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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №2(201), 2018 г.

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Y.Yusupov , A.Muhamedov , I.Dadobaev
The experience of accelerated method of introduced tecoma (Campsis radicans) propagation in conditions of open soil
The article states the results of accelerated vegetative propagation of introduced Tecoma (Campsis radicans (L.) Seem) in conditions of open soil. It is shown that in practice cultivation of seedlings from annual ligneous heft is quite possible within one vegetation period and hefts are eligible for being cultivated on a permanent place aimed to landscape the streets, decorate parks and private hedges of population homestead lands.

Ключевые слова: propagation; hefts; establishment; vegetation.

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M.М.Kurbonov , U.K.Aliev , I.I.Karimov
Variability of quantitative traits and productivity of potato genotypes depending on vertical running
The testing of samples from the collection of potatoes of various origin in the conditions of the plain and mountain areas of Tajikistan revealed a high variability in the height index of plants. The share of variability due to the genotypes was 9.1%, and the difference between the growing runes was 16.8%, unhitch indicates a significant effect of weather conditions on the formation of plant height and the general phenotypic variability of the trait that vertical senility introduced.

Ключевые слова: tuber; formation; temperature; potato; budding; snoots genotype; vertical zoning.

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Dynamics of accumulation and distribution of starch in halophyte and xerophyte plants of the "Tigrovaya balka" reserve
In this article the results of the analysis of starch content in seasonal dynamics of halophyte and xerophyte plants are given. It is shown that leaves and stalks of halophyte and xerophyte plants had a maximum of starch content in leaves in the spring in April. During this period the content of starch in stalks and a root was less several times. From the middle of June there is a sharp reduction of content of starch in leaves, stalks and in a root, but when maturing fruits the content of starch in them rather high.

Ключевые слова: halophytes; xerophytes; starch; "Tigrovaya balka" reserve.

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Sh.Karaev , D.R.Kholov , F.J.Karimova , N.D.Hoghaev
Influence of mineral fertilizers for conservation of water reserve, number of stains in the period of winter wheat development on eroided brown carbonate soils
The results of studies showing the use of fertilizers in the norm of N60P30 by a number of colourements and harrows, improved soil level, increase in the moisture reserve, and the retention of runoff and soil washout are 2-3 times higher. Along with this, it is favorable for obtaining a high yield of winter wheat, which increases to 36.0 c / ha as compared to the control - 18.0 c / ha.

Ключевые слова: winter wheat; mineral fertilizers; moisture reserve; number of stems; erosion; slopes of brown carbonate soils; row crop; harrowing.

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А.Mahramov , N.Dodov
Growing kinds of lemon (Citrus sinensis L.) In different sub or bottom inoculates and its adaptation in Darvoz valley of Badakhshan mountain
Many years of scientific research has shown that at the first time different kind of lemon in different sub or bottom inoculates and its adaptation was revised at the height of 1260 m above sea level of Darvoz valley of Badakhshan mountain.

Ключевые слова: adaptation; limonariya (greenhouse); inoculation; sub inoculation; seeds; adaptation.

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Grape productivity depending on the number of left eyes
The article examines the different load levels of bushes (60, 80 and 100 eyes) of grape varieties, differing in strength of growth and shoot-forming ability - Kishmish black, Husaini white and Taifi pink. By results of researches it is established, that from three variants of experiment the optimum norm of loading is 100 eyes on a bush. At the same time, a greater number of ocelli, fruit shoots and inflorescences develop in all varieties, which contributes to obtaining a high standard crop.

Ключевые слова: productivity; grape; rodless; varieties; load; eyes; growth; development; yield.

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H.А.Ysupov , T.М.Salimov , P.Asoev
Therapeutic efficacy in brometrina endometrial cows
For treatment, sharp kataralno-purulent endometrit cows us are tested new ПМС brommetrin, rendering antimicrobic and fungicid actions. In the beginning of experience at sick cows have established decrease in haemoglobin blood, eritrocit, glucose, albumin at high-level b - and γ -globulinov, and also fagocitar activity and fagocitar numbers. At display of clinical signs sharp kataralno-purulent endometrit into a cavity of a uterus of experimental cows entered one candle brommetrin twice with an interval 24- 48 c, control - furazaleedon sticks according o manual.

