новые комбинации; Araphales; Bacillariophyta; водоемы; Памир; new combination; Araphales; Bacillariophyta; waterbodies; Pamir.

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Sattarov J.S., Saidov N.S.
Assessment of a variety and resources of wild-growing herbs of the gorge Odzhuk (Hissar ridge, Tajikistan)
In this article shows the results researches on revealing the the industrial resources of medicinal plants in the territory of the Odzhuk gorge in 2015. It was revealed that in the territory of this gorge 15 trade thickets of herbs which are created by the Hypericum perforatum , Origanum tyttanthum , Salvia sclarea and Ferula kuhistanica which total area made 7.4 hectares were created.

Ключевые слова: разнообразие; ресурсы; участок; экспозиция; растения; variety; resources; site; exposition; herbs.

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Nurmamatov A.M., Kabulov B., Nurmamatov I.A.
Fauna and ecology of mealy bugs of genus of Goux (Homoptera, Coccinea) in Tajikistan
In the article, attributive table, information about species structure, biological properties, distribution, feed pattern, quantitative and qualitative variations of mealy bugs genus Atrococcus Goux depending on conditions of habitat and the plants that they were given which is in Tajikistan.

Ключевые слова: мучнистые червецы; фауна; определительная таблица; систематика; полифаги; олигофаги; морфологические признаки; Таджикистан; mealy bugs; fauna; attributive table; taxonomy; polyfags; oligofags; morphological signs; Tajikistan.

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Saidov A.S., Saidov K.Kh., Amirov Z.G., Nabiev L.S.
Mammals (Mammalia) of reserve «Childukhtaron» (Tajikistan)
The article is characterized fauna, habitat distribution of mammals of the reserve "Childukhtaron." On the basis of short-term monitoring provides data about 29 species mammals of reserve. Describes basic of threats on mammal’s populations and its habitats.

Ключевые слова: mammals; reserve «Childukhtaron»; ecology; monitoring of mammals.

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Ganizoda V.A., Eshonova Z.Sh., Usupov V.D., Yakubova M.M.
Assessment of the atability of varieties of spring and winter wheat to yellow rust, depending on cultivation conditions
The article presents the results of a study the impact of climatic conditions on susceptibility of yellow rust, productivity and growing period of different wheat varieties.

Ключевые слова: пшеница; сорта; изогенные линии; жёлтая ржавчина; устойчивость; генотип; wheat; grade; isogenic lines; yellow rust; stability; genotype.

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Mirzoev D.M., Radjabov H.I.
The significance of the study of culturally-morphological properties of the main types of atypical (non-tuberculous ) mycobacteria of Cattle
The results of the study of cultural - morphological properties of the main types of atypical (non-tuberculous) mycobacteria isolated from biological material from animals reacting to tuberculin disadvantaged households of tuberculosis in the Khatlon region of Tajikistan. The distribution of isolates of mycobacteria into groups according to the classification according to Runyon, depending on the growth rate and the ability to pigment.

Ключевые слова: атипичные микобактерии; диагностика; культурально-морфологические свойства; дифференциация; классификация Раньона; atypical mycobacteria; diagnostics; cultural-morphological properties; differentiation; classification Runyon.

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Hodzhamurodova D.A., Hayridinova S.S., Kosimova S.I.
Syndrome of polycystous ovaries and infertility in the region of iodic insufficiency (Review of literature)
The modern scientific analysis of studying of special literature on a problem of a syndrome of polycystous ovaries and infertility is provided in the region of iodic insufficiency. The main pathogenetic links of a syndrome of polycystous ovaries and modern diagnostics are defined, and also the choice of various methods of timely therapy is reasonable.

Ключевые слова: женское бесплодие; синдром поликистозных яичников; йоддефицитные заболевания; инсулинорезистентность; гиперандрогения; female infertility; syndrome of polycystous ovaries; iodine deficience disorders; insulinorezistentnost; giperandrogeniye.

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Karabekova D.A., Kasimov P.E., Rahmatulloeva Sh.H.
Experience medical abortion in Tajikistan
The article describes the experience of clinical and diagnostic center "Shifo" in Dushanbe city on the use of modern circuit medical abortion in the early stages (up to 63 days of amenorrhea) in an outpatient setting. The study examined results (efficacy and complications) interruption of pregnancy in 1885 women of reproductive age, which was performed abortions by the vacuum aspiration and medical methods of using the 600 mg and 200 mg mifepristone.

Ключевые слова: медикаментозный аборт; вакуумная аспирация; контроль эффективности прерывания беременности; осложнения после аборта; medical abortion; vacuum aspiration; monitoring the effectiveness of abortion; post-abortion complications.

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Gafurjanova Kh.A., Babaeva L.A.
Influence Of Character Of Feeding On Quality Of Life Of Children Of Chest Age
Article studies the influence of character of feeding on quality of life of children of chest age. Under supervision there were 120 children of the first year of life whose feeding, depending on a kind was subdivided into three groups: I group - children who were on artificial feeding (n=40), II group - children who were on mixed feeding (n=40), III group - children who were on breast feeding (n=40). Conducted research has shown authentic decrease in quality of life of children who were on artificial feeding.

Ключевые слова: вскармливание детей раннего возраста; качество жизни; feeding of children of early age; quality of life.

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Mullodzhanov G.E., Sultanov M.Sh., Ashurov G.G.
Efficiency of the operation of implantaty prosthetic device beside somatic patients
In the article the results of condition's dentistry status between 275 somatic patients with partial secondary anodontia are presents. At nearest periods after installing of dental implants beside somatic patients good results of implantlogy treatments noted in 86.2% events, satisfactory and unsatisfactory - accordingly in 10.7% and 3.1% events. At remote periods of the observation amongst examined contingent patients merit criteria on three positions corresponded 81.7, 12.9 and 5.4%.

Ключевые слова: окклюзионный дефект; имплантационное лечение; трехмерная дентальная рентгендиагностика; соматическая патология; оcclusion defect; implantology treatment; three-dimensional dental X-ray; somatic pathology.

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Kamolova N.T., Mirojov G.K., Ramazanova Z.D.
Features of chronic diffuse lesions liver mixed (HBV+HDV+HCV) viral virus etiology
It is established that in chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver mixed virus (HBV+HDV+HCV) etiology is suppressed replication of one, two or all three viruses, or sometimes there is their simultaneous replication. In viral replication in chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis have more severe clinical course. Elucidation of the replication of a virus will develop differentiated antiviral therapy.

Ключевые слова: хронический гепатит; цирроз печени; вирусы гепатита B, D и С; chronic hepatitis; liver cirrhosis; virus hepatitis B, D and C.

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Mirzoeva D.S., Huseinov Z.H., Bobiev G.M., Radjabova S.A., Shakhmatov A.N.
The Influence of immunomodulator thymozin on level β-endorfine at patients with disseminated a mammary gland cancer
It is shown that in blood sick of a mammary gland cancer as a result immunotherapy of thymozin the maintenance β-endorfine has raised with 0.341±0.05 to 0.724±0.04 ng/ml (Р˂0.001), at healthy it made 0.7015±0.06 ng/ml, intensity of a painful syndrome and the physical condition of the patients estimated on the modified scale Karnovsky has decreased has increased with 40 to 60 %.

Ключевые слова: β-эндорфин; диссеминированный рак; молочная железа; тимоцин; β-endorfin; disseminated a cancer; a mammary gland; thymozin.