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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №1, 2017 г.

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Akobirshoeva A.A., Navruzshoev D.
Use of medicinal plants in folk medicine of Rushan diatrict and their conservation
The article consist of information on characteristics of use of medicinal plants by local inhabitants of Rushan district. There are shown indications, identifying traditional aspects of use of medicinal plants as well as character and ways of administration. The article also describes the methods of conservation (especially traditional ones) of medicinal plants.

Ключевые слова: лекарственные растения; этноботаника; народная медицина; medicinal plants; ethnobotany; folk medicine.

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Nurmamatov A.M., Nurmamatov I.A., Nazarova Sh.D.
Features of biology, ecology and harms of the vine mealybug in Tajikistan
In this article, it is given the detailed results of the research on biology, ecology, distribution, harms, feed pattern of the vine mealybug and remedies of controlling it in Tajikistan. It is clarified that this kind of pest makes four generations per year.

Ключевые слова: Planococcus ficus; биология; экология; количество поколений; насекомое; энтомофаги; меры борьбы; Planococcus ficus; biology; ecology; number of generation; insect; entomophages; remedies of pest control.

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Manilova E.A., Kurchiev M.U.
Causative agents and infection carriers pathogens protozoan diseases of animals in Tajikistan
The parasitofauna of farm animals in Central and South Tajikistan is studied. The carriers and causative agents of the main protozoan diseases of cattle and sheep, distribution of pathogens and infection carriers, animal infection by the pathogenic protozoa in different ecosystems of Tajikistan is detected/

Ключевые слова: крупный рогатый скот; овцы; простейшие; иксодоидные клещи; фауна; распространение; Республика Таджикистан; cattle; sheep; protozoan; Ixodoidea ticks; fauna; distribution; Republic of Tajikistan.

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Mirzoev N.M., Rasulov A.Kh.
Bioecological characteristic of snakehead (Warpachowskii) reserve lakes «Тigrovaya balka»
In this article has given information about morphology, distribution and bioecological peculiarities of the snakehead ( Ophiocephalus argus Warpachowskii ) in the lakes of «Tigrovaya balka» reserve.

Ключевые слова: змееголов; заповедник «Тигровая балка»; ихтиофауна; экология; морфология; размножение; Ophiocephalus argus Warpachowskii; reserve «Tigrovaya balka»; ichthyofauna; ecolody; morphology; reproduction age.

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Giyasidinov B.B., Bohirova M.K., Solieva B.A., Abdullaev Kh.A.
CO gas exchange of cotton leave after defoliation
In this paper the results of the CO gas exchange rates after defoliation of longstable cotton with limit types of stem branching are given. Is shown that during multaneously remove upper and lower leaves the CO gas exchange rates in retain leaves is increase.

Ключевые слова: тонковолокнистый хлопчатник Gossypium barbadense L; дефолиация; фотосинтез; longstable cotton Gossypium barbadense L; defoliation; photosynthesis.

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Ganizoda V.A., Muminshoeva Z.M., Pulodov M.P., Saidmurodov Sh.D., Yakubova M.M.
Influence of natural-climatic factors and methods of sowing on economically targeted characteristics of grain and leguminous crops
In the article the results of studies and identification of adaptive mechanisms of cereal crops and leguminous crops grown in mixed cultures in two contrasting natural and climatic conditions of Tajikistan are presents. It was revealed that for the creation of mixed crops of cereals with leguminous crops it is necessary to select early-ripening local varieties of wheat, barley and rye, in which the vegetation period and full maturation are 95-114 days.

Ключевые слова: сорт; конские бобы; устойчивость; смешанный посев; grade; horse beans; sustainability; mixed crop.

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Huseynov U.M.
Study of the biochemical composition of extracts from plants of the Plantago major L. and Mentha piperita L
Organic compounds are included in the composition of total extracts of plantain and peppermint. Using UV spectroscopy and thin-layer chromatography, the composition of the extracts obtained was identified, which can be used as medicaments.

Ключевые слова: подорожник большой; мята перечная; биологически активные вещества; УФ-спектроскопия; тонкослойная хроматография; полосы поглощения; подвижность соединений; plantain large; peppermint; biologically active substances; UV-spectroscopy; thin-layer chromatography; absorption bands; mobility of compounds.

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Imomzoda A.Z., Narziloev M.S.
Analysis of macroand microelement roots and aboveground plant parts usma
The article contains data on the content of macro- and microelements in the root and above-ground parts of plants of the usma ( Isatis tinctoria L.), as well as in the soil from the site of their collection in ash, obtained using a muffle furnace at a temperature of 450-500°С and air access. In the course of the biochemical study by the method of emission spectral analysis (evaporation method) macro- and microelements of the composition of the root and the aerial parts of the plants of the osmium were first characterized in detail.

Ключевые слова: растение усма; макроэлементы; микроэлементы; эмиссионный спектральный анализ; аккумуляция; терапевтическая значимость; usma plants; macronutrients; micronutrients; emission spectral analysis; accumulation; therapeutic significance.

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Rahmatzoda N.R., Ysupov H.A.
Рrobiotics - alternative to antibiotics
Probiotics are not only effective therapeutic and prophylactic remedies, but they also have growth promoting actions. They are physiological in their action, and they are ecologically pure drugs, harmless to animals and easy for the group technological applications. Probiotics have a positive effect on the organism: improve intestinal microbial balance and consequently increase the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors, safety and efficiency.

Ключевые слова: ЖКТ; кишечный биоценоз; антибиотикотерапия; бактериотерапия; пробиотики; эубиотики; иммунодефицит; дисбактериоз; gastrointestinal tract; intestinal biocenosis; antibiotictherapy; bacteriotherapy; probiotics; eubiotics; immune deficiency; dysbacteriosis.

