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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №2(209), 2020 г.

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S.Rakhimov , J.Zarifi
Pastures and hayfields of elecampane in Tajikistan
The papers work presents the features of the Andean community, which is used as pasture and hayfields. In article the data on the phytocenotic features of elecampane communities, which are used as anadromous pastures and hayfields provides. Communities of large-leaved elecampane were identified in various types of vegetation in Southern Tajikistan.

Ключевые слова: elecampane communities; pastures; hayfields; yield.

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D.S.Sattarov , N.S.Saidov
Assessment of special composition of wood - shrush breeds of S.Ayni park of Dushanbe city
The results of determining the species diversity and taxonomy of tree-shrub species of Ayni city park are presented. It was established that when organizing the landscapes of the park, taxons belonging to 30 families, 56 genera, and 81 species were used, of which 15 representatives are forms. Of this amount, the share of conifers is 26.3%, and evergreen trees and shrubs 6.3%. It was revealed that for the period from 2000 to 2020 use of coniferous species increased 5.7 times, and hardwood 1.4 times.

Ключевые слова: garden; trees; shrubs; family; genus; species.

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Station distribution of whiteflies of Western Pamir
For the first time results of the many years of research are presented on station distribution of whiteflies in the conditions of mountainous Western Pamir. The study of aleyrodidae at the main five station on plantings of cabbage, tomato, pumpkin, eggplant, pepper shows that all species of aleyrodidae except Bulgarialeurodes cotesii Mask. are not considered serious pests in high altitude conditions.

Ключевые слова: station; distribution; whiteflies; aleyrodides.

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B.B.Jumaev , M.H.Atoev , A.Abdullaev
Photosynthetic metabolism of С carbon in leaves of leguminous plants under salinity
In this article the experimental data on the influence of chloride salinity of soil (salt stress) on the intensity of potential photosynthesis (IPPh) and distribution of produces of photosynthetic С carbon metabolism in the leaves of different species of leguminous genus plants in the flowering phase are presents. It was shown that in all objects the content of the glycolate pathway intermediates (GPI) in the experimental plants was higher than in the control plants. The inclusion of carbon C in PEPA-carboxylation products, including malate, also has this tendency. Change in the studied parameters of intensity of potential photosynthesis and the photosynthetic metabolism of С carbon depending on the effects of salt stress may be due to the mechanism of physiological and biochemical adaptation of plants to these stressful conditions.

Ключевые слова: leguminous plants; salt stress; potential photosynthesis; photosynthetic C carbon metabolism; adaptation.

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N.S.Dilovarova , N.Kh.Norkulov , Z.B.Davlyatnazarova , I.S.Kasparova , M.Sadriddinov , K.Aliev
Induction of antioxidant system of potato plants Solanum tuberosum L. under drought conditions
In this article the results of studying the effect of drought simulated by PEG-6000 on water homeostasis, lipid peroxidation (LPO) processes and the activity of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) in potato hybrids are presents. It was found that the disturbance of water homeostasis in plants is associated with the accumulation of malondialdehyde (MDA) and activation of SOD in the leaves and roots of plants. It was shown that the activity of SOD depends on the compartmentation of the enzyme and the activity of SOD localized in chloroplasts is higher than in the cytosol, both in the control variant and under drought conditions. The studied potato genotypes differed in the intensity of LPO, SOD activity, and water homeostasis under drought conditions. The regularity of the variability of the total activity of SOD indicates the genetic control of the synthesis of the SOD enzyme and the presence of a regulatory system that provides an increased adaptive potential in the stable genotype under stress.

Ключевые слова: potato; stress; drought; antioxidants; chloroplasts; water homeostasis.

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A.K.Abdulamonov , K.Abdulamonov
The inheritance characters of productivity traits in F hybrids of spring soft wheat
In this article the results of the study of inheritance 10 traits of productivity in different sort and sample of the soft wheat are presents. It is made conclusion that nature of the inheritance main traits productivity in F hybrids mainly is over dominance. So, selection elite plants necessary early out in senior generation of hybrids.

Ключевые слова: soft wheat; inheritance; traits of productivity; hybrid; generation; variety; sample.

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L.G.Nusayrieva , U.Bakhtiyorov , S.Davlatova , S.Mamadkarimova , O.A.Aknazarov
Impact of high-altitude factors of Pamir mountains to the growth process and fodder plants productivity
In this article the outcomes of the tests of fodder plants growth at various high-altitude zones of Pamir are presents. The impact of high-altitude factors of mountains to the growth process and fodder plants productivity demonstrate. Types, which have a distinction in high productivity and most adapted to the ecological factors of high mountains are identified.

