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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №2, 2017 г.

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Boboradzhabov B.
On bryoflora of the southern rlope of Wakhan range
The article gives information on ecology and geography of 83 species of bryophytes of the southern slope of Wakhan Range forming the different vegetation types of the region. 41 of the 83 species are provided for the bryophytes of the southern Wakhan Range for the first time.

Ключевые слова: бриофлора; южный склон; Ваханский хребет; bryoflora; southern slope; range Wakhan.

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Saidov N.S., Khakimova R.Sh., Akhmedov F.B.
Introduced garden-decorative forms of Thunb. in Central and Khudjand botanical gardens of Tajikistan
In this work the results of the testing of some garden forms of Euonymus japonica Thunb., which did not serve as an experiment objects in the collection of the Central and Khudjand Botanical Gardens of Tajikistan, are presented. The issues of reproduction, the possibility of splitting of sprouts, comparative growth of cuttings, seedlings and decorative properties in connection with the introduction into production are considered.

Ключевые слова: ботанический сад; бересклет; садовые формы; черенки; вегетация; botanical garden; eunonymus; garden forms; cuttings; vegetation.

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Beknazarova Kh.A., Navruzshoev D., Shomansurov S.
Rare woody shrub of the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous oblast and their cultivation in geothermal waters
The article is devoted to the identification and study of the characteristics of rare, endangered tree and shrub species of the natural flora of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region of Tajikistan, their introduction in the Pamir Botanical garden and cultivation in the conditions of geothermal waters.

Ключевые слова: редкие древесно-кустарниковые растения; интродукция; геотермальные воды; rare; trees and shrubs; introduction; geothermal waters.

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Khayrov Kh.S.
News data on ecology (L.) in Tajikistan
The article contansdata on distribution end ecology Anacridium aegyptium in Tajikistan.

Ключевые слова: Anacridium aegyptium; распространение; биотоп; Таджикистан; Anacridium aegyptium; distribution; biotope; Tajikistan.

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Pokivaylov A.A., Nazarova Sh.D., Khayrov Kh.S., Rashidova Z.F.
Burrowing wasps (Sphecidae) locusts (Orthoptera, Acrididae) hunters in Tajikistan. Report 1
The article provides data on the species composition of the burial or prey of which are locust pests of agricultural crops.

Ключевые слова: роющие осы; хищники; враги; саранчовые; axex bee; predators; enemies; locusts.

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Saidaminov H.H., Abdullaev A., Maniyazova N.A., Atoev M.H., Safarov E.H.
Photosynthetic productivity of some beans in the conditions of soil drought
The effect of prolonged soil drought on the dynamics of biomass accumulation, the formation of leaf area, the specific surface density of the leaf, the index of the leaf surface of plants and the net productivity of photosynthesis of various bean species was studied. The data obtained show that long-term soil drought leads to significant change in the photosynthetic productivity of the studied plants.

Ключевые слова: фасоль; почвенная засуха; фотосинтез; продуктивность; beans; soil drought; photosynthesis; productivity.

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Kavrakova Z.B., Jalilov A.U., Mamadysufova M.G., Davlatova O.S., Nasyrova F.Y.
Assessment of wheat varietes and species for yellow and brown rust resistance
In the article the results of investigations of wheat varieties and Aegilops species evaluation on resistance to yellow and brown rust discussed. It shown that wheat varieties "Pamir" and "Surkhak" showed high and moderate resistance to yellow and brown rust. Types of Aegilops сylindrica, Ae. triuncialis, Ae. crassa, Ae. tauschii , possessing high and moderate resistance to yellow and brown rust, can be used in breeding to include new effective genes into wheat genome.

Ключевые слова: пшеница; эгилопс; жёлтая; бурая ржавчина; wheat; Aegilops; yellow and brown rust; disease.

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Davlatov B.R., Saidov S.T.
Influence of mineral fertilizers and the role of attraction on yields and technological properties of wheat grain
The varieties of hard and soft wheat differed greatly in both the distribution of assimilates and in the accumulation of dry biomass in plant organs during vegetation, depending on the various options for the application of mineral fertilizers is investigated. The most productive were varieties, in which a large proportion of photo assimilates in the "ear" stage was spent on the formation of leaves. In our studies, such were the varieties "President" and "Lalmicor-1". Mineral fertilizers contributed to the effective use of soil moisture during crop formation.

Ключевые слова: пшеница; сорта; богарные земли; удобрение; структура; технологические свойства зерна; урожайность; wheat; varieties; rainfed lands; fertilizer; attraction systems; photosynthetic potential; yield.