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Sosin P.M., Finaev A.F., Nekushoeva G.A.
Agroclimatic evaluation of soils in northern tajikistan for agricultural use
The present article describes method for estimation of agricultural resources in mountain areas, which was developed using an example of Northern Tajikistan. Functions of agroclimatic parameters dependable on surface elevation were calculated. This allows identifying optimum territories for agricultural crops within separate river basins. Application of this method can be useful to improve agricultural sector.

Ключевые слова: агроклимат; почвы; климат; сельское хозяйство; agroclimate; soils; climate; agriculture.

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Sanginov S.P., Atakhonova M.D.
The prodactivity of pink geranium depending on increasing doses of nitrogen, phosphorus and potoassium in conditions of old irrigated soils of Central Tajikistan
Long-term study of the impact of nitrogen and phosphorus (100-500 kg/ha) and potassium fertilizers (50-250 kg/ha) to the productivity of geranium was presented in this paper. High correlation rate was found between rate of nitrogen fertilizers with productivity of geranium in old irrigated soils.

Ключевые слова: факториальный полевой опыт; розовая герань; азотные; фосфорные и калийные удобрения; урожай; корреляционная зависимость; factorial field experience; pink geranium; nitrogen; phosphorus and potassium fertilizers; yield; correlation dependence.

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Boboasisov D.A., Jalilov A.U., Kakharov K.Kh.
Biological peculiarities of the codling moth ( L.) in the conditions of the Gissar valley of Tajikistan
The article presents the results of monitoring the features of the development of the codling moth in the fruit garden in the Gissar valley of Tajikistan. For the rational protection of fruit, regular monitoring of pest development and the use of modern selective insecticides of the 4th generation are recommended.

Ключевые слова: яблонная плодожорка; феромонные ловушки; садовый агроценоз; опрыскивания; инсектициды; биологическая эффективность; apple moth; pheromone traps; garden agrocenosis; insecticides; biological effectiveness.

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Khudjageldieva Z.U., Aminov A.Kh., Muborakkadamova R.X., Kenjaeva R.A.
Antibiotical sensitivity of staphylococ of childrens intestinal diseases in the Republic of Tajikistan
In the article is shown the results of the investigations of the microbiological features of the main pathogenic staphylococcus allocated in acute intestinal diseases of young children. This work is able not only to identify qualitative and quantitative violation of coccal microflora groups but also can define the level of sensitivity of sown microorganisms to antibiotics. It is shown that in the faeces of sick children with acute intestinal infections have been found Staphylococcus epidermidis (52.6%), St. aureus (22.4%), St. saprophyticus (25.0%). The antibioticogram (antibiotic chart) of isolated staphylococcal strains circulating in the Republic of Tajikistan has been provided

Ключевые слова: микрофлора кишечника; острые кишечные инфекции; питательные среды; антибиограмма; штаммы кокковой флоры; intestinal microflora; acube intestinl dease; nutrient medium; antibiogram; the strain of coccal flora.

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Ashurov G.G., Azimzoda S.M., Mullodzhanov G.E., Ismoilov A.A.
Estimation Finding The Processes Of Osteoporosis In Alveolar Bone Under Different Directional Betweensystems Disorder
On the grounds of X-ray examination patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (25), endocrine (27) and cardiovascular (26) pathology is installed risk of the development osteoporosis of the alveolar offshoot. Revealed interseptal osteoporosis in the field of frontal and lateral teeth, without surplus sediment calcium on peripheries of the alveolar bone, follows to consider as extremely disadvantage parodontally factor of the common systems nature. Beside somatic patient presence of the zones raised sediment calcium on peripheries resorbed alveolar bone was considered as favorable parodontal sign.

Ключевые слова: генерализованный пародонтит; общесоматическая патология; остеопороз; межальвеолярная перегородка; зуб; generally parodontitis; somatic pathology; osteoporosis; interdentally partition; teeth.

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Rustamova M.S., Shokirov A.A.
Ultrasonic assessment of blood flow in patients in different stages of chronic kidney disease
The results of ultrasound dopplerographic examination of the blood flow in the main renal artery, parenchymal and vessels of the cortical layer of the kidneys in patients with various stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) associated with diffuse glomerulonephritis are presented. An increase in systolic and diastolic blood flow was observed at stages 1 and 2 of CKD. The relationship between the progression of the degree of renal failure with a decrease in the rate of glomerular filtration, the increase in serum creatinine with impaired vascularization of the kidneys in patients with 3B, 4, especially with the 5th stage of CKD. This situation must be taken into account in assessing the severity of the course, prognosis and in the development of a comprehensive treatment strategy in patients with diffuse glomerulonephritis in various stages of CKD.

Ключевые слова: хроническая болезнь почек; внутрипочечный кровоток; ультразвуковое и допплерографическое исследование; chronic kidney disease; intrarenal blood flow; ultrasound; Doppler study.

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Vakhobzoda P., Dustov A., Mirojov G.K., Sharipov V.Sh.
Radionuclide diagnostics of the chronic duodenal obstruction
In the article were brought the results of research of 135 patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer, in 76 patients were diagnosed chronic duodenal obstruction (CDO). X-ray estimation of functional activities of the stomach and duodenum was given by gastroscintigraphy method. Dynamic gastroscintigraphy in comparison with X-ray method is more objective and in digital expression may estimate the stage of CDO.

Ключевые слова: желудок; хроническая дуоденальная непроходимость; гастросцинтиграфия; stomach; chronic duodenal obstruction; gastroscintigraphy.