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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №4(203), 2018 г.

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Seed productivity and dynamics of germination of ziziphora L. species in the Pamir-Alay
Seed productivity of 4 Ziziphora species: Z. pamiroalaica, Z. interrupta, Z. brevicalyx, and Z. suffruticosa growing in the Pamir-Alay Mountains was studied. It was revealed that the indicator of real seed productivity did not exceed 40%. Seed viability and character of germination were studied. It was established that seeds of all species did not have a dormancy period, had high viability, up to 95% and high germination energy.

Ключевые слова: Ziziphora L.; seed productivity; dynamics. germination; Pamir-Alay.

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Species of fish and ecological characteristics the lower reaches river Vakhsh
The article is devoted studyind of the current state of the ichthyofauna of the lower reaches of the r. Vakhsh and lakes reserve «Tigrovaya Balka». The study found that the ichthyofauna of the study area, represented by 27 species of fish. Аlso to be resulted data on abundance, ecological characteristics and zoogeography of fishes of the lower reaches of the river Vakhsh.

Ключевые слова: fish; p.Vakhsh; reserve «Tigrovaya Balka»; lakes; sistematic; reproduction age; ecolodi; distribution.

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Comparative analysis of the results of the study of bird migration in South-Western of Tajikistan
The article presents a comparative analysis of the modern data and previous studies on the main characteristics of migration of birds: species composition, daily and seasonal dynamics, intensity, direction and height of daily movements of birds in the study area.

Ключевые слова: migration; flight intensity; flight direction; altitude; daily activity; South-Western of Tajikistan.

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N.A.Oshurmamadov , A.S.Saidov
Population status of the mountain ungulates in the North-Alichur mountain range of the Pamirs
This article presents data on the populations of Siberian ibex Capra sibirica and sheep Marco Polo Ovis ammon polii on the North-Alichur mountain range of the Pamirs for the period 2012-2017.

Ключевые слова: Alichur range; Siberian ibex; Marco Polo sheep; protection; wild animals.

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B.A.Solehzod , O.V.Usmanova , M.M.Yakubova
Effects of ecological conditions and genotype for growth, development and productivity model object A.thaliana
The article presents the results of a study on the influence of environmental conditions and genotype on the productivity of A. thaliana plants grown in contrasting environmental conditions. Differences in the reaction rate of the mutants and the original form on environmental factors determining the seed productivity of plants were revealed. The results of the study showed that the effect of the mutant gene on the development of the organism and the change in quantitative traits in the studied lines largely depends on the genotype, and the environmental conditions affect the overall productivity.

Ключевые слова: arabidopsis; mutants; genotype; ecological conditions; productivity.

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The effect of different fertelizers on productivity of sorts and linages of soft wheat in different ecological conditions
In this article, results of effects of different organic and mineral fertilizers on agriculturally-important traits of soft wheat depending on different climate zones of Tajikistan are presented.

Ключевые слова: wheat; grade; isogenic lines; fertilizers; efficiency; resilience.

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M.A.Babazhanova , A.K.Sayfidinov
Ontogenetic dependence of the impact of kinetin in vitro on the rybosophosphatisomatic activity of the multifermentional complex of the Calvin cycle in extracts from arabidoxis leave leaves
The article presents data from experimental studies of the effect of kinetin on the ribose phosphate isomerase activity of the multienzyme complex of the Calvin cycle in extracts from leaves of different ages of Ankheim arabidopsis plants.

Ключевые слова: ontogenesis; Arabidopsis; kinetin; ribose phosphate isomerase activity; multienzyme complex; Calvin cycle.

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F.J.Karimova , N.M.Asozoda
Influence of fertilizers and anti-erosion agricultural machines at the collection of lucerne on slopes in interdepartments of young gardens
The results of the study showed that the application of furrowing every 4 m to a depth of 20-25 cm and the introduction of mineral fertilizers in the norm of NPpromoted an increase in moisture accumulation in the soil, a decrease in erosion processes and an increase in the dry hay of the alfalfa by 46.0 с / ha compared to the control (73.0 c/ha).

Ключевые слова: anti-erosion agrotechnics; alfalfa; slopes washed into soils; young gardens; furrowing; mineral fertilizer; yield increment; brown carbonate soils.

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T.N.Nabiev , A.J.Asrorov
The productivity of soybeans and mung bean, depending on the different norms of mineral fertilizers
In this article the results of studying the features of growth, and yield of soybeans and mung beans, as well as their quality depending on the mineral fertilizers in the light brown medium stony soils of Northern Tajikistan are presents. In experiments, a higher yield of soybean and mung bean was obtained, when mineral nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers were applied in a dose of NP.

Ключевые слова: soybean; mung bean; mineral fertilizers; developmental phase; leaf area; photosynthetic potential; productivity; grain harvest.

