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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение биологических и медицинских наук, №4(211), 2020 г.

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M.Navruzbekova , S.Shomansurov , T.A.Аhmedov
Dependence of growth parameters and productivity of radish plants in of ultraviolet regime of high mountains
In this article shown the results of experiments on using of different polyethylene light filters in greenhouse conditions and treating of seeds of Radish plants on the growth and productivity in Pamir high - mountainous conditions. It was shown that using of UV-absorbing light filter caused increasing of growth and productivity of plants. Under the action of artificial UV-rays also revealed increasing of growth parameters and productivity of Radish plants.

Ключевые слова: radish; presowing treatment; UV-radiation; light filters; growth performance; productivity.

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A.B.Safaralikhonov , M.O.Navruzbekov , G.D.Khudjamova , O.A.Aknazarov
The influence of spectral composition of UV-light on growth and activity of endogenous phytohormones in wheat seedlings
This article provide experimental information on the influence of presowing UV-irradiation of seeds on growth and the activity of endogenous phyohormones in seedlings of two varieties of wheat. It suggests that UV-irradiation of seeds in the field of 254 nm depresses the wheat seedlings growth and increases in activity of abscisic acid, while UV-irradiation of seeds in the field of 313 and 365 nm stimulates seedlings growth and increase in auxins activity.

Ключевые слова: UV-irradiation; seeds; wheat; growth; phytohormones.

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Kh.T.Sharipova , Yu.T.Kobilov , N.A.Maniyazova , A.Abdullaev
Morphological signs of perspective wheat lines in rein field conditions in Central Tajikistan
In this article presents the results of study to determine the yield and biochemical composition of grain lines of mapped forms of wheat in rain field conditions. It was shown that the yield of all studied wheat lines was 3-4 times higher than that of the Lalmicor variety and 2.0-2.7 times than that of the Orien variety. The highest protein content was found in the seeds of lines ITMI 77 and ITMI 6. The starch content, promising mapped wheat lines prevailed over the standard variety Zafar. In general, the lines ITMI 6, ITMI 43, ITMI 45, ITMI 49, ITMI 55 and ITMI 77 can be recommended for growing in rain field conditions.

Ключевые слова: wheat; growing zones; rain field; yield; grain; protein; starch.

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Kh.I.Bobodzhanova , N.V.Kukharchyk
Evaluation of the efficiency of micropropagation of some raisin grape varieties in in vitro culture
The research was carried out in the period of 2014 to 2017 in the Center of biotechnology of the Tajik National University. For the first time in Tajikistan, an assessment of the effectiveness of micropropagation of raisin grape varieties growing in the country was carried out. The different regenerative capacity in in vitro culture was noted at the stage of micropropagation of explants of the studied grape varieties during four passages. An even increase in the average value of the multiplication coefficient over passages of eleven seedless grape varieties is observed from the first to the fourth passage (from 1.5 in the first passage to 3.3 in the fourth). The average value of the multiplication coefficient for the four types of investigated explants by passages is practically the same.

Ключевые слова: grapes; microshoots; micropropagation coefficient; effectiveness; passage; Tajikistan.

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Fauna of butterflies (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) of Shah sands South-Western Tajikistan
In the article presents data on diurnal butterflies of the Shah sands of South-Western Tajikistan. According to the results of research in 2019-2020, the fauna of diurnal butterflies in this region includes 11 species from 4 families. More varieties of species were found among the representatives of the family Lycaenidae (6 species) and Pieridae (3 species), the families Nymphalidae and Satyridae are represented by one species each.

Ключевые слова: fauna; diurnal butterflies; Shah sands; South-Western Tajikistan.

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A.S.Kadamov , H.Madina
The ecological future of Tarucus balcanicus in the Kulob region of the Republic of Tajikistan
The article provides data on the ecological features of the Chilon blueberry and measures to combat it in the conditions of the Kulyab zone of Tajikistan. The number of generations of the species, the number of wintering individuals and the duration of the stages of development of each generation in the study area were revealed. It has been shown that the effectiveness of the use of chemicals against this pest reaches 85-90%.

Ключевые слова: Chilon blueberry; larva; caterpillars; butterfly; pupa; pests; ecology; the number; places of reservation; Kulob zone.

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G.D.Garibmamadov , F.I.Rachimov
Landscape and seasonal bird accommodation of the «Tigrovaya balka» reserve
The article describes the characteristics of the landscape-seasonal distribution of birds in the «Tigrovaya Balka» reserve.

Ключевые слова: reserve; avifauna; sedentary; nesting; migratory; migratory-nesting; wintering; rare.

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F.M.Iskandarov , Z.Habirov , S.Hakimzod , N.Mirzorajabzoda , S.Salomova
Gnat components are one of the preventive factors of tourism development in Central Tajikistan
The article provide information about four families of gnat(midge) (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae, Culicidae, Psychodidae, (Phlebotominae), Tabanidae), which are one of the most important factors hindering(preventing) the development of tourism in Central Tajikistan

Ключевые слова: gnat components; biting midges; mosquitoes; mosquitoes; horseflies; sanatorium-resort areas.

