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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №3, 2017 г.

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Hisoriev H.H., Kurbonova P.A.
Materials for botanical and geographical analyses of streptophyta algae (Streptophyta)
There are some materials for botanical and geographical analyses of Streptophyta algae, which were found in different water bodies of Gunt river basin presented. Dou to dominance of multiregional and boreal species, we can conclude that algae flora of Gunt river was origin through allochthone way from neighboring regions.

Ключевые слова: стрептофитовые; ботанико-географический анализ; Streptophyta; botanical-geographical analyze.

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Safarov N.M.
Situation of the Central Pamiro-Alai in the system of ecological zoning
In the article on the basis of botanical-geographical research, there is proposed an ecological zoning of the Central Pamir-Alai with coverage of the entire Pamir-Alai and separate regions of the Central Asia. The article gives a brief description of the province, ecological regions, subregions of the Central Pamir-Alai and their justification. The scheme of ecological zoning is depicted on a map chart, indicating the boundary and contours of territorial taxa.

Ключевые слова: экорайоны; подрайоны; провинции; фитоценология; ландшафты; окружающая среда; флора; растительность; экосистемы; Центральный Памиро-Алай; ecoregions; subregions; provinces; phytocenology; landscapes; environment; flora; vegetation; ecosystems; Central Pamir-Alai.

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Sattarov D.S., Murodov Sh.S.
Influence of environmental factors on the seed productivity of (Lamiaceae)
This article presents the results of studies to determine the influence of certain environmental factors including the average monthly temperature, the sum of average monthly precipitation and anthropogenic factor to seed productivity of Salvia sclarea L . on sections of the southern slope of the Hissar Mountains of the Republic of Tajikistan. As a result of the conducted studies in 2013-2015 it was revealed that the influence of the monthly average temperature and the sum of the average monthly precipitation combined with the anthropogenic factor caused both a decrease and an increase in seed productivity. In particular, in the Ojuk site seed productivity decreased from 8447.4 to 5741.9 thousand pieces per hectare due to the increase in anthropogenic load, fall in temperature and lack of precipitation, but in the Yavroz site this indicator increased from 11502.5 to 12755.2 thousand pieces per hectare due to a favorable climate and less anthropogenic load.

Ключевые слова: факторы; продуктивность; семена; шалфей; температура; factors; productivity; seeds; salvia; temperature.

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Khakimov F.R.
Statsionary distribution lady birds of the South-west Tajikistan
Data on stationary distribution lady birds are provided in an agrobiocenosis of south-west Tajikistan. It is established that on the number and specific structure lady bird gardens of fruit crops, park plantings and a lucerne are the richest. Cabbage fields in this regard it is considered the poorest station.

Ключевые слова: кокцинеллиды; божьи коровки; фауна; Юго-Западный Таджикистан; coccinellids; lady birds; fauna; south-west Tajikistan.

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Pokivaylov A.A., Nazarova Sh.D., Khayrov Kh.S., Rashidova Z.F.
Burrowing wasps (sphecidae) locusts (orthoptera, acrididae) hunters in Tajikistan. Report 2
The article provides data on the species composition of the burial or prey of which are locust pests of agricultural crops.

Ключевые слова: роющие осы; хищники; враги; саранчовые; axex bee; predators; enemies; locusts.

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Abdulnazarov A.G.
Tickell's thrush ( Tickel, 1833) is new nesting species in fauna of Tajikistan
In article given information about occupation tickell's thrush on west of the Pamir. The research show that the Turdus unicolor thrush nested in Panj valley of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan.

Ключевые слова: одноцветный дрозд; распространение; Западный Памир; гнездование; Tickell's thrush; distribution; Western Pamir; nesting.

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Karimov Kh.U., Saidov A.S.
Status assesment of some species of the weasel family (Mustelidae) in Tajikistan
This article presents summarized data on relevant observations of some species of the weasel family (Mustelidae) in Tajikistan. We collected these in different regions of the country. In this article, we describe the distribution of mustelids by regions, their relative daily activity and consider the potential impact of climate change on species of the weasel family.

Ключевые слова: куньи; фотоловушка; изменение климата; Таджикистан; Mustelidae; camera trap; climate change; Tajikistan.

