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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №1, 2018 г.

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Pokivailov A.A., Khayrov Kh.S., Nazarova Sh.D., Rashidova Z.F.
Some results collectanea of locust (Orthoptera, Acrididae) on ultraviolet illumination of light traps in South-Western of Tajikistan. Report 2
The article gives data on the species composition of locusts trapped in light traps.

Ключевые слова: саранчовые; световые ловушки; ультрафиолетовое излучение; locusts; ultraviolet illumination; light traps.

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Karamkhudoeva M.N.
Ecological characteristics of greenhouse whitefly in the condition of Western Pamir of Tajikistan
In this paper, information on ecological characteristics of greenhouse whitefly in the condition of Western Pamir of Tajikistan has been gathered. It is also verified that throughout the year a greenhouse whitefly can increase three times in number and take food from 71 species and 21 generation of plants.

Ключевые слова: белокрылка; экологические особенности; поколения; космополитный вредитель; Западный Памир; Таджикистан; greenhouse whitefly; ecological characteristic; generation; cosmopolitan pests; Western Pamir.

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Hakimzod S., Khabirov Z.
Influence of antropogenic factors on fauna of the Romit Gorge flies and the tract of Kanask
The article presents the results of the collections and observations of the hills in 2016-2017 ys., on the impact of anthropogenic factors on the fauna of the Romit Gorge and the Kanask tract.

Ключевые слова: слепни; антропогенные факторы; биоценозы; численность; Рамит; Сорбо; Сардаи Миёна; ущелье; видовой состав; horsfly; anthropogenic factors; biocenosis; population; Romit; Sorbo; Sardai Miyona; gorge; composition species.

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Mirzoev N.M., Rasulov A.Kh., Saidov A.S.
To morphology and biology of the sazan ( linnaeus, 1758) in the lakes of «Tigrovaua balka» reserve
This article is devoted studying of a sazan ( Сyprinus carpio linnaeus, 1758) in the lakes «Тigrovaya balka» reserve. In the course of research it is established, that now the sazan meets in all lakes of reserve. Also to be resulted data on morphological features, rate of growth, age, reproduction, a food and number of a sazan.

Ключевые слова: сазан; заповедник «Тигровая балка»; ихтиофауна; озера; морфология; размножение; возраст; распространение; Cyprinus carpio linnaeus; "Tigrovaya balka" reserve; icthciofauna; lakes; morphology; reproduction; age; distribution.

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Safaralikhonov A.B., Rustambekova A., Navruzbekov M.O., Saidasanova U., Aknazarov O.A.
The influence of UV-irradiation of seeds on their germination, growth and the activity of growth inhibitors and stimulators in horse bean seedlings
In this article the experimental results about influence UV-irradiation on seeds, their germination, growth and the activity of growth endogenous stimulators and inhibitors in horse bean seedlings are contained. It shows that the stimulative influence of UV-irradiation of seeds in the field of 313 and 365 nm with 30, 60 minutes exposition on their germination, growth and the activity of endogenous growth stimulators. It inhibitory impact on above-mentioned parameters under influence of UV-irradiation of seeds in the field of 254nm with 60, 90 minutes exposition was detected.

Ключевые слова: УФ-облучение; конские бобы; всхожесть семян; рост проростков; стимуляторы и ингибиторы роста; UV-irradiation; horse bean; seeds germination; seedlings growth; growth stimulators and inhibitors.

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Boymurodov J.S.
Investigation of polyphenol concentration in L., Depending on the vegetation phase in the sough slop of Hissar mountain range
In this article the results of a study of identification of the total polyphenol concentration in Inula macrophylla L. depending on life cycle phases in the South slope of the Gissar Rangein Tajikistan are described. Preliminary results had shown that polyphenol concentration in Inula macrophylla L . increase in blooming phase. However, its concentration is low in fruit bearing and other phases.

