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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №1-2, 2016 г.

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Safarov N.
Addition to classification of vegetation of Tajikistan
The article presents the updated classification of the structure of vegetation of Pamir-Alay, which was developed based on many years' geobotanical and cartographic researches conducted in Tajikistan and bordering countries. Main theoretical provisions of this article were reported at the Research and Practice Conference of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, devoted to the 25th Anniversary of Independence of Tajikistan, that was held on 07 October, 2016.

Ключевые слова: классификация; растительность; типология; Памиро-Алай; флороценотипы; формации; classification; vegetation; typology; Pamir-Alay; florocenotypes; formations.

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Yusufbekova M.O., Musoev S.M., Khujamova G.D.
Onthogenesis and phases of initial development of different types of Zinn. in the condition of Pamir Botanical Garden (PBG)
The article shows the results of phenological phases and initial development of different types of Pyrethrum Zinn. in the condition of PBG. It revieled that phenological phases and initial development of different types of Pyrethrum Zinn. in the condition of PBG differs from each other and all have high adaptation abilities to the mountain condition.

Ключевые слова: пиретрум; интродукция; онтогенез; адаптация; Pyrhetrum; introduction; development; adaptation.

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Shokhumorova O., Navruzshoev D.
Technology of propagation of currant ( L.) in the condistion of Pamir Botanical Garden
The article consist of information about research on technology of propagation of currant in the condition of Pamir Botanical Garden. The research reviled that all species of currant can be propagated in spring and autumn. Better result is got during autumn propagation. In the condition of Western Pamir the best time of propagation is mid October. The main way of propagation of currant is those by wooden and green cuttings as well as using two- years branch cut from bush.

Ключевые слова: технология размножения Ribes L; интродукция; фенонаблюдения; одревесневшие и зелёные черенки; technology of propagation; introduction; phonological observation; wooden and green cuttings.

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Abdulnazarov A.G., Kvartalnov P.V.
History of study, distribution and biology of large-billed reed warbler ( Oberholser, 1905) in Tajikistan
The article contains materials on the history of the discovery, data on the distribution, numbers and habitat preferences, time of passage, reproductive biology and food of the Large-billed Reed Warbler in Tajikistan. It was revealed that Large-billed Reed Warbler is a common breeding species of the river valleys of Panj, Gunt, Shokhdara, Bartang, Yazgulyam, Vanj and in Viskharv canyon in Darvaz district.

Ключевые слова: большеклювая камышевка; садовая камышевка; Зумудг; митохондриальная ДНК; Афганский Бадахшан; Пяндж; Гунт; Шахдара; Бартанг; Язгулем; Ванч; Дарваз; Танимас; Джангали Вомар; Large-billed Reed Warbler; Blyth's Reed Warbler; Zumudg; mitochondrial DNA; Afghan Badakhshan; Panj; Gunt; Shokhdara; Yazgulem; Vanj; Viskharv; Darvaz; Tanimas; jangal Vomar.

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Jumaev B.B., Khamroeva J.M., Davlyatnazarova Z.B., Usmanova O.V., Gulov M.K.
Comparative study of the growth process in the mutant and wild form of arabidopsis ( (L.) Heynh.) under influence of different concentration
In this work the effect of different concentrations of NaCl on the vigor and seed germination, root and stem growth on the model object of Arabidopsis we studied. The data showed that the mutants of Arabidopsis, depending on genotypic characteristics and nature of mutational effects on the germination energy and seed germination show average level of resistance (mutants as and flavi ) and significant instability (mutant cla ) under various sodium chloride concentrations. For such parameters as the stems and roots growth the wild form ( en ) and mutant ( cla ) were more stable compared with other mutants. In general, the wild form of Arabidobsiswas more salt tolerant.

Ключевые слова: Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh; хлоридное засоление; энергия прорастания; всхожесть семян; прирост корней и стеблей; Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh; chloride salinity; germination energy; seed germination; root growth and stems.

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Yakubova M.M.
Biochemical aspects of the living systems functioning
This article summarizes the results of research on the biochemical aspects of the functioning of living systems using advances in physical and chemical methods in biology on example of a unique process of photosynthesis.

Ключевые слова: фотосинтез; хлоропласт; цитохром; Н-АТФаза; мембрана; фотосистемы; photosynthesis; chloroplast; cytochrome; H -ATPase - the membrane; photosystems.

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Boboev M.M., Ahmedov T.A.
Ways of obtaining high yields of cucumbers in the open ground of Sughd province of Republic of Tajikistan
In this article are represented the results of researches on the study of sowing scheme, plant stand and yield of medium cucumber varieties Margelan 822, early ripening varieties Benazir, Parade176 and Hybrid Orzu F at the spring-summer and summer-autumn cultivation terms. Identified optimal plant density of varieties of cucumber plants, which helps to obtain a high quality yieldof buttons in different periods of their growth, in conditions of irrigated open ground of Soghd region of the Republic of Tajikistan are recommended for implementation.