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Gulov M.K., Partoev K., Afganova X.X., Aliev K.A.
Photosintetic pigments of potato genotypes, planting in extremal conditions
The research results shoved influence of high of temperature on the maintenance of photosynthetic pigments in the leaves of different potato plants, which has been grown up in the extremely conditions of Khuroson district. Was identification the temperature stress influence to quantity of pigments in the leaves of studying of a potato varieties. However, degree of influence of temperature at a steady grade Tajikistan to high temperature was less, than at a genotype not enough a grade of Fajzabad steady against temperature. At temperature stress maintenance the chlorophyll a has decreased to a lesser degree, than a chlorophyll b .

Ключевые слова: картофель; зелёные пигменты; температура; стресс; potato; photosynthetic pigments ; temperature; stress.

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Davlatova S.V., Navruzshoev D.
The dynamics of growth and productivity of L. on different altitude zones of Western Pamir
In this article, we brought up the experimental materials on the dynamics of lab seeds germination, growth and productivity of Medicago falcata on different altitude zones of Western Pamir. It shows that the growth and productivity of Medicago falcata with the increasing of elevation of its growing declined. We observed different response of mentioned plant in such parameters as seeds germination and germinating power depending on seeds on the period of seed keeping.

Ключевые слова: люцерна серповидная; всхожесть семян; урожайность; Западный Памир; Medicago falcata; growing seeds; productivity; Western Pamir.

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Sanginov S.R., Majidov F.M.
Balance of essential nutrients in cropping system in the conditions of the Hissar valley
In this paper, we discuss the result of study on the balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in cropping pattern of Hissar valley in a example of Rudaki district. During 1991- 2015 intensity rate of nitrogen balance decreased up to 47%, phosphorus up to14% and potassium up to 6%.

Ключевые слова: азот; фосфор; калий; вынос элементов питания; земледелие; хлопчатник; nitrogen; phosphorus; potassium; the removal of the element nutrition; agriculture cotton.

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Mahramov A., Dodov N., Ismoilov M.T.
The technology of growing meyer type of lemon in different inocultation branch and their adaptaion in condition of Darvaz
The first time Meyer type of lemon was studied in different Inoculation branch and their adaptation in region of Darvaz in 1150 meters above sea level.

Ключевые слова: технология; интродуцирование; лимонарий; окулировка; подвой; сеянцы; адаптированность; methods of growth; adaptation; greenhouse; crossing; inoculation branch with seeds.

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Baygenov F.N., Irgashev T.A., Shamsov E.S., Kosilov V.I., Karimova M.O.
Influence of vitamin-mineral food additives on the quality of milk
Inclusion of experimental groups (2,3,4) granulated concentrates in the diet of cows at the rate of 5 kg per head per day, 100 g of premix and 250 g of bentonite have a positive effect on the physico-chemical composition of milk and an increase in the dairy productivity of the Tajik type black - motley breed in the conditions of Gissar valley.

Ключевые слова: коровы; породы; таджикский тип черно-пестрой породы; сезон года; качество молока; кормление; премикс; бентонитовая глина; cows; a breed of Tajik type black-and-white cattle; the season of the year; the quality of milk; feeding; mineral supplements; premix; bentonite clay.

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Ashurova N.M., Dodkhoeva M.F.
Influence of a typhoid fever on the reproductive system of women
Studies of the women of active reproductive age (20-34 years) revealed a high incidence of genital diseases, including menstrual dysfunction, in women who underwent typhoid fever. The analysis showed the negative effect of the transferred typhoid fever on the reproductive system of women, which was manifested by the violation of the menstrual cycle in the vast majority of women who had experienced typhoid fever and which were confirmed by a change in the content of gonadotropic pituitary hormones and ovarian hormones. In connection with this, to improve the quality of life of women, after suffering typhoid, along with other necessary rehabilitation measures, it is necessary to examine and prevent violations from the reproductive system.

Ключевые слова: брюшной тиф; репродуктивная система; гинекологические заболевания; гормоны; менструальная функция; typhoid fever; reproductive system; gynecological diseases; hormones; menstrual function.