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Makhramov A., Felaliev A.S., Khujamova G.D., Felaliev R.S., Dodov N.
Some morphobiological features of the introduced sorts of zaitun (Lin the Darvoz subtropical zone
In the article, data are given for the first time on the growing season of two 5-year-old olives in the Darvaz subtropical zone of Tajikistan. The yield data and morphobiological characteristics of the introduced olive varieties are given: Nikitskaya-1, Nikitskaya large-fruited-2, at the age of 15, at an altitude of 1150 m above sea level.

Ключевые слова: интродуценты; сорта; маслина; косточковые; плоды; параметры; фаза цветения; Дарвазская субтропическая зона; introduced varieties of olive; stone fruits; fruit; blooming; parameters; Darvaz subtropical zone.

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Mirzoev M.D., Odinaev K.A., Jbanova S.U.
The method of complex vaccination rabies vaccine predatory animals against rabies using an immunostimulant ASD®-2F
The author provides methods of immunization, to increase efficiency of complex vaccination rabies Wildlife rabies vaccine using immunostimulant ASD®-2F in order to correct the immune status of animals in particular rabies prevention and improvement of education in the serum of rabies antibodies. Data on the effect ASD®-2F on specific units of physiological parameters, blood parameters of leukocyte formula. Evaluation to determine the number of B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, and hemoglobin after vaccination with rabies vaccine rabies predators using immunostimulant ASD®-2F.

Ключевые слова: бешенство; вакцинация; иммуностимулятор; антиген; В-лимфоциты; Т-лимфоциты; моноциты; нейтрофилы; гемоглобин; Rabies; vaccination; immunostimulant; antibodies; antigens; the monocyte; neutrophil.

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Soatov S.S., Amirshoev F.S.
Comparative study of the dynamics of living mass of the growth groups of the Pamir ecotype of yaks in the conditions of the Zeravshan valley
The age-specific dynamics of the live weight, the absolute and average daily growth between different sex and age groups of the Yaks of the Mastchoh and Ainu populations, there are significant differences in favor of the mastchoh population. Thus, despite the significant changes in the level of growth intensity caused by the influence of environmental conditions on the animal organism and the unequal reaction of the young animals to their changes, they grew and developed well.

Ключевые слова: яки; памирский экотип; популяция; живая масса; половозрастные группы; Зеравшанская долина; yaks; Pamiri ecotype; population; live weight; sex and age groups; Zeravshan valley.

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Dodkhoeva M.F., Olimova F.Z.
Medical and social aspects of hypertensive disorders in pregnant women
The results of а study have shown that the majority of patients with severe preeclampsia were under the age of 24 years, nulliparous, residents of the village. This pregnancy complication was most often observed in the winter-spring period and in the autumn, more than 80% were housewives and less educated, most patients were diagnosed with two or more foci of chronic infections on the background of anemia, kidney disease, thyroid gland. Induction of labor to prevent the transition of severe preeclampsia to more severe forms of hypertensive disorders and the birth of premature infants contributed to a high incidence of perinatal pathology. These factors indicate the necessity of conducting pregravid preparation and an active and high-quality observation in early pregnancy in the target groups for the prevention of hypertensive complications.

Ключевые слова: преэклампсия; беременность; возраст; регионы; сезонность; preeclampsia; pregnancy; age; regions; seasonality.

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Pulatov Kh.K., Sultonov Sh.R., Saburova A.M., Dodojonov Y.T., Rahmonov Sh.Dzh., Davlatov R.K., Guriev CH.D.
Ратноlogically reasoned multimodality therapy of children with adyentiye enthetic intestinal wormholes
By the authors are studied and analyzed clinical charts of 40 children with adventive enthetic intestinal wormholes of different aetiologies at the age of till 15 years old. For the purpose of nosotropic correction and rehabilitation are examined two groups of children with external (high and low) enterocutaneous fistulas. On the basis of biochemical analysis of blood serum of the children with enterocutaneous fistulas (increasing of the contents of malondialdegyde, reducting of superoxide anion scavenger’s potency and the contents of ascorbic acid) there was determined the intensification of free-radical corrosion of Lipids and wasting of antioxidant system, which will cause the damage of cell membranes, about which is giving evidence the increase in the blood serum of its component sialicacid. Biochemical changes were the basis for conducting a complex pathogenic reasonable medication therapy with the use of antioxidant - Reamberin. In the result of reasonable complex treatment, among patients was noted the decreasing of the processes of Lipids peroxidation and normalization of antioxidant protection system.

Ключевые слова: наружные кишечные свищи; перекисное окисление липидов; антиоксидантная система; реамберин; enterocutaneous fistulas; lipid peroxidation; antioxidant system; reamberin.