Ключевые слова: brommetrin; endometritis; microbes; fungi; and furazolidone.

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A.A.Negmatov , K.Sh.Zubaydov , F.D.Khasanov
Variability of the exterior indicators of the carpathian bee of breed in various climatic zones of Tajikistan
The rich honey flora, the diversity of honey plants and the temperate climate of the foothill and mountain regions of Central Tajikistan contribute to the preservation of the breed-determining signs of the Carpathian breed and increase the productivity of bees bred in this region. Some data from the results of studies of exterior indicators of the Carpathian bee breed in different climatic zones of Tajikistan are given.

Ключевые слова: exterior index; proboscis; wing; tergite; sternite.

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S.Kh.Unusova , M.Y.Kamilova , N.F.Odinaeva
Especialites of changes of trophoblastic β1-glicoprotein in pregnant woman plasma withuterisuture depending on multiple cesarian section fnd place of placentation
The results of pregnan cycomplications frequency, Dopplerometry dates and levels of trophoblastic β1-glicoprotein in plasma of pregnant woman with uteri scar depending on place of placentation and multiple Cesariansection were presented. Itwasshown, that preeclampsia and placental insufficiently frequencysignificantly increasein patients with placenta localization in area of scar.The levels trophoblastic β1-glycoprotein was significantly lessin patients with placenta localization in area of scar, desordersof uteri-placental- fetus hemodynamics. Obtained dates show the necessarily working out of differential approaches in patients with uteri scar.

Ключевые слова: uteri scar; Doppler-trophoblastic β1-glycoprotein; placental insufficiency; placenta location; multiple Cesarian section.

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F.N.Karimova , K.M.Dzhurabecova , M.B.Saifudinova , O.A.Mirzoev
The role of neoajuvant chemotherapy in the complex treatment of locally-spread cervical cancer
Radiation therapy (RT) and surgical intervention are most effective standard methods in the treatment of cervical cancer; unfortunately, medical possibilities of radiation therapy in locally-spread cervical cancer are limited by tumors size. Authors have carried out the comparative analysis of the results of treatment in the patients with locally- spread cervical cancer with use of neoajuvant chemotherapy according to the schemes: DDP+FU (1 group n=42) and DDP+FU+DOX (2 group n=29). Irrespective of the histologic form of a tumor, sensitivity of locally-spread cervical cancer to the combination DDP+FU+DOX appeared to be better. Before the beginning 2 stage of therapy cytological pathomorphosis was studied in patients in order to estimate direct result f neoajuvant chemotherapy. It was revealed that degree of medical pathomorphosis was directly proportional to the degree of the tumors regress. After delection of considerable effect of the neoajuvant 28.57% patients in 1 group and 34.48% of the womenin the 2 one one run radical histerectomyaccording to Wertheim.

Ключевые слова: locally-spread cervical cancer; neoajuvant chemotherapy; pathomorphosis.

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T.G.Gulmurodov , D.U.Dadabaev , A.A.Jabborov , J.A.Rahmonov
Diagnostic and surgical treatment of chronic exuscative and constrictive pericarditis
The research article shows analyzes of the results of the examination and surgical treatment of 114 patients with chronic pericarditis. It has been identified that in patients with chronic pericarditis, severe functional changes in the heart were observed which are expressed in constrictive pericarditis. The expediency of minimally invasive surgical treatment of chronic pericarditis has been substantiated.

Ключевые слова: chronic pericarditis; echocardiography; thoracoscopic pericardiotomy; subtotal pericardiectomy.

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K.M.Raimkulov , J.М.Usubalieva , V.S.Toigombaeva , O.T.Kuttubaev
Clinical and laboratory exploration to identify infestation of echinococcosis residents of Alay district of Osh region
In the article data of the clinical and laboratory examination on the invasion of echinococcosis by the population of the Alai district of the Osh region are presented.

Ключевые слова: alveococcosis; echinococcosis; ultrasonography; linked immunosorbent assay; invasion.