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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №3(202), 2018 г.

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T.P.Niyatbekov , Ch.P.Shoziyoeva
New floristics information by diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of lake Rangkul
The diatoms of the lake Rangkul were represented by 161 species, and 183 infraspecific taxa from diatoms. They are belong 3 classes, 15 orders, 32 families and 67 genies, 22 new species were found for the Pamir territories. The predominance of representatives of the families Naviculaceae (22 infraspecific taxa), Bacillariaceae (20 infraspecific taxa), the genera (Pinnularia - 14), (Nitzschia -13), and (Navicula - 12 infraspecific taxa) was revealed in the total composition of diatoms of the studied lake Rangkul.

Ключевые слова: маълумоти нави флористикї; диатомањо; Bacillariophyta; кўли Рангкўл.

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Z.G.Khodjaeva , A.K.Mirzorakhimov
Historical review of Artemisia santolinifolia (Turcz. ex Pamp.) Krasch. and Artemisia tournefortiana Rchb.
The article contains the results of analysis literary data on the study of Artemisia santolinifoila and Artemisia tournefortiana and their use in medicine and also gives a brief overview of the study of the chemical composition, medicinal properties, their biomorphological features, etc. However, despite the many properties of these species that grow in Tajikistan, they have not been fully studied, including such as pharmacological, biological, and pharmacological features. Here they are used mainly in folk medicine

Ключевые слова: Artemisia santolinifoila; Artemisia tournefortiana; essential oil; antioxidant; use; medicinal property.

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M.S.Chorshanbieva , D.Navruzshoev
Biological properties and introduction abilities of garden roses in the condition of Pamir Botanical Garden
The article consist of information about research results on cultivation of garden sorts of rose - «Super-Star», «Rose Gaujard» in the condition of Pamir Botanical Garden. The research reviled that, garden sorts of rose carry out the winter time only under protected structure. The observation showed that the rose plants passed the whole cycle of rhythm of their growth.

Ключевые слова: introduction; rhythm of growth; hybrid sorts.

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A.Kh.Rasulov , H.K.Musofirov
The bioecological features showtrout (Schizothorax intermedius) in Kafirnigan river
New information provided on biology, morphoecology, population, distribution and protection of common Snowtrout (Marinka) in Kafirnigan river.

Ключевые слова: plastic signs; linear-weight growth; age; maturity factor; spawning type; spawning period.

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N.A.Oshurmamadov , A.S.Saidov
Status of the population of the sibirian ibex (Capra sibirica Pallas 1976) in Ishkashim mountain range
The article provides information on the status of the population of Siberian ibex in the Darshaidara gorge of the Ishkashim mountain range protected by local residents. Obtaining data in the period 2011-2018 indicates a steady the population of the Siberian ibex in this territory.

Ключевые слова: sibirian ibex; population; females; males; Ishkashim ridge; Darshaidara.

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Z.D.Mavlododova , F.N.Khudoyorbekov , A.Mekhrobshoeva , A.B.Safaralikhonov , G.S.Khujanazarova , O.A.Aknazarov
The influence of water supply on transpiration intensity and endogenous abscisic acid activity in apricot leaves
In this article, the experimental materials on the influence of water supply on transpiration intensity and ediginous abscisic acid activity in apricot leaves in the condition of Western Pamir are presents. It suggests that soils with limited water availability decrease plant leaves transpiration intensity and increase the activity such phytohormones as abscisic acid leaves as compare to plants that grow in the condition of regularly of water supply.

Ключевые слова: water supply; apricot; transpiration; abscisic acid; Western Pamir.

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M.H.Botirov , Z.B.Kavrakova , A.U.Jalilov , M.G.Mamadyusufova , F.Yu.Nasyrova
Immunological assesment of the wheat to the yeallow rust resistance
In the is article the results of the immunological evaluation of the 10 local wheat varieties of the Tajik population relative to the yellow rust pathogen are presents.

Ключевые слова: wheat; yellow rust; race - specific and race - nonspecific resistance; the index of resistance.