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Chemical methods of protection of grapes from diseases and its impact on the crop
This article presents data on the sustainability and potential of the vineyards of the varieties Husaini white, Kishmish black and Tayfi pink after being affected by fungal diseases. According to the research it was found that a more resistant variety to diseases is the Tayfi pink variety and the less Kishmish black variety and the Husaini white variety. Basically, all varieties are susceptible to mildew disease (from 0.2 to 2.0 points), can be seen on the leaves and clusters. After carrying out preventive (ISO-5%, BZh-3%) and chemical (Topaz, Kuprosat KS) measures, the yield increased by 21-23% and a conditioned crop (165-176 centners / ha) was obtained in all variants of the study.

Ключевые слова: grapes; variety; diseases; mildew; oidium; agro-measures; harvest.

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S.M.Mukhamadieva , U.D.Uzakova , S.A.Malikoeva , R.A.Abdulloeva
Modern medical and organizational aspects of obstetrician hemorrhage (literature review)
Literature review of obstetrician hemorrhage indicators in the structure of morbidity, medical and social aspects of this pathology, near-miss case analysis (almost lost or almost died women), necessity of internal and external control conduct for prevention of obstetrician hemorrhage and provision of maternal safety, was conducted.

Ключевые слова: morbidity; obstetrician hemorrhage during pregnancy; pregnancy; post-pregnancy period; "almost survived women"; critical conditions in obstetrics; audit; quality of healthcare.

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N.K.Kuzibaeva , Z.A.Tajibaeva , N.A.Abdullaeva
Features of the clinical course of congenital heart defects - ventricular septal defect in children
In children with congenital heart defect Ventricular septal defect (VSD) with the signs of the defect size to 0.4 cm of circulatory disorders are not observed or they are insignificant. At moderate and large defects of heart walls (greater than 0.4 mm), there are signs the of circulatory disorders varying degrees. For large defects partitions rapidly developing pulmonary hypertension, in connection with this there are needed more early diagnosis and surgical treatment.

Ключевые слова: congenital heart defects in children; ventricular septal defect; diagnostics.

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N.A.Inoyatova , S.T.Samieva
Iodine deficiency role in development of benign formations in thyroid and mammary glands
Data on prevalence of benign forms in thyroid and mammary glands are provided in the given literary overview. The iodine deficiency role in development of these pathologies is described. Necessary dosages for prevention of formations and for fight against already formed benign tumors were considered. Considering that the Republic of Tajikistan is iodine deficiency naturally wide use of adequate doses of iodine for prevention various iodine deficiency states to which it is possible to refer also a fibrous cystic mastopathy and also a cyst and nodulations in a thyroid gland.

Ключевые слова: benign tumors; fibrous and cystic mastopathy; thyroid gland; iodine deficiency.

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M.S.Rustamova , Yu.A.Shokirov
Clinical assessment of ultrasound under different chronic kidney disease stages
There were presented the results of integrated Doppler ultrasound of kidneys with parenchyma thickness measurements, the cortical layer, determination of the cortical echogenicity degree and vascularization in 150 patients with different stages of chronic kidney disease, which developed as a basis of diffuse glomerulonephritis. The authorsconciderthat, the result of study allows estimating the mechanisms of progression of CKD stages. The obtained results should be taken into account while assessing the gravity of process, forecasting and during treatment strategies of different CKD stages.

Ключевые слова: chronic kidney disease; chronic glomerulonephritis; parenchyma; cortical layer; cortical echogenicity; vascularization; glomerular filtrate rate; Doppler research.

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M.Sh.Mirzoev , M.N.Shakirov , D.I.Hushvakhtov , M.M.Akbarov , Kh.O.Gafarov
Application of individual implantation structures from titanium nickelide in the treatment of patients with diseases and lesions of the temporomandibular joint
The work summarizes the results of treatment of 34 patients aged 18-40 years with diseases and lesions of the temporomandibular joint. To replace the deformed heads of the lower jaw in the patients with deforming osteoarthritis, the consequences of osteomyelitis and bone forms of ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint, an individually manufactured endoprosthesis made of nickel-based titanium was used. It was created on the basis of stereolithographic modeling which was in shape and configuration a design that exactly matches the anatomical shape of the articular process and branch the lower jaw of the patient. The immediate and long-term results of treatment (up to 5 years) showed no relapse, the patients did not complain, the movements of the lower jaw were preserved in full, functional violations from the temporomandibular joints were not detected. X-ray examination of the temporomandibular joint testified the satisfactory condition of the established endoprostheses and the absence of any changes in the bone structures on the side of the operation.

Ключевые слова: temporomandibular joint; ankylosis; deforming osteoarthritis; Nickel-titanium; implants.

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Z.A.Gulbekova , A.S. Mirzoyev , N.S.Odinaev
Some modern aspects of the epidemiology and diagnosis of chronic kidney disease
The article presents the epidemiological aspects of chronic kidney disease. It was emphasized that in the 21st century the world community faced a global problem - a pandemic of chronic non-infectious diseases (in particular, urolithiasis), primarily related to disability, high treatment costs, severe complications and mortality. Two main reasons served as the basis for the emergence of the concept of CKD: the presence of common mechanisms for the progression of nephropathy and high cardiovascular mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease. For the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, at least a study of serum creatinine level with the calculation of glomerular filtration rate and a study for albuminuria are necessary.

Ключевые слова: chronic kidney disease; epidemiology; diagnosis; glomerular filtration rate.

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