Ключевые слова: Инула крупнолистная; полифенолы; фазы развития; Южный склон Гиссарского хребта; Inula macrophylla L.polyphenol; growing phases; the Northern Tajikistan.

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Mirazorov K., Bobizoda G.M., Yuldoshev H.
Application of pentaftorphenyl ethers in the synthesis of dipeptide glutamil - triptophan and comparison of biological properties
The case of the participation of pentafluorophenyl ethers produced using dipentafluorophenyl carbonate in the synthesis of the glutamyl-tryptophan dipeptide was considered. It was established that this method allows the synthesis of peptides using the tryptophan as an amino component with free indole and carboxyl groups, which significantly reduces the complexity of the synthesis process. At the same time, the main biological properties of the dipeptide are preserved.

Ключевые слова: синтез пептидов; дипептид глутамил-триптофан; активированные эфиры; карбоксильная группа; peptide synthesis; glutamyl-tryptophan dipeptide; activated esters; carboxyl group.

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Shakarshoev G.I., Rashidbekov M.M., Jaongirov J.O., Abdulamonov K.
Binding of hybrid burring cross-dressing of potato of foreign origin
In the article, the results of the first experimental works on the crossing of varieties of potato of foreign origin in the conditions of the western Pamirs are conducted. It was shown that the knotting of multi-seed hybrid berry grains in the mountainous conditions of the western Pamir is - of a particular interest for performance of selection-genetic works.

Ключевые слова: Западный Памир; картофель; гибридизация; завязываемость; ягода; ботанические семена; Western Pamir; potato; hybridization; knotting; berry; botanical seeds.

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Shozodahasanova F., Felaliev A.S., Mubalieva Sh.M.
Some morphobiological features of the introduced sorts of plum in the Hissar valley condition
In this article the results of life cycle observation of three sorts hybrids- plums growing in Hissar, valley of Tajikistan are presents. Morphological characteristics and productivity of the six-years old hybrids-plums of Juznaya krasavisa, Kometa and Pobeda were determined.

Ключевые слова: интродуценты; сливоалычовые гибриды; фенология; плоды; параметры; фаза цветения; урожайность; Гиссарская долина; introduced; hybrids; phenology; plums; fruits; parameters; productivity; Hissar valley.

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Dodkhoeva M.F., Pirmatova D.A.
Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women: literature review
Iron deficiency anemia is one of the global problems of modern healthcare, due to the wide spread in the world. The review reflects a modern view of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, maternal and perinatal complications, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease. Mentioned diseases caused by impairment of iron metabolism in the organism due to insufficiency and manifested by clinical and laboratory signs of iron deficiency, the severity of which depends on the stage of the disease. The data of world literature convince of the urgency of developing methods for early diagnosis and prediction of the development of iron deficiency states with a view to reducing the frequency of obstetric complications and perinatal morbidity.

Ключевые слова: анемия; железодефицит; беременность; осложнения гестации; anemia; iron deficiency; pregnancy; complications of gestation.

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Mirodzhov G.K., Pulatova S.D., Pulatov D.I.
Effect of pentoxifylline on the level of cytokines in patients with cirrhosis of the liver
The purpose of this study was to study the levels of serum pro-inflammatory cytokines-tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), interleukin-2 and 6 (IL-2, IL-6) and anti-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-10 (IL-10) in patients cirrhosis of class B liver according to Child-Pugh criteria, before and after anti-cytokine therapy with pentoxifylline. Studies were performed in 30 patients with liver cirrhosis (15 women and 15 men) aged 22 to 71 years (mean age 38.5 + 3.5 years). The etiological causes of liver cirrhosis in 14 patients were HBV, 9 - HCV, 4 - HBV + HDV, 2 - HCV + ethanol and 1 - HBV + ethanol. Pentoxifylline was prescribed in a daily dose of 400 mg. The course of treatment was 4 months. The use of pentoxifylline contributed to a statistically significant decrease in the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL-2, IL-6) and an increase in anti-inflammatory cytokine (IL-10). Against the background of the therapy, clinical manifestations and biochemical indicators are noted: a decrease in the levels of the transamination enzymes ALT, AST and bilirubin, as well as an increase in the level of albumin.