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M.K.Gulov , K.Partoev , K.Aliev
About of productivity a new potato varieties in the conditions of Vaksh valley of Tajikistan
In this article researches of the biological and economic new crops of potato in the conditions of Khuroson district are presents. It is established that on the general biological productivity the high indicator is observed in sorts Mukhabbat, Tаjikistan and Nulufar. These is varieties on biological productivity eхceed a standard sort of Faizаbаd in 1.9 -2.2 times. The higest harvest is observed at grades of Mukhabbat and Nilufar sorts at which this indicator makes from 235 to 300 g/plant. Lines grades of Mukhabbat, Nilufar , Faizаbаd , F(Nilufar х Clone -2 ) also have high harvest indeх on a parity of an economic crops to the general biomass 44-75%) in comparison with other grades of potato.

Ключевые слова: potato; samples; yield; biological and agricultural productivity; tolerant to high temperature.

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T.N.Nabiev , A.J.Asrorov
Efficiency application of mineral fertilizers in soybean and mung bean crops under conditions of Northen Tajikistan
The article presents the results of studying the influence of mineral wealth on the growth, development and productivity of soybean and mung bean, as well as their quality in conditions of light brown sretnechamenous soils in the North Tajikistan. On the basis of the research, it was found that the use of mineral fertilizers contributes to an increase in the yield of soybean and mung bean. A high yield of grain, soybean and mung bean among the study variants studied was obtained when mineral fertilizers were applied in a dose of NP. The increase in the yield of soybean in this case, in relation to the control increased by 11.8 c/ha, and the by culture of the mung bean by 11.1 c/ha. The results of our studies show that when optimization the diet, a real opportunity is obtained in the conditions of light brown, middle-stony soils of northern Tajikistan to obtain 26-28 c/ha of soybean, and 22-24 c\ha per mung bean.

Ключевые слова: soybean; protein; productivity; mineral fertilizers; mung bean; leaf area; nodule bacteria; crop structure.

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T.A.Irogashev , S.S.Zhaymysheva , V.I.Kosilov , D.A.Andrenko , N.M.Gubaydullin
Peculiarities of exterior birds of smemtal breed while rining probiotic feed additives Biodarin
The results of the study of the feeding effect of the probiotic fodder supplement Biodarin on the linear growth of Simmental heifers are presented.. There were established intergroup differences in the measurements of individual body articles, the coefficient of their increase with age, body build indexes. At the same time, the feeding of the additive studied had a positive effect on the formation of the ex-terrier of the experimental young.

Ключевые слова: cattle breeding; Simmentals; heifers; probiotic feed additive Biodarin; body measurements; body build indices.

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А.А.Negmatov , D.M.Mirzoev , F.D.Hasanov , K.SH.Zubaidov
The results of the experimental use of the drug "Kayod" with bee mycosis
The results of the experimental use of the drug "Kayod" with honey bee mycoses are given. It was also established antifungal activity of the drug "Kayod" against fungal diseases of bees. According to the results of the research it was found that the drug has a beneficial effect on flight activity and contributes to the increase in bee products during the period of the main honey collection.

Ключевые слова: Ascospherosis; Aspergillosis; Kayod; brood; larvae; bees.

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P.I.Khodzhieva , M.Y. Kamilova , D.M.Khokimov , F.R.Ishan-Khodzhaeva
Individual approaches of placental insufficiently treatmant with nitricoxide tivortin in pregnant woman with twins depending on choriontype
The results of levels apoptosis and angiogenesis markers, connection these indicators with perinatal outcomes, demonstrating more unfavorable conditions of prenatal fetus development in woman with monochorial twins were shown. Well-founded of scientific study ofindividual approach placental insufficiently treatment with nitric oxide tivortin in pregnant woman with twins depending on chorionic type, dissociation development of twins, degree disorders bleeding in «mother-placenta-fetus» system. The obtained results confirm necessity prophylaxis placental insufficientlyin pregnant woman with monochorial twins.

Ключевые слова: twin; monochorial and bichorial types of placentation; dissociation development of twins; markers of apoptosis; markers of angiogenesis; treatment; tivortin; clinical effectiveness.

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B.M.Kholnazarov , M.M.Fayzulloeva , G.M.Bobizoda
Therapeutic effect of timofer preparation in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, reyno disease and its effect on immunological and biochemical indicators
The results of the study of the therapeutic properties of the drug Timofer in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in children, gynecological patients, women in labor and Raynaud's disease are presented. It has been established that Timofer preparation improves the biochemical and immunological parameters of patients, i.e. It has a pharmacological effect in the treatment of diseases associated with iron deficiency and vascular diseases.

Ключевые слова: complexes of peptides with ions of bioactive metals; Timofer preparation; iron deficiency anemia; Raynaud's disease.