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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №3(206), 2019 г.

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S.Rakhimov , J.Zarifi
Assessment of the condition of Inula macrophylla Kir. community in the structure of vegetation of Southern Pamir-Alay
In this paper the data on the state of the large-leaved elecampane community in various types of vegetation (semi-savannah, scotch and blackwood) of Southern Tajikistan, in which the species forms the basis of the grass stand, forms independent phytocenoses in the open community are presents. In some years, the species creates a bright yellow aspect in early April.

Ключевые слова: community; types of vegetation; cenosis-forming plants.

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S.Нakimzod , Z.Khabirov
The current dtate of fauna of blind (Diptera: Tabanidae) of the Varzob gorge
The article provides data on the current state of fauna, biology, and the distribution of 13 species of blood-sucking horseflies of the Varzob gorge.

Ключевые слова: horseflies; Varzob gorge; fauna; abundance; temperature; activity.

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A.Abdullaev , N.A.Maniyazova , Yu.Kobilov , M.Sharipov
The influence of soil drought on the biological productivity and quality of beans from the world collection
In this article the experimental data about the influence of soil drought on the dynamics of plant growth, the dynamics of the biomass accumulation of total weight and dry biomass, the leaves area of plant, the specific leaf weight, crop structure and biochemical parameters of seeds in some legumes from the world collection are presents. It has been shown that soil drought affects plant growth, slowing down growth processes, and leads to a decrease in biomass due to drying and falling of leaves and stems. In this case, the leaf area decreases, as well as the specific surface density of the leaf in some plants. It was found that soil drought leads to the formation of deformed underdeveloped seeds during fruiting, which negatively affects on productivity and biochemical parameters of seeds.

Ключевые слова: legumes; growth dynamics; biomass; leaf area; crop structure; seed quality.

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А.Rustambekova , A.B.Safaralikhonov , O.A.Aknazarov
The influence of the presowing treatment of barley seeds by UV-radiation and low temperature on its growth and productivity
In this article the experimental materials on the influence of the presowing treatment of barley seeds by low temperature and UV-radiation on the plants growth and productivity on different elevation of Western Pamir is presents. It suggests that presowing treatment of seeds in the field of UV-254 nm and by low temperature of minus 10С decreases the plants growth and productivity as compare to non-treated plants. However, treatment of seeds in the field of UV-313 and 365 nm and by temperature of 0°С relatively increase plants growth and productivity as compare to control plants.

Ключевые слова: barley; growth; productivity; low temperature; UV-radiation; Western Pamir.

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Sh.S.Murodov , D.S.Sattarov
Water mode leaves of Salvia sclarea (Lamiaceae) in culture
In this article the data about the transpiration intensity and water-worter capacity of Salvia sclarea L. leaves when cultivated in the conditions of the Gissar valley (Rudaki district, elevation above the level of 730 m ) are presents. It was found that in the flowering phase in the cultivated conditions salvia plants have a high transpiration intensity, which varies from 39.2 in the morning (lower leaves) to 160.7 g / m·s at noon (upper leaves), and the lower leaves have the highest water-holding capacity, which reaches 70.1% at noon.

Ключевые слова: salvia; transpiration; intensity; water; holding capacity.

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V.A.Ganizoda , Z.Sh.Eshonova , M.M.Yakubova
Indicators of biochemical quality of wheat grain depending on the conditions of their cultivation
The article presents data characterizing the climatic and weather features in the experiment, as well as the protein and starch content in the grains of the studied varieties and wheat lines. It was revealed that the protein and starch content in the wheat grain differs depending on the growing conditions and fertilizer application, which can be used in breeding as test systems characterizing the quality of grain.

Ключевые слова: wheat; adaptability; protein; starch; efficiency; resilience.

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Sh.D.Saidmuradov , Ф.Ю.Насырова
Genetically modified organisms: the actual problem of modern science and technology
This review article is devoted to one of the pressing issues of modern science - genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The analysis of existing, modern scientific and popular science literature is carried out. It provides information on what GMOs are, methods and methods for obtaining GMOs, the benefits and harms of GMOs, the distribution and cultivation of GMOs of cultivated plants in the world, the situation with the distribution and circulation of GMOs in Tajikistan, and the initiative of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan on a scientifically based risk assessment of GMOs in the framework of the problem of biological and food safety.

Ключевые слова: GMOs; GM plants; GM products; GM crops; GM ingredient; transgenic crops; risk assessment; biological and food safety.

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Selection of productive and adapted local varieties of grain and grain body cultures in conditions of high-mountain
In this article the results of study on the selection of productive local varieties of grain and leguminous crops in various growing conditions, as well as the identification of productive forms in pure and mixed crops discusses are presents.

Ключевые слова: grain; horse beans; combined crops; productivity; resistance.

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R.Felaliev , S.Shomansurov , S.Musoev , M.Davlatmamadova
Variability of productivity of potato genotypes depending on vertical zonality of Pamir
In this article the results of investigations on analyzing of different varieties of potatoes on productivity and resistance against the diseases and insects in different ecological zones of Pamir in accordance the altitudes are presents. It was shown that in middle located altitudes of Pamir on the height of 1800 meter above the sea level the varieties Alladin, Zarina and Shukrona are more productive. On the height of 2600 meter above the sea level the clone-hybride-27, varieties Alladin and Nilufar prevailed on the parameter of productivity. More resistance sorts among the other investigated ones are Alladin and clone-hybride-27 varieties.

Ключевые слова: potato; variety; productivity; altitude zones; resistance.

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Sh.A.Baramova , S.A.Rasulov , R.A.Turaev , A.Zh.Myrzaliev , J.I.Rajabov , D.M.Mirzoev
The efficiency of the uniform color antigen kazsrvi in the diagnosis of animal brucellosis
The article presents the results of a comparative assessment of serological methods for the diagnosis of animal brucellosis using a single-color antigen of KazNIVI LLP with traditional types of antigens.

Ключевые слова: brucellosis; RA; RCF.

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Kh.D.Karim-Zade , A.L.Aripov
Gunshot eye injuries in children in Tajikistan
The article presents results of the study of the features of gunshot eye injuries in children in the Republic of Tajikistan in period from 1992 to 2018. Open globe injuries compiled 85%, half of cases had an intraocular foreign body and poor visual outcome developed in 70% of children. Thanks to the de-escalation of the civil war and measures taken to disarm the population, gunshot eye injuries in children are no longer recorded.

Ключевые слова: pediatric eye injury; ocular trauma; children; gunshot; firearm injury; open globe injury; closed globe injury; intraocular foreign body; blindness; visual impairment.

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M.A.Gafforova , B.N.Shamsidinov , Z.A.Akhrorova , P.R.Mukhtorova
Application of CO laser with removal of laryngx papillomatosis
The results of treatment of children with respiratory papillomatosis by endolaryngeal microsurgery with the use of a COlaser and the usual method using endolaryngeal microsurgery with high-frequency artificial ventilation of the lungs through a double-lumen catheter with the use of microinstruments are presented. The best results were obtained in children operated with COlaser.

Ключевые слова: laryngeal papillomatosis; laser surgery; microsurgery.

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