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Известия Национальной академии наук Таджикистана. Отделение биологических наук, №2(213), 2021 г.

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P.A.Kurbonova , M.S.Khudjaev , H.H.Hisoriev
Streptophyta and Chlorophyta algae of the Boygozi water resevation
There are species diversity and systematic structure of Streptophyta and Chlorophyta algae, which were found in Boygozi water reservation are presented. The family of Scenedesmaceae (10 species), Desmidiaceae (8), Hydrodictyaceae (6), and also the genera Scenedesmus (9), Cosmarium (7) and Pediastrum (4) are dominant in species diversity. Among them four species - Draparnaldia platyzonata Hazen., Acanthosphaera zachariasii Lemm., Cosmarium difficile Lütkem. and Spirogyra oligocarpa Jao are registrated as a new floristic founding for algae flora of Tajikistan.

Ключевые слова: diversity; Streptophyta; Chlorophyta algae; Boygozi water reservation.

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S.Y.Yusupov , A.A.Madaminov , T.A.Irgashev
Botanical and economy features of main of forage plant of short-grass semisavannas of South of Tajikistan
The article presents field investigations of short grass semisavanna grasslands in the South Tajikistan. The botanical analysis of short-grass semisavanna has been surveyed and a relatively rich grass stand has been identified. In the grass stand, the and , which are the base line grassland plants are predominant. For the structure restoration and productivity of semisavanna grasslands, it is necessary to regulate their use in accordance with the biological characteristics of the main forage plants. This requires the introduction of a grazing rotation system.

Ключевые слова: forage resources; short-grass semisavannas; ephemeroids and ephemera; grazing rotation; South Tajikistan.

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Biotopic distribution of birds "Tigrovaya Balka" reserve during the end of migration and the beginning of nesting
The article describes the characteristics of the landscape-seasonal distribution of birds in the «Tigrovaya Balka» reserve. For the first time, the quantitative characteristics of birds, their distribution in the reserve and the biology of rare and endangered species are presented.

Ключевые слова: avifauna; sedentary; nesting; migratory; migratory-nesting; wintering; rare species; biotopic distribution; «Tigrovaya Balka» reserve.

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S.M.Gulov , H.A.Abdullaev , M.B.Dadoboeva , R.Sh.Khakimova
Phenophases of mandarin development in protected ground in conditions of Northern Tajikistan
In this paper the results of a study of the phenological phases of mandarin development in protected ground conditions in Northern Tajikistan is presents. It was found that under these conditions, the mandarin has 4 growth periods. In conditions of protected ground here, the flowering phase of the mandarin begins in April and has a duration of 18-27 days. Setting of fruits of the mandarin begins in April and ends in the first decade of May. On the basis of the obtained data, it is concluded that in mandarins, unlike lemons, the growth of shoots begins much earlier than butanization.

Ключевые слова: citrus; mandarin; phenology; development; budding; flowering; setting; maturation.

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N.S.Dilovarova , N.Kh.Norkulov , M.Sadriddinov , K.Aliev
Functioning and pro-antioxidant system in potato plants in vitro
The paper presents the results of experiments on the study of the functioning of the antioxidant protection of leaves and roots of regenerated plants in vitro in two promising clone-hybrids of potatoes. The experimental data obtained showed that the plants of clones 26 and 52/6 had an unequal rate of generation of the superoxide anion radical (О), which is the most dangerous form of ROS. In potato plants of clone 52/6, the level of ROS accumulation is slightly higher than in clone №26, which indicates a weak development or less effective development of the resistance system in this hybrid clone (№52/6). A change in the level of accumulation of the superoxide anion of the oxygen radical has a significant effect on physiological and agronomic traits in the studied clones of potato plants (№ 26 and 52/6).

Ключевые слова: potato; clone hybrid; genotype; resistance; enzymes; hydrogen peroxide; reactive oxygen species; hetero- and phototrophy.

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H.M.Khamroeva , I.S.Kasparova , Z.B.Davlyatnazarova , B.B.Dzhumaev
Effect of exogenic antioxidants on the content of ascorbic acid in Arabidopsis thaliana L. plants under stress
The effect of exogenous antioxidants on the content of ascorbic acid (AA) in arabidopsis plants under salinization was studied. It was shown that the AА pool in the wild Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. race Enhaim and mutants cla, flavi and as differs under control and under salinity conditions. In the wild ecotype Enhaim under action of exogenous AA, α-tocopherol (E) and complex AА + E, the content of endogenous AA in plants decreases under stress and control, while in mutant lines there are differences in the accumulation of the endogenous form of AА.

Ключевые слова: Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh.; ascorbic acid; α-tocopherol; antioxidants; salinity; stress.

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Kh.I.Bobodzhanova , N.V.Kukharchyk
Adaptation of regenerant plants some varieties of grapes in the ex vitro condition
The article presents data on the assessment of the effectiveness of adaptation of three grape varieties growing in the territory of Tajikistan. A high adaptive capacity of regenerant plants of the studied grape varieties to ex vitro conditions was revealed, which varies from 87.5 to 100%. It has been reliably shown that all adaptive substrates provided sufficiently high growth rates of adaptants. The substrate, variety, and the combined action of the factors influenced the growth of roots, an increase in the number of roots and leaves. The growth of the shoots was influenced by the variety and the joint action of the variety and the substrate

Ключевые слова: grapes; plant-regenerant in vitro; ex vitro; substrate; adaptation; Tajikistan.