Ключевые слова: fodder plants; high-altitude factor; fenospectr; productivity.

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F.Astambekova , I.Т.Ismoilov
Vegetative propagation and productivity of raspberries in the conditions of the Western Pamir
In article various methods of vegetative reproduction of raspberries and gives an assessment of its productivity in the conditions of the Western Pamirs are presents. Efficient methods of raspberry cultivation are given, the most productive raspberry varieties in the high Pamir mountains are revealed.

Ключевые слова: raspberries; vegetative propagation; cuttings; supporting trellises; productivity.

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Sh.A.Baramova , A.Abutalip , S.G.Kanatbaev , A.Aitkulova , R.A.Atovulozoda , S.A.Rasulov , Kh.I.Rajabov
Analysis of the episootic situation of cattle brucellosis in the Republic of Kazakhstan over the last years
In this article the results of a study of epizootic situation of animal brucellosis in the Republic of Kazakhstan over the past 3 years are presents. The analysis of epizootological data established the leading role of cattle in the epizootology of brucellosis in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the almost ubiquitous distribution of brucellosis in some regions of the republic, identified the most significant causes that contribute to the emergence and maintenance of animal brucellosis disadvantage. Based on the results of epizootological monitoring, an epizootic map of zoning of brucellosis was compiled, the territory of the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan was divided according to the degree of infection of animals with brucellosis into various categories (high, medium, low degree and unharmed), in which the corresponding differentiated antiepizootic measures will be carried out.

Ключевые слова: brucellosis; cattle; incidence; diagnostic studies; epizootological monitoring; episootic situation; episootic map.

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I.F.Ikromov , Sh.R.Mirzoahmedov
Obstetric-gynecological dispensary of cows in the farm of A.Yusupov in Gissar district
The article provides information on the results of obstetric and gynecological clinical examination of cows in A.Yusupov's farm. It was found that the number of cows with endometritis was 18.4%, uterine subinvolution was observed in 22.08%. For the period from 2018 to 2019 there was an increase in the number of cows with uterine inflammation from 18.4 to 22.08% and a decrease in atony (from 28.8 to 20.8%).

Ключевые слова: cows, obstetric-gynecological dispensary, endometritis, uterine subinvolution, animal husbandry.

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N.A.Inoyatova , A.J.Isakov , J.S.Najmudinov
Stressful hyperglycemia and new ways of its correction
In the article the problem of stressful hyperglycemia in critical state and new ways of its correction are discussed. Own catamnestic data are provided evidence of significant prevalence of stressful hyperglycemia (SH), which composed 44.5%. It is considered alternative treatment of introduction of polyatomic spirits (xylitol) because of frequent hypoglycemic reactions in patients in infusion insulin treatment.

Ключевые слова: stressful hyperglycemia; infarct miocardic; stroke; xylitol.

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D.K.Muhabbatov , M.Q.Gulov , Sh.R.Amirov , S.I.Rasulova
Improvement of long-term results of surgical treatment of patients with rectal loss in women
According to the researches, in women with rectal prolapse-depends on their ages, there is an increase in motor-evacuation dysfunction of the colon, a decrease in the reserve contractility of the muscules-ligamentous apparatus of the ZAPK (LAR) muscles, clinical manifestations of SOP, urological and proctological pathologies. The study of the functional state of the muscles of the anal sphincter of the rectum in women with VPK shows that an isolated violation of the functional state of the external sphincter was detected in 37.7% of cases and in 62.3% - a combined violation of the contractility of the muscles of the external sphincter and reflex activity of the internal sphincter of the rectum, mixed form of US. Intra-abdominal rectopexy at a young age, in combination with perineal correction of pelvic floor muscle insufficiency - in the middle, multi-stage perineal surgery - in old age improve the long-term results of surgical treatment of rectal prolapse in women.

Ключевые слова: rectal prolapse; colon dysfunction; rectopexy; anal sphincter insufficiency; surgical treatment; long-term results.

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M.S.Odinaeva , U.A.Kurbovnov , M.F.Faizulloeva , S.M.Dzhanobilova
Reconstruction of hypertrophic mammary glands
Based on the analysis of 66 patients with mammary gland hypertrophy who applied to hospital to reduce the size and create their new shape close to aesthetic standards, various types of mammary gland hypertrophy, peculiarities of the shape, causes and frequency of occurrence were studied. Analyzing the existing methods for breast correction, not only the shape, volume and position of the mammary glands were restored, but bodily beauty was harmonized and, to some extent, changes in the psychoemotional status of women were corrected.

Ключевые слова: hypertrophy of the mammary glands; gigantomastia; ptosis of the mammary glands; mastopexy; reduction mammoplasty.

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