Ключевые слова: цирроз печени; провоспалительные цитокины; пентоксифиллин; liver cirrhosis; proinflammatory cytokines; pentoxifylline.

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Boqiev F.B., Rashidov F.Sh., Rakhmonov D.A., Gulmurodov T.G., Turakulov F.A., Amonov Sh.Sh., Fayziev Z.Sh.
Peculiarities of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in acute calculous cholecystite in patients with abdominal obesity
The results of surgical treatment of 75 patients with acute calculous cholecystitis in combination with abdominal obesity are presented in the article. The technical features of the operation on the background of abdominal obesity and acute destructive process in the gallbladder are described. The developed technique of gallbladder safe mobilization to improve the identification of the elements of its neck is presented. Based on the obtained results the authors recommend the extensive use of the proposed method in patients with acute calculous cholecystitis in combination with abdominal obesity.

Ключевые слова: острый калькулёзный холецистит; ожирение абдоминального типа; метаболический синдром; лапароскопическая холесистэктомия; acute calculous cholecystitis; abdominal obesity; metabolic syndrome; laparoscopic cholesystectomy.

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Isaeva M.S., Tabarov M.S., Khodzнaeva M.Kh.
Etiopathogenic mechanisms development of different clinical forms of dermatitis
In this article results of investigation of 60 patients are expressed, which indicated that one of the pathogenically levels of dermatitis is violation of blood vessels endothelia which are indicated by high level of desquamated endotheliocytes, von Willebrand factor, fibrinogen and thrombocytes of peripheral blood. Thus in toxicodermi and allergic dermatitis level of desquamated endotheliocуtes composed 13.8±0.4×10/l and 11.1±0.6×10/l, accordingly; von Willebrand factor - 134.3±3.4% and 130.3±3.9%, accordingly; fibrinogen - 2.8±0.1g/l and 2.8±0.1g/l, accordingly; and thrombocytes - 278.3±6.1×10/l and 263.3±4.9×10/l, accordingly. Research have shown the efficacy of basic therapy for dermatitis as indicated by the decrease in the level of circulating desquamated endothelial (4.0±0.2×10/l), von Willebrand factor (121.4±2.0%), fibrinogen (2.8±0.1g/l) and thrombocytes (217.2±4.9×10/l), as regression of elements rash.

Ключевые слова: дерматиты; дисфункция эндотелия; фактор фон Виллебранда; фибриноген; тромбоциты; dermatitis; endothelial dysfunctions; the von Willebrand factor; fibrinogen; thrombocytes.

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Azizov B.J., Asadov S.K., Davlatov A.R., Bobonazarova G.Sh.
Features of pre-operational preparation, methods and terms of fusing of the intestinal stomas in children
Treatment of 108 children with intestinal ostomy assessed for various destructive-inflammatory diseases of the abdominal organs was evaluated:. Indications for the imposition of intestinal stomas in children were determined during surgery by the following changes in the abdominal cavity: the severity of typhlitis, ileitis and infiltration of the wall of the ileum; soldering between the loops of the small intestines with angular deformations; accumulation and distribution of purulent effusion in anatomical pockets; the presence of intertwined rounds; the presence of a residual cavity periappendicular abscess with pus of a different nature; enteral insufficiency III-IV degree.When imposing and eliminating intestinal stomas, an individual approach was observed taking into account the general condition of the patient, operational anesthetic risk, degree of endogenous intoxication and enteral insufficiency, dysbacteriosis, somatic background, as well as complications associated with the imposition of an intestinal stoma.

Ключевые слова: илеостомия; колостомия; осложнение; декомпрессия кишечника; дети; ileostomy; colostomy; complication; intestinal decompression; children.