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Productivity of rotary corn depending on the degree of water security of the crops in the conditions of the Gissar valley
The article presents the results of a study of the influence of the irrigation regime on the yield of stubble corn. It was found that under the conditions of the Gissar valley, it is necessary to carry out 9 irrigations according to the scheme 6-3 with an irrigation rate of 5401 m/ha, which at an irrigation rate of 600 m/ha ensures the maintenance of soil moisture at the level of 80%, an increase in the yield of green mass by 301.2 c/ha. and a 42% decrease in the unit costs of irrigation water per 1 centner of green mass of corn in relation to irrigation carried out in production conditions.

Ключевые слова: stubble corn; yield; moisture availability; pre-irrigation soil moisture; water consumption; irrigation regimes; terms and rates of irrigation.

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Microflora offin - fiber cotton rizoplane in the conditions Khatlon regions
Studies have shown that with the simultaneous infection of the tissues of root system of fine - fiber cotton with the pathogens of Fusarium black root rot and bacteria, a weakening of the manifestation of the disease is noted which becomes especially noticeable as bacteria spread in the endotissues coincides with the phrase of budding and is expressed in the absence of external symptoms of the manifestation of Fusarium wilt of black root rot.

Ключевые слова: cotton; developmental phases; pathogens; endotissues; microflora; harmfulness; prevalence.

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T.N.Nabiev , А.J.Asrorov , M.T.Nabieva
The role of mineral fertilizers in increasing the productivity of soybean and mung bean
The article describes the role of mineral fertilizers in increasing the productivity of soybean and mung bean in the conditions of Northern Tajikistan. And also the results of the influence of mineral fertilizers on the leaf area, FP, PPF, content, consumption, removal and productivity of soybean and mung bean plants have been proven. In experiments, the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers significantly influenced the grows and intensity of development of soybean and mung bean, which contributed to an increase in their yield. So, depending on the studied variants of the experiment, the yield of soybean grain ranged from 15.8-27.6 c/ha and mung bean from 13.0-24.1 c/ha.

Ключевые слова: soybean; mung bean; leaf area; FP; PPF; nitrogen fertilizer; efficiency; grain; harvest.

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M.Rajabalii , S.H.Nazrullozoda , R.A.Atovullozoda , S.Y.Zhbanova
Diagnosis of infectious animal diseases in high-mountain areas of Tajikistan
This article presents the results of serological studies and assessment of physiological development and health of individual animals in private sector in three communities of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in eastern Tajikistan, the percentage of infestation of brucellosis in sheep 1.5%, chlamidiosis 9.1%; goats brucellosis 1.8%, chlamidiosis 6.2

Ключевые слова: infectious diseases; diagnosis; brucellosis; chlamidiosis; anemia; productivity.

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D.M.Mirzoev , F.R.Barotzoda , S.A.Rasulov , Kh.I.Rajabov
Studying of epizootological cases of specially dangerous bacterial diseases among horses
The article presents the results of epizootological, clinical and laboratory studies of especially dangerous bacterial diseases of horses in the Bokhtar zone of the Khatlon region. It has been shown that the herd keeping method is the main reason for the development of such diseases in horses as brucellosis, tuberculosis, anthrax and tetanus.

Ключевые слова: horse breeding; brucellosis; tuberculosis; anthrax and tetanus; diagnostics; content methods.

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A.F.Khasanov , S.Kh.Davlatzoda
Antimicrobial effect of ferula gigantea gum powder (Ferula gigantea B.Fedtsch)
The article presents the results of a disc-diffusion study of the antibacterial properties of a preparation based on Ferula gigantean B. Fedtsch gum. It was found that a preparation based on ferula gum is active against staphylococcal infection, E.colli and Enterobacteriaceae and has a more significant effect on the diameter of the zone of growth inhibition of Enterobacteriaceae than the antibiotics Oxamp and Cefazolin.

Ключевые слова: ferula giant; gum; herbal medicine; antibacterial drug; disco-diffusion method.

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Kh.J.Karim-Zade , D.N.Sodiqova , Sh.K.Mahmadzoda
Development of the eye care in Tajikistan within the framework of international cooperation
After the collapse of the Soviet Union due to civil conflict, the economy of Tajikistan, including the health care system, fell into decay. The role of development partners in rehabilitation and development programs for the ophthalmological service in Tajikistan is essential. The MoHSP RT has established contacts with foreign doctors and nongovernmental organizations to improve the quality of ophthalmic care, adopt evidence-based best practices, and revive a culture of continuing medical education. In this article, we describe the experience and results of this collaboration.

Ключевые слова: healthcare; ophthalmological service; eye care; non-governmental organization; Tajikistan.

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