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S.S.Barotov , Sh.D.Saidmurodov , D.S.Nurov , F.Abdukholikova , F.Yu.Nasyrova
Identification of GMO food products of plant origin
The article presents the results of Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis to identify genetically modified (GMO) sources in food of plant origin. Found genetic modifications in samples of corn, potatoes and tomatoes imported from abroad. The results obtained make it possible in the future to assess the risk of GM crops for the environment, bio- and agrobiodiversity, and will also be recommended to the relevant state bodies for the development and improvement of the regulatory and legislative framework, as well as control in the field of GMO biosafety.

Ключевые слова: polymerase chain reaction (PCR); genetically modified organism (GMOs); primers; probes; risk assessment; food safety; agro- and biodiversity.

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A.H.Akramov , H.N.Nazirov
Productivity of collectible potato sоrts in the mountainous zones of the Rasht valley
The article presents the results of research on yield, yield quality, resistance to regional conditions in the farms of the mountainous zone of the Rasht Valley. It has been established that the use of local varieties and the correct adherence to agricultural technology contributes to obtaining high yields. The research results showed that the yield of local sоrts of potato varieties Tajikistan, Gonchi, Nurinisso, Shukrona and Udacha was 282.5-305.2 c/ha. Tubers of all studied varieties have good taste, are well preserved and are suitable for long-distance transportation. These varieties are mid-ripening, mid-late and late-ripe and are mainly suitable for growing in mountainous and foothill areas.

Ключевые слова: potato; clone hybrids; selection; productivity.

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Sh.D.Pahimov , T.A.Аhmedov , R.U.Eshаnkulova
The influence of growing technology yield of ripe-onions in the conditions of the Vakhsh valley of Tajikistan
The article describes the technology of onion cultivation and the effectiveness of the use mineral fertilizers on three early-maturing varieties, during the autumn sowing period, it was revealed that the use of fertilizers in the norm NPK increases the yield of foam ripe-onions by 55.5 t/ha on the Peshpazak variety, on the Tunis variety by 53.4 and on the Aldoba variety 47.9 t/ha which is higher compared to the control variant (without fertilizers) - by 24.8 31.0 and 28.7 t/ha respectively.

Ключевые слова: ripe-onions; growing technology; soil; grаy whitish; mineral fertilizers; productivity.

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H.H.Aminov , H.N.Nazirov , M.H.Sultonova
Monial burn of stone fruit crops in the conditations of the Gissar valley
The article provides information on the most harmful and widespread fungal diseases of stone fruit crops - moniliosis, which affects 12 types of stone fruit crops (cherry, sweet cherry, plum, apricot, peach, etc.). A set of measures for fruit-growing in the conditions of the Gissar valley of Tajikistan is considered. Reasonable recommendations for the use of agrotechnical methods and the timely use of chemicals aimed at suppressing the pathogen are given.

Ключевые слова: stone fruit; sweet cherry; diseases; moniliosis; causative agent; harmfulness.

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M.F.Amirbekov , А.N.Sangalev , C.H.Saidov , A.O.Abdulloev
Serological monitoring of small animal plate in Tajikistan
At the present time, the problem of plague of small ruminants (PPR) of animals is urgent, which causes significant economic damage to many countries of the world. The results of the analysis indicate a wide spread of PPR virus among sheep and goats in sheep-breeding farms of the Republic of Tajikistan. In the study of blood serum of sheep and goats from 8 districts of Republican subordination, the incidence of PPRV was found in 69% of animals.

Ключевые слова: epizootology; diagnostics; plague of small ruminants; Tajikistan.

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Efficiency of combined immunization of goats against plague of small ruminants and infectious pleuropneumonia
Results of laboratory and production research of simultaneous vaccination of goats peste des Petits Ruminants and pleuropneumonia in the conditions of Tajikistan are given. For the 30th day after vaccination, in antibody ELISA in serum of blood of animals to a virus of peste des Petits Ruminants and an Mycoplasma capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae revealed respectively at 92% and 79% of animals.

Ключевые слова: vaccine; antigen; immunization; plague of small ruminants; infectious pleuropneumonia of goats.

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K.A.Odinaev , I.Sh.Andamov
The spread of rabies in the Republic of Tajikistan
In this article the results of a study of rabies in young birds of wild and domestic species when inoculated with a virus under experimental conditions are presents. It has been found that young birds are more susceptible to the rabies virus than adults. From the brain of young hawks and vultures, titers of 8.2-8.8 IgLD/0.03 ml were determined, which, according to this criterion, should be characterized as "enhanced". On the basis of the accumulation of the virus in the central nervous system, all studied experimental bird species turned out to be virus carriers.

Ключевые слова: homogenate; paralysis; rabies virus; focus.

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