Ключевые слова: огурцы; сорта; схема посева; густота стояния; урожайность; масса плода; период плодоношения; мучнистая роса; степень поражения; cucumber; varieties; sowing scheme; plant stand; yield; fruit; fruit mass; fruiting period; powdery mildew; degree of damage.

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Shozodahasanova F., Felaliev A.S., Mubalieva Sh.M.
Some morphobiological features of the introduced sorts of plum in the Hissar valley condition
The article reflect the results of lite cycle observation of three sorts of plums growing in Hissar, valley of Tajikistan. Morphological characteristics and productivity of the seven-years old sorts of Vengerka ajanskaya, Vengerka italyanskaya and Ispalinskaya were determined:

Ключевые слова: интродуценты; сорта; слива; косточковые; плоды; параметры; фаза цветения; Гиссарская долина; introduced varieties of plum; stone fruits; fruit; blooming; parameters; Hissar valley.

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Abduvohidov A.A., Shukurov R.E., Boymatov T.E.
Growth, development and location of the root system apricot at different levels of water and nutrient regime
This article discusses the results of research on the effect of irrigation and power root system apricot garden. To increase the yield of apricot orchards irrigation is necessary when adding mineral fertilizers, which, with an integrated approach, a positive effect on its growth.

Ключевые слова: корневая система; абрикосы; режим орошения; минеральное питание; apricot garden; water and nutrient regime; root system; irrigation; nutrition.

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Ulugov O.P.
The content of the dry mass of the working bees when used with fertilizing stimulating protein fillers in the conditions of the Central Tajikistan
The author defines the dry weigh of worker bee depending on age and use of various stimulating nutrients on the option of experience in conditions of the Central Tajikistan.

Ключевые слова: сухая масса пчел; карпатская порода пчел; стимулирующие подкормки; симилак; гомогенат трутневых личинок; mass; stimulating nutrients; Carpathian bee; Similac; drone larvae homogenate.

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Mullodzhanov G.E., Ashurov G.G.
Clinical and epidemiological factors of partial and full absence of teeth beside patients with commonsomatic pathology
Results clinical and epidemiological checkup of orthopedics dentistry status between of 757 somatic patients with gastrointestinal (156 pers.), cardiovascular (153 pers.), pulmonary (147 pers.), endocrine (157 pers.) and urinary (144 pers.) pathology. According to got material, prevalence and intensity of partial secondary adenthy in different age group varied from importance of 66.1% and 2.58±0.97 in age group 20-29 years corresponding before 100% and 23.14±7.09 accordingly at the age 60 years and senior. Prevalence of full absence of teeth amongst the whole examined contingent somatic patients at the average formed 12.37%.

Ключевые слова: клинико-эпидемиологическое исследование; соматическая патология; частичная вторичная адентия; полная вторичная адентия; распространенность отсутствия зубов; интенсивность окклюзионного дефекта; clinic and epidemiological study; somatic pathology; partial secondary adenthy; full secondary adenthy; prevalence of absences teeth; intensity of occlusion defect.

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Rustamova M.S., Shokirov Yu.A.
Clinical evaluation of biometric renal size at different stages of chronic kidney disease
The results of clinical ultrasound biometric kidney size at 1,2,3A, 3B, 4,5 stage CKD associated with diffuse chronic glomerulonephritis in the indigenous population of the Republic of Tajikistan. An increase of the linear dimensions, volume, thickness and parenchymal renal cortical layer at the 1,2,3 stage of CKD compared with the control group. Signs of a dynamic reduction in kidney size biometric appear at 3B, especially in 4 stage CKD allow initial diagnosis, especially in stage 4 CKD allowing to diagnose early signs of nephrosclerosis. Significant signs of renal scarring is detected at terminal chronic renal failure with a decrease in volume, linear dimensions, the thickness of the parenchyma and renal medullary layer.Dynamic Biometric kidney size allows us to estimate the rate of progression of CKD stages.The authors believe that the rate of progressive reduction of the thickness of the parenchyma, cortical layer combined with a reduction in glomerular filtration rate, increase of serum creatinine, allowing the complex to assess the severity of renal failure.

Ключевые слова: линейные размеры почки; толщина паренхимы и коркового слоя почки; скорость клубочковой фильтрации; хроническая болезнь почек; linear dimensions of the kidney; thickness of the parenchyma and cortical layer of the kidney; glomerular filtration rate; chronic kidney diseases.